An Interview with a Vampire:

Reflections on the Dark Road Seldom Taken. A candid interview featuring the insights of Lucien Mars

In Nomine Sanguis. In Nomine Lux. In Nomine Lucifera.

Being Empowered Upon the Vampire Path: A Featured Interview with Lucien Mars

Updated Interview for 2022: The Now & Future Path of Vampire Ashram

Megan: What would you say defines where you’ve been in the past year with all the global changes and where Vampire Ashram is headed as a movement given all these changes?

Lucien: True, the world is experiencing massive changes. We are developing a more highly specialized program of training for all those who undergo a vampire transformation under Lucifera. There have been those who for reasons of escapism or thrill-seeking who have mistaken the need for work, devotion and dedication with that of something akin to a type of blind faith that Lucifera is bound to take care of their every whim and to do all the work for them. A transformation is a contractual agreement, all of which is contingent upon the person undergoing the transformation to honor Lucifera, their sire, and work with dedication THROUGHOUT THEIR LIVES to achieve the goals of Lucifera, not of becoming some sort of Hollywood based fantasy. It is not until a person’s death that the vampire transformation takes full effect. It is never accomplished immediately. A pledge in blood is given based upon the contingency that the rest of their lives is devoted to growing spitutality, growing devotion and tireless service to Lucifera, not to a self-serving unconditional vampire salvation. Those who believe otherwise are destroyed by Lucifera as a judgement when they die. The transformation is irreversible and bound by universal law.

Megan: Have you had experiences with those who failed in their transformation?

Lucien: Yes, unfortunately, which is exactly why all transformations have been placed on hold until a full course instructed by the appointed elders can be placed into effect. The well known and publicized failure last year was that of a woman in Singapore who lied about her age, claiming she didn’t have proof of birth and had two certificates. She turned out to be underage, and at first gave glowing reviews, then said she didn’t mean it and went on an irrational crusading rant. This stemmed from the fact that she and several others feared the retribution Lucifera would enforce upon those who break their contract. No contract of any substance is without penalties. Sign a rental agreeement let’s say, and don’t pay your rent. What happens? You’re evicted. In fact, you cannot sign any legal agreement without both a reward and punishment attached to the terms, otherwise it would be meaningless. You cannot sign a rental agreement with the intention of only paying an amount you want when you want. And Lucifera is the last goddess to show mercy when it comes to desertion of those who pledge themselves to LIFELONG loyalty. And what right does a liar have to garner rewards? None.

Megan: Does Lucifera give warnings prior to taking punative actions?

Lucien: Yes. One recent example was related to me by a tv (transformed vampire) who received the following vision from Lucifera directly: “Saturday 4:32 am, I had a dream, all I remember is walking on cobblestone streets lined with weird figures some hooded or masked with technology that felt semi futuristic yet old like something out of Bloodborne. The full moon was red and larger than our own. It was enterally night, there was a process of elaborate greeting involved that admittedly I was confused by some sort of chant. There stood before them overlooking a large clearing was a tall and pale woman with large horns who’s face I cannot describe with words except she wore black lipstick. Some other people knelt before her. A man told me to confess, I fell to my knees before her and confessed my insecurities as a vampire and as a person. She seemed concerned but fair and reassuring as (I saw) sand which appeared like ashes fall upon the cobblestone she touched the others they screamed and crumbled into the same dust, I woke up on a couch within the dream afterwards and curled up into a ball I cried out to her telling her that I hadn’t seen (name of sire) in months and doubted if she even liked me and that she had already left while crying.”

In this case Lucifera removed the sire which is her right as part of a transformation or when one of her subjects is placed in danger. Whenever a tv deserts Lucifera, the sire and all other bindings will be revoked by her. This has happened before where the sire is falsely believed to have died, which is as childish as it is ridiculous. People mistake bindings as a form of unconditional slavery which it most certainly is not. Vampires under Lucifera place their loyalty first and foremost to Lucifera, never ever to a human, regardless of the love a human may feel or vice-versa. They know the cost of desertion, which is death. Immortality is conditional, not unconditional as some seem to believe.

Megan: What would you say makes Lucifera different from other goddesses like Hecate or others?

Lucien: Lucifera is not a goddess of one world as Hecate and others, including Satan, are. She is both interdimensional and supra-dimensional in power. No other goddess maintains a multi-dimensional empire that has been acquired by force, war, conquest and scientific dominion that to humans appears as “magical powers.” She is not concerned first and foremost with magical energies, but with trans-dimensional powers that span not one, but thousands of planets she rules over. She is an imperial vampire goddess and ruler who does not condone patriarcal powers or weakness in her legions who are sworn in loyalty to the death. She is also the eldest vampire whose combination of scientific and evolutionary powers led to her development of a female race that is invincible in various realms.

Human emotions are diametrically opposed to the vampire race. Even Jesus the light worker declared that if a disciple could not “hate one’s father and mother, and their own life even,” that they could not become a disciple of his. How much truer is it for a vampire?  If a human cannot face this truth, they should not even fathom undergoing a vampire transformation. Vampires are not guardian angels bent upon New Age ascension and all things loving. This is a fantasy perpetuated by the same Walmart witches who declare you can have all kinds of spirits and they’ll get along just swell. If not, its a simple matter to post some “house rules” and then discipline what you cannot see and the intelligence of which you cannot begin to fathom. What could go wrong?

Megan: How will the Vampire Ashram training program differ from others described in various grimoires and the like?

