In a few of my earlier articles I exposed the exploits of the lifetime registered Child Sex Offender who owns and operates Venture Bookshop, one Matthew Berresford aka Babaji, (guilty of raping a 5-year old boy) who now poses as a Hindu with all the bogus wares of a far eastern bazaar promising wealth, vampire transformations, etc. many of which were sold to the public by stealing my listings along with others, often doubling the price and of course, offering nothing of metaphysical substance. Since then many new clients have come forth with greater elaborations on how widespread the Hindu Metaphysical Mafia has grown, infesting sites such as eBay, Bonanza, and Etsy. One need only look up “vampire transformation” on Etsy to see how these pseudo-Hindu vermin have insinuated themselves onto public websites to bilk the public.

Part of the problem is drop-ship locations, whereby a seller may list his wares as in, say Maryland, but have the item shipped from India, or vice-versa. By so doing, the Hindu Hucksters have joined forces, forming a network to peddle their dubious wares on virtually every public platform. One recent client of mine had fallen victim to Venture Bookstore with almost a dozen metaphysically worthless items, save for the junk jewelry. He then went on to explain how he got taken in:

“I think the verbiage they use is a ploy, like are you unlucky? downtrodden and never felt anything going your way? If so this is all you need (Etsy, Ebay, Bonanza, listed miracle vampire on a ring, vampire transformation bracelet, etc.) and they gave a client testimonial and a phone # to contact. When I contacted the person (co-conspirator), they said they received a lottery winnings worth $15,000 in 2 days and the other said they became a CEO (Criminal Enterprise Operator ?) in 7 days and then sent me links to their site.” And these Hucksters have added his name to a sucker’s list, repeatedly harassing him by passing out his name among their clan of associated con artists.

Another ploy is to include in the description “beware of others who steal this listing.” Of course, they give no examples to support their claim, all in an effort to appear “legitimate.” Then there is the total confusion made in the listings themselves. For example, on Etsy, one seller who goes by the name of Baba Rd Sain (the middle name being the abbreviation for the word “road” should alert one to the bogus nature of the listing.) But it gets better. The seller is listed as being located in India. Yet in the listing he states “Genuine Relics from the Covert Thaumaturger Sect of the Ancient Solomon Order of the Knights Templar based here in my home town of Hertford, England.” Apparently he bilocates between India and Hertford, England. Impressive. And then there’s the name “Sain” which in India is a girl’s name, not a males. It’s like saying a male magician’s name is Betty. Perhaps it should be Betty Bogus, and here’s why. . .

The bracelet that will transform you into a vampire is being offered on sale for $477, if it hasn’t been scarfed up by some hapless victim. So hurry! What will this magic bracelet produced by the “Blood Moon XIII Coven” produce, as promised? Let me quote: “YOU will become the mighty VAMPIRE.” “YOU will be recognized by other vampires and they will identify YOU as one of their own.” “YOU could be the Regent of YOUR OWN Vampire Coven.” Unfortunately there is no such thing as a “vampire coven”. Covens pertain to a group of thirteen witches, not vampires. Oops. Duh.. .

However, you can choose how you wish to instigate something they call “Vampiric Corpusessence Copula Crux,” which is meaningless gibberish. Think they’ll do better with their “Ancient Latin Incantation,” to summon this Blood Moon “Coven’?” Good luck with that, given they don’t even know Latin. To sum up we have a man with a girl’s name, living in India and England simultaneously, engaged in a vampire “coven,”(something witches, not vampires, form) who claims to transform a person by purchasing a cheap bracelet, the age of which is of course, “mysterious.” Indeed.  Lastly, “No rituals, no summoning, no unpronounceable words; you will bond with the Blood Moon XIII Coven with mind-blowing simplicity.” In truth you’d have to be simple minded to fall for this gag. And unfortunately, many desperate people will bite the hook that deceives them.

A seller who doesn’t know that vampires don’t form “covens,” is displaying the grossest stupidity. But the public is willing to believe this nonsense. I’d like to say it concerns me, but it does not.To every such crook there are victims waiting and willing to be duped. When the vaulted miracle doesn’t happen, of course, the blame will be shifted onto the victim. “You aren’t listening to the spirits.” Well, that’s because there are none present to begin with.

I have removed all listings from every public site because these public sites such as eBay, Etsy, and Bonanza, have become cesspools for metaphysical con-artists to operate in. The metaphysical market is LOADED with crooks and con-artists, many of whom steal from one original source, and then steal from each other as well, replicating from a genuine seller a thousand bastard listings, each more bogus than the next! This is but one paltry example, when in fact thousands of such listings selling hot air abound on every public site: Etsy, eBay, and the notoriously dismal Bonanza site, which I believe to be a hazard in and of itself, needing no help from con artists to blacken it’s path.

To sum up, for those of you who don’t already know: 

  1. Vampires form Houses, never covens. Covens are for witches, by witches, not vampires. Any seller who does not know this simple fact is either woefully stupid, or crooked, or both. Vampire they are NOT.
  2. Spells or spelled items CANNOT transform anyone. They NEVER have. They NEVER will. Transformation is a sacred and irreversible act that requires blood rites (the shedding of blood), blood lineage, sacrifice, vowing of souls, both the vampire to be and the vampire entity. Were you to become vampire via a spell, you would be devoured, having an extra dose of supernatural energy but no sire to defend you from an enemy vampire. You’d be ravaged and torn apart, not obeyed. Vampires ARE NOT one big happy family. And eternal prosperity is a joke. Prosperity doesn’t exist in the spirit realm. Duh…
  3. Public sites such as Etsy, eBay, and Bonanza are dangerous sites to purchase metaphysical goods from due to the infestation of con-artists. On said sites, there is no real background given or disclosures made to assure you of the legitimacy of the seller. Indeed, it allows convicted criminals such as registered child molesters to assume an alias and operate without any criminal background check. Where the registered child molester could not secure even a menial job due to the scrutiny of a criminal background check, he turns to an alias and sells bogus metaphysical goods using stolen listings, pretending to be a legitimate worker of magic rather than what he really is: a lowlife child rapist and thieving plagiarist, or/and part of a network of like minded con artists.
  4.  Drop-shipping locations are not disclosed on these sites, meaning you may believe you are going to have the item shipped from, say Maryland, when it is in fact overseas. And the converse is true, meaning the item may be listed as coming from India, when in fact it is coming from Maryland, or wherever. It makes the shipping seem fast and cheap, as if it comes from India, when in fact it is being shipped stateside. Such networks work in tandem from one country to another without this disclosed on said sites. It should be mandatory, but it is not.
  5. These con artists form self-reinforcing networks, passing one sucker’s name onto their list for others to mooch off of, which -having violated your bank account- further violates your privacy. They reciprocate the favors, hoping to snag as many suckers as possible in their metaphysical Hindu-esque mafia-like organization, each using the phone number of another as a reference, who then claim miraculous results, such as a $15,000 lotto win, or being made CEO in a week. Con artist A then reciprocates with a bogus review to con artist B when needed.

Buyer beware is the watchword. Hindu trinkets with bold claims such as vampire transformations who are ignorant of the most basic facts about vampirism are but the tip of the iceberg. Like the present COVID virus, they are popping up everywhere, attempting to monopolize a market already plagued by con artists. New and more sophisticated cons are being perpetuated by a network of pseudo-Hindu Hucksters. Don’t bite. Whether they originate in the US or in India -or working together in both- matters not. Crime knows no nationality. If you feel you have been victimized, by all means report the victimization to the site involved, in hopes that all public sites will be purged of such metaphysical scum.