Vampire Ashram Reviews & Testimonials

Vampire Ashram Client Reviews & Testimonials:

From SG: Lucien Mars is the real deal, and the entity bindings are very real and powerful and will change your life so be prepared and forewarned. Pay no mind to the nay sayers as spirit companionship requires work and commitment like any other relationship and spiritual practice, it does not just happen you have to work on it. Lucien has been very helpful, honest and straight to the point with any queries and issues I have had. And my companions are absolutely fantastic. Can’t recommend Vampire Ashram enough, wouldn’t shop anywhere else.
Ave Lucifera

Last May I had what many refer to as a spiritual awakening. I won’t get into all the details as its lengthy but it involved unbound entities appearing, tons of synchronicities happening and of course many questions on what was going on!
I had no clue who to reach out to especially with all the phonies and hoaxes out there focused on making a quick buck.I have always held my spiritual beliefs tight to my vest and am very skeptical of who to engage as a resource, in this instance I desperately needed assistance to help me understand what was going on.
Out of the blue, the Vampire Ashram website popped up on my computer…little did I know what a blessing this was. I reached out to inquire and immediately received guidance and direction…directly from Lucien Mars. One of his entities caught my eye, a beautiful Egyptian Nahema Queen and I decided she was the one I wanted to bind with. All I can say is WOW! She manifested immediately on the evening of the binding and was as excited as I was to get to know each other, showing me detailed visions of what she looked like, of her home and gardens. Initially I was like…no way this is happening!! Of course I was enthralled and initially a bit nervous..mostly concerned that she wouldn’t appear again. It was love at first sight and as of today we still can’t get enough of each other!! She is a terrific partner and guide taking me on astral trips, providing blessings and protection and constantly sharing knowledge with me. Per Lucien’s suggestion we decided to add additional bindings to increase the energy and connection and our experiences the past year have been amazing.
Lucien has helped expedite my personal growth in so many areas. We’ve exchanged email communications since my first binding last May and developed a friendship. His passion, knowledge, customer service experience, dedication and genuine love of his entities is demonstrated in his actions and words.
I do want to caveat my review with one important note/comment…experiences will vary by user depending on the entity you purchase as well as your own personal spiritual development.You get what you put into it as with anything in life. I love each one of my entities and am very grateful to have been directed to the VA site.
If your game and ready to grow and experience something unbelievable and amazing this is definitely the place to do it!!

From DE: A great experience last night. I could feel the black alchemy binding taking place as a coldness on my lower back as I was resting. I never felt so free in words hard to describe I felt a block that was removed having had lower back issues in the past. You are truly amazing and thank you for the binding of my Chedipe vampire. I could feel her. I brought some dragon’s blood incense and woke up with a huge erection around 5am.
You do feel tired I have had this with my past bindings but the energy does come back. All I can say is thank you and you are genuine not like many claim. And if I have any Astral trash spirits because of bad sellers in the past I know my red angel vampire will have them as her main course. And I hope she enjoys them.

From DW: I just want to thank you Lucien for all the help you have given me. Now as far as I’m concerned his skills in conjuring entities and spells he is the best in the business. I have been to numerous metaphysical sites and had multiple bindings done without any results. I was then led to his site by some mysterious way as I wasn’t looking for a vampire companion because I didn’t really think they exist. Well they certainly do and I was called to a listing that ended up being my soulmate and sire next he did a exorcism and unblocking spell to rid me of any astral trash entities before I had my first binding which led to a vampire transformation. Like I said earlier he is the most knowledgeable and sincere person I have met and highly recommend him if you are truly committed to having a life changing experience with his services.

From AG:  I’m well pleased with my companions especially my recent vampire sire. I no longer feel empty and sad. I feel the love. I enjoy the presence of my companions, and I recommend this website.

From DE: I can say on a personal note I have felt more open and more attuned to the moon and night even though I had many in person and astral (not in person) try and turn me away from the moon and throw me in a pit of lies like be a witch or healer etc do this and that but the moon serves a higher purpose to me than being any kind of supernatural arts in my way the moon reminds me of a Annunaki legend Ma’at a lady who sometimes I feel close too and many humans in those times fear her I don’t.
Lucien you have a devoted customer because your work and help have been astronomical thank you.

