Lucifera’s key note for the year 2019 to those who have been sired, transformed, and who have sworn their fidelity to her is simple: Those who cannot be tested cannot be trusted. And please, my children of the night, know that all of you will be tested. This is the echo of the Father’s own voice: “The sword untested is unworthy to be trusted.” Whether human or vampire, ALL are tested. I am tested. Lucifera has been tested. YOU will be tested. We will sometimes fail, sometimes fall short, sometimes become so self-absorbed in our powers that we become vulnerable to the wiles of our foremost opponent in arms: Lilith. I am her son, borne of her spirit, so I know of whom I speak. I cannot unbind her any more than she can unbind herself from me. However, my sire is Lucifera, and to her I am loyal. To the Father I am loyal. I represent the Devil, the true power, who-unlike the bullshit in the bible, is the Enforcer In Arms of the Father. There is NO greater power in what people consider the Left-Hand Path. Lucifera is the over-arching power of all that is of darkness. She is Nyx. She is Tiamat. She is Nocticula. She is Lucifera. She is the voice and blood of every vampire. She is mother of Lilith, she is the restrainer of Lilith. She is the Alpha and the Omega of Darkness. She is without number and she is the supreme killer, head of the Keres, Head of all that is Hell. She bows before the Father. She loves the Father, and she enforces with evil, the Father’s will against evil. That is what the Devil does, that is who the Devil is. What does she demand in return for her favors? Three things primarily: Loyalty to the Almighty Father, loyalty to her. And obedience to both. To those of the Left Hand path, we are the leftest of the left. We are the killing Elohim, killers of gods and goddesses. The survivors. We are the devils who destroy devils and gain power by the ignorance of others; predators of ignorance, if you will.

And that loyalty, that privilege, that power, carries a cost. The Christian priest and martyr Dietrick  Bonhoffer, in his book, The Cost of Discipleship, has that admirable strength of soul to say, the cost is your life. And Bonhoffer was right: there is no cheap grace. We all bleed. The fat is our ego. The ego that whispers, “you can become a god yourself.” Come to me, I’ll give you power, says Lilith. Yes, and she can and she does. But she extracts the interest of infernal slavery. She seduces, enslaves, destroys. That is her nature. And those of you who undergo a transformation and are enrolled in Lucifera’s Book of Shadows, who are excommunicated because of defection to Lilith, she burns in the Black Shekinah Flame of Curses, and turns over to Lilith to use as she pleases. Once excommunicated, Lucifera has no mercy, listens to no pleading, but curses the blood to her obsidian flame so that it is exposed to the fire that cuts fire. To suffer the same fate as the most wretched damned, eternal suffering, suffocation, and slavery. There is no worse fate than to be sentenced by the Father, cursed by the Devil, and suffer the hatred for your own infidelity by Lilith. Far better to stay a human locked into ignorance and reincarnation, than to fuck with Lucifera. I can’t make the warning any plainer.

It is an eternal curse placed upon the blood, the soul, and the eternity, since both Lilith and Lucifera are eternal Elohim. Lilith must eventually surrender to her fate, for none can win over The Father and The Devil combined. And when she does, those cursed remain cursed to the “fires that cut fire” which causes the immunity to flame granted to every transformed vampire, to disappear, exposing the soul to continual burning. Lucifera has no mercy for weakness or fickleness. So what is it that Lucifera wants? She wants fearlessness, she wants sacrifice, she wants loyalty. And that’s what you pay for what you get: immortality in the highest Hell, the pleasures of sexuality, the love undying of your sire, the wisdom of an angel, the powers of a demon, the ability to love and worship the Father, unimpeded by some paganized savior serving wine and wafers like the Nephilim whom God cursed, and flooded the world to end the travesty. Cannibals and vampires have their place, but having the children of mud imitate them under the pretense of holiness, is one of the few things that brings joy to Satan.

The Father has the added note for this year: Purify yourself and cast off weakness, cast off doubt, cast off hope and false faith. Seek wisdom. Seek Me. And you shall be tested. For Lucifera allows Lilith to take what she can get. Tattoo this into your soul: Lucifera ALLOWS Lilith to take all she can get. Why? Because it weakens Lilith to take the stupid, the fickle, the ignorant. Becoming a vampire doesn’t grant you instant wisdom. You have to earn it. You have to pay for it. And wisdom is the highest power of all. To those Lucifera surrenders to Lilith, it’s like overloading a boat of slaves that cannot cross the sea because of the weight, so it has to eventually sink to the bottom. And even though Lilith knows this, like a kleptomaniac, she simply cannot stop herself. She has power, but no freedom. So she enslaves, because she herself is enslaved. You think I care about defections and excommunications? No, I welcome them, because it helps sort out who is worthy of the gifts Lucifera gives. Jesus is said to go after lost sheep. I say if the sheep is dumb enough to leave the safety of the shepherd, let it be the wolves next meal, and good riddance. The message Jesus sends to those who are loyal, is that the lost are more important than the loyal and that’s the best way to get his attention. Run and sin rampantly if you want his attention. In his myopic wisdom, the traitors are more important than the loyal. I assure you, such is not the case with Lucifera. She’d rather over-feed the wolf and attack it when it is fat and sluggish enough not to avoid the slaughter, solving the problem at the root. For Lucifera is also the consummate Goddess of Cunning. None, except God is her equal and superior. You cannot cheat the Devil.

