Please Note Upcoming Changes to Vampire Ashram for 2021

Due to the criminals operating who have stolen not only a copyrighted mantra they’re playing illegally on YouTube, (which sounds like a bullfrog suffering a slow death in a garbage disposal); stealing my copyrighted transformation rite and bastardizing it so that Satan can and indeed will take your soul for the transgression, although they themselves are void of powers, Satan doesn’t care. If you are a customer of these criminals and you have entered into the blood rite that has been stolen from Vampire Ashram, your soul and that of your family is cursed and marked as damned for three generations. Satan makes sure that is so. And Lucifera could not care less since she inherits your soul to feed from along with your family. It’s a spiritual contract under a spiritual hierarchy as ruled over by Lucifera, not by Satan. And it is honored by the Almighty. As conqueror, she takes all souls assigned to damnation. Satan does not feed upon souls; indeed, high vampires feed upon demons and Satan alike, which is exactly why Hell is being overthrown by vampires: for soul food. Your soul. Our food.

Sending me threats of arson as the filthy human apes at Satania did, only results in their own burning in hellfire, along with that of their families, children, brothers, sisters, grandparents for three generations, along with their customers who used the stolen and bastardized blood rite, and their families, finances for three generations. Your souls shall burn, thank you very much; for when your hearts beat no longer, the burning and darkness and damnation shall begin while you remain in a state of hyper-awareness and pain. Hope you’re amused with the howling laughter of Lilith and the feeding to be done on your souls, because that is the only thing besides pain that you will hear. Thousands worship Lilith, and they worship in vain, for she’ll burn your soul, sweet little buttercups. To a endless crisp. If Lucifera tells her to kill and harvest a soul, she obeys. Vampires have stood in the wings waiting to game Satan and overthrow him. Lilith abandoned him in favor of her own self-preservation. Did you really expect those magicians on the LHP to even conceive of such a thing? No, their theories are frozen in amber, aligned to a fallen king of Hell who has been banished to earth, where he is frantically trying to find some final traction.

Because of the criminals at stealing my copyrighted listings verbatim, and basically anything not nailed down, the following changes are being made to prevent future pigs from the same pigpen as that of from profiting off of my copyrighted work:

  1. As of today I have cancelled the contract with publishers for new materials and rites that would have been placed in book form by the end of May, 2021. There is no point in publishing the book, the techniques of which would be immediately stolen by the pigs at and/or others, and claimed as their own. No books or other information on vampire techniques and rites will be made publicly available. This was to include the Devil’s Hand rite, which shall remain private. All books henceforth will be cursed to damn the person, their families, and their finances for breeching the information and it is expected that less than a dozen copies, all cursed, and to be sworn in blood will be issued within the next decade, and only given in person with shaktipat (transferal of spirit power) by myself or an assigned priest or priestess. This is why secret societies are secret. You can now include Vampire Ashram as a secret society, thanks to the criminal activities of and others. I do not regret losing any income from the books, since unlike the Satania pigs, I do not need to steal from others to support myself. I have more than enough business and do not rely upon the income generated.
  2. I have retained a black witch whom I will be working with to trace not only the pigs at, but any witch who tries to interfere with the site. One in CA did so recently, thinking I would not be able to track her. She even sent Hecate, who did a boomerang. The witch will locate via energy any and all who steal from the site, or who pass judgment on the dark work being done, and who otherwise interfere with the proprietary products, listings, rites, and binding information stolen from Vampire Ashram. All bindings carry a curse against theft that is activated the moment a person recites a stolen binding, like the one stolen from Vampire Ashram LLC (see the stolen rite under the Notes to the Nightside tab, As: Curse-applied-to-satania-their-customers-with-no-regrets-from-lilith-lucifer-or-lucifera. If you have participated in the stolen blood rite, your soul and that of your family wouldn’t be the first to suffer from foolish dabbling in the occult. Besides, look on the bright side: you can live out your fantasy of how it feels to have your soul torn apart by true vampires for a large part of eternity. Blood is lower in octane than your soul when we’re in spirit form.  Think of your soul as our refueling station.)