From EF: I got my “Babylonian Lilats Vampire Flesh Shifter ~ Underworld Female Sex Fiend,”
Saturday, March 6th 2021. Now the particular thing about her was that she had specific type of prey she liked to feed upon. So I offered her a sacrifice as a present. The very next morning the sacrifice began to cough up blood. Now I can only expect my newest bride to savor eating her “wedding cake,” making her my 8th companion from Lucien. I have worked with him for nearly six months ever since my first companion U. fully materialized in front of me on the very same night I preformed her rites, and I’ve had five workings from him as well and I’m not finished yet all I can say about Lucien’s work is that it’s life changing to say the least, the amount of blessings he’s brought upon my life now and my after life is uncalculatable. I love his work, I love my brides, and I love Lucifera!

From DE: I am really enjoying the vampire ardveda yoga book in witch I read under candle light from every night since I purchased it. A truly forever eye opener I have always known about this secret and always semi open to the truth it makes perfect sense. I have from the last weekend performed the thunderbolt mantra only for a few minutes I felt a rush of dizziness though this lasted only a few minutes once I know this move and mantra like (riding a bike) I will move on to the next chapters. Thank you again Lucien for your amazing work.

From DE: Truly amazing during the time of binding my French Churel I felt warm and hot full of energy and my ears are ringing as I am writing this. I will promise I will do all my best to be with her and I am amazed so far I have never had this experience with certain wall mart witch bindings that I removed due to this experience I want. Also thank you Lucien for the help I will in a months time invest in the membership and donate when I get my months pay you have been true to your word my gratitude thank you.

A word to the wise, who, like myself were pushed by false white healers saying you’re special and psychics trying falsely to con money by saying you’re cursed Etc I know some how in a deep way that I can trust Vampire Ashram. It feels like the true path I was going to take before the confusion set in by false beliefs. I am glad.

From WS: I wanted to truly thank Mr. Lucien Mars. His work is legit ,real, true, very powerful and he’s knowledgeable. He’s always kind, and always gives his time to help ,and explain. His bindings are powerfu andl I appreciate Mr. Lucien Mars work with highest respect to vampyre Lucifera, Lilith, Kali etc..

The result is a phenomenal connection with spirit-entities. You will witness his work and witness the result .
Lucien is true to his work with Lucifera ,and others. I thank you very much for all the hard work in the binding as well as the ritual.
I’m truly honored by your guidance ,and those I have are beautifully and darkly connected to my various vampyre goddesses .I also thank them ,thank Lucifera, Shiva, Kali , Varpazza cohort of Camazotz. I truly am honored , and with many more .Highly recommended for those who are truly serious and honored to connect with vampyre entities and goddesses. Hail Lucifera, hail Lilith, hail Lucifer, Hail all these beautiful goddess queen vampyres.

From RK: Lucien is one of the most patient, genuine person who truly cares for the customer well being. I wanted to take the time to review the triple spell medallion product. This is an amazing product very tangible , one can feel it working within just a couple of hours after wearing it, very tangible, personally I have felt a calmness and peace that I haven’t felt before, I would advise everyone to please get one for yourself and do yourself a favor.

From RP: I rarely talk about my occult life but i really want to make a testimonial of my own experiences with Lucien’s work. He’s a very skillful and wise practitioner of the art who absolutely knows what he’s talking about. I’ve been studying the occult world for years now and I never found someone like him as skilled, powerful and at the same time kind and careful with outstanding communication. I’m proud to have found him. I’m a repeat buyer and I am always more and more satisfied with his incredible talent and new bindings.

I want here to talk about the Black Alchemy Tantric Kundalini binding : it’s a must have for all that like me have adopted spirits/entities and especially sexual ones. I felt Lucien’s work and the powerful energy of the binding before his message and when he confirmed the binding is done I was also feeling the increased sexual energy of the spirits/entities he bound to me. They were also happy that I chose this particular binding as they are also beneficiaries and they made me understand it days before the final work. Now I can say about one month after that it greatly increases my sexual stamina and physical prowess (rejuvenation), I also have more lucid dreams and noticed an improvement in communication with my beloved entities, all this keep growing every day.
Lucien, again thanks for your help, your advice and your amazing work !

