New Reptilian Vampire Alliance & High Priestess Announced

By direct order of Lucifera, the High Aya-Khar Goddess of Vampire Ashram and as Empress of the CiaKhar Empire, a collective of reptilian races that represent the ancient serpentine governing powers of this galaxy, it is by her directive that a High Priestess of Vampire Ashram has been chosen. The newly appointed High Priestess known as Drakara, is now engaged in a year-long training program under the auspices of Lucien Mars and will be integrated to assume a key role in the future of Vampire Ashram, both in terms of the types of entities represented and a new system of Militant Spiritual Serpentine Vamprism inspired and based upon the Maji Vampire Spiritual system. This is a system that takes a quantum leap away from western and eastern occultism. The tenants of the MVS system are closest in philosophical basis to that of the Bushido and Samurai codes of warcraft aimed at training all transformed vampires for spiritual combat in the afterlife upon their newly arisen and resurrected bodies to vivified immortal powers that are both reptilian and vampire based.

Tenants of the Reptilian Vampire Alliance & Vampire Ashram

The basis of the new RVA and Vampire Ashram collective is reflective of the reptilian powers represented by the traditional tenants of the Aya-Khar, Lucifera, Empress of the CiaKhar reptilian and vampiric empire now in place galaxy-wide, operating over hundreds of planets in this solar system and a multitude of others elsewhere in the multiverse. The CiaKhar is a super advanced technological reptilian empire replete with spiritual and temporal weapons designed to further advance the reptilian civilization beyond this galaxy which is currently operating in the multiverse as it has been for millennia, prior to the creation of humankind. The CiaKhar is a militant reptilian and vampire based empire acting under the rulership of the Aya-Khar, Lucifera, who is the longest living immortal alpha female queen and reptilian goddess.

The reptilian influence on Earth is well established but hidden by intention and confusion implanted upon the human population and its collective mindset by an ancient group of rebellious reptilian male forces variously known as the Illuminati, who work in tandem with the Nebu Empire, notorious as the greys who abduct humans for purposes of hybridization, global domination, and interplanetary slave trade. As such, the Illuminati are NOT a part of the CiaKhar empire, but are rebels who broke away long ago from the CiaKhar Empire. This confusion is found most frequently and consistently within the pages of various UFO conspiracy books, as if the CiaKhar Empire includes the Illuminati and other secret societies that are Earth based politically motivated  groups of reptilian globalists. The patriarchal empires on Earth represent a breakaway reptilian group of rebels who have joined forces with the CiaKhar’s most adamant enemies, the Nebu Empire (the Greys) for purposes of achieving a new One World Order. The Nebu are notorious tricksters and only engage in alliances with reptilians for purposes of eventually taking possession of the One World Order, allowing the rebellious Earth-based reptilians to achieve global dominance, who, when achieved, then plan to assassinate the Illuminati leaders and assume full and total control of planet Earth. In other words, the Illuminati will be destroyed by the Nebu Empire as the Nebu Empire detests reptilians of any kind. Another group of advanced interplanetary human-based civilizations is also opposed to these two groups.

The aims of this nefarious alliance between the breakaway rebels from the CiaKhar Empire and the Nebu Empire of Greys, is to broaden interplanetary slave trade, establishing mining and commerce centers with a planetary expansion of trading monopolies for rare materials and resources on various planets.

The Galactic Federation and the CiaKhar Empire

There is a humanoid based Federation of interplanetary powers that are represented by a like alliance called the Galactic Federation of Free Worlds. There is a natural animosity between the Galactic Federation and the CiaKhar Empire that has its origins long before planet Earth existed, and this opposition between serpentine and human civilizations remains in place today. As such, the CiaKhar Empire has remained in a standby position as the crossfire of various rebellious reptilian factions on Earth play themselves out, without direct intervention. The Galactic Federation which normally takes a “non-intervention” stance to semi-primitive civilized planets such as Earth, has recently been forced to act in opposition to the dark forces that are intent upon destroying the planet, none of which have any association with, nor do they have the approval to act by the CiaKhar Empire or the Aya-Khar Empress, Lucifera.

These Earth-based forces are ruled by the biblical serpent of lore, the Alpha Draconic King and once heavenly ruler, SSA-TA in reptilian language (a title/name that morphed into that of Satan). He is a rebellious angelic and reptilian tyrant of various secret societies who opposes both the Aya-Khar and the Galactic Federation. He is NOT Lucifer. Instead, Lucifer is his elder spiritual son (all original sons are directly created by the All Sourceful Father) who has returned in probationary status to assist the Aya-Khar in various interplanetary roles as dictated by the All Sourceful Father (who is nameless and not reflective of the term “God” as used in the bible, since we deny any saviors from any religious source, and view the bible as a distorted system of mind-controlled propaganda twisted to perpetuate zealotry and strife among organized religions in general).