  3. Vampire Ashram will prohibit any customers from who have engaged in ANY blood rite from Satania Lucifera will not allow any binding to a cursed soul, or their family members. If you are a customer of the stolen goods, listings, and have engaged in the stolen blood rite, and recognize the rite on the various blogs in Notes from the Nightside and have been foolish enough to engage in it, you may consider yourself cursed, and I will not unbind the curse. I don’t need anyone’s money, or business, and would rather have their soul and that of their families be devoted to Hell, which delights Lilith in particular. Legally enforcing a copyright and trademark is both expensive, and time consuming, with the pigs who hide their identity and frequently operate overseas, so instead, their souls and those of their families and all those customers who used the stolen blood rite, are devoted to destruction. Satan has been defeated and dethroned by Lucifera, and the spoils of those souls devoted to him are hers by right. By plague infestation, accident, supernatural curses, hellfire and torments, and anything Lilith deems worthy of doing will be done to enforce the curses. You steal from the Devil, you deal with the Devil. The only thing valuable about a human is their soul, the rest is just junk parts. They lie, they steal, they betray one another, they kill one another, they make God into their own image. Or they deny there is a God. Or a Hell. Or they can avoid going there by the “freedom to sin” salvation offered up by any two-bit pastor out for a quick buck. They’re doomed animals, really no different from the doomed animals at Satania. The Devil doesn’t care about Satan, or Satanists, or witches or Christians. All she cares about is feeding an incoming army of vampires from other realms who are hungry for souls and who are able to feed off of demons and vampires as well. They are pan-vampiric angels of death who only answer to Lucifera and none other. NO other goddess possess such power. None. She is the Devil who does God’s bidding.
  4. Vampire Ashram will be removing some of the bindings and greatly restricting access to resources, and that includes answering in any depth because of time constraints and the overwhelming amount of business which has grown in the past year. 2020 set new records that I cannot sustain due to the limited amount of time I have available. The business growth has greatly outpaced expectation, and of course the thievery eats up my time in having to warn the public. Thus, Vampire Ashram will not be releasing any books or new materials, all of which shall remain proprietary. And the ones stolen by Satania store are under a curse which infects their customers, their family, and finances, by using the stolen property. A restaurant can steal and copy a menu, but they don’t have the chef to serve the food. And we’ve poisoned their food, so those who imbibe of the stolen goods suffer the curse of the Devil. That’s how it should be. Karma, what a beautiful bitch!
  5. No customers of Sataniastore who have engaged in ANY blood binding through Satania will be encouraged to purchase bindings on Vampire Ashram, especially if you engaged in the stolen blood rite that was bastardized (if you do so, none of the bindings will be effective, as Lucifera does not bind an allied entity with a cursed soul, since your soul is already forfeited anyway). Lucifera has declared that their use of stolen materials binds them to stolen property, which is of course, cursed property and she will not allow me or anyone to interfere with the curse of damnation attached. She instead assigns their souls and that of their families to suffer Hell and Lilith’s curse. This is NOT a site to steal from. I use the Matrika Goddesses, and if Lucifera can take down Satan, the curse will stick. See the remainder of the blogs on Notes from the Nightside and House Keresian News for more information about the criminal enterprise known as
  6. Henceforth, certain rites not available elsewhere will only be applied as vetted by the witch I have on retainer as of December 2020, and Boo Newell, along with Lucifera and Lucifer. Generally, this will require a minimum of three to five years as a TV (transformed vampire), to receive initiation in person by myself or a priest/priestess of Lucifera. These are rites that take effect immediately upon their usage, allowing one the ability to reanimate and conquer physical death, which will not be placed in print. EVER. The first transformation is in blood and by blood to one’s sire. The ultimate and final transformation is by initiation only under penalty of the same curse as applied to the general blood rites. Since the goal is not numbers, but quality and loyalty, the rites and vampiric energy ascension exercises will not be made available to the public, nor to those who are not vetted as above. If you are a TV you can expect a wait of at least five years, and to be vetted or refused. All rites beyond the initial vampire transformation are forbidden and shall remain secret. No rite, including the Devil’s Hand, Rites of Reanimation, and Soul-Devouring Rites, shall be put in print. They are secret rites of Vampire Ashram and shall remain as such. Pearls aren’t fit for the swine of Satania and others.
