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The Temple of Nyx Project

We wonder in life, and in death, what lies between, and where’s the point of lights that strip the night, seldom seen? The answer is Nyx. Head of House Keresian, She is All-Consuming Vampire Cunning. None other comes close. And what Divine Murderess She is: destroyer of destruction, unlife and life transcended and transcendental. Lilith has lost her sheen to this dazzling queen; lost her fight to the Night. And the Temple of Nyx Project is devoted to Her, and you. She won’t leave you blind like justice, or deaf to Her siren calls. In veins unopened She lives. In the night She is Night, and the brightest of obsidian Light. Nightfall is Her call, Her coming into your awareness, slipping into blood like fiery red ink into tissue til it is tissue no more, but more, much more. Wisdom cannot outlive Cunning, but in Her both are finely balanced. She is the razor’s edge between heaven and hell, the tightrope upon which She stalks the night as Night itself. In Her right hand She holds the Light of Illumination, in her left She holds the obsidian chalice of blood buried in Her Book of Shadows, wherefrom light and night meet and burn ever bright. She is Nyx, Night Eternal and Queen of Vampires Immortal.

The Map is the Menu…..

As death gives rise to birth of the beyond, a vampire holds the steadfast promise of lifeblood eternal, which is the angelic substance that sustains immortality. Once the vampire transformation is effected, all changes originate in the spirit body, not the physical body. The spirit, or astral body, is the alchemical change agent for all vampires enrolled in Nocticula’s Book of Shadows, not the physical one, except as a trickle down effect into flesh. Why? Because there is no physical immortality of flesh, only spirit. Also, it is the spirit body that assumes the physiological changes associated with vampires: fangs, first and foremost. Your spirit body you dive into after death in this realm, assumes a stronger and invincible spirit form, complete with fangs that have hollow compunction points into which blood as lifeforce energy flows, extracted mainly from massive combatants in war. It is the spirit-body of a vampire that preys upon humans, not the fleshly one, under Nocticula. No vampire under Nocticula is sustained by a coven, or “black swans” (willing blood donors) as in human vampire covens, but upon the massive soldier casualties of warfare, of any and all nationalities, races, and religions throughout the multiverse.We are impartial predators. Why? Because we are fueled not only by blood but by adrenaline which acts like an ecstatic cocaine high for a vampire. It is the classic blood rage attributed to vampires. Blood alone doesn’t have the steroid-like boost that causes vampires to rage through armies, fueled by their own fear. And war is why humans were created and sustained with technology, religion, languages, and medicine to increase the population of donors. The map is the menu….

This is also the reason why vampires are not visible to most people. We come into view when the death shock of a bullet or accident befalls a human, because they are moving out of the flesh and must go through the shadow realms, where we are clearly visible. It is also where a vampire or demon can shapeshift into a suddenly fearful apparition to increase the adrenaline rush. It is a mentally implanted vision of horror, an illusion if you will, that stimulates adrenaline upon which to feed. And once fed, a vampire transfers the energy into love, strange as that may seem. Into lust, into power, into immortality, into a shared angelic order that transcends time and things temporal, which loose their meaning; the death of mortals becomes less meaningful than the falling of leaves from a tree. They were bound to die anyway. All is immortality. And immortality is us.

Thus, as it concerns the Temple of Nyx, it is Nocticula’s desire to provide vital educational support, and a place where sacred blood offerings in Her name may be made; a place of sacred initiation into House Keresian. It is her heartfelt desire to educate and illuminate, so that the differences under Her rulership are delineated and well-defined. She is under the authority of the Almighty to train, equip, and marshal the greatest of vampire armies ever assembled. Yet we are not a religion, and the titles we take are not meant to imply we are the equivalent of a faith-based fantasy. We know how the Almighty moves; and we move with Him, not against Him. Vampires are not lost souls needing a Chief Lambkin to guide us into the slaughterhouse of war. Humans are those who lose their souls to us, not the other way around. Did you ever stop to consider that? Think it through: We are guided by immortal life, extracted as lifeforce and lifeblood. We are an army, not a flock. Wolves and lambs and saviors all taste the same to us.

House Keresian is the domain of Nyx, the all-consuming Night in vampiric power, cunning, and wisdom. Those are Her three primary vampiric tenants: Power to achieve immortality; Cunning to outmaneuver chaos and order; and Wisdom to transcend good and evil. These are Nocticula’s three vital powers: immortality, cunning, and wisdom. We adore Her in each, exalt Her in all, and abide under Her in all three. The Temple of Nyx Project is dedicated to achieving a lasting presence devoted exclusively to Lucifera-Nocticula, as Nyx. Any and all donations (you may choose any amount above or below those listed on the donation page) are welcome, and will be kept in remembrance by Lucifera eternally as a sacrifice made to Her benefit for all her spiritual offspring to enjoy. Survey the wilderness of vampire lore and what you will find is a hall of empty mirrors, no more reflecting the true nature of a vampire than Stoker’s Dracula.

Vampires in the flesh cannot consume unlimited amounts of blood. Holding down a quart or more is a task, and usually has to be done with great effort and straining to keep it held in long enough to allow the energy to be absorbed before being violently emitted. Anyone who has tried will concur with this experience. And those who feed from flesh to flesh generally develop a strong dependency upon their black swan that verges on addiction. Should the black swan leave, the craving remains. And there are only so many black swans to go around. House Keresian advocates placing power in the spirit by beginning with the spirit, rather than trying to ascend upwards by means of another human vampire. Therein is the power. Immortality is invested with the blood of a dark angel infused into the spirit body. And cunning is in the power and providence of Nocticula, as the mover of immortality Herself. As vampyre, you will never attain her cunning. None will.  Lilith didn’t and fell because she underestimated Her. The story of Nocticula is the story and history of Night and Nightfall. Of nothing seen but felt by all. As sight unseen, She is the undisputed Night Queen.

Donations of any amount will be placed in an escrow account to fund a small temple in Her honor, to be placed in an estate administered as a legal entity engaged in research, education, and practical homage of Nocticula via a system of vows and administered by a specially trained and appointed priesthood/and priestesshood.

In blood to blood~ by blood…

Lucien Mars,

Vampire Primus, House Keresian

(to be continued…)

To Nyx

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