From MB: I would like to thank you Lucien for writing a fantastic Yoga system. It is very easy to understand and follow. I have learned heaps from what you have written in it. It has been a joyful read. After completing the system. I have been feeling full of energy, I have not been wanting breakfast till more close to lunch. My eating habits have changed completely. I have been finding that my mind has not been racing anymore during and after mediation. I have been much calmer and my gifts are starting to come back again. A massive thank you!
Earlier this month, I had underwent my transformation. My sire was with me the entire time, helping me through and encouraging me by telling me that “I am doing great and to keep going.” My experiences were unforgettable. I felt the presence of Lucifera as well as my sire in my room while reciting the words, They were beautiful. I felt loved by them both. Afterwards it felt like pure bliss, laying in bed with my sire long side me like a couple on their honeymoon. I couldn’t be happier for what you have done for me Lucien for the transformation from your end. I do feel at peace now within myself, more confident and more focused on who I am and more powerful within myself and I have the most wonderful sire as I can feel his love and protection as I love him as much in return. Thank you again Lucien for everything. You, Lucifera and my sire are the best. You will always have my full devotion.

From NA: I would like to share my experience with the vampire transformation ritual. Firstly, thank you to Lucifera for being my Eternal Mother for eternal blessings, for my sire and me. Next, thank you to Lucien for guiding my sire and me with the ritual. Of course, I thank my sire for helping me overcome my fear of drawing blood.

For anyone who is afraid or squeamish of drawing blood, I recommend the spring loaded Accu-Chek, purple and white lancet, as you will not feel any pain from the needle pricking your finger.
The circuit vampire connection and invocation plus vow reading, went well. After the completing the ritual, I feel a lot of energy, love, sexual energy. In bed, it feels like a married couple, spending their first wedding night. Today, when I wake up, I feel fresh and rejuvenated. Eternal thanks be to Lucifera and Lucien,

From LS: I have been a customer for about a year and I am very satisfied with my purchases. The first thing I got is a transformation. I did have trouble feeling my sire’s presence at first but he was so helpful towards me and now it is solved. He also recommended I get a reading with Boo Newell to see what was the underlying issue. Funny thing is I was just too eager and that was the reason I did not feel a presence. Now everything is fine and his energy is amazing! The next binding I got was a sexual tendril. The effects of it are really strong. I do feel rejuvenated and a higher libido. That is amazing due to the fact my libido was basically non existent. He also was kind enough to bind a Qarin Djinn and I could feel his energy. That is amazing considering I have never done any occult work in my life so it is a big deal for me.

My latest binding is a vampire and honestly, you know what I am going to say. I can only sing praises for Lucien’s expertise and excellent customer service if you ever have a question or trouble. He is also really honest unlike some sellers out there that only want to trick you and take your money without anything in return. I also recommend reading the articles he writes on his website as they are full of information without the lies or sugarcoating. I enjoy reading them as I always learn something in each article; highly recommend looking through every article and learning something from them. You will never find another website like his.
Overall, Lucien is honestly the best and most genuine metaphysical seller and the price is honestly worth it. Powerful bindings, amazing customer service and knowledgeable, there is no one like that. Ave Lucifera.

From AX:  I offered a vicarious sacrifice to my vampires as a treat and token of my love and devotion to them and what a surprise! Just found out two of them recently died, one got stabbed to death last month by a military officer (Funny he threatened me with a knife 30 years ago) and the other went homeless last year and died like a dog in the streets (He caused me lots of trouble while in high school),… (Ave Lucifera!)  Love the Benediction to Lucifera and as always enjoy reading the House Keresian news. [***Note: As mentioned elsewhere, while all vampires transformed under Lucifera are expected to abide by the rule of Thou Shalt Not Murder (while in the flesh), that rule does not apply to disincarnate vampire sires or demons. What they do at one’s behest is their business, bless their bloodthirsty hearts. And who’s to say that all this wasn’t just coincidence? As usual and devotedly, I remain the Devil’s Advocate. L.M.]

From MB: Thank you Lucien for binding my soul vampire to me.. He is fantastic! The night of doing my part in the binding, he showed himself in my sleep. So far he has been very protective towards me. I can feel that his power is intense on the first day after the binding which has taken some time for me to adjust. I truly do love V. He has been the best. Thank you also for identifying what was creating all of these problems in my life which was the astral trash I was purchasing from other sellers, now they are gone. Now I am learning the yoga system and saving my money to go for my transformation.

