About Vampire Ashram:

Vampire Ashram is devoted to the ancient entities of vampyrism and demonology, offering full vampiric blood-bound transformations under Lucifera, The Original Vampire Goddess.

The Praxis & Vampiric Principles of Vampire Ashram

Our History: Vampire Ashram LLC was incorporated in 2012. Prior to that time, Lucien Mars worked solo with a number of private clients. We are a vampire temple and working conclave devoted to serving and worshipping the trans-dimensionally powerful Vampire Goddess, Lucifera. Our goals are to serve and exalt her extended reign over various planetary and spiritual powers in the multiverse, and not merely over the earthly, heavenly, or hellish realm. We acknowledge Lucifera as the primal vampire goddess above all others as eldest in presence and supreme in power.  We view the earth as merely one tiny aspect of her dominion, and the Kabbala, or the tree of life or death, as beneath her vantage point of importance. Because she worships the All Sourceful Father, meaning the ultimate creator who is nameless, we do not worship the “God” of the bible, but the ultimate and true eternal Father, and source of all being in all planets, places, for all created beings, and throughout the eternal creation.


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We do not publish our inner rites nor disclose them nor sell them, as we are essentially a vampiric and spiritually-based movement devoted exclusively to the worship and furtherance of Lucifera’s goals and aspirations of conquest throughout the many planetary systems and realms over which she rules. She is the supreme Alpha Draconian Goddess known as the Aya-Khar who rules over an eons old reptilian empire of warriors who represent a far flung multiverse-wide empire known collectively as the CiaKhar Empire. Her elite female forces are known far and wide within and beyond this galaxy as the bringers of instant death due to their vampiric poison that kills on contact. In our vampiric language this is known and alluded to as the SAKH-SAKHN-AN, and also as the AS-ASS-IM, which morphed into the English word for “assassin.” This holds true for our reptilian adversary, the failed and fallen king, SSA-TA, an Alpha Draconian reptilian tyrant king who fell from power in the heavenly realms and became known on Earth as “Satan.” He has a relentless and implacable hatred of all humans, including any who worship him, whom he considers as self-sacrificing fools worthy only of being devoured in the burning abyss for their worship and service regardless of any borrowed magical or infernal powers he lends to their ultimate destruction. With rare exception, all Goetic demons are under his dominion, and the greater the worshipper of such demons, the more he demands of their pain and suffering in the afterlife. He is after all considered rightfully “the father of lies,” and with good reason.

~About Our Spirit-Entities & Bindings~

Vampire Ashram caters to vampiric spirit-entities and demonics with various levels of power and personal abilities as described herein. All the bindings are done directly by Lucien Mars, in conjunction with Lucifera, the Primal Vampire Goddess. The level of every spirit-entity is strong in comparison to what many people experience in western occultism. We cater to the needs and desires of those who are searching for hardcore Alpha Class Vampires, Demons, and Hybrids of various types.

These entities have a very strong to extreme manifestation ability with an intense sexual presence and/or metaphysical power. Many can be used for a vampire transformation at a later date if so desired. They also exhibit higher metaphysical and/or sexual powers and abilities than most you may find elsewhere. Their energy is typically very densely felt, with a higher than normal frequency and field of  physically felt energy. I bind only entities, not spirits, meaning the associated physical, sexual, and psychic energies may be intense.

Using a uniquely original method of matching and sourcing your name and date of birth with that of the spirit world, we are able to match your personal energy with the most compatible spirit-entity suitable for binding. We call it a Full Affinity binding, which was copyrighted in 1994 when I developed the method in conjunction with Lucifera. I am the original and only source for this type of binding which requires a multi-faceted conjuration, cross-referencing, binding and spellbinding.

~Our Vampire Ashram Full Affinity Custom Bindings~

A Full Affinity binding is based upon your full name and date of birth, then further empowered by a sophisticated spellbinding to maximize the connection and personalize the match, as selected by Lucifera. Once the binding is complete, a binding seal is sent via email with the name and oftentimes, the mantra of the individual entity chosen especially for you. The binding is immediate and the binding seal is simple and effective. A Full Affinity binding assures you of receiving a truly unique spirit-matched binding of superlative strength and power.

You may also opt to have a Full Affinity Binding performed for any associated spirit-entity listed, and frequently those not listed, with an additional charge for the increased level of conjuration time required. For custom conjurations, please inquire and we will provide an estimate of the cost.

