Vampire Ashram Photo Submission Winner of the Month!

Greetings one and all. This photo was submitted by a long-time Vampire Ashram client, whose magickal name is more than fitting, donning the dark title of “Batman.” I’ve seen a number of photos from him, and two or three are stunning by themselves, showing clearly defined forms of demonic vampires arising from a ceremonial flame. Another shows clearly a hand reaching into the flame, which I hope to publish in the near future when I have time. This one however, is the monthly, if not yearly winner of ceremonial photo pictures, for it clearly shows a shadow that is not that of Batman’s, since even backlighting would not cast a self-shadow with that dark a density. And while some skeptics may argue this is a staged photo, a human form shadow simply does not cast that dark an image in such a dark background naturally, which would have to be cast against a lighter background to show up on a camera image.  In addition, as the photo shows, the illumination from the ceremonial fire is IN FRONT of the participant, not behind him, which would have canceled out the reflection.

Skeptics are free to dismiss the image as they please, but not all ceremonial images caught from a rite can be so easily dismissed despite the fact that any photo can be photo-shopped to show what is wanted. The brutal truth is that demonic images can be captured as seen in exorcism books showing blurred images of the possessed in contorted images reflective of the demonic, not the human.

Most people want their demonic vampire to manifest, but when it does, the clarity causes one to think, maybe it’s just a trick of their own mind. This is not a mental trick or projected image, this is indeed a shadowmancy rite that produced a shadow form vampire to arise from the altar flame. According to Batman, as he described in the submission: “I felt a touch in my arms and my back  three times and I felt dark energy traveling through my body, and my third eye was throbbing strong. The fourth time I felt the touch coming from a crimson, greyish, blackish mist surrounding the flame on my altar. While this was happening, I started to taste blood and smell it strongly, lasted 30min and I smelled decay. Then the shadow disappeared.” 

Others might argue that the image is indeed a shadow of what is commonly termed, The Holy Daimon as espoused by many occultists, being that of a spirit projected shadow of the person’s shadow side brought into expression that is normally suppressed. And while that could be rationally argued, the transgressive nature of the rite summoned something extra-internal, and that of the infernal. The sight was accompanied by a fully possessive entity acknowledging the worship given, just as a voodoo trance worker does next to a fire when a Loa appears and temporarily takes over the body as a ceremonial form of voluntary possession. One could make the same argument that this is all just a psychological projection of the shadow side as espoused by western psychology to explain what is not explainable by other means. In other words, let’s just all grind the unexplained into scientific jargon so we can sleep well at night.

So what causes such an apparition? It is the rite of transgressive and temporary possession, whereby the summoned vampiric demon is able to use the body as host of the celebrant to acknowledge its presence and from that, projects the density that the human form does not have. Thus, the celebrant becomes host to the vampiric shade brought forth from Hell to acknowledge his presence and manifested form. The density is the key to identity, as astral spirits and entities generally do not have such a profound power to manifest in and from fire. The vampiric demon uses the energy of the rite and combines it with a transient shape-shifting possession of the celebrant and the element of fire, it’s natural environment, to produce a manifested presence and power.

Many thanks Batman! May you forever dwell in the cave of infernal ceremonial fire! Submissions of your own spirit fire photos are welcome, and the winner will be posted as we are able to do so. And of course our thanks to the demonic shade for his appearance we are delighted to share! May the Devil bless your wings with fire, and your blood with her eternal flame.

~Ave Sanguis. Ave Lux. Ave Lucifera~