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Vampire Arveda Yoga:The Lost Art of Kundalini Alchemy by Lucien Mars

Vampire Ashram is a unique training & transformational company designed to empower others to reach their full metaphysical potential through the art of kundalini alchemy. The book, Vampire Arveda Yoga: The Lost Art of Kundalini Alchemy, by Lucien Mars, is the basic text for those who work with spirit-entities of every type, and who desire a greater spiritual and material connection to them, along with gaining a more accurate historical background to vampirism. We also provide vampire-transformations and certification programs for those who wish to teach our exclusive program to the public. Lucien Mars does not teach the program to the public, but delegates that to certified trainers. For more information, contact us.

In addition, we provide custom spirit-entity bindings and spells designed to meet the needs of every occultist, from beginner to advanced. Vampire Ashram listings are devoted to darker spirit-entities, most appropriate for those seeking a more powerful presence. Vampire Haven listings are devoted to grey-arts entities, most appropriate for beginners to intermediate occultists (or anyone who feels drawn to a particular listing). Our Sorcerer’s Cellar listings are devoted to regular and advanced energy-infused spell-bindings and personalized vampire empowering energy-based spell-bindings, along with our classic conjurations of entities who are suitable to one and all.

Vampire Ashram and its subsidiaries are devoted to the specialty arts and entities of vampirism (vampiric entities/sorcery), hemomancy (blood sorcery), necromancy (spirit sorcery), and psychomancy (psychic sorcery). The sacred overseers that I work with are Lucifera, the Obsidian Blood Goddess, Lucifer, and Hecate. Lucifera rules the upper region of the Crossing Realm, commonly known as the vampiric astral realm. Lucifer rules the over-arching powers of the multiverse. Hecate rules the adjacent triple-realm of the overworld, underworld and twilight realm, all of which are related to the earthly realm and elemental energies of witchcraft.

Lucifer and Lucifera are the eldest born of Lilith, both of whom have defected from her in rebellion, and now rule with higher power and empowerment from the First Eternal Father. Lilith rules the lower region of the Crossing Realm through restriction and chaos. Lucifera rules the upper region through freedom, obedience and order. They are opposed to one another.

Lucien Mars is a multi-generational vampire sorcerer who rejects many of the ideas and traditions of western occultism. In particular, we reject the static nature and religious mythology of western occultism, which fails to discern the divine movement of powers and true nature of the First Eternal Father and his offspring. We also reject binding any entity to a vessel, which represents the enslavement of personal power and freedom of choice. We honor order, power, freedom, and spiritual advancement over material gains. Our mission is to educate, empower and elevate one’s spiritual path that is neither exclusively left-handed or right-handed, but both and beyond.

~Our Full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee of Satisfaction~

We are proud to offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all items, except where a medallion is custom engraved, or for the irreversible act of a full vampire transformation. This is the ONLY way you can be assured of dealing with a genuine sorcerer and not a counterfeiter. ~Carpe Noctum!