An Interview with a Vampire:

Reflections on the Dark Road Seldom Taken. A candid interview featuring the insights of Lucien Mars

In Nomine Sanguis. In Nomine Lux. In Nomine Lucifera.

Footprints Upon the Vampire Path: A Featured Interview with Lucien Mars

Updated Interview for 2021: A Vampire With Passion

Megan: What would you say is the main venue for Vampire Ashram? Is there a definition related to the vampire magick and structure that defines Vampire Ashram in a nutshell?

Lucien: If you boil down the hierarchy, you have to define the structure of our focus, our beliefs, and values. I think the majority of LHP grimoires that I skim through or review whenever I have a chance are grossly deficient in one aspect, that of love, or if that word evokes little kissing angels, then passion is more accurate. I remember a scene from a favorite movie, Mr. Frost that I’ve pointed out before. He plays the Devil who engages a female psychiatrist in order to secure her soul. In one scene he gets ultra passionate (Jeff Goldblum) and says something like, “ people took ages of effort and undid it all in a few decades. There’s no life! There’s no passion!…you’re half-hearted you live in your heads.” The movie is  revealing a grand truth: nobody believes in the Devil, few have passion enough to even value the souls they may or may not have; fewer believe in Hell; fewer still in God. Or they believe God is a grand Egregore, but somehow the person espousing that happens to think they are a god because of a gross misunderstanding of the biblical text, “ye are gods.” The early translators saw a potential problem with it, and added the qualification, “ye are AS gods.” The text doesn’t support it. I made mention of this blunder in a Notes from the Nightside blog.

Megan: And how does affect your work, that you view passion as a critical part of what you do?

Lucien: If I didn’t love my work, I wouldn’t do it. Most grimoires bore the living hell out of me, and if I had to follow some lifeless, passionless approach to vampirism, I’d have thrown in the towel years ago. Even when there was a rift between Lucifera and Lilith that was eventually mended with Lilith in a more exalted position than before, there was passion on both sides, and passion motivates everything from music to magick. It was a hard time, emotionally speaking, being in the midst of a war of wills between the two. Lilith finally compromised and in turn was made the enforcer for Lucifera. And I adore them both. Madly. I’m wild about Lucifera who is my first loyalty. And I have always had a special bond with Lilith, but the two are extremely different.

Megan: How did you clients respond to the rift and reconciliation?

Lucien: That was mixed. Some didn’t want Lilith back at all. It took time to adjust and there was some justifiable unease with a few clients. Outside of VA, lots of blurbs sprung up about this whole business being somehow fraudulent or make believe. What’s make believe is that everyone gets along and nothing ever changes for the spirit world. That’s infantile in the extreme and displays a lack of perspective. Why? Because it discounts the role of passion between gods, goddesses, entities and how they negotiate, how they vie for power, who has the power, and where does it come from. All those are very volatile issues, and to believe otherwise you must create an alternate Egregore universe where you, as a living god, assume control. Go pick up a grimoire for yourself and try to find any episodes of passion, any reason to sell your soul, any reason to do a ceremonial rite? Its as lifeless as necromancy with a Barbie doll.

Megan: Why did Lilith make peace? She is known as the queen of chaos.

Lucien: Lilith, like Satan, was being undercut by Lucifera who sparked a rebellion in both their ranks. Some of her own daughters saw the writing on the wall and began to rebel against her. They saw that Lucifera had the backing of the Almighty, and decided they might have a shot to replace her. Why this surprises anyone is beyond me. A lot of people don’t want magick, they want some lifeless, passionless make believe alternate universe where all the pieces are forever static, yet what in this or any universe is static?

I missed Lilith greatly while this was ongoing, and when Lilith offered to join in Lucifera’s ranks, I was overcome with joy, with love, and relief. I truly love Lilith, and yet I will always side with Lucifera. But of course, a vampire has no right to really love, do we? And what prevents Lilith and Lucifera from having the right to war with one another? No, the greatest taboo in western occultism is that of passion. The unwritten rule is that the status quo must remain as written in some dusty grimoire based on a decrepid theology of the 1700s. And God is either dead, a tyrant, or an egregore whom the satanists have replaced with their own version of apotheotic gods in the making, i.e. themselves. To me at least, that is philosophical narcissim, a way of becoming greater than a God you either don’t believe in, or hate. And what else fuels Satan’s hatred if there is only an egregore called “God?” If anything is make believe, that would qualify. Vampires relate to passion, not self-deification. Satanael is the original self-deification expert and he doesn’t like competition. It’s what Lilith played upon to get him to spur a rebellion; that, and his jealousy over the Father’s love for Lucifer. And what is all of this based upon but passion. As above, so below, unless you begin crossing the line into that forbidden word of passion. No, it’s not permitted in polite LHP political correctness. Nor is change, a constant everywhere else.

