At the behest of Lucifera, I am sponsoring our newest project meant for all who worship the Night, as Nyx, as Lucifera-Nocticula. The project will be funded in part by sales on our site and from generous donations of time, or skills, or money, or materials, or any you may feel called upon to contribute to the cause of Lucifera’s Temple, hereby designated The Temple of Nyx. As Nyx, her primordial name and title, Lucifera is the Virginal & Primordial Vampire. As Nyx bears the bow of war, so too does Diana-Lucifera. Her aspect as the Goddess Eris, is the mother of wars and strife (Eris as an aspect, since Nyx has sons and daughters in name only). As Nocticula, she is the mother of Revolution. As Lucifera, she is the Obsidian Vampire Goddess and ruler of the Keres, the war-class vampires, whose wings carry the incense of sulfur and whose fangs feast upon the fallen. As Lucifera she is also our Blood Law, meaning she holds title to the immortal blood she imparts to those she has chosen, as written in Her Sacred Book of Shadows. Many unknowingly worship Nyx when they worship the symbols of Hecate. Nyx is the eternal triple goddess and Night Queen. Wherever or however you may revere the Night, it is always Nyx as Lucifera whom you are worshipping. Her names are numerous: Artemis, Diana, Diana-Lucifera, Nyx, Nocticula, etc. Nyx is the Queen of the Night, who fell from heaven after the role she played in the strife, as outlined in depth in the forthcoming book, Vampire Apocryphon. [to be released in late 2019-2020].

The Temple of Nyx will include finding suitable land and constructing an official temple with the assistance of an architect and developer. The Temple of Nyx will be devoted exclusively to Lucifera, The Obsidian Vampire Goddess. The Temple will consist of a sacred center where blood offerings may be presented to Lucifera by a specially trained Blood Priestess or Priest. This does not include any blood drinking. It is a sacred offering to Her alone, to be made on certain dates and lunar times. The blood offering is made with a sterile diabetic disposable lance and placed on a parchment sheet to be devoted to Her by fire, after being consecrated by a Blood Priestess or Priest. We do not share blood by communal drinking, as this blood is exclusively devoted to Her. Whatever practices of blood transferral a vampire may choose to engage in is a matter we leave to the individual, but only a small blood offering is to be made to Her in the Temple. The Temple will be open to all who wish to honor Lucifera, whether a Wiccan, or Witch, or Vampire, or merely an admirer of Lucifera who feels called to Her temple. The principal reason for The Temple of Nyx is to provide a sacred space for vampires of all kinds and types. Clan members and coven members of all sorts are invited to participate. Lucifera, like her symbolic Statue of Liberty, bears the torch of Freedom and the Fire of Enlightenment and Revolution. Her Crown bears the Nine Gates of Black Wisdom, illuminated as Obsidian Light.

The Temple of Nyx will also sponsor donor events and galas to all those who contribute. We are especially interested in those of you who are skilled in public relations and event coordination, since the Temple of Nyx will also sponsor special events and training of those who wish to act in the capacity of an officiator or priestess when the Temple is completed. I envision The Temple of Nyx project to take approximately seven years, more or less, depending upon the financial support we receive. The intention of the Temple of Nyx is to outlive me [Lucien], and remain as a functional monument and sacred site under the auspices of a board and constitutional membership with an official priestess-hood and sacred grimoire devoted to keeping the Obsidian Flame burning bright. It is Lucifera’s desire to establish a priestess centered sanctuary that will outlast a single generation, while venerating the blood-sacrifices she desires as a way of communing with the ultimate Blood Goddess, Nyx, in the form of Lucifera. If you are vampyr, Her blood flows in your veins.

