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Vampire Arveda Yoga System

Vampire Arveda Yoga:The Lost Art of Kundalini Alchemy by Lucien Mars

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About Vampire Ashram & House Keresian

Vampire Ashram is a vampiric transformational enterprise representing House Keresian as devoted to the original Obsidian Vampire Goddess, Lucifera. The book, Vampire Arveda Yoga: The Lost Art of Kundalini Alchemy, by Lucien Mars, is the basic text for those who work with dark spirit-entities of every type, and who desire a greater spiritual and material connection to them, along with gaining a more accurate historical background to vampirism. We also provide vampire-transformations in accordance with the sacred tenets we hold as blood-bound by Lucifera, our patron goddess who governs the spiritual realm variously known as Hades or Hell, according to the wishes and will of the Divine Almighty, known most frequently as “God.” We hold that the Father rewards those whom He selects to run Hell in accordance to His own purposes, whereupon powers of dominion were given to Lucifera, aka Nocticula, along with her sacred Book of Shadows, which no other vampire or goddess possesses.

In addition, we provide custom spirit-entity bindings and spells designed to meet the needs of every occultist. Vampire Ashram listings, along with our  Vampire Haven listings and various others span the gamut in terms of vampire revenants, demigods and demigoddesses, demonic vampires, demons, and hybrids, providing a full assortment of entities with various powers and of various types. Our Sorcerer’s Cellar listings are devoted to those traditional and best-selling bindings that have made the Sorcerer’s Cellar a world-renowned name. We also feature regular and advanced energy-infused vampiric spell-bindings.

About Lucien Mars

Lucien Mars is the High Priest of Lucifera,the Primordial Obsidian Vampire Goddess. Unlike mainline vampire covens and organizations, Lucien is an advocate of the Almighty Father, whose dominion over Hell has been delegated to Lucifera, and her assigned enforcers. Under their jurisdiction, the powers of Hell may be applied to humans, vampires, demons, and others whom the Almighty consigns for reformation prior to reincarnation or to rebalance the Underworld.Vampires transformed under Lucifera are enrolled in her Book of Shadows, given immunity to flame, access to dark wisdom, and powers to perform under her direction. Since heaven as proposed in the bible was created after vampires, the idea of a personal savior is both alien and inapplicable to any vampire who undergoes the Hunger, Awakening, Transformation, Worship, and Consecration under Lucifera. This is the sacred pentagram of Lucifera’s power, represented in those who undergo a transformation, whose names are then listed in Her Book of Shadows.

The Mission of Vampire Ashram

& House Keresian

The mission of Vampire Ashram and House Keresian is to educate, empower and elevate the vampyric spiritual path that is unique to Lucifera, acting under the provisional powers of the Divine Almighty Father. We hold that a vampire transformation without guidance, power, worship, and growth is as useless as a ship without a rudder, compass, or sail. Such aimless thrill-seeking disempowers and disenfranchises the natural growth and testing of any and all species created by the Almighty, in this realm and all others. The strong devour the weak, and to become strong requires a hierarchy devoted to vampiric power which must be honed by discipline, worship, and the desire to nurture the dark art into a vampiric power benefiting Lucifera. One does not avoid spiritual testing as a vampire. To quote the Father, “A sword untested cannot be trusted.”

As a Keresian vampire, testing by a sire or by Lucifera or by the Almighty is a method of sharpening by occult evolution those powers you most need to hone in service to Lucifera. Eternity is a journey without end. And Hell is not for the faint-hearted thrill seeker who adores a black rebellion against “God,” but for a Keresian vampire under Lucifera, it is a reward for those He alone chooses to rule over it.