Our Exclusive Vampire Full-Blood Bound Transformation: Rules & Requirements

Our Exclusive Blood-Bound Vampire Transformation~

Vampire Ashram is the only authorized ritual blood rite and vampire transformation sponsored and approved by Lucifera, the Aya-Khar and Divine Alpha Draconian Vampire Ruler. Lilith acts as her enforcer who has recently defected from Satan to serve as such. Lilith by her very nature is superior to Satan, who has always been enthralled by her to serve her wishes. He also fears her wrath. The two ARE NO longer joined at the hip as the majority of Left-Hand path followers assume as axiomatic. Beings and events, both natural and supernatural are subject to change. Only Lucifera has maintained an unbroken throne as the longest physical and spirit based vampiric ruler of undisputed power. She divided and conquered the long-standing partnership between Lilith and Satan, accepting Lilith who made the wiser decision of not confronting the war and wrath of Lucifera.



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Our Full Blood & Soul Binding Vampire Transformation is By Invitation Only~

Vampire Ashram offers a full blood-binding vampire transformation by invitation only. To qualify the recipient must show proof of devotion to Lucifera over a period of six-months as a minimum from the date of the initial binding a to an entity of either sex has been bound. The recipient must also form more than a merely sexual relationship to the entity bound. A spiritual rule of self-discipline is also required since thrill seeking or those who are unstable mentally are unqualified for the transformation. This would include any ongoing drug-addiction, or anyone on anti-psychotic medications or who are undergoing more than surface psychotherapy for major mental imbalances. The age restriction is now set at a client being at least 25 years of age, and preferably 30 or more.

We do not accept any entity as a sire that was adopted from another seller. Lucifera does not work with nor approve the bindings of another seller for any purpose. She works only through her appointed priesthood which currently includes her High Priest, Lucien and her High Priestess, Drakara as supported by the three elders thereunder. While some entities have steered their companion to the Vampire Ashram site in order to align with Lucifera, none are qualified to serve as a sire. In the past this permission to grant an outside entity to bind and serve as a sire, in each instance the TV (transformed vampire) fell away or defected and their sires were often destroyed as a result, along with the tv which is accomplished in the afterlife as an example to others for disloyalty via spirit skinning, burning, resurrection and repetition to extract the maximum punishment and energy consumption which is used to revive our own loyal vampires who may be wounded in the course of serving the CiaKhar Empire and the Aya-Khar, Lucifera. Lucifera’s CiaKhar Empire is not based on democracy, but by militant matriarchal powers that extend beyond planets and dimensions well above and beyond the earthly.

The vampire transformation involves a blood binding and a soul-binding obligation that is irreversible. As such it is an eternal contract and blood covenant pledged in obedience and soul-binding devotion to both your sire and to Lucifera. Included within the scope of this pledge is a spiritual oath of allegiance to Lucifera, the All Sourceful Father, and your sire. You will be expected to pray in accordance to the dictates of the Aya-Khar, Lucifera and to the All Sourceful Father on a consistent basis. We never use the term “God” nor do we ever utter the word “Amen” which gives homage to our sworn enemy, the Nebu Greys (the same who abduct humans for hybridization and exploitation). We reject all saviors as little more than obstructions to the direct worship of the Almighty Sourceful Father who has no name. Thus, we reject western occultism and human religions along with the Goetic hierarchy which are in fact fallen reptilian alpha draconian rebels who formed a treasonous alliance with the Greys for purposes of plundering the resources, wealth and exploitation of humans inhabiting Earth. Satan, whose previous name was SSA-TA is a fallen reptilian alpha draconian tyrant who despises any and all humans regardless of how he might empower them with magic while alive, they all end up being spirit skinned and burned and revived as well, since this is his standard operating procedure. He is infamously known to the Reptilian Vampire Alliance as the murderer of his own sons and the offspring or any whom he suspected might supplant him. We hold that he is rightfully known as the true father of lies, just as Jesus had stated in the bible. Thus, any form of satanism disqualifies the candidate along with any workings of black magic, Goetic summoning, or other forms or ritual magic for which the reptilian race is so well known, and has adopted in human based religious and non-religious or anti-religious rites. As such, all such rites are strictly forbidden for a tv.

