Why I Install a Spiritual Virus in every conjuration I perform~

As many of you are no doubt aware, there has been -always, it seems- thieves who brazenly steal my copyrighted listings verbatim, including transformation rites and various copyrighted information that is not intended for circulation. As Jesus once commented, “Don’t throw pearls before swine.” And in that regard I could not agree more. In this latest case, the swine is Sataniastore.com  These are lowlife pigs of the most malicious sort who have stolen 1) a stolen mantra of mine that runs on YouTube, contained in another blog here. They have made it sound like an expiring bullfrog and isn’t even performed correctly, as their entire line of spammed mantras on YouTube sounds like a sound bite from a Halloween gag store.  2) a transformation binding rite that has been bastardized, allowing Satan to take over your soul if you are stupid enough to recite it, along with anything else they can get their hands on. And if you have used it, read on and if you haven’t, DON’T. Here’s why:

This isn’t my first rodeo. In fact, all copyrighted information that is stolen is infected by a demonic virus, so that the end user, in this case, the customers of these pigs, receives a cursing spirit in addition to the one originally intended by the thieves that infects the person’s self, soul, family, and finances. I operate on the same principle that Microsoft hardware does. When you steal a program from Microsoft, encoded in it are identifiers that know if it is stolen software. The stolen software triggers a feedback mechanism that virtually destroys the computer hard drive via a legally installed virus.  That is exactly what I have always done with every conjuration. I infect it with a demonic trip-switch that allows a plagued infestation to bind with the stolen material so that when the stolen wording is used, a frequency is set off that alerts Lilith and Lucifera to plague the soul of the offender and an additional curse is triggered and bound. What? You worship Lilith so that won’t happen. Oh, sweet innocent babe, you’re still doomed; she doesn’t care about who worships her, she cares about her survival under Lucifera; by comparison, you mean nothing to her. The soul is then bound to suffer alongside Satan, and in the case of a vampire in particular, the blood is sentenced to ignite and burn in Hell, which is far more excruciating than the punishment a human soul has to endure. NONE OF THIS HAPPENS WHEN YOU HONESTLY PURCHASE A BINDING FROM ME. IT ONLY APPLIES TO STOLEN LISTINGS, -NOT HONESTLY PURCHASED ONES- USED BY A BOOTLEGGER LIKE SATANIA WHOSE ENGLISH IS SO POOR THAT THEY ARE IN FACT ILLITERATE. THEN YOU CAN WORRY. PLENTY.

It doesn’t matter if you were innocent in the recitation of the stolen working, not knowing that it was stolen and cursed. Microsoft doesn’t give a damn how you got the bootleg product, they shut your hard drive down anyway. The first instance when this came to my attention, it was because an unblocking and banishing failed to stick. When I asked the person what they had purchased, he sent me the plagiarized and stolen binding seal from the pigs at Satania which they stole, and that is posted in a separate blog, which he had foolishly used, and which gave his soul to Satan along with binding the plague upon himself, his family, and his finances. Lucifera immediate excommunicated him after informing me of the reason for the unblocking, which she rightfully blocked since her curse was intended to stick. You steal from vampires, you gotta deal with vampires.

For this very reason, I will shortly discontinue the Unblocking & Banishing, since Lucifera wants those who used the stolen copyrighted material to remain bound to the curse they themselves have imposed. Lucifera and Lilith setup Satan this past year, feigning to work with him, then ousted him from Hell suddenly in a radical coup. Vampires loyal to Lucifera have since descended upon this realm in overwhelming numbers recently, all dedicated to taking over Hell and subjugating the Goetic demons, and various races of demons by the score, from whom they will feed. As the numbers increase in Hell, so do the number of vampires en route to this realm, all loyal to Lucifera.

Lucifera therefore wants all curses to be locked in place since the souls who did so shall be food for this incoming army, which is exactly why I won’t be doing exorcisms or unblocking spells except in rare cases. In every case where an unblocking and banishing did not take recently, this was the case. She will not allow a curse to be removed that is the result of using my stolen copyrighted information, which is charged with her own energy, giving her the sacred rite to do so. And frankly, Scarlet, I don’t give a damn. The incoming vampires will terrorize and feed off of Satan and his army of Goetic demons along with vampires, excepting those who are TVs and who are loyal to Lucifera, which is also why Lilith decided it was in her own self-interest to switch sides and align with Lucifera against Satan and his minions. In short, Satan is fucked and he knows it.

You Steal from Vampires, You Deal with Vampires~

Lilith kills. Last month, after almost a year, she killed a skilled black sorcerer in India who was well practiced in Aghora black magic and who worshipped Kali with blood pujas, and was quite young to boot. Well, fuck him, he’s dead, a sudden death. Too bad. So sue her. Others have fallen and her tally never ends. You steal from vampires, you deal with vampires. I cannot warn each TV enough, Lucifera doesn’t need quantity, she already has legions that bow before her; she wants quality. She has an army moving from another realm into this one in increasing numbers intent upon overturning Hell; and just as there shall be a new heaven and a new earth, there will indeed be a new Hell, depopulating the existing demons to be used as feeding stock for these incoming vampires, along with those who align their souls with them.