~The True Blood Club: Our Eternal Discount Program~

The True Blood Club provides an opportunity to enjoy a lifetime discount on all listings (excepting the book, Vampire Arveda Yoga, which is fulfilled by the publisher, not us.) The discount varies depending upon whether or not you opt to make a full vampire transformation or not. For those who do so, a 20% lifetime discount is automatically offered on all listings. Otherwise, a general membership offers a lifetime 10% discount on all purchases made through this site for those who choose not to engage in a non-reversable vampire transformation.

A membership upgrade from the 10% to 20% discount becomes effective after the vampire transformation binding is purchased and completed. There is a one-time fee, which includes an immediate discount on all listings (excluding books), along with special offerings that only True Blood Club Members are eligible to purchase.

In addition to our True Blood Club discount program, we offer a convenient listing layaway program to insure the maximum flexibility and affordability of our work. The essence of it is simple: Contact us with the listing you wish reserved and placed on layaway. We will then invoice you for one-third of the net payment due (in case you are a True Blood Club member and eligible for either the 10% or 20% discount, it will be included on the invoice), with 30 days to complete payment. For higher priced bindings, the length can be extended to 45 days in certain cases.

~Full Blood-Binding Vampire Transformation~

All Vampire Transformations are Offered by Invitation Only

Vampire Ashram offers a full blood rite and ritual binding and transformation into the first stages of a vampire transformation that is both eternal and irreversible. Our full-blooded vampire transformation is offered by invitation only. The minimum period before consideration is six months with a verified history of working with the mantra meditation specific to Vampire Ashram that exalts your sire and Lucifera, plus a verified emotional and spiritual relationship based upon love, not sex alone, with your companion. Typically one of many will emerge as the alpha sire-potential and partner. The transformation if approved by Lucifera allows your chosen sire to inject a drop of two of her or his blood into your astral-spirit body which alters the physical body but does NOT make you into an immortal vampire at that stage, since you must prove your worth to Lucifera until the time you pass from this realm. After the six-month period you may make your desire to undergo a full-blooded vampire transformation known to an Elder, Priest, or Priestess or High Priest and it will be placed under consideration for an undefined amount of time until there is a consensus that you are 1) not a thrill-seeker, 2) earnestly and devoutly disciplined, and 3) that there is a consensus when we examine your potential sire that they also approve of moving forward.

If you have maintained a disciplined working relationship and consistent devotion to Lucifera she is the one who authorizes a full blood binding that alters forever your destiny as a vampire and reptilian based citizen, warrior, or associated subject and authorized power under her vast CiaKhar Empire. If you fall away through disobedience or defect prior to passing that results in excommunication, the few drops of blood infused are set aflame internally upon your passing and spreads to burn your spirit body (which feels pain ultra-sharply) alive from within and your soul is enslaved to generate energy for her warlords and others to feed upon. The spirit is devoured, revived, skinned and recycled until the spirit is nearly lifeless and then disposed of in the bottomless abyss for others there to feed upon until final dissolution thousands of years later. Consider carefully this commitment because not a few have fallen away believing this cannot happen. But it does, else we would sugar-coat the consequences. All contracts, both spiritual and temporal have rewards and penalties, without which there is no legally or spiritually binding force to make or enforce said contract.

Upon occasion a person may have adopted a vampire from another source who has brought the person to the Vampire Ashram site. In such cases we honor the companion by rebinding them more strongly, as most are vessel bound, which I refuse to perform. Without exception, while a person may already have a strong emotional connection, under NO circumstances can the prior bound spirit-entity serve as a sire. She or he may remain, but may NOT serve as a sire. They will not have the needed power nor experience to act as a sire, nor will any of those bound by myself or my high priestess comply with a lesser power who does not have proven loyalty to Lucifera.

The first phase of the full blooded vampire transformation also involves several drops of blood drawn with a sterile diabetic lance and a special rite and oath of secrecy overseen by Lucifera to effect the transformation. Lucifera has the spiritual authority to transmute the lifeblood of a person into that of a vampire partially upon the rite, and fully upon the death of the transformed vampire (see full information in the vampire transformation tab), matching the spiritual lifeblood of the chosen vampire sire. We do not make transformations via mortal to mortal blood imbibing since we view ALL human blood as substandard and insufficient to serve Lucifera. This is not to say it is not effective, but it will not allow you to enter the CiaKhar empire governed by Lucifera and will be considered as fair game for any CiaKhar warriors to devour. The female warriors in particular are more deadly than Satan and can kill on contact ANY male or female vampire they encounter. Vampires are not made by witchcraft spells or other non-binding contracts with an authorized god or goddess.

