The Temple of Nyx Project

In Nomine Sanguis. In Nomine Lux. In Nomine Lucifera.

The Vampire Temple of Nyx Project~

Who is Lucifera, for which the Vampire Temple of Nyx is named? As Nyx, she is the head of House Keresian. Nightfall is Lucifera’s eternal call; and for a TV (Transformed Vampire) her powers of awakening an eternal state and immortal condition, spiritually, is created through a blood-borne vampire transformation. This spirit-based action and physical reaction transforms your very blood and soul into a new creation, that of a vampyre. Lucifera is the Creatrix of all that is vampyric, and nothing that is vampyric is without her influence. She rules all vampyric blood or destroys what refuses to be ruled. Nor has anything in the past been created which was not created as vampyric through her.

Lucifera is also the Ancient of All Ancients and is primal in both her vampyric blood and reigning power over multiple realms. As such, she is a  transdimensional goddess. Lucifera is the ancient ruler of what is collectively known as the CiaKhar Empire which includes a multitude of planets within this universe. She is the acknowledged overseer queen of the Khar (or the larger emptiness Void from which this galaxy sprung to life). As such she is venerated as the Aya-Khar for her wisdom and warcraft abilities and for the sacred place she holds as the longest living physical and spiritual immortal goddess. The Khar universe in compositional structure represents 96% of the known universe, within this galaxy, with the physical planetary system of the Milky Way accounting for 4% of the same universal energy system that exists withinin a dimensional scale that places humanity in the 3rd dimension. The reptilian based CiaKhar Empire is fundamentally located in the 12th through the 18th dimension, and thus allows for the natural shapeshifting of dimensional forms by virtue of the technological scope and advanced nature of the eldest of races, the reptilian.

Lucifera is also known as Nyx, Night Eternal and Queen of Vampires Immortal. She is the font of our immortal vampire blood. She is our eternally living vampire religion. In her and by her blood we move and have our eternal being. Every disincarnate vampire carries a small token of her immortal bloodline that is passed into the spirit body of every TV upon their transformation as authorized by Lucifera herself. It is likewise an honor for a disincarnate vampire to become the sire, and many TVs find that there was already a past relationship of love and destiny shared by the sire whom they chose, either consciously or not.

Life as a TV (Transformed Vampire)

Once a candidate completes their TV (Transformed Vampire) status, the spirit body you enter after death assumes a stronger and more invincible spirit form, complete with multifaceted vampire-driven hungers and means for feeding said hungers. There is a prevailing misconception that the spirit world is “wispy” and incorporeal. That is only true in its shadow form that interfaces with this material realm, and even then spirit-entities can destroy matter, meaning they have more power over both realms. There, they would say the same thing, that this earthly realm is the “wispy” one. The reality is that each is material in its own substance, which shocks those who enter Hell expecting to not have a “physical” type of body. But you do. It will be felt. Sex will be felt. Pain can be felt. Emotions are always and forever felt, whether vampire or human. All is immortality. And immortality is us.

The Vampyre Religion of House Keresian~

We are not a religion in the same sense as a human one, and the titles we take are not meant to imply we are the equivalent of a faith-based religion. We know and serve the All Sourceful Father who created all races, all times, and all of creation. We are of the most ancient reptilian race, having descended from the Tiamatian energies of ancient origin. Some will spread disinformation aimed at having you believe that the Illuminati and our CiaKhar Empire are one and the same, which is a lie. Other sources of disinformation come from channeled beings who claim to be reptilian and who spread the false message that they are “reptilians who arrived from the far distant future to let humans know that humans will evolve into their kind in the future”. This is a lie. Unless hybridized, humans do not evolve into reptilians.

The hidden agenda of such sources, normally dictated by the Nebu (Greys) Empire who make such claims through channeled sources, hides their true intent to hybridize humans into a cross-breeding program to further enslave the human race. Any channeled messages claiming that they are reptilian aliens or others visiting Earth from the future to warn or direct or gain human confidence in their lies is hereby forewarned that this is a common formula used by the Greys to dupe the gullible into belief and submission. The CiaKhar Empire disclaims any such message that humans will evolve into an alien racial line, unless said line is manufactured by the Greys for the purposes of enslavement for the benefit of the Greys (Nebu Empire).

