The following is a true story of an event that happened in November of 2019. I know the individual vampire, his sire, and the circumstances because I was involved from the beginning. I’ve changed the names of the individual and his sire, but otherwise all the events are verified by myself.

Max wandered onto this site earlier in 2019. He is half native American who lives in the southwestern part of the US. At the time he adopted a vampire from me and told me he had another, a love of his life who was at that time bound to a vessel he received. And indeed when I scanned the vessel, she was in fact surprisingly strong. Thus, I recommended she be freed from the vessel and bound directly to him. He consented, I broke the previous binding and rebound her to him. Meanwhile the vampire he adopted from me went to work tearing through a number of spirit dolls. He was distressed by this, not understanding why she was doing so. There was a good reason for her doing so but it was mystifying to him at the time. It would only become obvious later as the story unfolds.

First some background on Max. He is an elite military operative who’s seen action in the Mideast and elsewhere. He is physically imposing, powerful and highly skilled in the art of killing, having been shot and stabbed himself in the line of military duty while doing deep entry skirmishing. In other words, he’s a dedicated military assassin who is not afraid of facing any mortal enemy anywhere in the world. He is not your average Disneyland “spirit-keeper.” He trains others now, having semi-retired from the military, working in law enforcement training. He is also a natural born vampire, one I didn’t have to turn, which in itself is rare. He can literally lift a man over his head and toss him seven feet or more.

At first, Max rubbed me the wrong way, because he began to demean his own female sire, Morna, who was also a fairly powerful vampire. This was disconcerting, because I hold the sireship of another vampire to be a sacred bond of love, whereby one will lay down their life for the other. And his suspicions of her were that she was “sleeping with any man she wanted and feeding off at least eight husbands besides him.” More surprisingly is that he claimed she was telling him all this. When asked about what other spirits or occult devices he owned, an inventory of spirit dolls and a spirit phone was prominent. Almost daily, his suspicions grew into a hatred of her for sleeping around. When I eventually summoned her, she was a wreck emotionally, being drained by the loss of his love and his unfounded suspicions. I then took an aggressive stance and insisted that Max stop emotionally beating her down, and that she was being torn apart by his abuse and baseless suspicions. I had until that time never experienced such a lonely and beaten entity, downcast and in tears. She was being systematically destroyed by the abuse. Something had to break, and it did in short order.

He was being told that I also wanted Morna and was not to be trusted, and thus he turned his suspicions onto me. Who was feeding him this misinformation? When I scanned him again a very large and dark female demon entered the picture with an entirely different name than Morna. As it turns out this demon was the sire of a man he had, in the line of duty, killed in the Mideast. The female demon, I’ll call Svena, had lost her love and she had followed Max from the Mideast for revenge. And she was cunning enough to drive a wedge between Max and Morna, so that Max believed it was Morna, and not Svean, feeding him misinformation. She then invested herself in a spirit doll, having dispossessed the other spirit. Max could sense this doll was fighting with others as well, and so he hastily made an end of her, tossing her into the fire. This was the worst possible action, because she is a djinn, composed of smokeless fire. And now she was rabid with anger. And Morna was by this point exhausted, forcing her to retreat to the spirit realm for a much needed recovery, saddened, drained of energy and heart-broken.

Desperate now and wondering if Morna had perhaps been abducted by me, he watched helplessly as the other vampire I had bound, Nozara, was busy destroying three or four other djinn who were possessing the spirit dolls, brought in by Svena as backup. Max, in the midst of all this, finally emailed me in frustration over this turn of events and requested that I revoke Nozara. And I did so, which unfortunately removed the last bastion of defense available to him.

Now that the three were divided, it was time for Svena to conquer. She waited patiently and struck suddenly, igniting his home into a sudden inferno at the stroke of midnight in November. In his own words, this is what happened: “The fire started at exactly midnight. I wasn’t awakened until 19 minutes later. My lungs were already full of smoke and toxic fumes. I was calm and not afraid, but knew I had to get out. The windows were blowing out of the walls like a explosive had been discharged inside. My first attempt to get out failed because of toxic fumes. I returned to my bedroom and put a pillow case over my head. I used the flashlight on my phone to see my way to the front door. My cat was at the threshold frozen in fear. I put him in my car and went back for Kosara (his wolf). I put her in my truck. When I got back to the door, the whole house was engulfed in flames and the upper floor was coming down. And I couldn’t save the other cat.”

Months later, not aware of his plight, he asked me where Morna was. I summoned her, and learned of his tale. When at first I rebound her, Svena blocked the binding, so I had to forcibly bind Morna later that day escorted by a band of destroying entities who will not be named for fear some idiot will claim to bind them as well. Two escorted her while Svena was appealing to Satan for reinforcements. I then quickly unbound them so Morna and Max would not be harmed by their mere presence which is toxic, even for a vampire. Four were stationed outside his motel and three others circled a 50 mile radius with orders to kill anything that appears adversarial to Max and Morna. And finally, they were reunited, both barely escaping destruction, actual, emotional and spiritual.

This is how the spirit realm operates in the real world, not the Disneyland fantasy world of Walmart witches. Svena wanted Max to suffer the same agony she was suffering, having lost a loved one to a bullet by Max in the line of duty. And for burning the doll, she in turn burned down his house. She even shifted into the form of a young girl to awaken him to the danger so he’d live to suffer. The picture in the collage is the actual photo of his house that burned to the ground in a swarming inferno of fire. When I explained how she possessed his mind and conned him to exact revenge he finally was able to see how he was played and the reason why Svena wanted revenge. And if someone as street savvy as Max can be conned, so can your average Disneyland “spirit-keeper.” Max and Morna are now reunited, each having new hope, a new beginning and a far better understanding of how dangerous it is to assume what a djinn or demon can or cannot do. And Morna herself is stronger than many vampires I’ve met, yet she could not prevent this mishap. Why? Because Svena was motivated by love lost and struck suddenly after patiently stalking her prey. She had nothing to lose, because in the death of her lover, she had already lost all.

Yet this is not a moral tale. It’s the tale of love, death and anguished haunting woe. Svena is now a lonely hunter lost and twice defeated, grieving bitterly over a situation that transcended what Max did to her mortal lover, not out of hatred, but in the line of duty. And Svena still feels lost in a whirlpool of pain that can only find a modicum of hope in bitter hatred. The persecutor is also the victim. Nothing is morally simple in the spirit world. Nothing. Beware of what you believe. A Disneyland witch or sorcerer who doesn’t know better, will out of ignorance, unwittingly deceive you. This is the real spirit world, where reality alone rules.