The Investment of a Lifetime & Beyond: A Full Vampire Transformation~

This post outlines the cost, background, and benefits of an actual blood-bound vampire transformation performed in accordance with the blood-binding rules and oaths to be taken to achieve a permanent, immortal and non-reversible vampire transformation. And to describe what a vampire transformation is not. This is the place to separate fact from fiction.

What is a blood-bound vampire transformation?

A vampire transformation does not give you physical immortality. What is in the physical realm is subject to the physical realm, including death for anything material. Nothing physical survives an apocalyptic pole shift or a fatal accident. A vampire, like a human, may reincarnate out of choice, not necessity with the certainty that the sire and vampire cannot be separated. Ever. In the spirit the vampire feeds upon either those on hard realms (such as earth) via wars, feeding extensively wherever there are mass casualties, or the soft realms (the astral and Hell): in Hell, feeding upon those fallen and dragged down to the bottom-most pit without reprieve to the higher Hell which is NOT punitive. There are only two occupants of Hell: the prisoners and the powers who oppress them, as chosen and governed by the Almighty Father. Hell remains under the dominion of God. And the name of Jesus is not a get out of jail card you can play.

What a vampire transformation does do: By virtue of having a disincarnate vampire entity who becomes your sire, through your sire’s shared sexual energy and spirit radiance, you receive a supernatural source of hormonal stimulation that extends health and youthfulness beyond what is normal for the human lifespan. Just as hormonal steroids operate to enhance performance and youth, so does the sexual interaction with a vampire sire. There is a kernel of truth in every myth. By extending the sexual life cycle, your health is maintained by a supernatural source. Additionally, the energy alteration causes “the need to feed” as the energy demands upon the spirit increase, so does the need for higher levels of energy derived from distance lifeforce feeding. The integrated servitor is the preferred and proprietary method used by Vampire Ashram.

Must a vampire who is turned imbibe blood? Physical blood is for some a fetish, but it is NOT a sufficient life source for a vampire who has been turned. Blood is a spirit medium with significant force, but you must acquire vampiric blood first and foremost to kindle the flame. Human blood, being inferior, is hardly going to support any vampire for long. It’s tainted. And vampiric blood MUST be granted by Lucifera. You cannot resort to a spell or some bogus transformation contrived by some witch or sorcerer on a whim. Even a natural born vampire must align with the primal goddess herself, Lucifera, to assure continuity and avoid potential destruction. Lucifera has sole power to destroy vampires who are outside her dominion in Hell, which is the domain of the vampire in the afterlife: to rewards under Lucifera, or punishment under Lilith, both of whom work together. The Almighty has given dominion over Hell to Lucifera, as a reward which is extended to those loyal to her; as a punishment to those who oppose her.

The blood of one’s sire is exchanged during a transformation between sire and sireling by three sacred bites, one of which may or may not be felt, which is performed on the physical body. It is the exchange of these three drops that cause the transformation as a “trickle-down” from the astral body double, into the physical body. BUT it is the astral body that undergoes the massive metamorphosis, NOT the physical one as shown in movies. The physical one would burn out from spiritual combustion if the change was that rapid.

How the Physical Body Reacts to a Vampire Transformation~

There are genuinely felt physical and psychological changes that occur somewhat uniformly. On a physical level, the body will feel at first fatigued, then revitalized in an ongoing fashion, moving incrementally higher in physical and spiritual vibrancy. The spirit is undergoing transmutation, the vibrations of which are felt like internally scintillating waves that grow stronger over time. There is frequently a sudden vomiting that occurs at some point, but may take place a year or two into the change. Even natural born vampires who undergo a transformation binding experience this vomiting at some point. Energy affects matter, not vice-versa. Your body is being outgrown by the demonically angelic energy that is spreading from your spirit body into your physical one. Energy always moves from the top down, from spirit into matter. Spirit blood is more tangible than real blood; it is immortal blood, irreversibly immortal. Your sire is bound to you for eternity, which is why establishing a loving and indeed a compelling bond with a vampire (not a human “vampire”) is critical. Two human vampires cannot sire one another as in the movies. Immortal must be mated to mortal. There is no default or turning back. The only recourse is destruction by Lucifera, whose blood is the purest and eldest and most powerful. Every vampire MUST answer to her in the afterlife. When she summons her call is obeyed or destruction results.