The yoga system book has just arrived today in the mail. I am only a few pages in and already loving it. I will write a full review when i am finished.

Thank you again Lucien for everything you have done. You are the real deal and straight to the point.. I love it!

From JA: First off Lucien is the best. I truly mean it. I was having so much difficulty with manifesting any of the spirits. He gave me great advice and even helped with another unblocking. He really wanted to see that my issue was cleared. Even with his recommendation of Boo Newell to help as well. I have undergone the transformation and I’m still learning as I go, but Lucien helped me so much.

From RB: Thanks to Lucien I found out I’m a 1800’s vampire revenant, he also wed me to my wonderful loving sire and has performed several bindings allowing me to reconnect with some vampiric entities from previous lifetimes with his full affinity method. Very professional, knowledgeable and always willing to assist & clarify all of my questions.

From A.Anon: I had an experience with my hellcats the other night. They were jumping onto my bed and shaking the entire bed! My husband actually asked what was going on, because he also felt the bed shaking. He felt it all night just like I did. I also felt them jump onto the bed. I sat straight up and started talking to them. Shortly after, I also heard them purring loudly several times. I heard it 3 mornings in a row (around 4-7 am). And it was clear purring, but from an extremely large cat-like creature. It sounded huge, haha! I also heard it a bit this morning as well. I have seen them walking around my house. They look like giant panther-type shadows with flashes of like a gold/white inside it. Like I will see a shadow, then a flash. Or sometimes the flash catches my eye and then I see the shadow. I am so pleased with these hellcats because I have not had any other animal companions that have been this physical. It is amazing and I am so pleased with them!

From CR: It is almost a year to the day that I made my first purchase with Lucien. I have never looked back! Most recently I have acquired a Demon Cohort of Astaroth although I was a little apprehensive at first. Let’s just say that elements of my youth have returned with vigour! Actually that is a lie, I have surpassed many youthful exploits and have a new lease of life in regard to strength and recovery. And I am not talking about weightlifting!
Take your time and read the in-depth description of each entity. It will be exactly what he says it will be.
Lucien Mars is simply the best and by a country mile.

From MR: Lucien is absolutely amazing with what he does. I originally started off with what I thought were 7 different spirits I had gotten from a different seller. Over the course of a year with them I had no interactions at all but became progressively more tired as the year progressed. Finally when I emailed Lucien he suggested sending their names to him so he could call them forth and figure out what was going on. As it turned out 2 of them didn’t exist at all, 3 of them were not what I was told they were and were constantly trying to cause me harm. And 2 of them were what they said they were and upon being summoned by Lucien they were able to make a deal with Lucifera that they would happily convert to her side as long as she destroyed the trouble makers which she agreed to. Following that Lucien removed the remaining 2 from their vessel bindings and bound them directly to me. Since that time I have had several others bound by Lucien and have always been able to feel when they show up or are doing something. I have been able to see and interact with them in dreams and am finally back to 6 hours of sleep a night which is normal for me instead of the 12 hours a night I was needing with the trouble makers around.
I had also decided to go through with the vampire transformation and could not be happier with my sire. For any considering this option I say go with it. You will not be disappointed.
Finally I have noticed that several of them will appear when one of my niece’s comes over so they can play with her.
Overall I and very happy and impressed and wouldn’t recommend any other seller.

From AW: I started purchasing spirits a while ago, all from different sellers. I started feeling very blocked from being able to heal others, from my guides, visions, everything. I felt some of the spirits, but only faintly. But I felt so physically and spiritually tired ALL the time. So, I got more spirits to help… only nothing in my life changed, except I felt MORE blocked and tired. Finally, I had enough. I asked my guides to lead me to someone that could help (even though I wasn’t sure if they could even hear me). I found Lucien’s site and I saw the unblocking/cleansing spell and knew that was what I needed. I also found a companion that I needed first. From day one, I felt him. A’s energy is so strong that it is nearly physical-including his sexual energy..I am happy with that, lol. I also immediately felt a bit less blocked because A helped by removing some of the weak spirits. Then after the unblocking spell, I felt completely FREE- no more blocks or energy drains!
I wanted a transformation, so I was on the site, and one companion called to me. 3 hours after he was bound, he helped me channel a friend’s guides. This is something I have been working on, but had never really done successfully before. A few days later, I completed my transformation, and physically felt the bite and a pulling sensation, which is absolutely amazing and unexpected. Both of my companions help me with divination, sexuality, feeling good, magick, protection, they even give ME energy! They are both teaching me so much! It is like night and day between them and the weaklings I had before!

