The Greatest Error of the Left Hand Path Exposed

Should an occult seeker or Satanist or devotee of Lilith take to filling their bookshelves and brains with the ridiculously absurd notion that Samael and Lilith are the demonic serpent couple above all who are fused at the hip and poised to rebel against God, the Demiurge, in order to achieve a black flame anti-cosmic gnosis meant to guide and arm their followers to rebel against the Demiurge whom they are said to equally hate, take note. The gospel of this wayward notion of the Left Hand Path is this: Lilith cursed the name of God, then cast herself away from the Father, the Demiurge and mated with Samael who became her demonic anti-cosmic soulmate, who is said to be a fallen angel in rebellion against said Demiurge. They grant dark wisdom designed to free humans from the cosmic tyranny of God, aka Demiurge as prime anti-cosmic rebels aligned in this cause. This simple theory will be found as readily in the LHP grimoires as frequently as the name of Jesus is found in the Christian scriptures.

Together they mate like crazy to create oodles of demons all devoted to rebellion against the Demiurge, or God as popularly called. This is the most embarrassingly heretical idea that not only DOES NOT HAVE A SHRED OF EVIDENCE to support this ridiculous notion, but to the contrary: it has a venerable gnostic wisdom based scriptures discovered as early as 1976 from the gnostic scriptures themselves that show conclusively that the idea is utterly absurd.

What makes this all the more ridiculous is that Samael and Lilith detest each other and never once, not once, as in the idea would never have crossed their respective minds to join sexually or spiritually. Never. Not once. Nada. They’ve been at war with each other for eons in fact. On some sites, noteworthy among them the Become a Living God remarks on their forum, their members will take a snide stand against what is simply the truth: Lilith and Samael are not joined at the hip, and Lucifer seeks any chance he can get to oppose the machinations of Lilith. And the entire catalog of books aka grimoires you have straining your bookshelves contain this as the dark gospel, that of the twin serpents ruling over the various Qliphothic realms in opposition to the Demiurge as the cosmic tyrant.

In fact, every black magick or vampiric or satanic grimoire you’ll find or are likely to find will echo this ridiculous fantasy. Consider it money right down the drain. I’m not picking on the BALG tomes, since they mirror one another in compounding this errant fantasy. And a dangerous fantasy it is because you turn three dark spiritual forces against yourself by believing this utter nonsense. The absurdity is compounded by the fact that verifiable proof exists to support my position and they have absolutely none to support theirs. So instead of aiming your satanic barbs at me for exposing the truth that Samael isn’t at all what they preach; he in fact is the one who damns the souls of all those, every last satanic one to damnation via Lilith. He gives them to her gratis, free of charge and Satan has no say in the matter. None. And it matters not who Lilith consumes, be it a Christian or a Satanist. Samael doesn’t care. And neither do I. And I should know, since I work for and with Samael, and I refuse to lie in his name.

So, let’s bury this sacred cow of Satanism and anti-cosmic nonsense in the grave where it belongs by presenting the best historic scriptures of the ancient Gnostics themselves as exhibit A and put the case to rest. I call as my witness none less than the Nag Hammadi Scriptures themselves as the exemplar of both ancient Gnosticism to witness against the Left Hand Path. If you claim “gnostic revelations” you simply cannot make them up out of thin air without some historical evidence to support your case. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and for all time. Satan is fallen, as in defeated fallen. Give your support and souls to him, one and all if you care, because I don’t. You like the underdog, then have at it because Samael will gladly take your soul and destroy it one itsy bitsy piece at a time, using this insane pairing of himself with Lilith as a judgment of damnation against you. Yes, that’s exactly what I said and what I mean: Satan and his followers are damned and doomed to suffer by the same demons and far worse, those unnamed that have legions enough to takedown Satan and every legion he boasts of having twice over for good measure.

Exhibit A: The Nag Hammadi Scriptures

The hard evidence and case against this ridiculous and dangerous fantasy comes directly verbatim from the Nag Hammadi Scriptures (as edited by Marvin Meyer with his own erudite introduction on the recently discovered papyri entitled, “On the Origin of the World”)

I quote from the Nag Hammadi Scriptures as edited by Marvin Meyer, on The Origin of the World, page 206, in the subdivision of the papyri text, verses 103.2-103.32 as follows:

Yaldabaoth Boasts That He is God

“After the heavens, their powers, and their entire government were established, the chief creator exalted himself, and he was glorified by the whole army of angels. All the gods and their angels praised and glorified him.