Megan: Have there been exceptions to this in some of the grimoires you’ve perused over the years?

Lucien: Oh yes, I have come across a few, one in particular that was authored by a Mexican cartel hitman of all things, whose devotion to Santa Muerte was absolute and unflinching. The grimoire was the best I have ever come across, an inspiration really. Why? Because he loved Santa Muerte with a passion that exceeded all bounds. It was an inspired grimoire that moved mind, heart and spirit. And this was not some hoo-ha Satanist who may have performed maybe one human sacrifice, or none at all but was merely boasting to boost sales of a grimoire and sound spookier than thou. In the course of his eleven years with a cartel, he killed over 134 people, most of whom were skimming, or otherwise crossing the line with the rules of the cartel. The drug enforcement agents in Mexico also worship Santa Muerte, which is a credit to their faith. Here in the states you have nothing to compare with the passion of his devotion, and the rites given displayed it. They were radiant, ancient, profound, and if anything, should never have been sold to the public. The grimoire will remain unnamed, and came out in maybe no more than 15 copies anyway. I only disagree with the fact that he was making public rites that shouldn’t have been disclosed. Such cases are rare. Usually its Halloween sigils admidst a flux of cartoon horror porn, graffitti and generic invocations and incantations by a bevy of sameness that bores.

Megan: Did you try any of the rites yourself?

Lucien: I altered one that was too long and switched a few components that Santa Meurte wanted and composed a three night ritual for the black witch I have on retainer whose patroness is Santa Meurte. It was extremely successful, Santa Meurte appeared along with the shades of the Aztec Underworld to witness the touching upon the shoulder of her as a blessing, then descended back into the ground. She was elated. Nothing in the world is so exciting. Nothing compares to this dark passion. If there is any secret to my success it is the supreme passion I get from doing work I love for goddessess I love. There is no higher high. I love every entity I bind. I coddle them, praise them, love them. I’m in love with all of them, and they know it. They feel it. They feel it because I mean it. They read my heart and respond with trust. I never force any entity, and despite the word “binding” it’s the listing as a binding a client is buying, not the entity and certainly not as a slave or indentured servant.

Megan: Who are some of your favorite goddesses you work with?

Lucien: Well, obviously Lucifera and Lilith. Another is Naamah. I adore Naamah, who worships the ground Lucifera walks upon. Then there’s Santa Meurte, Hecate, oh…and Chamunda, the wild card of wild cards. She and Lilith have united like sisters, both capable of high chaos and yet so different. Naamah is the goddess whose silence runs deep and whose power, once awakened is like a wildfire. I think I fall for all of them. The only one I’ve never reconciled with is the Morrigan. We just never hit it off. I certainly respect her and have seen her a few times up close and personal along with a murder of crows behind her. She’s total witch and that may be an issue, as Lucifera isn’t the most trusted among witch goddesses. Hecate has been off and on about her friendly/non-friendly status, and with Hecate you have to earn her trust if you’re not a witch. I love Hecate because I respect her. I think one runs into the other, but she shies away from wanting her daughters too entangled with clients who are primarily vampires themselves, or who have exclusively Lilith’s daughters as vampires they’ve adopted.

Megan: Some people who have never heard of Lucifera have said she’s an aspect of Lucifer? Is that so?

Lucien: That’s easily explainable in two parts: First the early church fathers couldn’t abide the fact that the Devil is not Satan or Lucifer, so it was easy to conflate Lucifer with Lucifera and give prominence to the masculine god rather than the dark goddess. They merged them like Baphomet was amalgamated, but they are not the same. Lucifera is the Empress of Hell; Lucifer is the brighter version who inherits the earth. Lucifera has already inherited Hell. Each has their domain as assigned by the Almighty. Secondly, we are living in the Age of the Kali Yuga, or iron age, in which Saturn returns to power as one of the predictions of Cybele; Saturn representing Saturnus, or Demiurge, the God more familiarly known in the Old Testament. Lucifera and vampires were rarely seen in the Golden Age when longevity was a fact, with people living 800 or more years. Wars were scarce, peace prevailed. Vampires as led by Lucifera appear in two epochs: first prior to the Flood, and later in the Iron Age (as Jesus declares, “As in the days of Noah so shall it be in the last days.”) when fascism and spiritual blindness appear and lives are shorter and more violent. Souls are cheaper, more easily obtainable, and half-damned with self-importance, ignorance and ingratitude. Wars are rife. Mass murder commonplace. Life is cheap. That’s when vampires appear. Between the Flood and a few years ago, Lilith and Satan were the overseers of Hell. Lucifera returned to her rightful inheritance of Hell and forced a rebellion as Saturn was returning to power.The story is longer and more detailed but that will suffice as a synopsis of events.

