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Vampire Arveda Yoga System

Vampire Arveda Yoga:The Lost Art of Kundalini Alchemy by Lucien Mars

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About Vampire Ashram & House Keresian

Vampire Ashram is a spiritual vampiric and transformational enterprise and working conclave for advanced vampiric energetics, representing House Keresian as devoted to the original Obsidian Vampire Goddess, Lucifera. The book, Vampire Arveda Yoga: The Lost Art of Kundalini Alchemy, by Lucien Mars, is the basic text for those who work with dark spirited-entities of every type, and those who desire a greater spiritual and material connection and evolvement with them, along with gaining a more accurate and balanced perspective to vampirism.

Vampire Transformations

We also provide vampire-transformations in accordance with the sacred tenets we hold as blood-bound by Lucifera, our patron goddess who governs a multi-faceted spiritual realm that extends beyond the common conception of the multiverse, and beyond the boundaries of both heaven and hell. Our transformations are limited to those approved by a consensus of elders upon review of each application. We do not collect financial data, nor disclose any information contained on the application Each application for transformation is scanned through a hyperspace matrix. And each transformation requires a disincarnate sire of either sex as authorized by Lucifera. We are organized by a hierarchy of rites and powers, most of which we do not publish in any form and are transmitted only to those of the vampire eldership and priesthood. At advanced levels we use hyper-dimensional kundalini energy versus ceremonial rituals performed in western occultism.

In addition, we provide custom spirit-entity bindings and spells designed to meet the needs of the dark-sided occultist. Vampire Ashram listings, along with our  Vampire Haven listings and various others span the gamut in terms of vampire revenants, demigods and demigoddesses, demonic vampires, demons, and hybrids, providing a full assortment of entities with various powers and of various types. Our Sorcerer’s Cellar listings are devoted to those traditional and best-selling bindings that have made the Sorcerer’s Cellar a world-renowned name. We also feature regular and advanced energy-infused vampiric spell-bindings.

About Lucien Mars

Lucien Mars is currently the only authorized High Priest and Primus of Lucifera, the Primordial Black Shekinah Vampire Goddess, known under her title of Lua Saterni and others. Vampires transformed under the authority of Lucifera are enrolled in her Book of Shadows, given immunity to flame, access to dark wisdom, and powers to perform under her direction. Since heaven as proposed in the bible was created after vampires, the idea of a personal savior is both alien and inapplicable to any vampire who undergoes the Hunger, Awakening, Transformation, Worship, and Consecration under Lucifera. This is the sacred pentagram of Lucifera’s power, represented in those who undergo a blood-bound vampire transformation, whose names are then listed in Her Book of Shadows.

We do not seek self-deification but render our service and ourselves to Lucifera as the sovereign intermediary and goddess through whom we exalt the GodMindMatrix as a trinity of spiritual worship. We maintain that entities are neither a projection of one’s subconscious nor an archetypical construct of psychological mysticism so common in western occultism, but are instead independently operating and sentient beings of profound powers who operate in multiple realms for their own agendas, and are not controlled by human beings, but by higher powers with greater spiritual and immortal abilities to create, maintain, empower and destroy accordingly.

The Mission of Vampire Ashram

& House Keresian

The four principle missions of Vampire Ashram and House Keresian are to promote, educate, empower and elevate the vampyric spiritual path that is unique to Lucifera, acting under the provisional powers of the GodMindMatrix. We hold that a vampire transformation without guidance, power, worship, and growth is as useless as a ship without a rudder, compass, or sail. Such aimless thrill-seeking disempowers and disenfranchises the natural growth and testing of any and all species created by the GodMindMatrix, in this realm and all others. Since Lucifera is a trans-dimensional goddess, she not only rules this realm but multiple realms that existed long before other goddess types evolved, including Hecate, Lilith, and others. She removes other goddesses and gods who stand in her way either through submission or destruction, or through alliances with other ultra-terrestrial powers outside the known spiritual boundaries of earth-based sorcerers, LHP practitioners, and witches.

We do not publish our inner rites nor disclose them nor sell them, as we are essentially a vampiric and spiritually-based movement devoted to the worship and furtherance of Lucifera’s goals and aspirations of conquest throughout the many planetary systems and realms over which she currently rules.

Ave Sanguis. Ave Lux. Ave Lucifera