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~True Blood Club Exclusive Benefits~

For a one time fee, you’ll enjoy the exclusive benefit of a 10% lifetime discount on every binding, even our limited time sale offerings, and those that will be exclusive to True Blood Club Members, forever. You will also receive a 20% discount off of our exclusive vampire transformation, which is a one-time binding in which you are blood-pledged to Lucifera, transformed, and sire-bound to an upper echelon vampire soul-mate. If you already have a soul-mated vampire approved by Lucifera, the special cost of $250 for the transformation rite will be applied (normal cost for the rite alone with approved vampire is $350).

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~How it Works~ 

Here’s how it works. Simply submit payment and you will receive an immediate lifetime code for a 10% discount on all bindings. *Please note: discount does not apply to books since these are fulfilled by our publisher and not by us. Otherwise, everything on our site is eligible for the discount. The Vampire Ashram website has received an enormously popular response since our inception as a private site that became operational in September of 2018. And we’re still growing.

No other sorcerer offers the Full Affinity bindings which have made the Sorcerer’s Cellar so popular. It is a formulary developed over generations and handed down by word of mouth, then empowered by the personal assistance of Lucifera herself. The price of my bindings is benchmarked to offer you the best for less. Each is custom conjured, using a multiple phase conjuration, customized calling, empowerment, pledging, and binding. Now you can save even more without a re-subscription fee ever.

~Exclusive Privileges~

Once you join the True Blood Club, a lifetime pass code will be emailed to you so that you can begin using the lifetime discount immediately. As we grow, so will the benefits of being a True Blood Club Member. These will include special offerings for True Blood Club Members only, and jewelry based one-of-a-kind items that only True Blood Club Members will be eligible to purchase. In addition, any vampire transformation will double the True Blood Club discount from 10% to 20% permanently thereafter, including sale items. That means that you’ll be eligible to save 20% off every purchase (excluding books) everyday.

~Summary of Benefits~

  1.   An immediate 10% discount on all spirit-bindings and spell bindings, including sale offerings.
  2.   An additional 10% discount if and when you decide to undergo a vampyric transformation and sire-binding, increasing the 10% discount to a full 20% for a lifetime thereafter.
  3.   Special offerings that will only be available to True Blood Club Members. These will include one-of-a-kind bindings involving artifacts and metaphysically linked items, or special items that will be only available in limited quantities.
  4.   An immediate $100 savings from a blood binding transformation rite to your existing vampire, if approved by Lucifera, lowering the cost from $350 to $250. This applies to a sacred blood rite that involves only a few drops and a special incantation that transforms and wed you to a sire vampire you may have adopted in the past. Any that were not adopted on Vampire Ashram or The Sorcerer’s Cellar, must be approved by Lucifera to be eligible. The Temple of Blood Binding is my standard protocol that transforms, weds, and binds your allegiance to Lucifera alone. Any others bound elsewhere or to Lilith must recant their allegiance before approval.