As Children of Nyx, all vampires, yes ALL vampires are beholden to Her. None who are devoted to Her will She refuse; and all who forsake Her shall fall by Her fury, for She is the vampire maker and destroyer. She is the Desecrator and Resurrector, the Virgin Daughter of Lilith and Lilith’s destroyer. She was Nyx embedded in Lilith as the seed of Lilith’s destruction, as decreed by the Almighty IAM. For as Lilith rebelled against the Almighty, He in turn planted the seed of Nyx, who was in actuality Lilith’s own Mother, to enervate her powers, usurp her will, and re-devote herself (Nyx) to the Almighty, since She too had fallen. Nyx is Light in Darkness, and Darkness in Light everlasting. Nyx is to Cunning what her brother, Lucifer is to Illumination, None, not Satan, not Lilith, none, can match wits with Lucifera or outwit Her. She gave birth to religions of war, and all who war in the name of God or Country, are hers by sacrificial right. The Keres are her eternal army of vampires, immortal blood warriors who feast on fallen warriors. This is not your angsting Anne Rice vampire.

To Fund the Temple of Nyx Project, we need your help and support. You can contribute your time and skillset, or money, to assist Lucien. You can use your Facebook page to promote our book, Vampire Arveda Yoga, and this website, where individuals can make an informed choice about Lucifera. You grow as we grow. We are not a coven nor a religion, except in our acceptance of Nyx as our Blood Law and Vampire Mother. The Temple of Nyx exists as a living memorial to a deathless Vampire Goddess, Lucifera as Nyx. It is intended to be the sacred contact point where vampires may pay homage to the ultimate goddess of every vampire: Nyx. If you are vampyr, your mind is your own, but your blood belongs in part, to Nyx. And Nyx knows Her own. Homage made to Her, devotions made to Her, and blood offerings made to Her, are recorded in Her eternal Book of Shadows. The smallest deed done in Her honor is recorded and rewarded. And of course, if you have a blood bound vampire transformation administered by Her, this is the highest honor a vampyr can receive.

To donate financially, you will find each department features a donation page. All the proceeds are kept in a separate Temple Project account and will not be used for any other purpose than those associated with the legal procurement and establishment of the Temple as an ongoing venture, the building, training of priestesses, and administration of said Temple. Donors will also be eligible to attend a closed door gala featuring Lucien Mars to celebrate the ongoing Temple Project. Auctions of material goods will also be used to raise money for the Temple Project. On an individual basis, we need volunteers of all sorts to assist in the planning of training events, the coordination of vampire seminars, the proceeds of which will be used to fund the Temple Project. You can make this a reality, and make a true difference in the lives of ALL vampires who feel called to pay homage to the Mother of All Vampires, Nyx.

I will be using the auspices of eBay to auction off or sell certain items and books, etc. in order to raise money for the Temple Project. For those donors who can afford to donate $500 or more, a special Blessing by Lucifera will be given, in the form She chooses, and of a spellbinding and energy-binding chosen by Her alone. For those contributing $1000 or more, a deluxe Limited & Signed edition of the Vampire Apocryphon, when it is published, will be given. Please contribute, and consider it a contribution that will come back to you in a way that money can only symbolize. We need your support to help train priestesses, officiators, and others to insure that this project thrives and survives. So, please, however you can lend your support, be it public relations (Lucien is a technophobe, so contact Vera C.), event planning, seminar coordination, or by financial support, internet expertise, etc. we wish to thank you from the bottom of our nocturnal hearts!

Those wishing to donate of their skills or time, etc. please contact Vera C. on the Contact Us Tab. We will also accept those donations that can be auctioned off or sold as earmarked for the Temple Project. All of the money donated will be kept in a separate account to be administered to funding the Temple Project. We will post the amounts donated on site so you can track how far we have come in reaching the goal needed to find land (hopefully donated) and construct the Temple. Setting up the Temple of Nyx includes the training of staff, since the requirements of her blood-offerings are not presented in any surviving grimoire, and a membership board will be needed to eventually oversee the transfer of the Temple as an ongoing program. If we decide to post our appreciation of significant donors and express our appreciation, we only use either an anonymous name or the initials of the donor. If you wish to have your “mystical” name listed, that also is your option. The mission statement of Vampire Ashram boils down to this: We serve Lucifera best by our own spiritual evolution, knowing that we exist as primeval vampires serving a Vampire Goddess of infinite cunning and wisdom. A Goddess who requires the risk of freedom powered by the revolutionary essence of eternal blood, and who risked Her all to become the most powerful Mother, Nyx. Virgin Mother of the night; virgin mother of the vampyr.