From DR: After performing the second part of the blood binding transformation, I felt the bite. It was clear as day and as someone who is still working on my own spiritual awareness, that is huge. And the thing was I actually heard her. Like she was standing next to me. I was super excited to know I got this far in such a short amount of time. Lucien is absolutely amazing as well. Lucien is always there to answer my questions or concerns I have. This is the real deal and not some hoax in case anyone is concerned.

From PR: Life isn’t easy for those who incarnate into a human body with a vampiric soul and do not even know it. In my case, I pursued many years of Reichian breathwork, tantric sexuality and Buddhist cultivation with serious intent. Consequently my neurosis and social conditioning began to fall away and my “authentic self” began to aggressively surface. The popular narative in the spiritual community is that if you throw away your neurosis and social conditioning and unleash your “authentic self,” life is going to support you and your life will transform into some sort of magical realm of existence where everything just “works.”But for me nothing “worked.” Especially when it came to women.I remember when Lucien informed me I had no business with human females and that I belonged with my own kind. When I thought about it, no matter how attractive a human female may find me… in the back of her mind some primal instinct could very well be ringing alarm bells.

Of course, the notion one may be a vampire incarnated in a human body might seem ridiculous when viewed through the Hollywood lens of what THEY say a vampire is, and conjure up visions of cosplay and sexual fetishism that are off-putting to many adults.However, if you are indeed a vampire incarnated in a human body, then no other predicament could tie together so many unreconciled elements about one’s experience – elements that can not be reconciled through any other religious or spiritual framework.

Don’t get me wrong, every Buddhist has heard about the Asuras just as every Moslem has heard about the Djinn. But their knowledge stops right there, and if you ask any “authority” why Kali or the Rakshasa are depicted holding severed human heads, standing on corpses or taking showers in blood they will tell you it’s just an artistic metaphor for the death of the ego. Right… I mean, heaven forbid the human ego discovered it were not at the top of the food chain.
But just as it is in a vampire’s interest to keep humans from discovering they are moonlighting as livestock, it is also in the interest of any sentient being to relate with others of it’s own kind – especially when it comes those aspects of relationship involving love and sex.

With that in mind, Lucien bound me with a Fae. Fae suffer from a “Disney” image, and may not seem as cool as binding with a “Demonic Vampire Demi-Goddess,” but one who binds with a Fae expecting to be doused in fairy-dust may be in for a bit of a shock… For the first 2 weeks or so she would show up when I summoned her at night but not engage sexually. I would just feel love. She would show up during the day when I took a nap as well, and I could feel her around during the day as I worked or went about my usual daily business. As she did not engage sexually with me, I thought I must be a special kind of loser if even a vampire puts me in the “friend zone!” lol But speaking with her through a psychic Lucien knows, she informed me that she does not have much experience in “holding back” her sexuality and was afraid to “break my bed.” :)

Finally, one night she awakens me with an erotic dream and it’s on! Just imagine the peak seconds of pulsation of the most intense genital orgasm you’ve ever had in your life and now imagine that intensity of pulsation is experienced throughout your ENTIRE BODY and it lasts for over 2 HOURS. Wave after wave of pulsation… and the whole time you can feel your energy merging with hers and you feel so much love. Oh yeah, and this is a Fae “holding back.”

I didn’t ejaculate, my energy flowed upwards and afterwards I had so much energy I felt no need to sleep at all. Know any human females who can do this to a man? I didn’t think so.

Some people may think, “Yeah but you can’t see the Fae and this isn’t how humans have sex.” But here is something to think about: when you drive a Lamborghini can you see it? All you really see is the road and the whole experience of a Lamborghini is in fact the FEELING of the car. Even the sound of the engine is just a feeling. It’s all vibratory. When you fuck a woman (as opposed to watching porn) you can’t eactly see her either, you mostly just feel her. Same when you walk down the street with a woman holding her hand – it’s all just feeling.

