Tools of the Black Tableau

To define one’s working tools is to define the practitioner who uses them and their style of operation. Since I do not work with the typical western occultic tools, I thought it would be helpful to give you a brief visual survey and explanation of the tools I use, a glimpse if you will into how I work with various items generally not used, or used differently, than in typical western occultic arts. So . . . let’s get started with a synopsis of what is and is not typical, because there is some overlap, and some items are used in a very different manner than that of Wiccan or Witchcraft lore.

A. Necromantic cemetery bell: Bell must be at least 40 years old and then charged in a cemetery with a specific necromantic incantation. The bell is then cast with a blood ritual, joining living and dead energy into a vortex.

B. Blasphemous vampiric goblet and holy water: A traditional cross filled with water that has been blessed by a priest, unaware of the intention and unholy purpose. The holy water crucifix is dunked into a combination of blood/wine upside down, in honor of Satanic defilement of the priesthood.*This is to defile the priesthood, not God, since I consider Jesus as an idol, not as a savior. And serving up an idol to Satan is kosher magick, especially when the so-called savior isn’t.

C. Goatskin parchment in 8″ circular form. This is for the Black Hand Rite to be disclosed in a forthcoming grimoire to be released later this year. A rite found nowhere else includes a personalized method of using a pentagram plus blood, rite, and invocation, and charging. The circular chips are human bone chips used with the Black Hand Rite.

D. Black Necromantic Bone Wand: Femur bone from an American Indian medicine man, composed of crystal, leather wrapped pair of crows legs attached and welded to copper wands with crow feather, re-spellcast by graveyard energy and necromantic spell.

E. Black Book of Shadows: Contains eight actual wolves teeth, or two per corner, plus raven skull and predator jaws cast in resin. Blood bound by vampiric rites through Lucifera. Contents consecrated by blood and spellbound energy.

F. Blood Vial: Used for rites of black sacraments: either blood, regular or menstrual, semen, or a combination for necromantic and vampiric rites. Often combined with graveyard dirt and/or coffin nails and/or demonic herbal compounds.

G. Vampire Dolche: Dolches are a darker counterpart to the Athame. Dolches, in this case, and in all cases, include an Obsidian Blade, used in ancient cultures for sacrificial bloodletting and human sacrifice devoted to the Devil (Obsidian Vampire Goddess, Lucifera). The hilt always contains a viper of various species, but any will do. In this case, mine features the head of an actual rattlesnake, freeze dried and bound to the obsidian blade, then consecrated by blood and graveyard energy. Used for vicarious soul-sacrifices to Satan of one’s enemies in the name of the Devil, Moloch and Satan.

H. Graveyard Burin: A witches’ burin is used for the main purpose of drawing blood with a super-sharp end point. This particular one is hand-made with imported English Yew tree handle from an English graveyard tree that is at least 40+ years old. A graveyard Yew tree is the strongest natural absorber and projector of necromantic energy for dark work. The steel spindle resembles a corkscrew for the transmittal of vampiric and necromantic energy.

I. Necromantic Athame. Athame used for various fundamental work, charged with necromantic, graveyard, and blood rites.

J. Black Dagger Wand: Brass Serpent headed wand, of French Origin, atop a wand of solid ebony (the most propitious wand for vampiric, demonic, and necromantic workings) that is over 40 years old. *The older the better.

K. Necromantic Wand: Composed of various stones and driftwood handle, representing the five elements, including graveyard consecration. Conducts vital energy when working with specific gods and goddesses: Hecate in particular.

The Tour & More. . .

Not included is a Thurible that is at least 40 years old with Satanic silver-cast Goat’s Head and hand on lightning bolts symbolizing the power of Satan to act as quick as Lightning for transformative energy and power.

And that concludes this brief visual tour of how the tools of the Black Tableau are used, along with the specifics of how the various items must be meticulously collected, consecrated and applied. While it may not seem relevant to some, it is important to know the skill level of the sorcerer who is providing your conjurations and bindings. And the tools used are one method of differentiating the methodology I use vs. mainline western occultism. You will note the organic nature of many elements: bone, goatskin, crows feet, feather, defiled holy water, wolf teeth, obsidian bladed Dolche, rattlesnake head, English graveyard yew, ebony wood, driftwood and crystals, along with several other tools not shown due to lack of space. Each tool is what is considered to be “black-bordered” meaning it was consecrated in blood, necromantic energy and vampiric or satanic energy, providing a dark current from which to amplify the intrinsic energies I use whenever I perform a conjuration. These are the tools that bring to you the most powerful magick. Some tools not shown are antiquities, but all of them are consecrated in non-western occultic style.

I hope this Black Tableau helps to edify and define some of the dark tools of the trade in this small sampling. Since some of the rites I’ll be using in the forthcoming grimoire will be available on a limited basis (graveyard burin, goatskin, bone tokens) combined with sigils and the Black Hand Rite, it’s only fitting that you have a full understanding of these tools. I hope to post a brief blog about ritual offerings as well. In hopes this adds to your own base of knowledge, Infernal & Eternal Blessings, Lucien Mars


Ave Lucifera. Ave Satanas. Ave Lux.