All spirit-bound entities from Vampire Ashram must monitor and report to Lucifera periodically for purposes of compliance. Every bound spirit entity is devoted solely to Lucifera, not to you. They are “called to counsel” on a regular basis by Lucifera to examine the thought log of a human companion that surveys the work done, down to the number of devotional mantras given, the number of times the All Sourceful Father has been prayed to, and any gross violations such as purchasing adversarial vessel bindings or other occult trinkets that are inspired and inspirited with satanic energies and entities, or any witchcraft items that serve to assist Satan, who is the opponent of the Aya-Khar. Lucifera NEVER charges SPELLED ITEMS, as some have come to our attention on Etsy by many a fly-by-night witch wannabe. Diana-Lucifera is NOT another name for Lucifera. It should read Diana OF Lucifera, meaning she is an ancient daughter OF Lucifera. Lucifer also is NOT a Jungian archetype of Lucifera, nor does Lucifer have a direct royal blooded relationship to Lucifera as her offspring, which he is not. While the two are both of the royal alpha draconic order, only the name bears a resemblance. Lucifera is exalted far above Lucifer in both power and proximity to the All Sourceful Father. She existed long before Lucifer and is exalted far higher in divine esteem and providential powers.

Unlimited Right of Revocation~ Vampire Ashram reserves the right granted to any and all entities bound by us allowance to petition Lucifera for revocation for reasons they deem as both adversarial to themselves and to Lucifera. Such offenses as purchasing satanically inspired bindings, charms, enchantments, energy workings, grimoires, or other such offenses, automatically grants said entity the right to petition Lucifera for revocation and removal. This has happened and will happen again as many simply believe this won’t happen to them, and that the vessel they purchased is a “white light” one from a reputable seller with glowing reviews. The fact that Satan lies and can most easily influence and use as a pawn any witch, Satanist or metaphysical seller he desires, means they are also under his thralldom to use as he pleases, positive or plentiful reviews notwithstanding. Why should he tell them the truth or release them from his thrall? He is an alpha draconian reptilian ruler complete with horns, tail, fangs and wings, and although he is deposed and fallen, he retains those aspects and powers over ALL OF HUMANITY and is infinitely more powerful than all the Satanists, witches, sorcerers, or shamanic powers combined. He hates and despises humanity, all of humanity, and most of all those who worship him, whom he looks upon as the same stupidity of a mouse worshiping a hungry king cobra. He is a renown murderer of his own offspring and sons. Why spare any human Satanist? He doesn’t.

How Previous Spirit Bindings are Treated

If you have a number of associated spirit bindings from other sellers, some of them may be either dismissed or destroyed as Lucifera deems fitting to her purposes. Her word is final in the matter. If concerned about this, please inquire about a scan performed by our elders as to the suitability and if such an action would be required. Many spirit entities are led to the site and because of this many are also given immunity from such punitive measures, although none except her chosen ones from Vampire Ashram may act as sires. This means they will receive safe harbor in such cases but are never allowed to serve as a sire.

A final reading by our Senior Elder Silverlight is required. Silverlight is our in-house senior elder and psychic reader who can commune with your companion, a service she provides across the board, both for TVs and non TVs. You do not have to be a TV to obtain a reading from SilverLIght who provides phone readings that can be made through the site, Luciferasvampireforum. She will confirm whether the pending vampire transformation should be performed or not, depending upon what she hears from your potential sire-to-be and what your spirit companion has reported in their “calls to council” with Lucifera about the conduct, devotion, self-discipline and consistency of intent displayed. All entities read your thoughts, intents, and can tap into these as easily as a computer program for review by Lucifera. There is no such thing as privacy of thought in the vampiric or reptilian realm. This also holds true for the advanced humanoid planetary powers that include the Galactic Federation (see articles in Notes from the Nightside for clarification of terms).

