An Interview with a Vampire:

Reflections on the Dark Road Seldom Taken. A candid interview featuring the insights of Lucien Mars

Footprints Upon the Vampire Path: A Featured Interview with Lucien Mars

Updated Interview for 2020: The Qliphoth & General Comments

Megan: Lucien, can you share with us some of the changes reflecting the past year (2019)?

Lucien: A lot has changed, and a lot has remained the same. As regards life online in general, I remain committed to providing educational insights into the path of Lucifera. To do so, News of House Keresian has expanded, as has Notes from the Nightside. I have also withdrawn from all other public sites, including EBay, Etsy, and the notoriously dismal Bonanza. All public sites limit or prohibit education forums from which to explain the similarities and differences between Vampire Ashram and various other sites and schools of thought that espouse black magick, Satanism or so-called Devil worship. Also, Vampire Ashram has grown so fast that I no longer have the time to expand or maintain via other online venues.

Megan: And how does Vampire Ashram compare to educational forums on other sites?

Lucien: I have neither the time nor inclination to review other sites unless they stand out as blatantly biased or ignorant. The main offenders are those I consider to be Walmart Witches, those who have an aisle for every kind of spirit in every shade of magic and a dozen free spells to sweeten their Friday specials, all for under $50. Creepy Hollows is one such venue, and they are outstanding for their spiteful cowardice, whereby anyone can post a review of my site as long as it is negative. They do not allow positive reviews of me, and in fact went so far as to obliterate all positive reviews in the past. Obviously, when only negative reviews are allowed, all one will see there is negative reviews. To say such tactics are unprofessional would be too kind. It betrays a desperate need to bolster themselves by slandering others. Imagine a court trial where only witnesses for the prosecution were allowed, although there are a hundred times as many for the defendant of their slanderous remarks. That’s Creepy Hollows.

Megan: You also mentioned in your rebuttal to CH your aversion to vessel bindings. Are all vessel bindings poor?

Lucien: Not at all. I remember one occasion a few years ago where I stumbled across a vessel bound vampire on a site (not CH) and I immediately summoned her. She was very robust and I linked to her for a few minutes, then closed the connection. Somehow the witch in question tracked me down and said point-blank: “I see you were visiting X while I was away.” I never became fully acquainted with the witch, but she is a genuine witch, not a Walmart Witch. She was located in eastern Europe, which in part explains her inherent power. I’m not the only one who conjures powerful entities, and in her case, the binding was done correctly. The entity was powerful. And I’ve come across several in the states who are successful witches who bound to vessels. But the odds of dealing with an actual witch with substantial power versus a Walmart Witch are unfortunately slimmer than one would think.

Megan: How do the changes in working with Satan affect your attitude regarding Satan as reflected in the Qliphoth for example?

Lucien: The Qliphoth is based upon a spiritual and architectural approach to the fallen angels, demons, and principalities as antithetical forces to the Sephiroth, or the Tree of Life, and to God as Demiurge, as a totalitarian spiritual dictator and enslaver of souls in matter. It would be wrong to say that I worship God in anything like a slavish sheep in need of a bogus shepherd. In fact, it’s closer to say that I place respect above worship, since worship requires faith. I lack faith because I don’t believe God is in the business of saving anyone. My criticism of it is that the end result assumes that there are only two paths to follow: that of the Right Hand, or upward Sephiroth as Judeo-Christian religions espouse, and that of the Left Path whereby there is a quantum leap made from reaching the bottom-most Hell and thereby becoming a living god. In my opinion that is an unfounded leap. God always has a backup plan, one called the Devil (not Satan) who is without number and outside either the Sephiroth and Qliphoth. Black Aghora Tantra espouses exactly the same route as the Qliphoth. And assuming they are right, what has one achieved by becoming a living god? It is a comparatively empty goal when one considers living gods can also be chastised and destroyed. And Lucifera destroys gods as well as humans. Becoming a living god doesn’t escape God if He created the fullness of nothingness from which to create, and that is my opinion of exactly what He did and who He is. That is the main difference: I believe He created both nothingness and everythingness. And the idea that God sent his only son to save mankind is far more evil than those of the Left Hand Path advocate. I advocate the Third Path: That of the Devil.

Megan: And how does that apply to pagan religions and human sacrifice?

