As Above, So Below, As Before, So Now…

People who are familiar with the history of the First World War will no doubt recall to mind how it began, almost as a synchronicity of trivial events that led to the greatest mass slaughter up to that time in the history of the world. The seemingly unrelated assassination of two people that occurred almost simultaneously spun the entire world into a bloody worldwide conflagration. The first was the Austrian Archduke and his wife who were both shot point blank through the window of their chauffeured limo, whose driver took a wrong turn after fleeing the scene of three previous assassins who were killed by the police. By a strange turn of events, literally, the car came face to face with one of the assassins who was then fleeing the scene. The assassin could hardly believe his luck. Luck or fate? Next, although by time zones, many hours apart, the only person who could have prevented Russia from entering the conflict was Rasputin. Rasputin sent a telegram urging the Tsar to not enter the war, but he too was assassinated before pleading his case in person. And he was hard to kill. It took a huge overdose of poison, any number of bullets, and finally a drowning to end his life.

Synchronicity & Satan 

Whether by synchronicity or not, the same role of minor events has led to alliances in the spirit world that would have been impossible to predict. It started with the lifetime registered child sex offender who runs Venture Bookshop, Matthew B. Berresford (aka Mathura Das Babaji). He had been plagiarizing my listings along with others by cutting and pasting together Frankenlistings meant to fleece the public, oftentimes more than doubling the price of the original listing, and then erasing his plagiarized listing when the spotlight and comparison highlighted his criminal behavior. I had the offending listings removed from eBay years ago, so he moved his agenda elsewhere.

As fate would have it, the child molester went Hindu to further obscure his identity, and turned the Venture Bookshop site into a far eastern bazaar, filled with bogus listings that infuriated Kali and the Sapta Matrika Vampire Goddesses of India. He claimed to work with Indian gods and goddesses, who, until that time simply had a modest interest in what Lucifera was doing. So they remained neutral, UNTIL Berresford began mass marketing bogus listings without an inkling of their support. So who was supporting the child molesting Hindu impersonator that crossed paths with Lucifera? None other than Satan. He simply used Berresford as a puppet for his own agenda, which was to disrupt the path of Lucifera in a bid to retain his power and position. But the plan backfired, because Kali and Chamunda and others, incensed by the outrage, all agreed to raise every vampiric god and goddess against Satan and to side with Lucifera by declaring war, determined to destroy Satan.

The Spiritual World War~

So all of a sudden the entire tapestry of dark powers split into two; into a spiritual world war if you will, all over two seemingly trivial events: a child molester and his bogus Hindu listings. Kali joined Lucifera’s side. The seven Sapta Matrikas, (vampiric tantric Shakti goddesses) most notably, Chamunda, joined Lucifera. Lilith joined Lucifera. Add to that the immediate support of Lucifer, who has agreed to the binding of his angels of victory and war. And while I will not be binding Lucifer himself to anyone, I will open bindings for his cohorts and angelic entities to assist, protect, promote, and empower those aligned with Lucifera. All bindings for Goetic demons will hereby be delisted, since there is no way for anyone to determine which demons will side with Lucifera and Lucifer, and which may retain their loyalty to Satan. I hope nobody still believes that Lucifer and Satan and the Devil are the same, as promoted by both Christianity and Satanism. Both are grossly mistaken. Lucifera and Lucifer have declared war against Satan jointly, assisted by the Almighty Father and every significant Indian Vampire God and Goddess.

Light Lends Its Angels to the Devil’s Cause~

And lastly, the Almighty consented to adding his own warring angels of light, including Gabriel, to the side of Lucifera, the Devil, to prosecute Satan’s supporters topside on the earthly plane. Something absolutely unheard of is suddenly taking place: a host of vampires and angels declaring unconditional war against Satan, along with his supporters, be they witches, demons, warlocks or mass marketing metaphysical ripoff artists.

All this is in preparation for a new heaven and a new earth as well, as the time of the Apocalypse approaches. Every once in a blue moon the bible gets something right! And to this end, angelic support is being sent, not because of any supposed savior named Jesus returning. No. In fact, the Catholic Church which has been supported by Satan as a pseudo adversary, is also destined to fall and never to blight the next creation to inhabit the globe by its neo-fascist infrastructure and Satanic idolatry. Anyone interested in how Hitler incorporated Jesuit practices into the SS and his own death cult should read the book, “Hitler, Black Magician,” by Gerald Suster. The songs of Satan always sound the same regardless of who strums the tune. He’s tiresomely redundant in his repertoire of antics.

All demonic possessions are charades aimed at crediting Jesus as a divine savior, which -if so- would be an absurdity for any demon to attempt, were it true. If you wanted to discredit Jesus, the last thing you’d do is go and possess some fool to highlight the power of supernatural evil. And what savior can exorcise the possessed but not prevent it? Instead, it merely scares people into the faith, if you can call it that. And why would Satan want to scare people with demonic possession if the end result is greater church attendance? Because its all a clever lie. And only a gullible and spiritually blind human would fall for it. Jesus may have not been interested in a kingdom, crown and oodles of money, but the Pope….well, judge for yourself. Oh, that’s right: judge not lest ye be judged. Forgot to mention, bring your bucks but leave your brain in the box labeled “censor your sinful and shameful self” by the door. And submit to the sham. God won’t care. Oh, yes, God cares greatly. He gave freewill as the greatest risk of all. He took a chance on Satan, and Satan failed. And his final failure in raising Adolph Hitler to power sealed his fate once and for all.

In any event, due to this unforeseen chain of events and sudden declaration of war by Lucifera and Lucifer, the following changes will take effect for Vampire Ashram.