Megan: Many LHP use YouTube and Facebook, etc. to reach a larger audience. Why don’t you do the same?

Lucien: I would never perform a rite in front of a camera. It’s unthinkable. It’s way way too intimate. I think I’d rather perform with a sex star online than ever do a rite. To me it’s a total violation of privacy, spiritual intimacy, and communion. The idea is repulsive in the extreme. It’s too often an act that a sorcerer does by rote within a circle usually, with the requisite banishings, latin chants, and if you have a spooky slightly demented appearance, all the better. I think it’s exploiting a sacred act and turning it into performance art for the sake of being a marketing tool that garners a lot of admirers. I think the same is true for the RHP religions that ignore the word of Jesus, when he said that when you pray retire in private to pray and not like the hypocrites who love to be seen and admired for their peity. I couldn’t agree more. The church is a sham of showmanship. Why imitate it for those on the LHP?

I’m not a performing artist out to make a deal with a demon or Lilith. I don’t petition Lilith or Lucifera for a vampire, or incubus, etc. They flock to me not because I recite latin, but because I’m insanely in love with each and every one of them. I’m crazy about them. And I don’t make deals with demons, especially Belial and others because there’s nothing I need that I don’t already have in Lucifera or Lilith. And since Satan hates me, why call upon him? He’d show up, but what is there to talk about? He’d be the one wanting to make a deal, not me.

Megan: So it seems the core motivation is love?

Lucien: Yes, love as passion. I dare think most sorcerers love their cars or homes more than they can possibly love whatever demon or goddess they’re calling upon. Or they beg Lilith and grovel. I never beg or grovel. I never force or coerce. They know who I am and how I work.

Megan: And what about those entities who don’t like you?

Lucien: Then I’m just as passionate about my anger and view an opposing spirit or entity as a trespasser, against whom I don’t tolerate. And because I have Lucifera and Lilith who have my back, it is rarely ever a concern.

Megan: You’re not viewed as a standard bearer of the LHP I take it?

Lucien: No, far from it. Because I don’t align with the standard marching orders or methods incorporated by most LHP practitoners, I’m sometimes considered a fraud, a defrocked vampire priest if you will. Yet I’m not out to impress other practitoners for the sake of popularity. They’re welcome to their own opinon and their right to voice their opinion so a potential client knows where they stand. Many people don’t discriminate enough when they select a sorcerer or a dark entity binding. Some go under the banal idea that they’ll all “get along” which is the most disrespectful and infantile approach one can imagine, or that a person can post some noxious “house rules” they’re supposed to obey like they’re idol children in need of your guidance. What utter bullshit.

Megan: So what is your greatest satisfaction from the work you do?

Lucien: Nothing gives me more of a thrill than when a client is overwhelmed with love for their companion they’ve adopted. And over time you see an incredible relationship formed on many levels. If you don’t have that what possible benefits would there be without that? People think I’m in the vampire sorcery business. I’m not. I’m in the passion business. Yes, vampires murder, but they murder the loveless, they murder armies of murderers, battalions even. Under the Keres, they war and kill with impunity. They murder robotic passionless demons and demigods. And all their power is in their passion. A vampire without passion is one without fangs.

[see Notes From the Nightside for more information.]

~About Lucien Mars~

Lucien Mars is the Vampire Primus and High Priest of Lucifera, aka Tiamat, Diana-Lucifera, Nyx, Nocticula, among her many other goddess names and incarnations. His working powers are rooted in ancient vampiric priestly traditions, inherited by the sacred blood lineage belonging to Lucifera. He converted his prior alliance from Lilith to Lucifera, whose power is supreme and supported by the Almighty. Lucifera is the rightful Ruler of the Underworld. Yet her divine nature is contrary to the fascist Judeo-Christian theological mythology. We likewise reject the static mythology of western occultism, which fails to discern the divine movement of powers and the true nature of the Almighty, the Devil, and the Hierarchy of Hell, over which Lucifera rules as the Black Shekinah Elohim.

My mission and privilege is to serve as Lucifera’s High Priest and, under her authority, transform and empower those who feel called, chosen, and compelled to undergo the spiritual evolution into vampire-hood, and to become her disciples, recognizing her as the primal Divine Vampire Goddess who rules over the realm of Hell, yet who has access to the All-Father in Heaven, working under His direction.Those who are transformed under her authority as vampires in allegiance to Lucifera are enrolled in Her Sacred and immortal Book of Shadows.Blood is life, and through Lucifera, it is life immortal.

For more background information, please refer to our section, Notes from the Nightside.

“Freedom without power is impotence, and power without freedom is mockery.”
~Lucien Mars

Lucien Mars - Author - Vampire Arveda Yoga