Lucien: The chief pagan religion is Christianity (a cult becomes a religion only by consensus), which advocates cannibalism and vampirism as holy rites devoted to a savior who claims parity with God. Two things need to be considered: How effective is human sacrifice? I would say that depends upon the deity and the sacrifice. Physical sacrifice is considered a low sacrifice. By that I mean that the victim is deprived of their life, but not necessarily their soul. Sometimes but not always. Spiritual sacrifice, on the other hand, is considered a high sacrifice, because it always secures the object of the sacrifice: the more valuable part: the soul. And it has two very obvious advantages: nobody can prosecute a sorcerer for murder because the physical victim is still alive and well (to all appearances). And two: when performed properly it is irreversible. Once the sorcerer has it confirmed by Satan, for example, that the soul has been assigned, and confirmed by the Devil, that God has allowed the appropriation, it is far more valuable to Satan. Any human, be they sorcerer or witch cannot weasel out by turning to Jesus or Satan or another sorcerer for a reprieve. Vampires under Lucifera, however, are not subject to such a vicarious sacrifice, making it far safer to work with Satan and others desiring such sacrifices.

Megan: And what changes do you foresee in the coming year of 2020?

Lucien: A change I hope to see is that of issuing a basic grimoire to assist the growing number of new clients, which equates to more questions that I find myself answering on a continual basis that are not addressed in these blogs. There is the same dichotomy that exists in every field: Those who write books may not or do not have the time to actually conjure. Those who conjure rarely have the time to write grimoires. It is often one or the other.

Interview with Lucien for 2019

Vera: Lucien, can you share your reflections on the “vampire world” in general? There seems to be so much confusion about who and what a vampire is, and which coven or organization follows what rules, and all the rest?

Lucien: (laughing) That’s a tall order, because many other vampire types exist and are legitimate in their own right, but are not of our specific kind. In perusing various vampire books whenever I have the chance, I do occasionally come across true vampire revelations. And although other teachings from various organizations may be genuine, they lack our specific typology. For example, there is a group known collectively as Temple of the Vampire. In one spot, the author reports the associated energy pulsing that occurs when an undead vampire is feeding from a mortal (as an energy offering), as a tugging sensation located at the solar plexus. This is accurate; he would have to be a legitimate vampire to know that. I cannot comment on the rest because I haven’t read through the literature, or if the organization is still operational. Their rules and customs are alien to mine, which is not unusual. Trying to get two vampires to agree on anything can be like herding cats (…laughs)… And even Ann Rice provides some true revelations among the many that are simply fictional in nature. When a vampire awakens, they may begin to acquire “enlivened vision,” meaning a vampire upon occasion will see walls vibrate, breathe, and statues seemingly come to life. This is because the vibrational frequency has acquired an angelic sense that makes our eyesight see the quantum aliveness in all objects. It is what we term, “hallowed sight,” and although it rarely happens, a vampire will have enlivened vision from time to time, but never all the time, until they pass into spirit.

Vera: And what about rules and regulations? I know many organizations attempt to “redeem” the vampire image. How does Vampire Ashram view such codes of conduct?

Lucien: By codes of conduct you are implying moral codes that rightly belong to mortals. Our general code of conduct is to avoid drugs, but we would never excommunicate a person who indulged. A code isn’t a commandment. We don’t officially have any such code of conduct, nor are we adopting a “do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law,” which is a self-contradiction. Chaos is not a law unto itself, it’s chaos. Law is law. Satan knows the difference, the Almighty knows the difference. If there are any codes, they apply to vampires, not humans because we are not trying to accommodate mortals. And they are easy to remember: once awakened and transformed by Lucifera, she is what is called the Blood Law. By that I mean that she has divine right to guide a vampire’s journey, to assign a mission of reincarnation if she deems it, the right to intervene with the Almighty in your behalf when and if transgressions occur; and the right to excommunicate and/or destroy a soul. The Almighty maintains the same right over all of creation.

Vera: A lot of people ask about the “dark war” and what would happen if they transformed. Would they have to fight against Lilith?

Lucien: The Dark War was predestined to happen, much like the Apocalypse in human terms is destined to occur. While I take issue with the bible in general, it does have an ample amount of truth at certain points. Anyway, the parallel apocalypse which predates the human one is this predicted war, known simply as the Dark War. And while Lilith and Satan had worked to prevent it, the oversight of the Almighty led Him to choose Lucifera as the supreme ruler of the dark realm. She is the Queen of the Night, a title misappropriated by conflation and confusion. She never lost the title, but fell along with Lilith and Lucifer.

