A Sign of the Times~

Whether one believes in astrology or not, when Jesus remarked to the Pharisees, something to the effect that they “could not read the signs of the times,” he was using earthly symbols of astrological import to make a point (he’d be condemned and excommunicated today as possessed by Satan for his “miracles” many of which involved necromancy, as in raising Lazarus).

The point he was making, however, could not be more appropriate than now, as we witness firsthand the fast collision and slow collapse of American democracy sponsored by an administration ruled by a political party that has devolved into that of a fear and hate-mongering cult, using conspiracy theories from radical right wing revolutionaries (whom the FBI has correctly targeted as the most dangerous), religious radicals (what else is new) and fear as it’s appeal to spread civil and racial unrest, hatred, rioting, worldwide isolationism and the aggravated bullying of America’s allies while embracing international enemies. Referring to  the North Korean dictator as “rocket man,” and the like, can hardly be described as either politically appropriate or diplomatic.  And if one cannot read the signs of the times on the face of Donald Trump, then ignorance will be the furthest thing from bliss one can imagine.

Wild Cards & Religious Insanity from Rome~

Add to that the wild card of the COVID crisis which some still deny, and the recent death of the Supreme Court justice Ruth Ginsburg months before the election. And in far-off removed from reality Vatican-land, home of the illustrious Pope and his temple of priestly pedophiles we have such spiritual pearls of wisdom spewing from his mouth as his recent proclamation that “gossip is worse than the coronavirus.” If that’s so, in the name of Jesus we ask his most holy pompousness: where does priestly pedophilia rank, now that he claims gossip is worse than the coronavirus (and that’s not gossip, in case he doesn’t know the difference, it’s a legal fact that many of his priests, both of high rank and low, have raped a goodly amount of innocent children.)?

In short, is child molestation by priests a sin greater or lesser than gossip? No matter, Jesus or his mother will erase all sins as equal (according to Christianism), so the greater is equal to the lesser and both are made meaningless and evaporate into a soul bleached “white as snow” if absolved, making a mockery of God, His memory of the sin (which is lobotomized by salvation), justice, freewill, and the supposed love Christians wear as a Hypocritical Halloween mask, while exalting a Satanic delusion: that God is only and always Love, Love and only Love regardless of the sin or the sinner who finds Jesus, which effectively exalts Jesus above God, and Christians above all others.

Hell, on the other hand, has but one theology that applies to a Pope or a pauper: you will pay according to the will of God and his judgment. As you sow, so shall you reap. Jesus didn’t say: As you sow, so shall you reap unless you worship me. And while the ‘Yea, though I walk through the valley of death and fear no evil,’ sounds nifty whistled in the dark, the evil that awaits in Hell below is far more ferocious and horrific than the sum of all your nightmares squared into an infinity where time simply does not exist. And where the home team has a distinctly dark advantage.

Meanwhile, back at the Vatican, the Pope’s latest legal scandal involving real estate kickbacks, however, will no doubt delay a response to our question. Maybe he confuses the love of money with the love of real estate and is busy self-absolving himself. Those medieval habits are so hard to break when it comes to the church and land-grabs. . .

Leading Lawyer Ignorant of the Law~

Back home we have an attorney general who’s unaware of the constitutional law that prohibits a person to vote twice in a presidential election. More specifically, does it apply only to republican ballots? To his credit, he is still checking into it. (Spoiler Alert: Federal law forbids voting twice as a criminal offense). And at the helm is a president who rewrites history one incredible lie at a time, that the Canadians burned the white house (it was the British); that there were airports during the revolutionary war (whose ramparts he confuses with airports); and that “the only way Bidden will win the election is if it is rigged,” the very thing he seems to have set as his top priority by placing his acting cronies in a position to sidestep all legal safeguards to a free election.

The Astrology of Angry Times A’Coming~

As if all this was not enough for the fourth quarter of 2020, the signs of the times from a supernatural standpoint could not be more dire: From Sept. 9th through Nov 3rd, the planet Mars has moved into retrograde, and since Mars in retrograde represents chaos, deception, legal battles, war, strife, and turmoil, how appropriate. Scorpio and November has a black shadow as well, since it was Lenin who hosted the communist revolution in November 1917 which led to the same totalitarian state that any fascist or Marxist regime has historically devolved into when totalitarianism rears its ugly head.

Whether one lived in Germany or Russia during WWII, totalitarianism ruled, and the political party mattered not as long as the power elite remained in control of the populace. Many echoes of Hitler seem to find a common chord with the current political crisis, for example: Hitler promised to make Germany great again (after the financial burden of impossible reparations demanded by the Treaty of Versailles), Hitler usurped the military by creating a thug army of brown shirts, not in any way dissimilar to that of the so-called “citizen-soldiers” (read: domestic terrorists) being touted as “very nice people.”