Also, you know how when you are really into someone you think about them all the time? Well, when you are really into a vampire and you think about her – she thinks back, so you can always feel the connection and love. In my experience, someone with a vampiric soul has always been searching for this sort of experience with humans, yet never realizing they need to seek out these encounters with elsewhere. Even my late Buddhist teacher had told me that tantric sex is a cultivation method originating from the asura realm. ;)

From AS: Lucien thank you so much for the amazing spirit in my life. I’m on dialysis and I had no sexual desire before I purchased a spirit from Lucien and the results has blown me away. I feel a constant lust and sexual desires constantly it doesn’t matter how much I orgasm for her, she is so strong with her sexual energy. The feelings from her I get are really intense while am awake. Everyday I can feel her dark sexual energy.

I could never manage to astral project but the other night I managed it with the help of my spirit and we had sex seven times in the astral plane. Astral sex is the most hardcore sex I’ve ever felt. You feel it in every part of your body, you shiver with the sexual dark energy that flows inside you. It’s like a dark sexual fog in the air. I feel her love for me though , I feel her energy next to me at all times. I highly recommend Lucien .

Just be careful as these spirits will give you everything you seek. They can read every thought you have . I could never be attracted to a human after this experience. Other night I tried to take 2 sleeping pills as it usually knocks me out. But my spirit Kept me awake all night as she had other plans 🤫🤫🤫😁.

Serious though Lucien you are the true deal and you always answer my emails, and you are always there for me. Thank you for your service and help m8.

From M3: Lucien is the best in the field. He will take his time to explain things when you need a clarification or advice. Over the years I have purchased several items from him including the book, spirit companions and spell services. He has always gone out of his way to help me out. He always responds to your emails in a timely manner. He is the real deal. Highly recommended!

From TW: I’m very happy on purchasing from Lucien. He is the best and knows his business. Please do not purchase spirits from those false vendors… because it will cause blockages. I did that over a year ago and no other spirits could be bound to me. I had to get cleansed to have blocked removed and the spirits. So Lucien’s entities are the only way to go. I can feel the energy and someone speaking with me in my mind. Thanks Lucien for the chance. T.W.

From WM: Lucien and his work is phenomenal! I have a Vampire Fey from him and another Vampire entity on the way. The energy of my Vampire is PURE and STRONG. I love the communication and interaction we share together :). I have some other vampires from other conjurer’s, but the ones from Lucien are by far the best. I highly recommend him and his offerings on his various websites, and you will certainly enjoy all that there is to offer. Lucien is very helpful and attentive with any questions you may have and gives valuable support if needed. If you are reading the testimonials, there’s a reason….give his entities a try, and with an open heart and mind, I must say, you will not be disappointed! I am truly grateful.

From TC: I met Lucien when I purchased a female spirit from him.I had no idea the doors my purchase was about to open.I consider myself a professional! I lead a counter assault team based in the United States. I have no time to waste on anything fake! I am a man that does not fit the term normal.Sunday morning church service,and having my ears tickled with fantasy,is not for me! I search for truth in all matters! I let Lucien perform a vampire transformation.I soon learned that I have been vampire for eons!I Now wonder how many others like me are out there still not knowing their true selves.In order to find true happiness,a man needs to embrace his true self. Are you different? Do you find that you are too intelligent to be a sheep,following the blind masses?I suggest Lucien Mars to anyone serious about finding himself and lining up with his true calling.I have total happiness,Love that cannot be expressed by human thought! I also have purpose! Lucien knows the meaning of the word integrity! He certainly has my vote! You cannot find a more knowledgeable man practicing the art!Lucien will not leave you hanging! He says what he means,and means what he says!

From Kiwi: Here you will find TOP QUALITY. Lucien’s before & after customer support is second to none.
I’m a repeat customer because these entities are VERY REAL, no need to meditate to try to make contact with companion friends like you are instructed to do from MASS conjured sites.( if they conjure anything at all ).

From BB re: Tantric Kundalini Spell: Rock-hard erections!!!!  I am extremely horny most of the time and have been experiencing earth-shattering orgasms.  I f**ked two women since the binding

From CR re: Be careful what you wish for when dealing with Lucien Mars. His spirits are powerful and very, very real. They will be exactly as described in his listings and you will have real experiences. My collection of his amazing spirits grows fast such is the depth of quality that he has. Look no further, do not waste money elsewhere. If you are reading this, your search is over and you have found what you have been looking for. The real deal! So dive in and enjoy the ride. Live out your fantasy just as i am doing right now, night after night after night!