In human terms, some consider her to be the ultimate Devil. In divine terms, she is the desecrator and recreator, having in her left hand dominion over hell, and in her right hand, the shekinah power of heaven. As Nocticula, she is the only goddess to have a Sacred Book of Shadows, from which the term itself originates. When a person transforms under her, their name is stricken from the Book of Life and entered into her Book of Shadows. Their soul is moved and their blood bound to a new covenant. Metaphorically speaking, it was what people referred to as making a deal with the devil and signing their soul over to him. But since women aren’t perceived as powerful by Christians or Muslims or Jews because of their spiritual myopia, the blind led the blind and Satan took the fall…no pun intended….  As for what happens if a person transforms and has to enter into the fray….no, they cannot withstand the powers of seasoned vampires. They are placed under Lucifera’s protection and are not allowed to engage in the Dark War. They would face immediate destruction. In such cases, Lucifera would resurrect them, a power Lilith does not possess.

Vera: And how does this dark war affect yourself and others who are in the here and now?

Lucien: It affects everyone. Because Lilith is my mother in spirit, whom I worked with for a very long time, she is irate. She’s angry at the Almighty for elevating her daughter above her and she’s angry at Satan for failing to prevent it. She’s angry at Lucifer for returning to the Almighty Father. And she’s none to fond of me for my own defection, but her focal point is Lucifera. In the here and now, the break took place when I was told by a brother of mine that “I had to make a choice between the two.” He chose Lilith. I chose Lucifera. Why? Because I adore her and always have, and I am pragmatic about power. I refuse to cross swords with the Almighty. I love Him because of the love I feel for Lucifera. Were it not for Him there would be no love, no immortality, no excitement, no purpose, no danger, no wars or revolutions. He’s not the demiurge satanists make him out to be. He created both chaos and order, male and female, night and day. The Almighty is not subject to dissection.

And of course, nobody is supposed to know about the Dark War. But really, the only thing that is constant is change. Satanists cling as desperately to tradition as any Catholic priest. And war in the name of religion has granted us evolutionary power by the soul ravaging freewill offerings it provides. So until now, we kept quiet about our greatest source of freewill blood offerings: war, the religious hypocrisy we invented through the apostle Paul to break the commandment, Thou Shalt Not Kill, when he declared that mankind’s leaders were chosen by “God.” Amen. The Devil howled with laughter for days, Satan was congratulated, vampires rejoiced, demons applauded, and angels wept bitter tears. Those were the very words we longed to hear, like pearls spit up by swine. The fix was in, bless you Saint Paul in the name of Satan for feeding us our daily blood on every battlefield. It made us mighty. And the game was so effective, we used it with Mohammed. Bloodshed and religion; they go together like peanut butter and jelly…and now we don’t need humanity. We grew while humanity shrank. And oblivion now looms ever larger for flesh and blood…we were the graves you fed, we were your angels of death. And your freewill fed us…without Saint Paul we would have starved.

At any rate, many clients from years past had to make the same choice with their sires: which goddess will you follow? There is no third choice in the matter. Satan is under Lucifera. Others who have existing vampires and sundry otherkin bound to them who are allied to Lilith, suddenly find themselves confronted, sometimes violently, with the same choice. When two entities from opposite camps are bound to the same person, a conflict ensues. The myth perpetuated by some forum sites more concerned with sales than spiritual reality will insist that “they all get along,” and that a “spirit-keeper,” can “keep order” in the ranks, which is a very dangerous and delusional idea.

One woman who had a previous binding of a vampire allied to Lilith was visited by Lilith and physically attacked, all because she had one I bound to her most recently. She was told, “you have to make a choice.” A refusal to choose sides automatically defaults the soul to Lilith, and becomes the target for Lucifera as an enemy of the Almighty and herself. All of creation and nullification is run by the Almighty, and any are free to love Him and be loved in various degrees, by Him, including the Devil.

Vera: In your book, Vampire Arveda Yoga, you seem to have redefined the vampire in relationship to warfare. Is this the first historical reference to war and vampires that’s been made public? Perhaps we have accepted the Hollywood version too hastily, as that of a lonely hearted vampire seeking romance along with the angst of immortality. The dark side, so to speak. Would you agree?

