In an effort to promote transparency in the notoriously shaky metaphysical market, this article is intended to show firsthand how a convicted child sex offender can fabricate not only an alias to hide behind, but who then can continue to molest the truth as well. According to Matthew Brian Berresford, the owner of Venture Bookshop and peddler of worthless Hindu trinkets supposedly blessed by everyone from Kali to Tinkerbell, a review of his home page (If he hasn’t taken it down in embarrassment) reveals some rather startling claims. For example, Mr. Berresford proudly displays newspaper reprints of ads for Venture Bookshop which operated out of IL, not Woodsboro, MD, where he resides. He states “Here are some of our ads from way back in the 1960’s and the 1980s.” If his parents ran the company no record of the link exists.

And here is the problem: Matthew Brian Berresford was arrested and convicted of child sex offenses against a 5 year old boy in the year 2010. He was 32 at the time. So do the math: He was born in 1978. So how was he involved in these ventures when he applied for a business license in Woodsboro MD. on May 23, 2012??? This was two years AFTER his arrest and forced retirement from being a full-time teacher due to his becoming a convicted child sex offender. And the problems are compounded by his sense of altered history. For example, he says that “Since 2003 Mathura Das Babaji (alias for Matthew Brian Berresford) has been the spiritual director of Venture Bookshop.” So, that means this spiritual guru sexually assaulted a 5 year old boy, which he admitted to in court seven years after becoming a spiritual guru. Not much to brag about there spiritually speaking. And why was his business venture not registered in 2003, if he was the spiritual director and active, since he claims to have been selling books and other Hindu trinkets like crystal balls way back in the 1960’s? Were his parents proud enough of his exploits with 5 year old’s to want him in their third generation book business? Seems unlikely.

All of his story line adds up to one big lie. From molesting children to molesting the truth. Not much of a jump, is it? This is why every metaphysical buyer needs to KNOW in a transparent fashion, WHO IN THE HELL they are purchasing from. Nowhere is he going to include his date of incorporation, his arrest report, his real name, and even the facts of his company are blatantly deceptive. Indeed, he was born in 1978 and was selling crystal balls before he was born. Well hey, maybe we have misjudged Mr. Berresford. Perhaps he has a time machine that allows him to visit the past, secured as a magic carpet and empowered by the Goddess Kali? Yeah, right. It didn’t help him escape the long arm of the law. No indeed. He fled to the metaphysical marketplace, created a false identity to hide his criminal record, and set up a sham history that tried to reach back decades when his storefront was only established in May 23, 2012. Two years after his arrest and being fired as a teacher, Mr. Berresford suddenly backdates his spiritual pedigree, and in so doing, only incriminates himself further, since according to him, he molested this 5 year old SEVEN YEARS after being appointed spiritual director of the Venture Bookshop ashram. Some spiritual director. In his homepage he states, “let our staff help you transform your destiny.” Indeed, look what his staff did for the boy he molested. I’m sure his destiny is bright as can be. Transformed indeed, into an innocent victim of rape with spiritual damage that will last the little boy a lifetime.

Every person who has purchased from this pretender should appeal to PayPal for a refund. Did any of you know who you were purchasing from, or that his name, his business venture history, and the rest is a grand fabrication? The intent to deceive is patently obvious, as is the reason. People won’t buy from child molesters, especially when the child is a five-year old. But he’s not going to advertise that fact. And rewriting history is also a sham, covering up the aspects he wants to remain buried. Well, here’s to resurrections. Molesting the truth is his second victim. Don’t become his third. Demand your money back. Show PayPal the record, that he has concocted a fairy tale whose only intention is to cheat the public and hide his true identity. If you know of other customers, send this article to them; don’t let them be victimized as well. He’s victimized enough people, including children, for a lifetime.

Every buyer needs to know when they purchase from a website, who the real owner is, and what his or her history is. It is appalling that Ebay, Etsy, Bonanza, and others, including most notoriously, private websites, are allowed to invent and use aliases. And here’s the real problem: the same crook can run as many as half a dozen crooked operations with as many phony names. Why on earth does Ebay, Etsy, Bonanza, and others allow criminals to poach off the public? Here’s one reason: money and profits. But safety should be uppermost in a buyer’s mind. It’s so easy to fabricate positive reviews. Just have friends buy your worthless trash, refund their money and take them to lunch. The metaphysical market continues to be THE MOST FRAUDULENT MARKETPLACE in the world. BAR NONE. I’ve seen all the bullshit, scanned empty vessels til my eyes cross. Empty. Nothing there. No entity. No spirit. Just another sucker played by “Mr. WitchBane of Igor Devilworks, master conjurer of the Fifth Power. Beware, these entities are dangerous.” All of it is bullshit. Make believe. Hustle. Hype. And the money lost in the metaphysical shit-pit of failed expectations is staggering. It’s why Ebay and Etsy and others, especially the ethically crippled Bonanza site are happy to rake in the money. Safety? Hey, every buyer for himself or herself. Insist that these public providers FORCE SELLERS to use their real names, and not hide behind a username. Who is it protecting? Too often, it’s protecting a crook using the metaphysical market to hide a nefarious past, while bilking the public at the same time. Not to mention stealing the listings of Vampire Ashram and claiming them as his own. Is there anything Matthew B. Berresford won’t molest? Not really, it seems.