The End of the Kali Yuga is fast approaching. The Gregorian calendar, as it passed through the Winter Solstice (12/12/19) marks the Kali Yuga year of 5122. According to Vedic calculations, that leaves just 30 years before an Apocalypse and worldwide terminus by apocalyptic means, both natural and supernatural. Some will point to the verses about the End Times in the bible, wherein Jesus talks about the nature of End Times in Matthew 24.37-41, where he says “For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day when Noah entered the ark, and they did not know until the flood came and swept them all away, so will be the coming of the Son of man. Then two men will be in the field; one is taken and one is left. Two women will be grinding at the mill; one is taken and one is left.” As a prelude to the Final Apocalypse, a few things are noteworthy in this prediction, which transcends the destruction of Jerusalem. The ark, for all practical purposes was a type of transportable ship carrying the DNA in genetic containers for re-population of the earth, as devised by the Annunaki, who grafted a strain of their diluted and purposefully defective DNA upon humanity as a slave species. Without the full spectrum of animal life, the world would reach an apex and final Apocalypse prematurely. But the apex has been reached, breached, and defiled by humanity, and so we are about to revisit the bigger Apocalypse within a thirty year time frame according to ancient Vedic calculations based upon the cyclical nature of the earth.

The Ages of the World

Briefly defined, the first world age is the Satya Yuga. During this long lived age, dharma -righteousness and truth- prevails and meditation, long life, wisdom and supernatural powers also prevail. Dharma is symbolized as a cow standing on four stable and strong legs. As devolution occurs, as it naturally must, given the laws of entropy, the second period occurs, called the Treta Yuga. At this point the cow now stands on three legs, and there is a need for ritual sacrifices, as well as the sacrifice of worldly desires. This age lasts only three-fourths as long as the Satya Yuga. The third age, Dvapara Yuga, is only half as long as the second, as entropy speeds its course. During this age all forms of worship are encouraged, and this can be said to be the age of religious strife and spiritually aberrant beliefs (ie. Spanish Inquisition, Crusades, Muslim beheading, etc.): prayers, rituals, meditation, formalized religious structures resting on three shaky legs prevailing. Lies and illusions begin gaining ground for priesthoods worldwide. Finally, the cow is left standing on one leg in this current age of Kali Yuga, a period one-fourth as long as the third-age, when the world is ripe for destruction. It is the Age of Evil, mass destruction, world wars, nuclear armaments, extraterrestrial intervention by various means, savory and not so savory. Vampires return, attracted by warfare, genocide, mass murder, global conflicts. And of course, in the end to murder the murderers at the behest of God. The Devil in this Age is His holy executioner and ruler over the forty Hells in the multiverse: Lucifera.

Who gets “taken” and who gets “left behind?”

The words of prophecy uttered by Jesus leave one to guess as to who is better off: the person “taken” (read abducted by extraterrestrials), or the one left behind to annihilation. And just as the days prior to the Flood, when the Nephillim were busy cannibalizing humans and using genetic modifications on the size of foodstuffs (refer to the spies sent out into Canaan in the bible, who returned with grapes the size of basketballs on branches the size of trees, etc.), so too do we have a perfect parallel in the rise of extraterrestrial abductions, (not to mention a huge vampiric [read: Nephillim] migration onto the planet, attracted by the all you can eat warfare) so that part of the prophecy is being literally fulfilled. And genetically modified food: yep, that’s another direct parallel. And the extraterrestrial interest in reproductive hybridization is aimed at a transformation of species, and nothing less. Because a new world will indeed need a new species to populate the planet, one more docile and directed by genetically implanted AI. And unhappy the humanoids shall be without as nice a body to reincarnate into, because it won’t be nearly as pleasant as the present form. No, karma’s a-coming, and the next flesh and blood body…well, it may not be much in the way of flesh and blood, more like genetically grown flesh and servile horror. How do I know? Because there is abundant evidence of the kind of Frankenoids being cooked up in UFOville from many popular books on the market by conspiracy gurus worldwide. And the precedent is in the past: Noah was different than those before him. He was an Annunaki hybrid.

Who’s the Hybrid Now?

And least of all, let’s not forget the role of vampires. It is Lucifera’s last call to get out of Dodge before it goes the way of Sodom and Gomorrah, which suffered a nuclear blast, the remnants of which are physically evident in the soil. Atlantis is gone. America will be too. Do you think America is some independent God, predestined to survive nuclear holocaust, or Shiva’s holocaust? Shiva doesn’t care about Jesus, or the Constitution of any country. When the show’s devolved into a sit com as it has in recent years, the time to pull the plug looms large. And reincarnation won’t mean humanity as we now know it. It’ll be whatever God deems necessary to re-roll the dice to his predestined timetable. A person could end up being one of the infamous bug-eyed Greys they fear. What’s to prevent it? Not Jesus. No, he’s busy selling the idea of the Greys: beam the chosen up, Apostle Scotty. Hey, have fun living in their pseudo-flesh, because their metabolism is a servitor built jellyfish like thing. It’s an organic AI for all intents and purposes, hybrid built. Like Jesus, a son of God and son of Man. A hybrid. He says so. Hey, but you make of him what you want. Follow in his footsteps and you’ll end where he did: sacrificed for the greater good of keeping his mouth shut before he revealed too much about the spirit realm and what getting “taken” really means.