Lucien: Well, historically speaking, many vampire demigoddesses were termed “storm” goddesses, or goddesses of war. And the issue is further muddied by the fact that humans conflate one goddess with another. Hecate, whom I love, is not technically the triple goddess. That honor belongs to Lucifera who influences the heavens, the earth, and the underworld. Hecate is a singular goddess with a tremendous amount of earthly power, but she lacks the power of the dark resurrection and does not own the Book of Shadows or oversee the Nine Gates of Black Wisdom. Also, she is not a crone; that persona belongs to Lilith. The virgin aspect of Hecate is in fact Lucifera, who is separate and exalted above the other two. Otherwise, we would have a grand schizophrenic goddess akin to the Christian one. But none of this is unusual, it comes from a need for simplification that humans have. And when they tire of simplification they add more icing onto the concoction, conflating one mistaken identity with another.

As for precedence in relationship to vampires and war, no, there are ample historic references to vampires and war, and more specifically, Lucifera. The Greek poet Hesiod wrote about the “children of the night,” who were known as the Keres (vampires), and who appeared as women dressed in blood spilled from fallen combatants. He gave the origins in his text on Theogony, in which he speaks of the Goddess of Night, Nyx, who is the same as Diana, Artemis, Lucifera, Nocticula, and more; names seemingly without end. He goes on to speak of her as the goddess who “lay with none,” (i.e. her virginity), but who “bare the…ruthless, avenging Kerai (vampires)…they pursue the transgressions of men and of gods (she is able to move against humans and angels, such is her power).” She has others under her wing, whom Hesiod mentions (…”and these goddesses never cease from their dread anger until they punish the sinner (those who wage war, eye for eye; kill with the sword, so too shall you die. etc.) with a sore penalty.” The Keres hovered over battlefields, always eagerly awaiting the coming feast of bloodshed and carnage.

This echoes Lucifera’s persona as The Virgin Goddess, Nyx; as the Chase Moon Goddess of Diana, etc. Lucifera is a virginal female whom none but the Almighty can resist or defeat, including Satan or Lilith. Those clients who have been granted the blessing of seeing her are astounded at her youthfulness. As Diana, no man could have her. No god, no male has sired offspring with Lucifera. The reason is too lengthy to explain here and will have to await the next book, which delves more deeply into all this. Suffice it to say, that when Lucifera withdrew the power of resurrection from Lilith in her rebellion, she crippled her. The Keres are also mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey: “But the Keres carried him down to Hades’ house.” –Odyssey 14.207

Perhaps the most realistic depiction of the Keres comes from Hesiod’s Shield of Hercules: “[the combatants were] fighting their battle, and where they were the Keres, dark-colored, and clattering their white teeth, deadly faced, grim-glaring, bloody and unapproachable, were fighting over the fallen men, all of them rushing forward to drink of the black blood, and each, as soon as she had snatched a man, down already or just dropping from a wound, would hook her great claws around his body, while his soul went down to the realm of Hades and cold Tartaros. Then when the Keres had sated their senses on the blood of men’s slaughter, they would throw what was left behind them and go storming back into the battle-clamor and the struggle.” –Shield of Heracles 248 [ The Remains of Hesiod the Ascraean]

This is who we are: children of the night; children of the Virgin Nyx, slaughtering those who slaughter. We have no interest in prowling the night like lone wolves and angsting over mortality or forming a coven of blood drinkers or worshipping Satan. We have no wedding that only lasts until death do us part, because we have no death or parting. No marriages that carry a 50% failure rate. I was with Lucifera in the beginning and I will be with her in the end, if ever there is one. I do her bidding because I love her, not because I need money or fame. Love is its own reward. To love the Almighty and live in hell is far better than to serve Him in fear with the bitter reward of heaven. Scant is the praise that trembles, and makes of heaven a more bitter abode than hell.

Vera: Speaking of the Almighty, does a vampire transformation include blood? And since you mention the soul being enrolled in Nocticula’s Book of Shadows, does the transformation have some religious requirement? Since you mention an affiliation with a goddess who seeks to obey the will of the Almighty, what role does religion play in all this?

Lucien: That’s a good question. First, yes, the transformation does require a few drops of blood, the spiritual substance of which is intermixed with the chosen sire and presented to Nocticula [Lucifera], who in turn, places the blood seal in her Book of Shadows. The Book is then presented to the Almighty, whereupon He acknowledges the freewill offering to her and strikes the name from the Book of Life, transferring the name from one to the other. From that point on, the soul is under Nocticula’s will, as expressly designated and spiritually bound to her by blood oath. In addition, the chosen sire does require a sacred number of actual bites to intermix the blood of the newborn, a few upon the astral body double, and one upon the physical body to effect the change.