Police brutality was encouraged and a paramilitary force was created using fear, religion and racism (Jews were labeled Christ-Killers and the Aryan was to be the master race (read: the white man). No surprise that the Catholic church supported slavery and the south during the Civil War in America, as the bible encourages it: the curse of Ham (African race) remains as a justification for slavery and as a code word for “cursed as inferior.” Black pastors of course don’t favor sermons on the subject, which is just as biased as lying, by not telling the truth: that’s what the bible declares.

Totalitarianism & The Times~

When a country and its leader are at war with its own constitution amid a pandemic and people take violent sides with those who wear masks vs. those who don’t, and where the police are given a free pass to invoke marshal law and invalidate civil rights, and where a president tweets venomous slander through personal insults on a daily basis, where are people to seek sanity? And who besides the radical religious right would side with such a leader? Satanists would. Satanists love fascism in the name of Satan to rule just as fervently as those who use the name of Jesus to promote fascism, whether political or religious (and Satanism IS a religion). And where do you find Satanists of the hardcore kind (not the Anton LeVey lifestyle kind)? One need look no further than the ONA, known as the Order of Nine Angels, to find a perfect fit with right wing revolutionaries, many of them infiltrating radical religious groups and praying alongside the sheeple. Jesus and Satan’s followers both seem to share a very disturbing proclivity to favor, whether as a white or black sheep, religious and political fascism.

When Opposites Attract: Jesus & Satan make Strange Bedfellows~

And why not? More disturbing is that one can flip to the other without missing a beat in terms of remaining opposed to the Almighty, whose gift of free will they each try desperately to usurp or blaspheme, one overtly by worshiping Satan, the other covertly by idolizing Jesus being not only equal to, but above God, whether they admit it or not. The sheep and the wolf seem to need one another, and what would Satan be if he didn’t have Jesus to wrestle with (and vice-versa)? Look closely at the cartoon of Jesus wresting with Satan and under the table they are most probably shaking hands with one another. What Satan couldn’t do overtly he does covertly: offering “freedom to sin” salvation and a holier than thou attitude to boot. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law, ala Crowley. Love under law. Loving sin under the so-called law of divine forgiveness and being able to do whatever thou wilt only to be absolved by Jesus, whether by blood or name, can fit nicely into Christianism and Satanism. The more they seemingly differ on the surface, the more closely they come to mirroring one another at a far more sinister level.

Season of the Witch: The Coming Crisis~

All of these events are leading to a new kind of American civil and constitutional crisis unheard of until now. The ides of November promise nothing less than widespread rioting, looting, radicalism, and panic in the streets that may indeed provoke martial law, curfews and massive upheavals, both political, economic and civil. Rather than tremble in fear and loathing, there is something that you can and must do: Be proactive, register immediately to vote and vote Democratic throughout the entire ballot of candidates, not just for the presidential post, but straight through the ballot. The whole ballot. Even if you have never voted before, and be you of sound mind and body, VOTE. And vote the current administration and political party that is bent upon fomenting tyranny and intolerance OUT of office!

This is truly one election where YOU are responsible for either endorsing by silence the problem or being a proactive part of the solution: VOTE. Obtain an absentee ballot and vote for every Democratic candidate straight through the ballot. Shake the crooked temple to the core, because if you don’t, it’s unlikely that the freedoms you enjoy at present can or will endure much longer. If you are opposed to religious radicalism, despotism, fear, racial war, and the usurpation of the American constitution, then you must vote for every democratic candidate. Because the current administration has torn down democracy to such a degree that ANY future president will fail to redress America’s wounds to a degree that will satisfy most people. But ask yourself: Is America worth saving? That’s up to you, because each one of us has to face the mirror if America is led into a military and constitutional crisis that results in its rapid downfall and an unintended dictatorship.

Trump: Working to Make the Talaban Great Again?

The senior Taliban member told CBS News (10-11-20), “Trump might be ridiculous for the rest of the world, but he is sane and wise man for the Taliban.” For the rest of the world he’s not only ridiculous, but one who chastised his own otherwise supplicating attorney general for not arresting Joe Bidden, Hillary Clinton, and Barrack Obama for the “greatest political crimes” in America without a single microscopic shred of evidence to any such crimes, unless you consider winning the Nobel Peace Prize by Obama as a crime. “He is a sane and wise man,” according to the extremist anti-American terrorist leader of the Talaban. Who could ask for a more reassuring vote of Trump’s inability to secure or promote international stability? So, do you vote by proxy for the Talaban by voting for Trump? It would seem so.

America the Sinking: VOTE as if your liberty depended upon it!

And yes, the ship named America is sinking. Neither Trump nor Bidden will rule America: the coronavirus rules America and the world at present. But why keep adding political insult to personal injury, that being the potential loss of your civil liberties? Vote. And vote the Republicans out of office, all of them and any of them wherever you can! Vote democratic straight through the entire ballot! And if you haven’t registered: Do it NOW. You can obtain an absentee ballot once registered, check off all the democrats, and mail it in when its time to vote. It may be one of the few liberties left to you. Don’t waste it! VOTE. Vote as if your civil liberties and freedom of speech depended upon it. Because they do!

~And above all, Beware the Season of the Witch~