A multitude of other extra-spiritual species are now entering this plane. One blabbermouth entered a diner late at night, announced he was an extraterrestrial and started telling the waitress how food is substandard and there is enough energy in the auric environment to live off of, meaning pranic vampirism, aka the Black Eyed Children and other inter-galactic deadbeats. Anyway, back to the Vedic drawing board. Jyotishis, or Yogic Astrologers attach great importance to the cyclical nature of time. The typical circle of time is considered, rightly so, to be an illusion. The cosmic clock is more akin to a spiral, making up what is called the Maha Yuga. Within this Maha Yuga is the first period also known as The Age of Light and Truth. The final yuga is the Kali Yuga, known as the age of Darkness and Spiritual Confusion. Oh, and a bad death for one and all whose karma is to go kaboom in the night.

When the New Gods Piss Off the Old Gods

Technology and psychiatry have trumped reason and spirituality. “God is Dead” being the operative motto. Or, for Satanists, God is a Chump and a Bully. Or for Christians, God is Jesus. For the starving, as Ghandi said, God is food. God is none of those. And for vampires, Shiva in the fiercest form, Bhairava, is our faithful God archetype if you will. It is his left-handed Tantric form most appropriate for the Age of Kali Yuga, when vampires return to earth in full force, when demonic possession becomes a new factoid of life in the dark lane. Drawn by the Kali Yuga, it is the Age vampires exalt in. Conversely, there are very few vampires present in the Satya Yuga, or boring age. Hence, Children of the Night, the house called planet earth is a bomb with a thirty-something year fuse.

The Kali Yuga itself began in the year 3102 BC. Before Christ, before his confusion. Before the good news of being either abducted by aliens or suffering nuclear annihilation during the End Times. The light a Darwin demon sees at the point of death’s door is more likely a premonition of the light of Shiva’s destruction, and that nuclear: both through nuclear weapons unleashed by supernatural intervention, and naturally occurring disasters such as an underseas volcano in the southern hemisphere, or an ignition of Yellow Stone, etc. Hey, let’s not leave out the survivalists who think the underground cities and speed rail systems will save them. Nah, Shiva’s got their number.

The Beginning Nearest to the End: Twilight

The Twilight of the Kali Yuga began in 1939, when nuclear fission as a nuclear power was brought into being. In 1939 WWII began, creating the deadliest human conflict in history. In 1945 Hiroshima and Nagasaki were nuked, which sent a message to aliens that the game was on, and the words of Jesus rang true: human beings and UFOS were to meet and increase, along with abductions, cattle mutilations, military secrecy and Men in Black, Children in Black, voraciously taking the chosen, and leaving another as it were, in the field. The timing was not circumstantial, it was predestined. The Darwin demons just cannot help themselves. And of course, it is Lucifera’s policy to not leave her children behind. So she’s calling the beloved back to their home, out of reach from the claws of the Darwin demons.

Enter Shiva and Shortcuts to Nirvana

As the Kali Yuga is the shortest and most violent, most technologically driven age, it is the least likely period to search one’s navel in the Hinterlands of Tibet with funny little men defrosting themselves in snow as they chant the yellow pages backwards. The Gita As it Is by Prabhupada of Hare Krisna fame, goes into great depth about the Kali Yuga, and the dire warnings, along with the remedy: chanting the Holy Name of God, and in their case, Krishna. But vampires don’t recognize that aspect of Krishna, although the chanting will bring about his presence if persisted in and the secret Kriya is included (withheld from Prabhupada and Vaisnavas, and Hindus, because it is deemed unsuitable. Lilith used it, and it was part of her undoing. Enough said. Shiva has wisely withheld that aspect of Yoga Kriya, which was ever and only oral. Nobody is allowed to write it down, regardless of their holier than Hindu attitude. Christians don’t have a lock on spiritual ignorance, and saffron robes do not a guru make.) In any event it won’t stop the clock. Shiva’s drum just keeps beating. But the dance is almost done.

Shiva’s Bliss: Sidestepping the Freak Show and Comedy Called the End Times

While the clock ticks, spirituality beckons, and the tides are shifting. For vampires, I have integrated a new spell and energy binding, titled, appropriately enough: Shiva’s Bliss. Because Shiva isn’t self-destructive, and his aspect as Bhairava is the love of vampires, reflecting our love for Lucifera, and for Shiva. The Coronavirus is another marker in the downward spiral of karma headed earthward. It is not the end, but just another fuse point in the timeline and countdown to another Apocalyptic ending. The goal of ascension is the goal of coming into spiritual affinity with the vampire gods and goddesses in preparation for your own spiritual role in the afterlife for the vampyre-born. It is a time of genetic cleansing of the species, the time of the end and the time of new beginnings. What will be will have never been before. What a vampire is shall be as never before, given powers to cross into the multiverse, immune from the recycled destruction of mankind. And what an oxymoron that is: man-kind. Man is anything but kind. If he were, vampires would not be present in this reality. We were invited in. Humans opened the door and Shiva gave vampires the license to kill. And we will walk through the inferno as lords of fire. Always and forever, whether there is a now or a never.

***For more information on the Shiva’s Bliss binding, visit the Vampire Nirvana tab for full details.

“Man is a cunning animal, too smart for his own good, and too dumb for his greater good.” ~Lucien Mars

~Ave Lucifera, Ave Lilith, Ave Lux~