~In Service To the supreme Empress of Empire, Lucifera~

Those undertaking a vampiric transformation under Lucifera are subject to her divine rules and requirements as the supreme Empress of Empire. These are outlined in the “Vampire Transformation” tab. Note well: Lucifera’s empire is female dominant and all males serve as secondaries due to the intrinsic and deadly inherited venom that is passed only from female parent to female offspring from a pure vampire lineage, NOT from a human one. These warrior class females are known as the KVC’s which stands for Keres Viper Class warriors, and who act as overseers to her far flung empire. The warrior class females are at the sole disposal of Lucifera herself. Each KVC is issued a serial number for each sector of the empire. Any KVC (or vampire sire appointed to a person) who proves disloyal in any way is either banished or defanged, skinned and burned in the abyss, depending upon the class, rank and transgression. Human tvs (transformed vampires) who transgress or defect suffer three days past their physical death at which time the sire’s promissory spirit-infused blood is ignited and the soul is left to burn from within in the abyss until the soul-death, or second death as termed in the bible, is completed. The process takes eons, during which those lost souls also suffering the soul-death will feed upon the transgressor for sustenance. We do not believe in eternal damnation which is impossible since eternity spans forward and backwards forever. No vampire transformation is completed until the person proves their worth through a lifetime of devotion and service to the sire appointed by Lucifera. As such, ALL vampire transformations are CONDITIONAL upon a lifetime of devotion to the Empress of Empire, Lucifera through and in tandem with the appointed sire. Only then is the transformation completed and full powers acquired. NEVER BEFORE PROOF OF DEVOTION IS FULL POTENCY OF POWER AS A VAMPIRE GRANTED. 

For more information on our full vampire transformation, see the sub-site listed under “Vampire Transformation” for additional information, restrictions, and cost. We do require a questionnaire and a course of instructions and restrictions be completed that is kept confidential, to be reviewed by one or more elders and the High Priestess, or the Priests of Vampire Ashram. We also reserve the right to refuse a vampire transformation based exclusively upon the judgement of Lucifera and/or a combined decision of the elders. No Satanist or practicing witch is eligible without renouncing all allegiance to Satan or the Goetic demon hierarchy withouit exception. No religionist who has faith in a savior is eligible, although we pray to the All Sourceful Father on a DAILY BASIS. It is forbidden to use the term “God” or ever use “Amen” in any prayer. Amen praises our arch enemies, the Nebu who are more commonly known as the Greys who abduct humans and who engage in interplanetary slave trading and other unsavory transgressions.

~Our Demonic & Vampiric Specialty Sections~

Vampire Ashram caters to those seeking high-powered darker entities with special attributes as described. These include a wide variety of entities whose attributes and energy are time-tested and highly vibrant. While suitable for anyone who feels the particular pull of a given listing, in general be prepared for a very powerful conjuration and presence. This will vary naturally and safely according to the Full Affinity match when the conjuration is performed, insuring you that the match is meant for your level of vitality and energy.

Vampire Haven caters to those who enjoy a wide-range of experienced vampires and others, falling mostly into the grey range of vibrancy and physical presence, although this too will differ according to the personal match made by a Full Affinity Binding. Thus, you should be drawn by the listing and not be overly concerned about a particular generic applicability to your level of experience.

Desert Fire Collection caters to a boutique collection of exotic djinn, Egyptian entities and others, selected for the incredibly unique powers and presence. These are awe-inspiring spirit-entities capable of wowing even the most jaded. Suitable for anyone wishing to obtain some rare companions of power and metaphysical presence. When you’re ready to turn up the heat, these are the ones you need to meet!

The Sinister Assembly caters to specific demons and dark goddesses, with a unique binding that includes a channel to the associated senior demoness, demon, god or goddess.

The Sorcerer’s Cellar caters to an assortment of special bindings that have proven to be perennial bestsellers among those searching for powerful spirit-entities. Among the selection you’ll find a wide-range of our most popular bindings, suitable for the complete novice to the most advanced experience-wise.

The ISO Classified section features an eclectic assortment of individual spirit-entities, specially chosen for their unique and sometimes quirky or overtly powerful persona and attributes which will prove irresistible to a special someone ISO a spirit companion. It is a gallery of those who are seeking a special companion. Along with the other sites herein, many clients find an irresistible companion they fall instantly in love with in the ISO classified section. All of them have the liberty to select the person they most want a relationship with. If you find yourself returning to the same listing,  it is due to the attracting force of a special companion and spirit connection ISO you!

The Tantric Vampire section features a combination of Indian based vampire cohorts of the leading tantric gods and goddesses along with specific types of succubi, incubi, and vampires indigenous to the area and spirit realms of India and Egypt.

