An Exclusive Vampire Full-Blood Bound Transformation: Rules & Requirements

Our Exclusive Blood-Bound Vampire Transformation~

Vampire Ashram is the only authorized ritual blood rite and vampire transformation sponsored and approved by Lucifera, the Primordial Vampire goddess. Lilith acts as her enforcer of the rite. The rite itself is meaningless if copied, as a curse is attached to the words used by plagiarists. Thus, if you have undergone a sham transformation based on the stolen wording of the rite given to you by Sataniastore, for example, a curse is attached, and the transformation will be blocked since it is considered cursed because another entity is substituted where Lucifera is named. Otherwise, the protocols for a valid vampire transformation are as follows:



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Requirements for a Full Blood-Binding Vampire Transformation~

Vampire Ashram requires that you first submit an application for approval to be screened by two elders of the order. All information on the application is kept confidential. No financial information is gathered. The application fee is non-refundable but may be applied to the cost of the transformation, or if denied, toward another binding of an entity from our site as desired to be applied within six-months from date of application. The application cost is $40 at this time. We do not under any circumstances accept as valid any entity as a sire that was adopted from another seller. Lucifera does not work with nor approve the bindings of another seller for any purpose. She works only through her appointed black priesthood which currently includes her priest and four elders appointed by her.

Exclusions that apply to a vampire transformation under Lucifera~

If you have purchased a vampire transformation from you are not eligible to apply (the curse she applies to them is not withdrawn by personal appeals). If you are an active member of a Satanic coven you are likewise not eligible to apply. If there is any question regarding spirits or demons you are currently connected to, please inquire before requesting an application for transformation. Lucifera offers via the transformation, the black salvation from the eternal ravages of death and hell. This salvation is only provided by her exclusively, as no other goddess has such powers which were appointed by the Almighty Father whose various names we use in our rites, most notably Saturnus.

A Three Month Waiting Period is Required

From the date of a binding to a sponsored vampire adopted through Vampire Ashram, a three month waiting period is required before an application for a blood binding vampire transformation is eligible. The fee will be invoiced at that time. If the application is approved, a one-month course administered by an elder must be successfully completed with weekly consultations based upon the Vampire Admissions Course. The elders are responsible for administering the basic coursework and consultation. Thus, the minimum requirement is a period of four months from the time of first adopting an entity. During this time successful and strong physical, emotional and spiritual bonding must be evident from the potential sire. In addition, a reading with our senior elder is required so that she may converse with the potential sire. If problems arise therefrom which need to be resolved, this will be brought out and resolved, whenever possible, prior to proceeding.

How Previous Spirit Bindings are Treated

If you have a number of associated spirit bindings from other sellers, note that some of them may be either dismissed or destroyed as Lucifera deems fitting to her purposes. Her word is final in the matter. If concerned about this, please inquire about a scan performed by our elders as to the suitability and if such an action would be required. Many spirit entities are led to the site and because of this many are also given immunity from such punitive powers, although none except her chosen may act as sires. This means they will receive safe harbor in such cases. It is only those whose powers are simply too weak to last anyway, or those who would oppose her, both of which work against your own best interest. If in doubt, inquiry.

Transformation Restrictions:

  1. Anyone who is undergoing psychiatric treatment is not permitted to transform. Anyone taking anti-psychotic medications prescribed by a medical authority is NOT permitted to undergo a transformation.
  2. Anyone who has undergone a “vampire transformation” by using our rite as stolen by
  3. Any person who, whether a latent vampire or actual one, wishes to transform without a disincarnate sire. We do not endorse self-transformations as valid. Thus, you are required to have a disincarnate vampire entity and sire to undergo a transformation and to be approved by Lucifera. Vampires under Lucifera feed upon other vampires, demons, and the damned. A strong sire is your best defense and offense, both in this realm and in the abyss, known to contain the realms of the destroyers (vampires) and the damned.

Transformation Benefits:

  1. Transformed Vampires do not gain superhuman strength and immortal physical life as presented by Hollywood and fictional depictions. What a TV (transformed vampire) gains is immortality in a soul that morphs into an obsidian shadow formed vampyre not subject to destruction but one that is able to traverse the realm of Hell into the earthly realm to feed via blood draining, energy draining, and sexual draining of humans and/or other vampires, sorcerers, witches. With advanced workings above the level of elder in the order, shape-shifting metamorphosis and shadowmancy are the twin powers provided to those who prove their devotion to the Empress of Hell, Lucifera and the Almighty, or God, known as the Saturnian deity, or Saturnus.
  2. We empose a Black Silentium, which is a vow of silence and devotion. Vampire Ashram does NOT disclose private rites above that of an acolyte, nor do we place them in written form. The Black Silentium is a vow of silence not to share with or defect from the devotion to Lucifera as a non-reversible act. The gift is immortality infused into your spirit body, forever altering its energy basis and activating three undisclosed chakras not part of the human energy system, nor any other vampiric system or house. These chakras can only be empowered and activated by Lucifera and none other. It gives her children the right to rule over other children of the night. Upon the unlikely event of excommunication, the chakras are closed, sealed and damned.