Changes in Vampire Ashram

First, you may have noticed I locked out right click cut and paste on the site. This is due to the child molesting plagiarizer who runs Venture Bookshop. If you’re sick enough to rape a five year old boy, it’s hardly a far stretch to steal another’s intellectual property, create a new racial identity and name, and go to town raping the public. Secondly, no further Satanic Spells will be performed. Instead, a Nocticulan Vampyre spell will be substituted, allowing the entity bound to search out and destroy any spiritual opponent of Lucifera’s, be they vessel bound or free of bindings. This will further benefit the adopting companion, because the increased energy gained by eviscerating another vampire or demon, etc. will afford a greater degree of protection to the companion along with increased powers via energy enhancement taken from the target. Succubi and Incubi listings will remain as they are, selected for their allegiance to Lucifera and Lucifer. Henceforth, only those specific demons pledged to Lucifera will be listed.

And while some bindings will carry the term “satanic” it is only by heritage, and not by allegiance that they retain their satanic designation. For example, satanic succubi are a heritage of offspring by Satan and Lilith long ago, so they retain that title, just as a person would retain the family name, although may be a direct odds with their parent. We are not against any, satanic or otherwise, who, by their heritage, merely carry the name and powers of their parents as it were.

Demons Previously Adopted

Those previously bound have already been pledged to Lucifera and will not be an issue. So, if you have adopted a Goetic demon cohort, they are by default pledged without recourse to Lucifera and will continue to work in her behalf and yours. The issue is from this point forward, and to that end, only those who convert into allegiance with Lucifera will be spared and eligible for binding. The selection of demons and cohorts will be limited to those vetted by Lucifera. And it should not surprise anyone that the Devil and Satan are adversarial. The Devil tempted Satan to fall, and he fell. Consider it a test, because that’s what the Devil does. Her number is 40, the number of testing. It’s also the number of tribulation. But the conflation of Satan and the Devil and Lucifer in the bible points to the lack of discrimination imparted by Jesus, who was the first to falsely conflate them. The Devil and Satan are at war. One wants to destroy the other, and she will. It is destiny. Satan knows it. God knows it. Jesus didn’t. Worshiping the Devil is NOT worshiping Satan. Nor some savior who mistakenly conflated the three into one being.

Demons ARE NOT automatically loyal to Satan nor do they uniformly serve him. Many fallen angels return to the Father and are welcomed by Him. A vampire has a very different destiny. Of course vampires may rebel and side with Satan, so it is not a clear cut case of vampires vs. demons, as the definition blurs quickly. Vampires aren’t returning to the Father because the blood is alien to that of angels, and toxic as well to them; and that border can only be crossed by the upper hierarchy of Hell that works to enforce the Father’s will, namely Lucifera, the Devil. Lucifer returned to the Father because he missed His love. He’s not in Hell, he’s not Satan, and the two are now (spoiler alert) on opposite sides. Satan refused to return and the Father’s patience has run out. Satan, having raised the greatest black magician the world has ever seen (no, it’s not Aleister Crowley) in Adolph Hitler was the nail that sealed Satan’s doom and final damnation. The two atomic bombs that fell sealed the earth’s doom. God doesn’t damn until the alternatives are exhausted. And well . . . that time has passed.

The Path of Least Resistance to Vampiric Power: The Nocticulan Vampyre Spell

You can expect to see a new host of listings and a much wider array of vampiric beings. This includes a great number of goddess vampires and their kindred cohorts. So, rather than diminishing the number of entities, it will have the opposite effect: it will increase the numbers to benefit Lucifera, Lilith, Lucifer, and Kali, along with others. And the Nocticulan Vampyre spell that will be included in most bindings, increases the power of those spirit-entities, vampires, and demons who are bound. It provides a companion with an extra source of accumulated energy acquired from what their adopted vampire does best: hunt at night. It’s the path of least resistance to power.

Also, some of the stronger bindings will be prohibited from purchase by anyone other than someone who has undergone a blood-binding vampire transformation under Lucifera. Lucifera wants the power they provide to be kept within her devoted family. Thus, many of the stronger spell-bindings will not be available for general purchase from those who have not undergone a vampire transformation. Vampiric demons which are classical hybrids will be selected as they always have been: by either Lucifera or Lilith or both.

Other changes of a fundamental and structural nature will also be taking place, as Vampire Ashram moves toward integrating vampyric teaching and symposiums with transformed vampires assuming certification according to Lucifera’s design, so that those who transform are guided in the path of Luciferan spirituality and growth. She desires that each acolyte be educated, empowered, and informed as to the basic and advanced materials of instruction that shall be limited to those loyal to Lucifera. She does not tolerate indolence and desires that her adopted children take upon themselves the goal of growing in power, growing in spiritual awareness, growing toward serving her in exchange for the gift of immortality and vampiric power she has given for a very modest, indeed, a minimal cost. There has to be a return for the dark yet divine gift she has bestowed. And she rewards her beloveds with more than ample amounts of power and spiritual prestige, each according to his or her desire to please and promote her. In return, she lavishes her rewards by increasing in power and position those who strive the hardest and give the most. Your lifeline in the flesh is limited and judgment by her as to rewards and positions, are always given according to the earnestness with which you seek to advance yourself in her cause. May you all strive toward creating a legacy that will honor her, and in so doing, honor yourself. And tattoo her number upon your spirit: It is the number of testing, the number 40. And you are indeed being testing, for power is given in proportion to those who pass the test. And excellence is always built upon the foundation of excelling. Your homework is spirit work. And it never ends. This should also be your greatest motivation to move closer to her in eternity.

~Ave Lucifera. Ave Lucifer. Ave Lilith~