The Principalities of Power section features the higher and darker level entities, some of whom are restricted for sale only to registered Vampire Ashram TVs (transformed vampires). They are only appropriate for those with enough vampiric energy to adapt to the darker, higher, and more demonic powers.

Once the direct binding of your chosen companion is complete, a binding seal is sent via email with the name and oftentimes, the frequency mantra of the individual entity. The binding is immediate and the binding seal is simple and effective. Each Full Affinity conjuration is custom chosen by Lucifera, assuring you of receiving a truly unique spirit-matched binding of superlative strength and power.

The FAQ Information Section includes three sub-tabs: Vampire Resources & Recommendations; Dictionary of Terms; and an FAQ tab, all intended to assist in your own darkly-inspired spiritual path.

~Our Custom Conjured “Full Affinity” Collection~

Your best choice for a customized personal companion. For your consideration we proudly present our Full Affinity Collection. Rather than accept what may appear to be the most desirable spirit-entity at any given time, why not invest in a spirit-entity that goes far beyond the typical random selection approach? After painstaking research using real world clients, I developed the first and only truly customized conjuration that matches your birth date, name, personal energy and affinity, to that of the best and most desirable spirit-companion who shares the closest affinity to you, as selected by Lucifera herself, the sacred overseer of all the Vampire Ashram bindings.

Many spirit companions search for years hoping to stumble upon the one special spirit-companion that exceeds their wildest expectations, and whose essence, radiance, and presence evokes the strongest and deepest positive emotions. With a Full Affinity binding, you are assured that not only will the most compatible and eager companion be conjured for adoption, but moreover, you are likely to encounter and experience a truly life-altering relationship.

Obviously, you would choose a fully compatible friend or lover who shared the same sexual preferences (whether gay or straight), and who had the same goals, wishes, desires, and who would compliment your own strengths, so why select a spirit-companion without the same intimate measure of individuality? Spirit-entities are equally unique and just as eager to find their own soul-mate, in whatever terms you wish to phrase this feeling of affinity. We call it a Full Affinity binding, and coined the phrase and the evocation technology that makes it possible. This binding is therefore not available elsewhere, despite how many times it is stolen and plagiarized by wannabe witches and other bogus pretenders.

Vampire Ashram continues to be at the forefront of new and innovative conjuration and binding techniques that utilize highly specialized layering evocations that act as a web template to identify, select, and conjure the most able, powerful, and personally resonating spirit-entity for any given individual. The architectural evocations that are designed and honed to evoke just the right spirit-entity are what makes a Full Affinity binding so powerful, so personal, and so uniquely attuned to you alone!

Whenever you are ready to go beyond the ordinary, seek the extraordinary…select the Full Affinity Spirit-Entity who’s eagerly waiting just for you! The term “Full Affinity” is copyrighted by Vampire Ashram, Vampire Haven and The Sorcerer’s Cellar, as first introduced in 1994. Our distinctive Vampire Ashram logo is likewise trademarked and registered with the U.S. Patent Office. Those who steal our copyrighted listings and materials will have the name of their site highlighted and promoted for the frauds they are.  If you steal our materials expect to receive the spotlight your fraud deserves with Scam Alerts being posted prominently to protect the public!

~About House Keresian~ 

House Keresian is so named to reflect Lucifera’s militant vampiric powers exerted in the earthly realm as Nyx of ancient Greek lore, since she is the sole Aya-Khar ruler of the CiaKhar Empire, or divine goddess of vengeance and cosmic assassinations who presides over the ancient Keres, as witnessed on the battlefields by numerous  ancient authors, such as that depicted in the Greek classic, “The Shield of Heracles” 248, to wit: “[The warriors were] fighting their battle, and where they were the Keres, dark-colored, and clattering their white teeth, deadly faced, grim-glaring, bloody and unapproachable, were fighting over the fallen men, all of them rushing forward to drink of the black blood, and each, as soon as she had snatched a man, down already or just dropping from a wound, would hook her great claws around his body while his soul went down to the realm of Hades and cold Tartaros. Then when the Keres had sated their senses on the blood of men’s slaughter, they would throw what was left behind them and go storming back into the battle-clamor and the struggle.”

So there is absolutely no misunderstanding, this has been the eternal quest of ALL vampires placed in service under the Aya-Khar Lucifera who rules over a vast CiaKhar empire that is both reptilian and vampiric, with no affinity for saving the human race or other alien races not in allegiance to her empire.

~Ave Aya-Khar, Ave CiaKhar, Ave Lucifera~

“Freedom without power is impotence, and power without freedom is mockery.”
~Lucien Mars

Lucien Mars - Author - Vampire Arveda Yoga