Lucien: First and foremost, we never train anyone we cannot trust and none but the elders receive teaching and techniques that are never disclosed to others under fear of punishment by Lucifera. In line with that, none of the advanced teaching on aspects of vampirism can even be accessed by others seeking to imitate my works or writings which is a constant problem. None of the rites or workings I do can even be accessed by anyone not connected to Lucifera. One woman stole a binding seal thinking it was a rite or invocation then went on to rant about my rites not working. Of course it is not a rite to begin with, and no rite is going to work for a thief anyway, and secondly, no magican or sorcerer has any direct connection to Lucifera whatsoever outside of Vampire Ashram since she doesn’t work through any other sorcerer or witch or whatnot. But liars and counterfeiters are superabundant in the metaphysical field. They steal listings and materials because they themselves are frauds and thus believe that everyone else is, so they justify their belief by projecting their own thievery onto legitimate sellers. The training program outlines a lot of groundbreaking materials, much of which is designed to counter the fantasy myths of Hollywood and Wicca and witches and others. At the same time, even if someone tries to use the materials who is not connected with Lucifera or approved by her will prove useless.

Megan: And what happens to those who dedicate themselves upon their death?

Lucien: Just as their are punishments for desertion from those whose expectations are Hollywood based, there are significant rewards for those who work and maintain their evolution by valuing their sire and devoting themselves to Lucifera. Firstly, there is immortality that is conveyed by full blood and DNA activation into vampire hood. The means of resurrection and reconstitution by her are the most advanced in the multiverse. All of the rewards are advancements granted to those who retain their loyalty and who work in devotion WITH their sire who only mentors as they see work being performed. So the rewards begin in this life but extend into the afterlife as well. But again, rewards are contingent upon doing the work faithfully throughout one’s lifetime. Otherwise, a vampire transformation is the worst of fates to befall one in the afterlife. It’s a contingent contract as all such contracts are, whether tangible or intangible. Even the Christian faith declares that without work, faith is dead. And dead faith doesn’t save anyone. And for a Judas, as Jesus declared, “were better that one had never been born.” And of course, Lucifera is not a savior figure but a multidimensional vampire ruler intent upon expanding and maintaining her powers.

Megan: What leads people to believe it is an easy road to become a vampire?

Lucien: The BIG LIE is that all spirit entities get along with one another. The second LIE is that if they don’t behave you can post “house rules” as if they are children who bend themselves to a witch’s worthless whims. All this is of course done to sell more vessel bound trinkets that rebound upon the seller and buyer in the long run, because there is a universal law of return in such matters. In the afterlife, the roles are then reversed and the bound slave becomes the harsh bound master to the witch, upon which they place their  own “house rules” meant to torment the witch or sorcerer who escapes judgment in the world of flesh and blood. And of course, purchasers of such bindings come under the same jurisdiction as judged by those above the bound spirit as worthy of payback. Witches and sorcerers don’t fully understand that everyone serves someone higher than themselves, either voluntarily or not, knowingly or not. And there are consequences.

Aside from that fantasy, there are lots of sellers who sell vampire transformation “spells” and “rites” and “pacts” and “vampire transformations” with vampires which are universally bogus or worse. Why? Because vampire spells are totally bogus, and even should a pact take effect -which is very rare- upon the afterlife, darker vampires will destroy the recently transformed vampire by the enemies of the pact maker. When the maker of the pact is himself or herself destroyed by a higher enemy, all those beneath are likewise destroyed or indentured into eternal slavery by the superior vampire race. These terms are not laid out to the unwary, and all power seekers and pact makers are in many ways unwary and ignorant of the spirit world. Grimoires are the most backward form of magic imaginable to the vampire races of significance. They know and desire to keep humans in slavery by their pact making. And of course for this very reason, do not relate their secrets to humans, including Satanists and vampires and others.

Megan: So what is your greatest satisfaction from the work you do?

Lucien: Nothing gives me more of a thrill than when a client is overwhelmed with love for their companion they’ve adopted. And over time you see an incredible relationship formed on many levels. If you don’t have that what possible benefits would there be without that? People think I’m in the vampire sorcery business. I’m not. I’m in the passion business. Yes, vampires murder, but they murder the loveless, they murder armies of murderers, battalions even. Under the Keres, they war and kill with impunity. They murder robotic passionless demons and demigods. And all their power is in their passion. A vampire without passion is one without power.

[see Notes From the Nightside for more information.]

~About Lucien Mars~

Lucien Mars is the Vampire Primus and High Priest of Lucifera, aka Tiamat, Diana-Lucifera, Nyx, Nocticula, among her many other goddess names and incarnations. His working powers are rooted in ancient vampiric priestly traditions, inherited by the sacred blood lineage belonging to Lucifera. He converted his prior alliance from Lilith to Lucifera, whose power is supreme and supported by the Almighty. Lucifera is the rightful Ruler of the Underworld. Yet her divine nature is contrary to the fascist Judeo-Christian theological mythology. We likewise reject the static mythology of western occultism, which fails to discern the divine movement of powers and the true nature of the Almighty, the Devil, and the Hierarchy of Hell, over which Lucifera rules as the Black Shekinah Elohim.

My mission and privilege is to serve as Lucifera’s High Priest and, under her authority, transform and empower those who feel called, chosen, and compelled to undergo the spiritual evolution into vampire-hood, and to become her disciples, recognizing her as the primal Divine Vampire Goddess who rules over the realm of Hell, yet who has access to the All-Father in Heaven, working under His direction.Those who are transformed under her authority as vampires in allegiance to Lucifera are enrolled in Her Sacred and immortal Book of Shadows.Blood is life, and through Lucifera, it is life immortal.

For more background information, please refer to our section, Notes from the Nightside.

“Freedom without power is impotence, and power without freedom is mockery.”
~Lucien Mars

Lucien Mars - Author - Vampire Arveda Yoga