He was delighted. He boasted over and over again and said to them, “I don’t need anything.” He said, I am God, and there is no other but me.” When he said this, he sinned against all the immortals who speak forth, and they watched him carefully.

When Pistis saw the impiety of the supreme ruler, she became angry. Without being seen, she said, “You are wrong, Samael” -which means blind god.”

I rest my case on this singular text because nothing else is needed to destroy the notion that God -as Samael- and Lilith are both opposed to God as the cosmic tyrant of a bastardized creation. Imagine that: God is opposed to Himself with the help of his dearly beloved Lilith, who cursed His Name then sped away and mated with her soul mate, Samael -or God- Himself in rebellion to himself. It’s embarrassingly childish when there is ample proof by the Gnostics themselves who would have howled with laughter at the absurdity. Yet, that’s what the LHP preaches and teaches and regurgitates ad nauseum. You don’t believe me? Read any grimoire cranked out in the past fifty years or more. Indeed that would certainly make God a “Blind God” but not nearly as blind as those of the so-called Left Hand Path.

Truly Jesus rightly stated when he accused many of  “the blind leading the blind.” It would be comical were it not for the fact that the entire Satanically inspired printing industry blindly promotes this theological insanity. If you think I’m making this up, I encourage you to read the text for yourselves and decide. It’s certainly cheaper than the cartoon infested grimoires linking them as a couple. It is even more inexcusable since the text isn’t based upon the bible and is decidedly anti-Demiurge in every sense of the term. This is not a Christian based anti-Satanic text whatsoever and in fact is itself anti-Christian, leaving the LHP practitioners and proponents of this Lilith loves Samael absurdity no room to debate it as biblically based right hand path propaganda.

Moreover, it allows God aka the Demiurge to damn all who adhere to this belief in his created Hell because the non-existence of anti-cosmic powers resides in the Empress of Hell itself, Lucifera as bequeathed to her by God and enforced in powers to damn and destroy by Lilith as her lieutenant at arms. God happily aligns with Lilith when she can suit his purposes, and hers, his. God is not escaped by charades and alliances with Satan who takes pleasure in sacrificing witches and Satanists alike in the burning pit. Why? Because Satan imitates the Father when it comes to sacrificing His son, but attempts to outdo the Father by also imitating Him in sacrificing his sons who praise Samael as the anti-cosmic serpent power. By so doing, a Satanist triples his or her cosmic opponents: let’s add them up, shall we? First there is God, or Samael, or Demiurge, who removes not only salvation, but issues out damnation via sacrifice to Lilith’s wrath and Satan’s sacrificial murder of spirit body and soul because Satan eagerly and joyfully murders his devotees and sons because they mean nothing to him. It’s what he does. He hates humans, regardless of their worship of him or the Father. Next there is Lilith who takes issue with having her mate with the Father. She cursed the Father and only by this pairing of her with the Father does she do his dirty work of destroying the soul of those who follow this ridiculous doctrine. And thirdly, there is Lucifera who presides as Empress of Hell and Anti-Cosmic serpentine energy throughout the known and unknown voids so that none shall escape her wrath. She is God’s failsafe against escape via anti-cosmic voided impossibilities made manifest by the combined anti-cosmic energies of the Lilith-Samael couple.

It’s akin to declaring that the Jewish race loved Hitler and combined with him to destroy the Jewish race. It’s nonsense. And dangerous nonsense at that. Because these are powers who will encourage deception to destroy. Because they feed from your destruction, and your destruction begins with false doctrines, either biblical or satanic. If God can and will destroy His own son and Satan imitates the Father to do the same, what immunity do you have? So frolic in the flaming warmth of this error while you can, because karma is God’s most efficient killer.

Where the LHP Got this Notion: See Wikipedia on “Samael”

Where the errant notion began: The error occurs from Jewish Talmud sources which are errant and erratic at best. Comparing Wikipedia and a defunct corpus of Talmudists is hardly as rock solid as the definitive Gnostic texts uncovered in the Nag Hammadi library which has been historically validated and corroborated by a host of worldwide scholars. The Wikipedia references are all across the board, and if one compares even them, NOTE THE FOLLOWING: FROM WIKIPEDIA: Although many of his functions resemble the Christian notion of Satan to the point of being sometimes identified as a fallen angel, in others he is not necessarily evil, since his functions are also regarded as resulting in good, such as destroying sinners.