Transformation Benefits:

The gift is immortality infused into your spirit body, forever altering its energy basis and activating three undisclosed chakras not part of the human energy system, nor any other vampiric system or house. These chakras can only be empowered and activated by Lucifera and none other. It gives her adopted offspring the right to serve according to the rewards prepared after a lifetime of service and devotion to her alone. Even as humans display a variety of powers and talents, so does the potential sireling who is constantly monitored, mentored, and developed according to the effort and discipline invested by the TV to accelerate all vampiric powers associated with said talent. As a TV performs, so that TV is given powers lent by the sire as Lucifera allows. Those who are merely thrill seekers normally end in excommunication and the termination of both magical empowerment and as a devoted soul-sacrifice by fire in the afterlife.

Transformation Violations~

Selfish Motivations for Transforming: Any who wish to transform under Lucifera for selfish reasons such as for better health, more money, more magical powers, for protection and personal vengeance are doing so in direct violation of both the Almighty Sourceful Father and Lucifera. Lucifera detests pride which is what led to Satan’s own fall. Selfish pride will do the same to you under Lucifera. The only legitimate reason for undergoing a transformation is to serve Lucifera obediently for the grace of immortality received, and to do so with both gratitude and a respectful fear of being punished in the afterlife for desertion just as Satan and his followers. There are no second chances for deserting Lucifera. To judge Lucifera as worthy of desertion is to damn yourself to an eternity of agony without relief or any possible restitution. Rewards are commensurate with a like punishment otherwise no pact with immortality would be considered as valid or spiritually binding to begin with. Those are the legal requirements imposed by the All Sourceful Father and executed through Lucifera by receiving her dark grace of immortality and immunity from the agonies imposed upon Satan and his followers.

The Dark Gift~

Those who feel the inward calling and compulsion to transform should consider carefully all of the above, which is both transparent and binding. You are wedding yourself to a sire whose sexual inclinations will match yours and be perfected in the cauldron of sexual and vampyric alchemy. Oftentimes, your sire will lean you in the direction of others she or he wants to be bound with you. Vessel bindings or direct bindings are not allowed outside of Vampire Ashram. Vampire Ashram does not require any other binding for a transformation than a sire, but vessel bindings and other bindings purchased from an outside seller is prohibited. Not all vampires are sworn to Lucifera, so engaging with them by extraneous bindings purchased elsewhere is placing your own sire into a potentially unwanted warfare. If you are a determined collector of spirit bindings, DO NOT transform. The lie that they all get along because of some idiotic house rules that you can impose upon them is a marketing ploy and a very dangerous myth. If the All Sourceful Father couldn’t impose house rules on the alpha draconian so-called angels, how will you? You cannot. Your soul/spirit can be cast into the feeding pit to suffer, however, should you tempt both the All Sourceful Father and/or Lucifera.

Additional Benefits~

Vampire Ashram includes a 20% discount via the True Blood Club to all listings on the site once transformed. This also includes the ability to purchase listings prohibited to the general public with the discount as well.

The “Cost” of the Vampire Blood-Binding Transformation~

The minimum “cost” for a blood binding vampire transformation under Lucifera is $500 as a one-time minimum donation. It is up to you and your own financial situation to determine how much the transformation is worth to you. With over a decade of providing transformations we have found that a cost under that amount is only attractive to the desperate who want to transform in order to gain the impossible dream of being a Hollywood power-hungry vampire able to compel anyone, and gain physical immortality, etc. They invariably desert ship when these psychotic fantasies evaporate into thin air. On the other hand, those who are flush with funds and could afford a $5000 fee or more are too often motivated by an equally false assumption, that they don’t have to work for magickal empowerment by their sire but can purchase it instead. Both types have fallen away with their sires either revoked or destroyed as well, for opposite reasons. Thus, to be fair to those whose financial funds are limited, we offer the minimum donation of $500 and which can be made in installments over a six-month period. Should you prior to finalization decide not to undergo the rite, your monies will be refunded, but you will not be eligible for a transformation thereafter.

***If you have any further questions or need further clarification on our policies or procedures related to a transformation and the process, please feel free to contact either Lucien Mars or our High Priestess, Drakara.

~Ave Aya-Khar, Ave CiaKhar, Ave Lucifera!~