Our Religious Rule: We do not limit the unlimited by naming the un-nameable. 

After all, the simple fact is that IF a so-called “God” has a name, it has to be either GIVEN TO HIM or ASSUMED by him, and as such represents a self-imposed limitation upon his nature by naming that which is un-nameable and limitless.  The All Sourceful Father HAS no name, which is why we use that title alone to worship him. Names limit and define, and the Creator of All beings, places, times, and races, both alien and human (which is an alien lifeform to many other lifeforms in this and other galaxies…duh) in all the created multiverses containing an unlimited number of lifeforms DOES NOT HAVE A NAME! We refuse to limit the unlimited by naming the un-nameable. 

Drakara’s Role as High Priestess

As the High Priestess of Vampire Ashram, Drakara’s assigned role is to act as a  channel for Lucifera and help to regather those who possess latent inborn serpentine powers via Aya-Khar authorized vampiric transformation and spiritual empowerment prior to Earth’s potential destruction by the rebellious forces referenced above. Drakara will be working alongside Lucien Mars and acting to channel Lucifera’s informational directives in tandem with the new goals and standards being set for all vampire transformations and incorporating the Maji Vampire System of Magick into a greatly revised body of works aimed at developing the spiritual serpentine and reptilian based powers present in the afterlife of our collective transformed vampires. Although we are spiritually militant while in the physical body, all transformed vampires and members shall abstain from engaging in any criminal activities whatsoever while in the physical realm, abiding instead by the respective laws as imposed by the governments of the elected peoples within the countries wherein each member or transformed vampire happens to reside. We are diametrically and implacably opposed to Satanism.

***Books related to this article/blog: “We Will Never Let You Down” by Elena Danaan (Foreward by Laura Eisenhower). A strongly reptilian-prejudiced text that incorrectly associates the CiaKhar Empire with the activities of the Illuminati and the “CIA” because of word association alone. Valuable for the recent actions of the GF to liberate Mars inner-scaped civilization, and that of Phobos and the Earthly moon (planets are by their natural geophysical and astrophysical construction hollow and inhabited), providing up to date military actions against the Nebu and Illuminati consortium, actions which we applaud rather than condemn. Strongly and indiscriminately anti-reptilian throughout.

“Alien World Order: The Reptilian Plan to Divide & Conquer the Human Race” by Len Kasten. A grossly inaccurate and indiscriminately anti-reptilian text throughout that confuses the Orion Empire with the Ari-An Empire (The Older name of the CiaKhar Empire) due to linguistic similarly alone. (This holds true for the misnamed “Aryan” White Supremacy Neo-Nazi groups instead of the matriarchal Ari-An Empire. The two are opposite one another, as the CiaKhar are anti-human reptilian vampiric predators,  whether white or yellow or black supremacists or not.) The author is unaware of the CiaKhar and Aya-Khar’s desire to destroy the same reptilian rebels who defected from the CiaKhar Empire long ago (during the age of the Pharohs), and their rebel leaders who have invaded Earth by the combined treachery of both the reptilian Illuminati and Nebu Greys. The information contains a misshapen history of Lucifera, the Aya-Khar taken from enemy sources from the 1940’s obtained from a wounded humanoid alien who was given shelter in an American Indian reservation. We detest the Orion Nebu controlled so-called “empire” and we exist in a dimensional reality that is far above and beyond both the Galactic Federation and that of Orion and the realm of the Greys. While we share galactic space with this galaxy, the Aya-Khar rules in a multiverse, with the Khar Universe being that of the “All of Nothingness Void” through which we are able to control and travel where other races or species cannot.

In closing, as I bow in devotion before my beloved Aya-Khar and Empress of Empire, Lucifera, let us all, whether human or reptilian, recognize the critical importance and precarious place that the planet Earth holds in this galaxy at present. Because our common enemies consisting of  the Nebu and reptilian Illuminati forces are being made to answer for their reckless age-old rape of the planet Earth, and now hold it as ransom against both the CiaKhar Empire and the Galactic Federation. As the saying goes, “the enemy of my enemy is (temporarily) my friend…” And to all efforts expended by the Galactic Federation, whatever our eternal distrust of one another has been in the past, in the effort to save planet Earth, you have our full support in eradicating these twin evils. As for the CiaKhar Empire, we desire only for the peaceful coexistence on planet Earth of those pre-human domiciled reptilians such as the Naga serpentine race and others who have been venerated worldwide as demigods from ancient times as our beloved relatives who have ever and always cherished their planet and repaired the nature and natural resources now being raped and plundered by the Nebu and the reptilian rebels.

Ave Aya-Khar, Ave CiaKhar, Ave Lucifera

 Lucien Mars & High Priestess Drakara, Vampire Ashram


Ave Aya-Khar, Ave CiaKhar, Ave Lucifera!