YouTube video Cursed: Buyer Beware, A Curse is Attached to Satania Store

Several clients have brought to my attention that the criminal enterprise known as has not only stolen from my site but also from my copyrighted book, Vampire Arveda Yoga. These slimy Hindu animals have even posted my mantra as given in the book, sounding like a constipated bullfrog that drones on for an hour and posted it on YouTube along with the rest of their bullshit.

Below is the title of the stolen mantra listed on YouTube by the thieving bastards at Satania Store who posted the mantra -now cursed- on YouTube (recite the cursed mantra and suffer the consequences accordingly) The curse DOES NOT APPLY to legitimate purchasers of the book, who will benefit, but only to those who recite stolen mantras. Shiva imposes a curse as described below.

More over, if you purchased a spirit binding from Satania, that spirit is shortly thereafter destroyed and replaced with a cursing spirit by Chamunda at my behest, sealed by Lucifer’s curse as well. The alien spirit that does the physical and spiritual cursing cannot be removed by Satania, and retains by right the soul of the purchaser due to the fraudulent use of my materials stolen by Satania Store and applied by the purchaser. In other words, you bring it upon yourself by purchasing my copyrighted works stolen by Satania Store. Enjoy the stolen fruits, because the bound spirit curses the soul for punishment by Lilith, Chamunda, the Matrika goddesses and Lord Yama in the Pit. Have a nice afterlife! I have no interest in undoing the binding either. It’s all yours, gratis! I wouldn’t want my stolen works going to waste, now would I?

The stolen property that is now cursed is titled, as below, on YouTube. Recite the stolen mantra and suffer the consequences accordingly:

Vampire Exercises · Mantra: Abracadabra, Ra Va Shiva-Yah, Om Shivayah, Ra Ma Om (1 Hour) (This is the title of the stolen property being run on YouTube, now cursed. Repeat it at your own peril)

These slimy Hindu pigs at Satania stole the mantra verbatim, which is cursed for those who use it from bootleg operators and criminals. How can anyone benefit by reciting a stolen (and cursed) sacred vampire mantra? The universe doesn’t work that way, and Lilith doesn’t work that way. I have placed a curse on ALL stolen goods including spells and spirit bindings produced by these Hindu lowlife criminals. Buyer beware. If you have purchased from these criminals, you are purchasing stolen property and will suffer accordingly. Neither Lilith nor Lucifer nor Chamunda give a damn if you did so unknowingly. Let this be a warning: everything that is stolen by these illiterate Hindu pigs is cursed. I infect any and all bindings performed by Satania store with a replacement spirit chosen by Chamunda who binds itself to the soul and takes it before Lord Yama for judgment in Hell upon death. Hope you enjoy the stolen and cursed mantra meanwhile.

You can see in the photo above that the mantra was stolen from the book, Vampire Arveda Yoga. These criminals are cursed, as is their family, both those dead and alive. I use necromantic rites unknown to these filthy animals, to raise their ancestors and deposit them into the infernal realms of hell to suffer for the deeds done by these lowlifes. If you purchase from Satania, you too shall find a curse upon yourself, your family and your finances. Until they are long gone, the danger remains to anyone who steals from Lucifera, Lucifer, Lilith, and Chamunda, who are the guardians of my work. I never disclose to anyone the sources of my spells and bindings, which they cannot steal. I’m not stupid. But these crooks at Satania Store are, and they are infecting you by passing the curse along to purchasers.

A Curse is Imposed and Bound to ALL spirit bindings and spells by Satania Store

So, if you recite the stolen mantra, expect consequences. Shiva records the mantra as stolen from me, and sends Chamunda, Rudra, Bhairava and others against the sounded stolen mantra. We curse every single work and curse every single spirit that is purchased from Satania store, along with the Hindu pigs who are running this criminal enterprise. If you have purchased from Satania, this means you. Lilith could not care less if you didn’t know you were purchasing stolen goods. And if you did, then the consequences shall be visited upon you. Know that every single stolen listing, invocation and mantra is cursed to affect any users, their families, and their finances. I am NOT a white light vampire sorcerer and I frankly don’t care about cursing my stolen property, which is my right and duty. How many end up in Hell besides these Hindu pigs is of no consequence to me. Or Lilith. Or Chamunda. Or Lucifer.

The photo above shows the direct theft by these illiterate Hindu pigs from my copyrighted book, Vampire Arveda Yoga, on page 163 of the book, and is a copyright violation, as these animals have also stolen my copyrighted listings and placed them on their site. The entire Satania site, the mantra, the stolen words are cursed, and shall involve not only the thieves but their families, past and present to share in the curse of damnation. If you wish to join them, then there is no better way than reciting the stolen words and purchasing from the criminals who run  In particular the senior black tantric matrika goddess, Chamunda, whose blood-thirstiness knows no bounds, shall search out and seek the destruction of those who recite the mantra and who purchase from the cursed store, aptly named.

These Hindu pigs have NO magical ability and can barely string together an English sentence, so they STEAL. And so they are cursed along with any and all who have purchased bindings from these animals. Chamunda, the darkest and eldest Tantric Matrika Goddess displaces and destroys the bound spirit, replacing it with a special breed of being who attaches to the soul and brands it for damnation AND CANNOT BE REMOVED. So don’t even ask. That is the curse I have placed on not only the thieves but those who purchase stolen intellectual property. Do so as your own risk, because neither Satan nor God can or will assist you. Lucifer seals the damning curse imposed by Chamunda, and the replaced spirit being is instructed to reach out into one’s family and finances as a result, clinging onto the soul as claimed by Chamunda for destruction. You steal from vampires, you have to deal with vampires! If you have purchased from Satania, have a nice afterlife! And thanks Satania, for the souls, including your own, that are being sacrificed for future torment.