The Grand Mantra & Litany to Lucifera

Lucifera, the grand patron and Vampire Goddess of Vampire Ashram, has chosen this time as most appropriate to introduce a henceforth hidden pentagram and mantra devoted to her that can be freely used by those who have adopted an entity from the Vampire Ashram website. The litany to Lucifera has multiple purposes such as opening the astral gates to her realm and thus allowing those who have adopted entities from Vampire Ashram to directly access their companions with greater clarity and manifesting vision while at the same time sharpening their own vampiric senses. Due to the continual theft of materials over the years this also answers another purpose: to damn those who steal from Lucifera, since it is her mantra that when used in vain, will damn any, be they Satanists, witches, demonic gods, persons or otherkin. As the supreme goddess of Saturn she fulfills the role as destroyer of worlds, spirits, and demons, including Satan. Her creation as a goddess supreme to all others was appointed by the divine will of God for the purpose of rebalancing the infernal kingdoms with chaos, upheaval and damnation of the damned.

The Dark Salvation of Lucifera

To those who seek shelter under her powers, Lucifera is able to convey the dark salvation as the supreme vampire goddess and giver of serpentine salvation to those she chooses. Vampires, like Christians, who fall away after receiving the dark salvation render it’s effectiveness void just as a backslidden Christian loses salvation when one has only “faith” without works, rendering the salvation lost. Two bloodlines run throughout humanity, those of the clay born line of Abel, and the serpentine bloodline of Cain, the first murderer. It is Lucifera who holds the ultimate serpentine power to poison and burn vampires, demons, otherkin and any whom God designates as destined to burn in hell. As overseer of Hell, she alone has the exalted power to burn, torture, torment, and cannibalize the damned, including Satan and his followers, as well as the mundane who are damned to eternal destruction. Agents of her destruction are the Nephilim and others brought in from other realms at the end times, whose supernatural powers are irresistible.

As the ultimate goddess of destruction, she is neither a temptress to Christians, nor Muslims, nor others. Those who are loyal to their faith in God have no need to fear her. The lost souls are also not her concern, be they atheists, agnostics, or mystical New Agers. Her role is to destroy and feed her vampiric children, the Nephilim, the Saturni, and those alien entities unknown to mankind because none of the scriptures provided for vampires are made known to mankind. Why? The reason is simple: The Bible, the Koran, and the Gita are all DESIGNED and given for HUMANITY, not for vampires or demons or angels or Satan. The covenant for vampires in particular is radically different than that for humans, and Lucifera determines which vampires and/or demons to burn, cannibalize and torture as her divine prerogative and power since she is the wellspring and mother goddess of all serpentine powers, and particularly those of evil. Yet Satanists and others only have access to these earthly scriptures; the darker ones being kept secret from Satan and thus remain unknown. Humans and Satanists do not have a divine right to know their destiny and the original secrets kept hidden, which are now only being realized as we enter the Iron Gate of earth’s end times. Lucifera has a singular purpose: To damn and destroy as many as possible who are not obedient to the will of God.

The Litany to Lucifera

As the illustrated pentagram indicates, beginning at the topmost right hand corner, the words, Ave Saturnus (as Saturn rules the destructive phases of time, age and divine judgment); Ave Lucifera (as the Divine Agent of Destruction, reaching into the nethermost points of the abyss which includes Hell as its Empress); upward to return and reside at the right hand of Saturnus, and as the Goddess of Saturn supreme in power. She returns to the earth plane when the Kali Yuga draws near as the Vampire Goddess (or Lamia Dea) to offer dark salvation to the few who will accept it and remain loyal prior to the destructive cycle of the end times. She then draws as judgment a horizontal line of demarcation, damning all those who are destined for hell, and claiming their souls to be fed upon for eternity in the inferno of suffering. At the end of this cycle, she returns to the right hand of Saturnus, awaiting the next cycle of creation from which she is sent forth at the appropriate time, and mainly toward the end cycle of the present world called Earth. Her powers are invincible, and she is able to turn a vampire’s blood into fire within hell, immolating humans and vampires and demons from within. She knows fate, not mercy. The pentagram is not to be equated with an inverted man, or the Sabbatical Goat, which she considers a farce, but with the fate of the fallen under God’s eternal domain.