Lucifera is not in the business of saving souls, but feeding off of them. And Lilith does Lucifera’s bidding, for she has seen firsthand what happens to those who don’t. If you still believe Satan and Lilith are joined at the hip, those days are so long gone.  Satan fears and dreads facing Lilith when his time of judgment arrives. She howls with laughter at the thought. And if you devote yourself to Satan or buy from thieves like Sataniastore.com you’ll find out firsthand when it’s too late. Hell is torment in the fires Lilith rules at the behest of Lucifera, worshiper or not.

It is Lilith’s dark desire to destroy and sacrifice her own who are opponents of Lucifera, and it is the Will of the Almighty to allow it. A new Hell as well as a new heaven and earth are in the making. Changes are coming. Vampires are the new power rulers in Hell. And Satan be damned, he knows his end is near. Look at the world around you. The Rona virus is just a warmup. It’s changing faster and faster, spinning its way toward an apocalypse. Governments are more corrupt than ever, nuclear arsenals grow like weeds, and Lucifera is closer to closing the book on the experiment called humans than ever before. Nobody will miss them. Nobody will miss Satania or you. Crooks like them come an go, but a curse on your soul is eternal. To avoid this, simply don’t buy from criminals like Sataniastore.com who sell stolen goods via listings that are energized by Lucifera.

Now that wasn’t hard, was it? Nobody who is honest is punished, nor is your soul in jeopardy when you engage in a binding or a transformation from Vampire Ashram. These are not hard rules, they’re based on common sense and respecting the powers of Lucifera, who is the Devil and God’s enforcer, not Satan. Nor is Lucifera opposed to God; she bows in reverence to Him. It is from His powers that she has her own. The Devil is not opposed to God, Satan is. The bible conflates the two, along with the myth that Lucifer is Satan. He is not. He is helping destroy and bind Satan into Hell and into the fiery Pit from whence he came.

Be Forewarned or Forsaken

Being a vampire transformed by Lucirera gives you immunity from this damnation. Otherwise, who cares if you’re a vampire turned in the past, or the present, or the future by latent nature. You don’t get a free pass to enter the realm of Lucifera and Lilith just because you’re a vampire, or because you buy some skanky astral vampire spirit on Sataniastore or the like. Fuck them. Lilith doesn’t care. Lilith kills her own for her own survival. Lucifera kills her own. Angels fight angels, demons fight demons and vampires fight vampires. Vampires are taking over Hell by force and your personal decision won’t affect the outcome. Taking over the earth isn’t the agenda for incoming vampires. Why? Because most of the earth’s population ends up in Hell anyway. It’s where the people are, which is where the energy to feed upon is centralized and held captive. The flames wreak havoc that vampires feed from and that includes the energy of vampires as well, since the incoming ones can mutilate a vampire not immunized from their attacks by Lucifera.

It is obvious that I’m not going to release information in a book so that the scumbags at Satania can steal it. From this point forward, all information of a secretive nature will not be released in a book form. Anyone approaching me for consecration shall have to pass the judgement of Boo Newell, and a private witch consultant in person, along with any priest or priestess of Lucifera as she designates for consecration. There are what is termed Vampire Energy Cycles of Power which are central to being a TV and working toward spiritual and vampiric ascension. These WILL NOT be included in the forthcoming book, given the scumbags at Satania who will immediate steal them, then claim I stole it from them. So that won’t happen. The private grimoire will ONLY be supplied to priests and priestesses eventually, each of which will be cursed, as the present works and words are. If you are a TV, there is no need to fear being cursed unless you pass copyrighted information to scumbags like Satania, in which case there is a curse triggered because your sire is bound to reveal it, or go down with you. He or she will save himself rather than suffer the curse of Lucifera.

VECOP, or Vampire Energy Cycles of Power, are mandatory supernatural powers to be cultivated by vampires that enable a vampire to reanimate upon death, or to move from body to body, and to feed upon the living in a post death environment, which includes feeding upon souls of the damned. This is an other-dimensional supernatural energy source that transforms the occult mind into a spiritual feeding machine. And there is no way I’m going to place that in print for the scumbags at Satania or elsewhere, for as sure as the sun shines, after the pigs at Satania are long gone, another foul incarnation of thieves will arrive on the scene. Instead, vital information and secret practices that empower physical rejuvenation, age reversal, spirit mutation and shape shifting, will not be forthcoming as planned. The book will only reveal what is promised to those loyal to Lucifera as a future rite to be given to the chosen few, not for the unwashed hogs like Sataniastore.com to steal and feed upon.

It is one of the downsides to living in the age of instant everything. And in an age where the pigs will gobble up every pearl. But hasn’t this always been the case? Occult societies in general, along with religions, have always held back what they refuse to let loose; because long before there were the swine at Satania and others, Judas loomed large.

For those Defrauded by Sataniastore.com:

As for any who feel they have been defrauded by the criminal enterprise, Satania, we strongly suggest you open a case with PayPal and demand your money be refunded. You can show them the blogs that attest to the copyright stealing, which is a crime. As you can clearly tell from reading the blogs, these are criminals devoid of ethics, power, or the ability to deliver anything but bad omens and financial curses upon you and your family. If they were genuine they would not have to steal the work of others. They are frauds and dangerous ones at that. But the curse imposed by the virus attached to their stolen words is real and will impact you, your family, and your finances. By necromantic rites of Lucifera, she can also curse your family backwards and forwards, which adds to the torment. While that cannot be altered at least you can get your money back and forewarn others of the dangers posed by their copyright theft and the virus and curse attached by Lucifera.