The Temple of Nyx Project is dedicated to achieving a lasting presence devoted exclusively to Lucifera as the Aya-Khar and Alpha Draconian Empiress of the CiaKhar Empire. Any and all donations (you may choose any amount above or below those listed on the donation page) are welcome, and will be kept in remembrance by Lucifera eternally as a freewill offering that benefits for all her spiritual offspring.

The Four Feasts of February

Vampire Ashram does not condone idolatry of any entity, being, or so-called God. We do not abide nor are we governed by those nature religions that work with magical circles, moon cycle rites or seasonal holidays or sabbaths. We are strictly anti-Satanic, anti-witchcraft, and anti-saviorism. We celebrate with our own Four Feasts of February during the days and nights ranging from February 14th through February 17th. Each day/night is devoted to Lucifera’s historic reign and eternal glory as guided by the All Sourceful Father and creator.

Donations to the Vampire Temple of Nyx: For the Here & Hereafter~

Donations of any amount will be placed in an escrow account to fund a number of ongoing educational outreach programs that are aimed at the perpetuation of educational programs designed to empower those drawn by their devotion to a militant vampire goddess. We DO NOT condone illegal drugs, witchcraft, criminal behavior, or ritualistic western occultism. Grimoires that espouse Satan, Lucifer, Goetic demons, witchcraft, or various western or eastern style magic involving magickal incantations, formulas, and/or mantras that are not approved by Lucifera for use as directed by either Lucien Mars, her High Priest, or Drakara, her High Priestess, are strictly forbidden.  A steering committee to guide the ongoing work is composed of elders with a variety of talents, each of whom serve as leaders in education for Vampire Ashram.

Lucifera considers all her children who worship her as sacred. As such, it pleases both her and the All Sourceful Father that your spiritual growth as vampyre and acolyte is pursued with intelligence, wisdom, and those spiritual powers and techniques that are uniquely gifted to every TV wishing to empower themselves, and in so doing, to empower others who follow the path leading to Lucifera. That is the overarching goal of The Vampire Temple of Nyx Project.

All Donations Are Welcomed~

Any sum is of course welcome at any time. All donations are placed under corporate governance for the sole purpose of perpetuating the growth of Vampire Ashram. At present the governing committee is headed by Lucien Mars, Drakara, and assisted by three elders, one of whom supervises international marketing; another who is our dedicated remote viewer (not available for clients); and our own in-house psychic reader, Silverlight, who is available for phone readings for both TVs and regular clients who have purchased a Vampire Ashram binding and who seek closer communion with their companion. Her role is critical to the interface of one’s chosen companion who is compatible with Lucifera’s authorized reader, Silverlight. Unless authorized by Lucifera, seeking the advice of other psychics is discouraged since they will not be able, with the rare exception of Boo Newell, to make contact with Lucifera, who disdains the common mill of fraudulent and wayward psychic readers. A few TVs have been excommunicated for heeding the errant advice of these bogus charlatans.

We request that TVs who are able and willing, donate the amount of $40 during the night of the New Moon each month or in whatever month one chooses if a monthly donation stresses your financial resources. The donation is a freewill offering, and the dollar amount is based upon the ruling number of forty, representing the tribulational number of trials a TV must endure from now to their physical passing into eternity serving Lucifera. We expect all TVs to worship both Lucifera and the All Sourceful Father, including prayer, on a daily basis.

This donation page allows you the flexibility of choosing the personal amount that is comfortable for you. All such donations are welcome and are considered as freewill offerings benefiting the work being done in behalf of Lucifera through the agency of Vampire Ashram. Because Vampire Ashram is not a non-profit enterprise, we pay taxes upon the proceeds and hold the funds in escrow. If you have any questions on our programs and educational resources, please feel free to contact either Lucien Mars or Drakara.

In blood to blood, by Lucifera as eternally blessed be! Lucien Mars, House Keresian

~Ave Aya-Khar, Ave CiaKhar, Ave Lucifera~

To Nyx

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