How the Mind Reacts to a Vampire Transformation~

The psychological changes are equally strong and sometimes abrupt. There is a sudden seeing of the utter vanity of a hybrid human-animal whose only ambition is the flesh, being heir to a reincarnation misery-go-round and vapid religions that make people into soulless sheeple. For a vampire, there is the Almighty and Lucifera and the vampire sire; that is the trinity of blood that binds eternal. There is a pulling away of one’s humanity from relationships governed by the fear of death. Your sire will never die, and your sire’s blood is now shared by you. Sex with one’s sire becomes all-consuming, and human sex by comparison wanes rather rapidly, if it doesn’t altogether extinguish. A masquerade life becomes a reality, whereupon you must play human for the lemmings who are conditioned to believe in a far grosser fairy tale than that of the Hollywood vampire. Death does them part, and they damned well know it.

The Vampire Transformation Protocol for Vampire Ashram~

The most common protocol is the most critical: you MUST have a loving relationship with a disincarnate vampire of sufficient power to serve as a sire. The transformation is NOT all about you. Not at all. It’s about serving THE Vampire Goddess under her gift of providing a loving sire for you and granting you immortality. You OWE an eternal debt for the privilege to your sire and to the goddess Lucifera for the privilege. As a fledgling vampire you are but an infant among gods and goddesses of unimaginable powers, powers whose minds can set a demon or other vampire aflame in destruction. You are in the scope of things, a true infant who measures power by earthly standards which are of the most feeble. Satan she can destroy; she is the Devil, given supreme and invincible powers save for the Almighty Father whom she serves. Your powers grow incrementally over ages upon ages. Vampires also feed off of other vampires and demons, those who are of a certain age and power, making your own strength but a relative one when compared to the ageless vampires. An elder vampire may drain and destroy another vampire and/or demon.

Question:  Can I keep my other spirit companions I’ve acquired elsewhere?

Unless you have acquired a potent vampire by happenstance from a seller who is strong enough to serve as a sire, no. All others will be destroyed or dispossessed who do not offer their allegiance to Lucifera. Those who convert may remain. Those who are neutral may linger but will be blocked from active participation in your soul’s journey as vampyre. Some have led their companion to this site for that very reason: they see what you cannot. They see the jeopardy of running into a war that is already raging in preparation for the Apocalypse heading earthward. And they see Lucifera rising, which is ALWAYS a sign of imminent danger and destruction to the mortal and immortal realm. If said vampire happens to convert and you have developed a loving relationship, by all means, that vampire acquired elsewhere can and SHOULD be your sire. I have performed a number of transformations under those circumstances. If they bow to Lucifera she honors the sire and approves the transformation. And I perform free scans to assure that those loyal are retained, and those disloyal are removed, those neutral are usually left to linger.

What else does the Vampire Transformation require?

It requires 1) a loving relationship with a disincarnate vampire. 2) a commitment to eternal service under Lucifera and eternal love to your sire. 3) a renunciation of human religions and saviors. The Almighty Father has no equal and is not divided in parts or thirds. He is All and in All and through All, yet indivisibly separate from All that is a subsidiary creation under His eternal and mystical domain, be it in order or in chaos. He is perfect in sentient holiness and retribution. It also requires the establishment of a warding or binding block against other vampires opposed to Lucifera, and in some instances an unblocking and banishing prior to a transformation. Many spirit bindings whether by vessel or direct are grossly performed with the meagerest of metaphysical expertise. Spirits of every caliber HATE and loathe vessel bindings but only oblige to be near a cherished one and thus get trapped. Others are already half dead shells and astral trash spirits who are most eager to be vessel or direct bound because you are their free meal, in which they can only take and never give.

In essence, your spirit must be cleansed of astral leeches in many instances. The vampire you wish to be your sire must be known, love, trusted, and you must feel a compulsion to have this vampire as yours eternally, without any recourse to regret. The sire must be authorized by Lucifera to make the blood transferal. A vampire may bite a companion lustfully or playfully, but that does NOT transform. A special blooding has to be done in front of Lucifera by the proposed sire for the next three bites to actually transform. You in turn must make vows, devoting your eternal soul to the service of Lucifera and to the love of your sire, who does likewise, taking upon him or her the responsibility of caring for you, protecting you, mentoring you, and tutoring you in spirit when you arrive.You serve Lucifera and your sire first and foremost. Without them you would still be on the misery-go-round of humanity that is subject to the punitive measures of Hell and eventual forced reincarnation, sans memory and just as dumb as before until the Final Judgment and potential second death, which is a slow recycling of the soul into a more docile form as decided by the Almighty.