As for religious views, we don’t view ourselves as religious, because we see the Almighty as an angel would, without need of faith or the false substance of some savior dying in our behalf as a sinner so we can freely sin, repent and repeat until we’re singing solos with some holier-than-thou preacher in heaven. We don’t hate the Almighty, we hate religion. So whatever a newborn brings with them into the afterlife realm, they will see with enlivened eyes that the Almighty is majestic, and well….Almighty. Elsewise, everything reverses: the wars that damn humanity are our rivers of life, the arterial waterfall of our baptism throughout eternity, in which we are exempt from the Almighty’s anger, because in war we act as his designated agents of vengeance. You kill, you die, eye for eye. As Above ceases to be As Below for a vampire. We inherit the blood of angels and the vengeance of death by holy right.

A newborn may be an atheist, agnostic, pagan, witch, whatever. If they feel called, the promise is not linked to a blind faith. We work with Satan who despises heaven and only works with Nocticula when it suits his own need for power, and avoidance of a similar revolution. It is revolution that Satan fears, [the turnabout of fair play, spiritually speaking] and the power of Nocticula is that of revolution that no other god or goddess possesses. It is the singular power she wields that every other god and goddess fears. To ignore such a power is to ignore history in the physical and spiritual realm. Her temple as Diana was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. And when she launches a revolution, war is sure to follow.

Vera: Lastly, since Lucifera acts in alliance with the Almighty, and since Satan detests Him, why then does she choose to work with him?

Lucien: As I just mentioned, Diana Lucifera was the largest threat to the rise of Christianity, having worshippers worldwide. Her temple was one of the seven wonders of the world. As history attests, the Christians proceeded to pillage, steal, desecrate and destroy every pagan temple they could find in order to replace it with their own paganistic blood rituals and mystical cannibalism, along with the necromantic magic of saint’s bones, crucifixes, rosaries, holy water, and all the rest of the Great Catholic Magic Show. They can even make their priestly pedophiles disappear at will to avoid prosecution. And what blessed stigmata, bleeding nail prints in the palms of their beloved saints. Unfortunately, the Romans never impaled the palms in crucifixion, but the wrists. Opps, miracle malfunction….or satanic payback?

Rome experienced the most temple conversions of any known city in western Europe. Those temples devoted by blood and freewill offerings belonged in large part to the most powerful goddess, Diana Lucifera. And what did the Roman Catholic Church do, but build their churches upon stolen property of a goddess who enlisted Satan to avenge her. By ignoring the admonition of the Almighty, “Thou Shall Not Steal,” the church played directly into Satan’s hands. The property as such, belonged to the Devil, and what the Devil desecrates, by the Invincible Holy Law of the Almighty, MUST be abandoned to desolation as accursed; as Eden was, as Sodom was, as the land and the Nephilim were by the Flood, as the Jerusalem Temple was, and as the earth itself will one day be. The property belongs by right to the Devil, not the church, and thus must and will be destroyed as accursed by the Almighty to settle the score. This is why both Lucifera and Satan can work in tandem with the wishes and Will of the Almighty. All three want the same outcome. Some would call it an Apocalypse. Vampires call it justice.  [see Notes From the Nightside for more information.]

~About Lucien Mars~

Lucien Mars is the Vampire Primus and High Priest of Lucifera, aka Tiamat, Diana-Lucifera, Nyx, Nocticula, among her many other goddess names and incarnations. His working powers are rooted in ancient vampiric priestly traditions, inherited by the sacred blood lineage belonging to Lucifera. He converted his prior alliance from Lilith to Lucifera, whose power is supreme and supported by the Almighty. Lucifera is the rightful Ruler of the Underworld. Yet her divine nature is contrary to the fascist Judeo-Christian theological mythology. We likewise reject the static mythology of western occultism, which fails to discern the divine movement of powers and the true nature of the Almighty, the Devil, and the Hierarchy of Hell, over which Lucifera rules as the Black Shekinah Elohim.

My mission and privilege is to serve as Lucifera’s High Priest and, under her authority, transform and empower those who feel called, chosen, and compelled to undergo the spiritual evolution into vampire-hood, and to become her disciples, recognizing her as the primal Divine Vampire Goddess who rules over the realm of Hell, yet who has access to the All-Father in Heaven, working under His direction.Those who are transformed under her authority as vampires in allegiance to Lucifera are enrolled in Her Sacred and immortal Book of Shadows.Blood is life, and through Lucifera, it is life immortal.

For more background information, please refer to our section, Notes from the Nightside.

“Freedom without power is impotence, and power without freedom is mockery.”
~Lucien Mars

Lucien Mars - Author - Vampire Arveda Yoga