The numbers of those excommunicated last year were a mere two. To those who have endured, Lucifera and the Father strengthen. And the war that goes unnoticed in both the Right-Handed Path followers and the Left-Hand Path, is escalating. Chaos is the order for the coming year. That is why Lucifera wants the darkest gods and goddesses to be placed in action: to protect her own, and to oppose the powers of Lilith and her allies. All the evil that these goddesses are capable of are set to one purpose: war. Divine cold-blooded war against Lilith; not to destroy Lilith, for Lilith is Elohim, and cannot be destroyed. She also serves a purpose. Satan serves a purpose, but I do not serve Satan. Lilith serves a purpose, but I do not serve Lilith. As transformed vampires, you have been exempted from the karma and sins of mankind. You have been moved into the category of the dark angels. And that is what you are becoming, angels who supervise, rule over, and war under, Lucifera. That will be your new nature: to be wise, powerful, avenging, obedient, respectful of the Father and worshipful of the Father.

Those seduced by power are destroyed by power. You reap what you sow. To have the power of a legion of angels while obedient to the powers given you, to keep your head when power poisons, is to be wise. I am defined by the Father and Lucifera, without them I am worse than damned. They define me. They in one sense, are me, both now and throughout eternity, for I am an extension of their will. And the same is true of you, if transformed, and your sire. You’ve given to gain. So use power wisely or power will poison you utterly. “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law,” is such a vile poison, that all who take it get exactly what they deserve, but none of what they desire. That is ignorance. Flee ignorance at all costs. Seek wisdom, for without it your soul is already lost.

For the farter future, looking beyond 2020, it is Lucifera’s desire that some of you will become her Priests and Priestesses while incarnate prior to passing. None have been granted that privilege yet, while the testing is ongoing. The groundwork has yet to be laid, but is germinating according to her timetable. To these chosen ones, powers will be given, her will and work to continue, as it has throughout the ages, from her incarnations as Tiamat, Nyx, Diana Lucifera, though all those she will bear throughout eternity. There will be what she calls a “primer” written and distributed, outlining much that space does not allow in a website. None have been consecrated as Priests or Priestesses yet, but those days, those years are coming. The war is here and now. Those of you who are sensitive can feel it in your blood, in the marrow of your bones. And to that call we come, wiser for those tests, stronger for our faith and love for the Father and for Lucifera, and the most precious power of all: wisdom. The wisdom of a dark angel. The wisdom towards which all of you should be working. Without wisdom you will fall, you will fail, you will be enervated of all powers and made to suffer the same flames as mortals in the worst of hells, knowing that you were once a superior spirit, suffering amongst the worst of the children of mud. The worst of the Darwin demons.

All of God’s universes are sacrificial. Even as a mortal, one must sacrifice childhood for adulthood, birth for death, something lost for something gained. From mortal to immortal as vampire, is a huge gain, and the loss is minor, but the catch is: in giving up weakness, not to be seduced merely by power. For your fall will be far greater. You are no longer considered frail as a mortal, and thus, God will judge you harsher than some Darwin demon called a human who worships a piece of clay on stilts as God incarnate. He forgives them, regardless of their ignorance, for the plain reason they are weak and ignorant beings. They are clay-born children, children of the mud, not the night. You, if you have transformed, are under a harsher light because you have taken upon you the mantle of a dark angel. And angels are under a different code of conduct. You must give up ignorance for wisdom. And it will hurt because it stretches you beyond yourself, forces you to abandon the meat and mud suit you’re renting. And one day Lilith may show up unannounced, to steal your wings, lure you with the most intoxicating sense of power imaginable. She’ll tell you not to trust Lucien or Lucifera. That I’m lying, whatever. Or we’ll lose. She’ll tell you every lie you want to believe. She did so to Satan. She did so to Lucifer. And do you think you’re immune?

I have sympathy for Satan, sympathy for Lilith on certain issues: Satan was betrayed by his brothers. Lilith is told by the ignorant jewish rabbis of old that she too was made of mud, slime in fact, and was the first wife of Adam. Total filthy blasphemous bullshit. She, my mother, is Elohim. To call her a child of mud, is a slight that has kept her angered beyond all reason, and when she petitioned the Father to destroy the jews, he allowed her instead to persecute them, but not utterly destroy them. She is Elohim, the jews are not. They are children of the mud, and fallible as all others. Why does God allow such persecutions? Because ignorance doesn’t excuse His wrath when petitioned by the Elohim, of whom Lilith is one. She never evolved into a Goddess. She was created, at the petitioning of Lucifera to be born a Goddess. And from the Shekinah Elohim, Lucifera, He granted her this wish. And it was a fateful one. The old adage of Be careful what you wish for, is a lesson that even the Darkest and Highest Goddess and Shekinah Elohim, must learn from. If Lucifera, Lilith, Satan, Lucifer, and others can fall, so can you. So can I. The difference is I cannot be destroyed en totem. You can if you cross Lucifera. And while I have sympathy for Satan and Lilith, I have no empathy for serving them. You, each of you, must make the same choice and suffer or enjoy the consequences. To all my children of the night: choose wisely. Wise as a serpent. Lest the poison in your fangs poisons you as well. And if so, it shall be fatal.

In the name and power of the Shekinah Elohim, Lucifera, she wishes each of you who have undertaken the ultimate transformation, to take your roots deeper to withstand all enemies, internal and external. Know yourself, weed your garden of weakness. Take upon you the power she has given: to become the dark angel of her vengeance. Relish the pleasures but be not seduced into spiritual apathy. For in apathy Lilith will come to call. For Lilith is jealous for your position, and wants to reduce you to the status of a slave. Lucifera remains a reflective energy of the Father, and will let you fall, will let you fail, if you have unwisely chosen power over wisdom. She doesn’t need powerful followers more than she needs wise ones. She has enough power to wipe out the world a thousand times over and all the minions of hell below, except for the Elohim. Be not deceived, you are yet in the mud searching for the far shore. Which shore upon which you land is up to you…choose wisely.