Vampire Arveda Yoga:
The Lost Art of Kundalini Alchemy
by Lucien Mars

Our Best Selling Book: Vampire Arveda Yoga:

The Lost Art of Kundalini Alchemy, by Lucien Mars.

Now Available: Vampire Arveda Yoga: The Lost Art of Kundalini Alchemy is now available in a jumbo-sized paperbound first edition, 2018. Published by Vampire Ashram. This lavishly illustrated book features 280 pages in an oversized format. The book serves a dual function: it provides an in-depth background on the hidden history of vampires, along with a practical, powerful and easy to use manual on a rare system of vampiric yoga that will enhance physical health while quickly generating the vampiric energy known as Kundalini Alchemy.

Vampire Arveda Yoga is the first and only vampiric yoga book. The book includes special mantras, meditation, and easy to apply movements and vampiric breathwork, all of which requires less than an hour per day to perform, including a detailed vampiric meditation section. An abbreviated set of Salutations to the Witch Moon can be accomplished in less than half an hour. Best of all, it does not require a yoga instructor nor any physically demanding yoga postures.

Lucien Mars  is also president of Vampire Ashram and House Keresian, a growing company and vampiric religious movement devoted to transformational empowerment through blood and metaphysical rebirth as a vampyre under Lucifera, aka Nyx.

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Vampire Arveda Yoga:The Lost Art of Kundalini Alchemy by Lucien Mars

An Essential Energy Manual

for All Occultists!

In addition, this manual is essential for all those who have adopted spirit-entities of every kind, providing you with a spiritual source energy from which to better connect with your chosen companions. Bindings are made stronger, spiritual communication is clearer, and the sexual connection, along with your libido, is enlivened to a great degree. This book produces very tangible physically energetic effects regardless of whether or not a person has adopted a spirit companion. The kundalini energy that is stimulated is uniquely vampiric and will enhance the natural and supernatural health of anyone who applies the yogic and meditative principles and practices. This is the first and only book of its kind, fully illustrated and easy to learn, apply, and succeed!

Those who wish to improve their sensitivity to the spirit realm will greatly benefit, since the channel for this energy is not regular kundalini, but a higher and stronger form known as kundalini alchemy. It’s what high vampires utilize to feed from without having the ingest the energy of others. The higher the energy source, the greater the occult power, as humans are not the most nutritious food source they once were. Regardless, it will also enhance any sang vampire belonging to a coven, or one who works solo. Magicians, witches, and sorcerers will also benefit from the radiant energy that enlivens the ‘magical will’ needed to make spells manifest.

Vampire Arveda Yoga by Lucien Mars

The section on meditation alone in this special metaphysical system is worth far more than the material cost of the book. Why am I not charging what some expensive medieval grimoires cost? Because they weren’t produced for vampires, but ceremonial western magicians. I am vampire, and this text was meant to benefit my brothers and sisters most of all. A vampire’s needs are different in essence and kind from the typical western orthodox methods of invocation and evocation. But regardless of your preferred occult tradition, you’ll soon discover a huge boost in metaphysical energy that will empower your own witchcraft or spellbinding powers. Whether Wiccan, witch, or magician, the energy source will be felt and easily applied to your own personal occultic traditions with results you can see and feel almost at once!

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Excerpts From the Back Cover

This lavishly photo-illustrated book provides easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions in the secret arts of vampiric yoga techniques of kundalini alchemy (no blood or black magic needed). What sets this powerful system apart from other forms of yoga is the simplicity and ease of application. In fact, profound results can be achieved in less than thirty minutes a day, all without the strenuous or exhaustive stretching of hatha yoga. A special form of segmented breathing is combined with never-before-revealed yoga movements, meditation techniques, and power mantras, making this yoga manual the one to die and return to life for! It’s that powerful.

In the book, Lucien provides a rare and often disturbing look into the world of vampire fact and fiction. Included is the shocking truth about how warfare vampires operate and the hidden history of Lilith, Lucifer and Satan, all of which is sure to challenge the status quo. The voice of experience and prophetic warning is well-sounded in this unique vampire confessional. If you ever wanted to know the unvarnished truth about vampires, this book is a one-of-a kind eye-opener.

Vampire Arveda Yoga: The Lost Art of Kundalini Alchemy Back Cover

What Others Are Saying About the Book, Vampire Arveda Yoga:

“In Vampire Arveda Yoga, Lucien Mars offers a unique vampire expose, taking the reader into a mysterious realm of vampyre complexity. Whatever your beliefs, you won’t ever think of vampires in the same way after reading Vampire Arveda Yoga!”

~ Boo Newell, Author, Between the Realms

“Having completed the Vampire Arveda Yoga system, I felt an immediate and long-lasting energy boost that was very powerful. I was skeptical about the benefits from such a seemingly simple system, but WOW! I’m grateful that Lucien is willing to share this unique system with others.”


Author Q & A:

How does Vampire Arveda Yoga differ from other yoga books?

“It is the only yoga system derived from the goddess of vampires, Lilith, prior to her fall. It is also the only system that utilizes kundalini alchemy. Many consider kundalini alchemy to be the left-handed path of regular kundalini yoga. While the practice does not transform anyone into a vampire, those who have the shadow-seed may awaken as part of the energetic patterning associated with the movements, much like a hidden key to past lives lived as a vampyre.

In addition to the basic program, Vampire Ashram offers custom mantras based upon your name and date of birth that are energy-bound and spellbound to a special Vampire Ashram medallion, hand inscribed on the reverse side with an astrological sigil custom designed to resonate with your personal energy. Each sigil is hand-crafted and customized to your personal energy signature, which resonates to your individual frequency. Vampire Ashram is committed to bringing you cutting-edge occultware and energy-specific vampire technologies designed to enhance and expand your spiritual experience, regardless of your current metaphysical level. *See separate listing for the Vampire Ashram medallion.

Our distinctive Vampire Ashram logo sew-on patch is also available. Great for jean jackets or other casual wear (see separate listing for medallion and patch). Please visit our eBay store for more information.

What others have said about the work of Lucien Mars:

“I have never met anyone so naturally gifted with abilities and perceptions of other realms as him. It is my opinion that this practitioner is of the highest quality and ability that I have encountered to date. Though at times terrifying as much as exhilarating, to say that my experiences with him have been life altering would be a gross understatement and I cannot imagine going back to the dull and banal life that I gladly left behind.”

-B. M.

“I was transformed by Lucien and can vouch for Lucien’s powers and relationship with Lilith. He bound a female vampire to me after undergoing the transformation. Having never met him in person, he bi-located himself and appeared with a full manifestation of Lilith herself beside him. Need I say more..?. .”

– J H.

“I’ve experienced Lucien’s powers and they are quite real. He bound a male vampire to me that changed my life. In a world of would-be vampires, he’s the real deal.”

-L. S.

About the Author

Lucien Mars is a direct vampire lineage-holder to Lilith. He has earned the respect of a worldwide clientele by providing vampire transformations and direct vampire entity bindings for nearly a decade in private practice. His clientele has included courtroom lawyers and elite vampire sorcerers around the globe. This is his first book, and one that fully explains and unlocks the secret system of vampire kundalini alchemy.

Lucien Mars - Author - Vampire Arveda Yoga


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