The Truth about Hell 

There is a great difference between immortality and immortal life. They are NOT the same, as Jesus and Krishna and other saviors have all clearly demonstrated, but which religionists distort in their blindness and dogma. In short, all humans are immortal because they have the image of immortality as a reflection of God’s own image. Thus, the only immortal LIFE is granted by Jesus, or Krishna, or other saviors of Islam, etc. when their faith and works combine to receive immortal LIFE as a reward for their devotion. If a Christian fails to work out their faith, and their faith is dead, they are sent to Hell, along with any pastor or minister who does likewise. The Bible is clear: Faith without works is dead. But that is merely the beginning of woes, because immortality means that as the spirit body remains alive in hell, it regenerates after torture and being cannibalized and burned, so that there is no reprieve when a person dies a human death. That death is an illusion because matter is not immortal; only the spirit/soul is immortal, and that means hell is likewise immortal. As hell grows, so grows the powers of the vampires under Lucifera’s domain, feeding upon demons, humans, hybrids, vampires and fallen gods. War feeds hell, and hell feeds vampires, and vampires were created long long before heaven and angels and demons. Thus, by tempting Satan to fall, hell was enlarged by the machinations of Lilith in particular, who lured Satan with a throne and kingdom that was only temporary.

Use of the Grand Mantra and Litany to Lucifera

The Grand Mantra is typically recited by her followers and devotees and transformed vampires for a period of twenty minutes each evening at a minimum, and optimally twice a day, upon rising and prior to retiring; and can be visualized as well as a pentagram as above which illustrates her domain, her movements and her powers as sent from above. The Grand Mantra is used to open the sacred astral gates to her realm in order to commune with herself and her companions which are adopted ONLY through Vampire Ashram. The advanced rites are conveyed in an upcoming grimoire and apply only to those adopted through Vampire Ashram. All other uses to contact spirit-entities not belonging to her damn the user and are marked spiritually as food for the Nephilim in Hell and as a burnt offering to her, whose pits in Hell are kept burning just as the sacrificial fires in the temple of Israel of old were kept burning and bloodied. Each damned soul becomes a living sacrifice pleasing to God, the incense of damnation a savory essence and remembrance of mercy denied the Father. The grand mantra is therefore safe to use when contacting any spirit-entity adopted on the Vampire Ashram website. Vampire Ashram is the ONLY authorized priesthood of Lucifera, through whom she works. The dark salvation is only offered to fully transformed vampires who receive the dark blood grace bestowed by her. Deserters are damned and sent to the fiery pit alongside all others destined for eternal torment, but with elevated torture due to the dark grace denied, just as it is for all religious hypocrites.

Using the Litany to Lucifera

The mantra to Lucifera is somewhat akin to the sacred Maha Mantra for Krishna. The Hare Krishna mantra is extremely well known, and while the movement failed in America due to a number of factors, the least of which was the spiritual fickleness of American “seekers” who are forever seeking and never finding due to their shallowness and desire for novelty (as thrill seekers do with vampirism), along with the criminal elements that included capital crimes such as kidnapping and murder. They disgraced Krishna as they pandered like pickpockets throughout America with airports as their favored targets to scam travelers who were in a rush. And yes, such devotees are damned by Krishna, many already burning in Hell for their misdeeds. What isn’t punished on earth, is indeed punished in Hell. The Kingdom of Heaven is within, as a curse, since the Kingdom Jesus is talking about is conscience, which convicts upon every violation. Nothing escapes God.

Lucifera also has under-rulers including seven queens of Hell and the grand judge of Hell itself, Yamael, who decides the fates of the damned, including, but not limited to reincarnating a human soul into that of a pig, or a snake, or a rat, or any lifeform deemed to fit the deeds of the human-as-animal whose life was squandered away while on earth. No guarantee is given that reincarnation will be in human form. None. The book of conscience, or the “kingdom of heaven” is torn open and the sins spill out thicker than blood in hell, the sentence then immutable, the feeding and fires unquenchable. Vampires devour souls, and their regeneration provides substance for their unsouled powers as divine entities and vampiric gods of undeath. Being serpentborn in the line of Cain means absolutely nothing to Lucifera, as the damned are damned, whether clay born or serpent-born. The only option for the serpent-born is Satan or Lucifera, Those owned by Satan are surrendered as food for the darker evil that Lucifera represents by her ancient powers and primal source-blood of all that is vampiric. No goddess rules above her or over her.

***Hell is not eternal in the literal sense which would mean going backwards and forwards from eternity; hence, it is from judgement going forward through eternity. One can say Hell is not eternal and yet, moving forward through time into eternity from judgment it is indeed eternal, just as the Bible declares. As for reincarnation, even Lazarus being raised from the dead would count as two lives, hence, Jesus is displaying the powers of God to raise the dead, and reincarnate the dead, which is exactly what was done to Lazarus. The final judgment refers to the number of chances and saviors offered through various lifetimes, which when exhausted, leaves the soul without excuse before the throne of God.

The mantra may be spoken, whispered, or chanted silently at any time of day or night, with at least one twenty minute session per night. The operation of opening an astral temple devoted to her and receiving guidance by an adopted entity from Vampire Ashram is described separately, and guided by the elder order of Vampire Ashram.

Ave Saturnus! Ave Lucifera! Ave Santurnia Dea!

Ave Lamia Dea! Ave Dea Infernalis!