Assault from the Fourth Dimension ~ Part Two

Those who have read the previous post need to hear firsthand from a victim of a bridge binding that was invaded by a parasitic demon and the results, which are an ongoing desperate spiritual and physical battle for survival. If you are squeamish, you may not wish to read any further, because it is not pleasant reading. I have not altered a single word from this victim -a male, whose troubles began a year or two ago, when he purchased a bridge binding of a supposedly innocuous spirit. And while the spirit bound was perhaps innocuous at first (which is unknown), -if so- it was soon after dispossessed and demon infested, waiting for an opportunity to strike. And strike it did when it met an entity opposed to it after I performed a binding. If this seems like an isolated case, I assure you, it is not. Witches won’t tell you what they don’t know, so I will. . .

A Dirty Little Secret Your Walmart Witch Doesn’t Know~

The worst case of demonic possession I ever encountered was from a bridge-binding. This was perhaps six or seven years ago. The woman in question had purchased a bridge-bound vessel from a typical Walmart witch site, which will remain anonymous, purporting to be a “white light throne angel” or the like. This was her first purchase of a metaphysical binding, so the source was unquestionably linked to this vessel. Instead of a throne angel, what she had either from the get-go or from a dispossession of the original spirit, was nothing less than the spirit of a serial rapist. The serial rapist revenant, a human spirit, proceeded to violently rape her, slam her head against the bed, chastise her as being a whore, and slap her violently as she thrashed about the bed. When angered he’d slam the door as she entered the bedroom, hurl her onto the bed and rape her.

The Demon Rapist in the Vessel Next Door~

The woman was ashamed that she had ever purchased the vessel and had nowhere to turn for help. After binding one entity who was working on fending off the revenant, she also contacted another seller who offered her a demon commander, and insisted that my much lower price for a similar one would not equal the power of the one she was offering at three times the price. She related this to me, explaining how friendly the seller was and sympathetic, so I welcomed the chance to walk away, being my unsympathetic self. If she wanted to pay more, I wished her luck and refused the binding. She was in tears when I refused to do another binding, but I’m not here to exorcise the shoddy work of others or be told that my price is too low to have any effect. I have no moral obligation to save a person from themselves or the wolves who circle to feed off of a person’s misery. Karma’s a bitch goddess, and sometimes she bites. Whatever happened to her remains unknown. But the cause is certainly not. Think of a vessel binding, or of a spirit to spirit binding as an energy vehicle that a spirit then inhabits, with your spirit-body acting as the garage. Now imagine a car being hijacked with the original occupant thrown out to the side of the road. Same car, new driver, with a one way ticket to hell. Your hell.

And it gets worse, if you can imagine. Picture an infestation that includes a female demonic parasite who gives birth to offspring within the person, and you’ve got the making of Rosemary’s baby meets Legion. You think I’m kidding? Can it get that bad? Read on my lovelies…. This is part two of the Assault from the Fourth Dimension…unedited.

From a new email received 5/27/20:

When I sent you that email about this other parasite, it legitimately was, and still is, an emergency situation. During the procedure in which everyone was checking me, shortly after it was realized that there was another parasite I felt literally the same draining effect that I felt the first night, Friday I think, that we were assaulted and it was literally to the same degree of severity. It was confirmed by everyone with me that this parasite was trying to kill me. It was just now confirmed to me that this “parasite” is close to as powerful as the thing, the being that assaulted us on Friday.
At the time, I was told that everyone with me was unable to remove this parasite, and I felt like I was minutes from passing out. That is why I sent such a rushed message to you. At the same time, I asked everyone with me to please  contact Lucifera and anyone else that they could think of that even might be able to remove this thing.

When Rosemary’s Baby is You With Quintuplets~

While this was occurring, I didn’t know if I would last that long. I asked everyone if they could block this parasite from draining me of energy. They tried and there did appear to be an effect but it wasn’t quite enough. I asked them if they could send some energy to me and thankfully, between both of those occurring at the same time, it was enough to offset the energy drain enough until someone could arrive that could remove the parasite.
The procedure to remove this thing has been going on for nearly two hours now and everyone is telling me that they think that it is going to be continuing for a while longer. That said, unlike the first parasite, this one appears to be fighting back and, trust me, I feel it. It also seems to have released its “offspring”(plural) inside of me. Trust me, I felt that too. Thankfully, so far, the being performing the procedure appears confident that this parasite will be able to be removed, but it is unknown what the effects are going to be.
 I felt as if this parasite was “crawling” through everything that I know. I need to say that because it wasn’t obvious at first that this parasite even entered me. It wasn’t known until I started displaying odd symptoms and everyone decided to check. I am just hoping that we can successfully remove this parasite.

Karma is a Bitch Goddess who bites.

How did all this happen? Easy. Couldn’t be simpler. Let a demon find a bridge or spirit binding vulnerable to invasion, dispossess the original wimp-along spirit and hijack the binding, block others and haunt you into Hell. What? Your local Walmart witch didn’t tell you that? Well, don’t blame her, she or he simply doesn’t know how these things happen. Or the rules of the spirit world. The Devil is the Grand Vampyre and they’re dumb, played by demons like pawns; there’s no plainer way to say it. And dangerous. They’re too focused on selling you a zoo full of “let’s all get along” gnomes and a few freebies. Karma doesn’t care and God isn’t going to stop a demon from hijacking a binding just because your neighborhood Walmart witch knows nothing about this happening. And the road to Hell is paved with aborted spirit bindings, among other things. Deep down you knew that. Yes you did. But you didn’t know how you’d get there. Where there’s a freewill, there’s a freeway . . . come, we’ll show you.

This is The Road to Hell~

What’s that you say? Why doesn’t this happen more often? It happens constantly, but not usually when confronted by an oppositional force bent on ousting it. Otherwise, it remains dormant until the moment of death, when it forcibly possesses the soul and down goes baby, cradle and all. . . And oops, there you are in the afterlife with the beast, and help is nowhere in sight, because the Walmart Witch is twenty leagues below you with his or her own “burning” issues. And while money is no object now, well . . . The First Infernal Bank of Hell just ran out of student loans to bail you out! But shh-h-h-h, don’t breathe a word of this to anyone, you might scare them, and that would be bad for business.
All this might be bad news for the unwary and the witch, but it’s good news for the vampire; because how else are we supposed to feed after launching a hostile takeover of Hell? It’s where the food is. So let the witch plant the seed, let the demon do the deed, because all three are just what vampires need: a three-course meal upon which to feed.  Oh well, Karma is a bitch and sometimes she bites! Like a killer shark. Like a vampire.

~Ave Lucifera. Ave Lilith. Ave Lux.~