Transformation Violations of Non-Reversal~

  1. Excommunication: When excommunication is imposed it is irreversible. If the gift is irreversible so is the penalty, so there should be no surprise. A damned human is less offensive to the Almighty than a damned vampire because the powers and privileges of one are that much greater, so is the punishment. Turning against one’s sire is the same as turning against Lucifera. It invokes against you the curse of damnation for desertion. It opens yourself to burning in Hell to share the same fate as the damned. Otherwise, a TV is immune from the fires of Hell, and is empowered to devour accordingly and freely to feed upon the damned, adversarial demons, including Satan (known formally as Satanael) and those opposed to the Devil, or Lucifera.
  2. Damnation: We hold that Lilith lured Satanael to fall by imposing her powers of obsession over his jealousy of Lucifer for the purpose of opening Satanael and other fallen angels to be fed upon and coerced into Hell for that very purpose. You are thus forging a blood pact with the Empress of Hell itself, whose powers are supreme and supremely evil. You knowingly accept her offer of black salvation based upon her terms as expressed by her black priesthood and powers. Eternal damnation, just as experienced by human damnation in hell is the result of deserting or betraying this blood covenant with death, but amplified in agony due to the extended extra-human powers you receive by entering into a covenant with death and it’s topmost goddess, Lucifera.
  3. Selfish Motivations for Transforming: Any who wish to transform under Lucifera for selfish reasons such as for better health, more money, more magical powers, for protection and personal vengeance are doing so in direct violation of both the Almighty and of Lucifera. Just as the disciples of Jesus were warned not to seek vengeance upon their enemies since he is the one who executes the Father’s judgment, so too are none to engage in selfish human-based motivations for wanting to transform. Lucifera detests pride which is what led to Satan’s own damnation. Selfish pride will do the same to you under Lucifera. The only legitimate reason for undergoing a transformation is to serve Lucifera obediently for the grace of her dark salvation received, and to do so with both gratitude and a respectful fear of being cursed and damned for desertion just as Satan and his followers. There are no second chances for deserting Lucifera and choosing pride. To judge Lucifera as worthy of desertion is to damn yourself to an eternity of agony without relief or any possible restitution. It is the same damnation Judas received by Jesus. Better you had never been born. Rewards are commensurate with a like punishment otherwise no pact with immortality would be considered as valid to begin with. Those are the legal requirements imposed by the Father and executed through Lucifera by receiving her dark grace of salvation from the agonies imposed upon Satan and his followers.

The Dark Salvation~

Those who feel the inward calling and compulsion to transform should consider carefully all of the above, which is both transparent and binding. You are wedding yourself to a sire whose sexual inclinations will match yours and be perfected in the cauldron of sexual and vampyric alchemy. Oftentimes, your sire will lean you in the direction of others she or he wants to be bound with you. Vessel bindings or direct bindings are not allowed outside of Vampire Ashram once transformed. Vampire Ashram does not require any other binding for a transformation than a sire, but vessel bindings and other bindings purchased from an outside seller once you are transformed is prohibited. Not all vampires are sworn to Lucifera, so engaging with them by extraneous bindings purchased elsewhere is placing your own sire into a potentially unwanted warfare. If you are a determined collector of spirit bindings, DO NOT transform. The lie that they all get along because of some idiotic house rules you believe you can impose upon them is a marketing ploy and a myth. If God couldn’t impose house rules on the angels, how will you? You cannot. War and wrath and jealousies and politics are rife in this world, the otherworld as well as the Underworld, and both Lucifera and Lilith are war goddesses without a peer. None but the Almighty can curb Lucifera’s wrath when angered.

Additional Benefits~

Vampire Ashram includes a 20% discount via the True Blood Club to all listings on the site once transformed. This also includes the ability to purchase listings prohibited to the general public with the discount as well. It will allow you to join the private sites of Luciferasvampireforum and the HK Members Only site, both of which are meant to engage you with your kindred brothers and sisters of the blood. We encourage the communal sharing of experiences, information, and vampiric evolutionary rites designed not for ascension into godhood, but continued transformation into that of pure obsidian-blooded vampire apex predator and power, to be utilized as directed by Lucifera and her hierarchy of eternal pre-existing vampires.

The Cost of the Vampire Blood-Binding Transformation~

The cost of the rite in cases where you have already adopted a suitably powerful vampire from the Vampire Ashram site, is a one-time fee of $1500. This includes the application fee, which if accepted, is applied to the total.

The cost of completing the one-month Vampire Consultation Course includes all materials and four weekly consultations on your progress by one of our teaching elders. This cost is payable to the assigned elder and is $500, which includes a one-hour reading with the assigned elder. The final approval for a transformation rests upon successful completion of the basic course.

Thus, the total cost borne over the one month period, in addition to selecting whatever entity most attracts you on the site, is $2,000. This cost may also be paid over time.



~Ave Saturnus, Ave Lucifera, Ave Lamia Dea~