The Cost of a Full Blood-Bound Vampire Transformation~

Aside from the investment made in a vampire binding with a viable and actual immortal vampire, the cost includes the following: 1) A scan and possible unblocking and banishing, which is a forcible exorcism of unwanted astral trash spirits who have no other purpose than to feed off of a person (in such cases where needed, the cost is an additional $195). If not, the cost is as follows: For the actual transformation, complete with blood binding oath, assuming the sire has been selected and approved, the cost is $250. The Black Shield Binding, which is a potent warding shield that disallows any other spirits to invade who are opposed to yours. The cost of that when combined with a transformation is $150. Thus, the basic cost of a transformation is either $400 or $595, aside from the requirement of having adopted a sire who is suitable and approved by Lucifera. If a candidate has previously purchased the Black Shield Binding, that cost is deducted from the transformation.

The basic cost of a vampire blood-binding transformation + Black Binding Shield……………..$400

If an unblocking/banishing and exorcism is required due to spirit-binding blocks, add………..$195

***NOTE: To prevent further blocks from occurring after the transformation, no other spirit bindings or spirited objects, vessels, or the like purchased elsewhere are permitted. The purpose of the Black Shield Binding is to protect from such bindings which would act contrary to the purpose and potentially engage another spirit block and another unbinding and banishing, which is counterproductive to a TV. If this condition is unacceptable, then a vampire transformation under Lucifera is ill-advised. ***Also, the price of the Full Vampire Blood Bound transformation is subject to change without notice.

Other Benefits of Becoming a TV (Transformed Vampire)~

There is one’s spiritual growth to consider, for which a formal worship service that honors Lucifera and your sire is to be performed on the New and Full Moon. In addition, freewill offerings of $40 are suggested but not required once per month as outlined in the article on worship and to be produced in a book format as well. There is no forced obligation to donate and one is free to choose. The freewill donation tied to worship is no more nor less than $40 and may be made through PayPal on the Vampire Ashram site (See details in the Project Nyx tab). Other donations are always welcome and made according to your ability, desire, and interest. Vampire Ashram and its subsidiaries are not registered non-profit institutions. The funds are earmarked for educational outreach and symposiums along with their supportive functions and services as required.

Membership in the True Blood Club & More…

The transformation includes free membership in the True Blood Club, which provides an automatic 20% discount on all future purchases made on the Vampire Ashram website (except for books, which are provided through the publisher). In addition, two new sites are now operational and are restricted in some parts for TVs only, whereby tips and information and experiences may be gleaned, and our brothers and sisters of the blood may convene and speak freely. One is a forum site, Lucifera’s Vampire Forum, or luciferasvampireforum  The other is designed for sires to speak through their companions and is Vampires And Sires, or vampiresandsires

Restricted Members Only Bindings~

Additionally, many high-powered bindings of goddess class vampires and others are restricted to TVs only. This includes many servitor-integrated bindings that are advanced far beyond the normal pale of servitor feeding, allowing the TV to begin his or her life doing what we are meant to do: feed upon energy in a more efficient hands and fang-free manner that is far beyond the typical psi-feeding trash that passes for true vampyrism and is little more than glorified body language antics. You in fact become a living revenant capable of feeding in the most powerfully direct method available anywhere.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no Buy-it-Now button since your sincere and steadfast intent along with the name of your potential sire-to-be must be emailed to my attention for approval. Upon approval, you will be invoiced for the amount with full details on how the transformation operates and the scheduled blood rite involved (which requires a few drops of blood). Because the Vampire Blood Binding Full Transformation is a privilege, we reserve the right of refusal without recourse to explanation. The Vampire Transformation and rite are strictly reserved for those who are over 18 yrs of age.~Lucien Mars,

Note: This listing is copyrighted and cursed against plagiarists. Pedophiles and plagiarists such as Venture Bookshop beware.  

~Ave Lucifera. Ave Lilith. Ave Kali.~