  7. Vampire Ashram will be moving to a more private vampire society rather than a public site to be pillaged by every thieving pig living in a hovel who steals from others. The list of thieves in the metaphysical market is seemingly endless: Years ago, one of my own clients, M. Harral, bootlegged my site on Bonanza (a dangerous public site to be avoided); Following that, Solomon’s Treasures, Honora Ann Tanasugarn (who has numerous aliases) stole the copyrighted term, “Full Affinity”. I sought remedial action from Bonanza and was told a cease and desist order was needed. In compliance my lawyer did so, only to find it was ignored; so I threatened Bonanza with a lawsuit for their complicity if they did not act. Almost immediately, my site was permanently suspended, while the culprit (Solomon’s Treasures) was allowed to continue along with the pirated term “Full Affinity,” until my attorney began working on a formal lawsuit against Bonanza, at which time, the plagiarism was stopped. Meanwhile, the idiot who stole the term claimed she had me thrown off Bonanza, and that I would be sent to Hell. (Where do you think I came from and where do you think your cursed soul is headed?) Not to be outdone, a year later, another criminal hacked into Bonanza, using the storefront and listings for Sorcerer’s Cellar verbatim, and even tried to steal my identity and pass himself off as me. If the storefront Sorcerer’s Cellar was banned, how was it possible a criminal hacked into Bonanza and did so? When the dolts who own the Bonanza site were notified, they IGNORED the identity theft until numerous complaints and threats caused the ethically deaf, dumb and blind owners to remove the criminal. Bonanza WILL ignore even identity theft and allow the public to be fleeced. All in a days work for Bonanza! Then there was the infamous Venture Bookshop who used a Hindu alias, wrapping himself in a bedsheet and pretending to be a Hindu priest, who turned out to be a lifetime registered child sex offender using a Hindu alias. In a conversation with the FBI agent attached to the IC3 cyber-crimes unit, India is THE largest offender of linking up with derelicts and crooks in various countries and shaming customers, primarily on public sites. THUS: BUYER BEWARE. BUYING FROM HINDU SORCES IN PARTICULAR IS EXTREMELY RISKY, AS IS BUYING FROM PUBLIC SITES NOT KNOWN FOR THEIR HIGH ETHICAL STANDARDS SUCH AS BONANZA. (IGNORING IDENTITY THEFT IS NOT THE WAY TO RUN A PUBLIC SITE. THEY WILL INSTEAD REWARD THE CRIMINAL, AS DEMONSTRATED IN THE CASE ABOVE.) IT IS WISE TO RUN FROM SUCH SITES AS BONANZA. THIS INCLUDES ALL PUBLIC SITES THAT HARBOR CRIMINALS, INCLUDING EBAY AND ETSY.
  8. If you have been defrauded by demand a refund from PayPal. And warn others away from sites that put your soul in jeopardy from the receipt of using stolen copyrighted materials. They are cursed, and you will be bound by the curse, along with your family and finances. Lastly, warn others on metaphysical forums and sites wherever possible about Satania and their theft. The soul you save may be your own! I work exclusively for and with the Devil, not Satan. I provide Her with souls, most of them damned, others to work in her service and for her eternal favor, which is a privilege and not a right. She rewards her own and damns all others, be they djinn, demons, vampires, and especially those who steal from Her.