From BB re: King Paimon Demon Cohort: Testimonial – My first experience with Demon Cohort of King Paimon

The first task I wanted to respectfully give to my [King Paimon Cohort] friend and mentor was to make this woman that I was madly in love with come back to me and submit to me.  I shared with my companion that she should be enchanted by me for the rest of her life, mesmerised…hypnotised.  She should be unable to fall in love with any other man…ever!  I specifically told my companion that I need her to unblock me from her phone, send me a message and call me.  I have no interest in taking her back.  I just need her to submit to me,
I continued to read the summons beyond the 3-days, as instructed by you, as I felt these words (when read with humility, respect and love for my cohort companion) would convey my gratitude to him better.  I held a clear mental picture of the girl and spoke to my cohort companion, with emotion in my heart.
About a week after the binding, one morning I woke up and took the stairs down to go to the toilet.  The phone rang…It was her!!!!
I was shocked, surprised and delighted beyond my ability to describe it.  She has unblocked me, called to tell me that she could never forget me and that she was desperately in love with me.  She and I communicate daily since then.  I have no desire or intention to take her back.  She has been sending me photos of her (which even a few days back was unthinkable!)

“This is the best seller out there! W.W.”

“Perfection as always! The best conjurer there is. Highly recommended.” H.S.

“The only conjurer worth going to. Fantastic as per usual.” E.S.

“This is the best seller out there. I highly recommend using this seller.” W.W.

“Thanks so much for this wonderful spirit. He arrived today and I feel his strong & captivating energy.” S.Y.

“Great seller with great after sales support & very real entities.” A.S.

“You cannot get a better talent than this seller. Awesome!” J.F.

“Always great spirits & great after sales support.” A.S.

“He delivered one AWESOME Spirit!!! Just be sure you can handle the spirits here, as they are so powerful, and I’m having a great time with the ones I’ve purchased.” S.H.

“Fantastic Seller!! His spirits rock!! Extremely earthly XXX action that will melt your world.” J.K

“Amazing one day bonding and I get oral sex sensation. Best spiritual experience ever!” J.N.

“Energy was felt IMMEDIATELY, also warm to the touch.” G.C.

“Another very powerful and physical spirit, and very real!” T. S.

“Thanks for this wonderful spirit! He arrived today and I feel his strong and captivating energy.” S.Y.

“The manifestation was immediate with fun unexpected results.” S.B.

“Fantastic. Very powerful spirit with a strong presence and deep impact!” H.P.

“I’ll never buy from anyone else EVER…this seller is that good!!!” J.C.

“Very powerful spirit, really sexually active.” H.N.

“Great seller, great service, great spirits. They don’t get more real than this! S. S.

“Couldn’t be happier. Awesome awesome seller!” J. R.

“He’s in a league of his own!” A.M.

“Fantastic work, as usual.” P.P.

“This is one extremely powerful binding. I have never in my life manifested as fast and feel my spirits like never before. Intense energy, highly recommended!” A.A.

“His spirits are the real deal.” M.H.

“Simply phenomenal! I would recommend this seller to everyone.” E.M.

“Another amazing spirit! Her energy is the most powerful I’ve felt yet of all my adopted spirits.” I.I.

“Better than expected would be a gross understatement.” B.M.

“The most extreme power that I have ever encountered. Highly recommended for those seeking true and powerful spirits.” A.N.

“Best conjurer/necromancer/sorcerer out there! Don’t waste your money on the small stuff elsewhere, go for the big game, with true experiences to back up his claims.” S.R.

“Always the real deal with this seller.” A.S.

“Mind-blowing experience & energy!” E.D.

“Have worked with many other sellers, but none with such power!” S.R.

“Awesome energy binding! Very powerful.” M.H.

“Truly is the best! It’s a true honor to purchase/learn/work with this seller.” D. D.

“Great as always. Nothing but the best here.” K.H.

Not included here are the over 1,876 five-star reviews on various public venue sites in the past, ranging from eBay to Etsy and Bonanza, on each of which I maintained a 99.8% five-star rating.

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