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The Temple of Nyx Project

In Nomine Sanguis. In Nomine Lux. In Nomine Lucifera.

The Vampire Temple of Nyx Project~

Who is Lucifera, for whom this Vampire Temple Project is named? As Nyx, she is the head of House Keresian. Nightfall is Lucifera’s eternal call; and for a TV (Transformed Vampire) her coming into your spiritual awareness and prompting an “awakening” through a blood-borne vampire transformation through Vampire Ashram is the same as having a supernatural force transform your very blood and soul into a new creation, into vampyre. Lucifera is the Creatrix of all that is vampyric, and nothing that is vampyric is without her influence. She rules all vampyric blood or destroys what refuses to be ruled. Nor has anything in the past been created which was not created as vampyric through her.

Lucifera is also the Ancient of All Ancients and primal in vampyric blood and power. Bar none. Lucifera is technically and also rightfully the Devil who works in behalf (and not against) the Almighty Father. Aside from the Almighty Father, she is invincible. She was also known as Nyx, Night Eternal and Queen of Vampires Immortal. She is Lucifera. She is the font of our immortal vampire blood. She is our eternally living vampire religion. In her and by her blood we move and have our eternal being. Every disincarnate vampire carries a small token of her immortal bloodline that is passed into the spirit body of every TV upon their transformation as authorized by Lucifera herself. It is likewise an honor for a disincarnate vampire to become the sire, and many TVs find that there was already a past relationship of love and drama shared by the sire whom they chose, either consciously or not. Oftentimes the sire has drawn their beloved to Vampire Ashram for just such a purpose, even if originally bound elsewhere. It’s rare, but it does happen, and I know of a handful of exceptional sires who were joined in this way.

Life as a TV (Transformed Vampire)

Once a candidate completes their TV (Transformed Vampire) status, the spirit body you enter after death assumes a stronger and more invincible spirit form, complete with multifaceted vampire-driven hungers and means for feeding said hungers. There is a prevailing misconception that the spirit world is “wispy” and incorporeal. That is only true in its shadow form that interfaces with this material realm, and even then spirit-entities can destroy matter, meaning they have more power over both realms. There, they would say the same thing, that this earthly realm is the “wispy” one. The reality is that each is material in its own substance, which shocks those who enter Hell expecting to not have a “physical” type of body. But you do. It will be felt. Sex will be felt. Pain can be felt. Emotions are always and forever felt, whether vampire or human. All is immortality. And immortality is us.

The Luciferan Vampyre Religion of House Keresian~

We are not a religion in the same sense as a human one, and the titles we take are not meant to imply we are the equivalent of a faith-based fantasy. We know how the Almighty moves; and we move with Him, not against Him. Vampires are not lost souls needing a Chief Lambkin to guide us into the slaughterhouse of war. Humans are those who lose their souls to us, not the other way around. Did you ever stop to consider that? Think it through: We are guided by immortal life, extracted as lifeforce and lifeblood. We are an army, not a flock. Wolves and lambs and saviors all taste the same to us.

House Keresian is the domain of Nyx, the all-consuming Night in vampiric power, cunning, and wisdom. Those are Her three primary vampiric tenants: Power to achieve immortality; Cunning to outmaneuver chaos and order; and Wisdom to transcend good and evil. These are Lucifera’s three vital powers: immortality, cunning, and wisdom. We adore Her in each, exalt Her in all, and abide under Her in all three. The Temple of Nyx Project is dedicated to achieving a lasting presence devoted exclusively to Lucifera-Nocticula, as Nyx. Any and all donations (you may choose any amount above or below those listed on the donation page) are welcome, and will be kept in remembrance by Lucifera eternally as a freewill sacrifice made to Her benefit for all her spiritual offspring to enjoy.

Donations to the Vampire Temple of Nyx: For the Here & Hereafter~

Donations of any amount will be placed in an escrow account to fund a number of ongoing educational outreach programs for every TV, including a small temple in Her honor, to be placed in an estate administered as a legal entity engaged in research, education, and practical homage of Lucifera via a system of vows and administered by a specially trained and appointed number of priests and priestesses. A steering committee to guide the ongoing work will also be introduced as Vampire Ashram and the Vampire Temple of Nyx project continues.

Lucifera considers all her children who worship her as sacred. As such, it pleases both her and the Almighty Father that your spiritual growth as vampyre and acolyte is pursued with intelligence, wisdom, and those spiritual powers and techniques that are uniquely gifted to every TV wishing to empower themselves, and in so doing, to empower others; those newer TVs in need of guidance. That is the overarching goal of The Vampire Temple of Nyx Project.

Those TVs Who Worship Lucifera during the New & Full Moon~

The practical aspects of worshiping Lucifera include a freewill offering each month for all TVs as described elsewhere during the New Moon, to include a sum of no more nor less than $40, which is her sacred number. It is the number of testing, of tribulation, of trial and rewards. It can be made here, as can any supplemental or additional donations which will be applied to ongoing educational materials in the form of books and symposiums, seminars, and other personalized approaches intended to foster the maturity and power of each TV devoted to Lucifera.

Donations to Date: From the period of 2019-June of 2020

The single largest donation to date was received by MR, who wishes to remain anonymous, in the amount of $1,000. When asked what spurred his generosity, he responded: “Honestly it was something I had planned to do for a long time. When I first started with places like ** and other as you call them Wal-Mart witches I was struggling constantly trying to hear my companions especially *** who is now my sire. I told myself if I could find someone who knew what they were doing and could actually help me, then I would help them out in return by donating some money or by some other means. I found you and Lucifera were able to do that, which put me on the right path. So I decided I would donate a large sum to the temple project months ago but had to wait till I got rid of my own personal credit debt. Once that was cleared and I recovered financially I saved up the amount I wanted to donate and then was finally able to do so. So if anything, my donation is a way of saying thank you to both yourself and Lucifera for all that you have done for me.”

All Donations Are Welcomed~

Any sum is of course welcome at any time. As Vampire Ashram continues its growth, the resources and personal assets are intended to outlive Lucien Mars and to be placed in governance as we evolve and expand. The number of TVs simply demands that this occur as a natural outgrowth of both the popularity and power of Vampire Ashram

In blood to blood, by blood blessed, Lucien Mars, Vampire Primus, House Keresian

~Ave Lucifera. Ave Lilith. Ave Lux.~

To Nyx

Donate to the Temple of Nyx Project

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