General Info & Frequently Asked Questions

In Nomine Sanguis. In Nomine Lux. In Nomine Lucifera.

Included herein are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. These may be amended from time to time when additional information is included, since we frequently are unable to respond to the volume of emails received:

Q: I need your advice on which to choose as I prefer the type that is able to physically manifest as I prefer physical sex rather than in a dream.

A: Sex with a vampire or succubus, both of which in their disincarnate form are composed of smokeless fire, meaning dark energy, means you are engaging in sex with a non-corporal sexual entity. With that possible disadvantage comes the opposite side of the coin: Vampires are hypers-exually supernatural, women or men are not.

I do not conjure spirits who have dream sex, or astral sex. She or he will at some point appear to you as they are within a lucid dream, but not often, and not as “dream sex.” Others will offer you a highly sexual, and sometimes pornographic dream to stir an erection or sexual response, only to then awaken you for an “in-bed” and not an “out-of-body” sexual encounter. A vampire I conjure will awaken you “in-bed” with intense sexual energy and provoke you to pleasure yourself to spark the connection. Once sparked, the sexual energy becomes angelic, intense and unearthly, irresistible and unforgettable. No mortal can out-sex a vampire, nor can any woman compete with a female vampire. Nor can a man compete with the sexual endurance of a male vampire. The males can and do penetrate.

Q: How do I know if a listing you have is too powerful for my experience level?

A:  To a certain extent, your gut is the best guide. After all, if you are hesitant, the entity in question is probably not the best one for you, as fear can create a block. Also, our Full Affinity binding takes into account your own psychic, sexual, and intrinsic lifeforce energy when it is performed, which is designed to find the most harmonious spirit companion for you. On excessively high or dark entities, I incorporate a special Black Hourglass Binding, which automatically regulates the amount of energy channeled.

Q:  Is it true that vampires look like those depicted in Hollywood?

A:  In some ways, they look similar, as both have fangs and thrive on blood, but not always upon physical blood. The medieval stereotype was often due to a medical condition known as porphyria, an extremely rare yet organic blood disorder. Porphyria (derived from the Greek word for purple) is characterized by purple urine. The symptoms include pale skin and fang like protrusions from erosion of the gums.

Q:  How many spirits or entities can I bind with?

A:  A person cannot have many spirit companions; in fact, once you encounter one you become emotionally and spiritually connected to, it is not uncommon for the vampire or other to want others to join the “clan”. But each needs to have a settling-in period for personal adjustment. Whenever I perform multiple bindings for a person, it is always in a single file order. When done this way, an ordered hierarchy is established, so that none are diminished in power. Multiple and massive bindings of inferior spirits are known as flashpoint-bindings, because they are like a flash in the pan which short-circuits the ability to bind and creates a block in the human energy system, giving nothing in return while creating a block for further bindings.

Q:  Do all spirits and entities get along together?

A:  Do all people? Why would spirits and entities coexist in an opposite manner? The hyperbole of Walmart type witches or sorcerers that they will, or can be forced to, is an dangerously ignorant claim, driven by marketing rather than metaphysical reality. In the vampiric realm, which is ruled by competing forces, this is doubly true. Life changes, grimoires don’t, which is their major weakness. It is a well known fact that demons fight with one another. They didn’t fall from heaven just so they could find peace, love, and cosmic understanding and comradiere.

Q:  Are there any other events that can create a block?

A:  Yes. Most commonly a period of emotional crisis such as the death of a family member or loved one can inhibit a strong binding, for the same reason: too much energy is being expending by the sudden crisis. The only exception is the emotional crisis created in warfare, which, by divine fiat, allows demons and apex vampire predators to possess and destroy soldiers in combat. The angel in the bible said to slay thousands of warriors in a single night is a vampiric predator, commanded to do so by the Almighty. Religions that endorse warfare for any reason lead their followers into violating and activating the divine curse against murder, which vampires and demons exploit to their advantage. Christians, Muslims, Jews, atheists, Buddhists, are all subject to the same law of reciprocal murder. Eye for an eye; you kill, you die. You bleed, vampires feed. Simple really.

Q:  What is the difference between a spirit and an entity?

A:  This is a hotly debated point. Those of one school claim a spirit is that of a departed person and not an immortal. Greek exegetes and other scholars, having examined texts dating back to Babylon all translate such texts and cuneiform tablets pertaining to such “spirits” as being immortals, even though a mortal can suffer the second death, that of the soul. This is further complicated by the fact that entities, as defined by some sites, have significantly more power. For practical purposes, as defined by such sites, I do not conjure spirits, but entities. But the point is moot since some spirits are far more malignant on the physical realm than many entities. And in some instances a compound spirit and entity creates an altogether different category, something overlooked by magicians.

Q:  Will the spirit-entity I adopt interfere with other family members?

A:   In most instances no, as this would violate the free will of those who did not agree to the binding, nor can more than one person share a binding. The only exception is for those who have a physically abusive spouse. In such cases, I’ve received ample feedback that in many instances the entity non-violently stopped the abuser. However, no spirit-entity is a substitute for psychological or marital counseling, nor does it address or remedy the long-term cause of the abuse and why the abused clings to a violent relationship in the first place. Rarely, a young child may display sensitivity which can result in nightmares with high-powered bindings. In such cases, a psychic shield can be placed upon the child to stop the symptoms, without impairing the child’s freewill.

Q:  Can these entities be revoked by you?

A:  Yes, with the following exception: If a person opts to fully transform into a vampire, their soul is likewise transformed and as such, cannot be reversed or revoked. Otherwise, all bindings are revokable by myself, assisted by Lucifera and Lilith.

Q:  Some of your listings refer to Satanic entities, are you a Satanist?

A:  No, and for the following reasons: First, we never worship either chaos or Satan. Secondly, only those satanically derived spirit-entities or demons, who are evoked under the guidance of Lucifera, are chosen. Despite religious fables, fallen angels do return to the Almighty, as Lucifer did, for the singular reason of longing for His love. Satan and Lucifer are NOT one-in-the same. Also, listings that use the term “satanic” do not mean that the entity is devoted or in fact even likes Satan, but merely whose progeny and powers the entity possesses.

Q:  What is the difference between evocation and invocation?

A:  The easiest way to remember the difference between the two is to think of Evocation as external to the summoning agent, and Invocation as internal to the summoning agent. In other words, when I evoke a spirit entity, I am bringing that entity into external manifestation. Whenever I invoke a spirit entity, I am bringing that entity into an internal manifestation.


If you’ve surveyed the growing abundance of metaphysical sellers and wondered how you can spot a fraud, then you are not alone. Most people get burned, some badly, by con artists posing as wonder witches from the old country, or whatever. Words are free. Spirit-entities are not. In fact, the more sellers you purchase from the more likely you are to get burned. Moreover, you may be purchasing a spirit-binding block by acquiring two entities who are in conflict with each other. So you lose twice. And guess where those spirit entities get their energy to engage in the conflict? From you. Where else? Once they’re in this realm, they require energy to remain, and here you thought they lived off the offerings of peppermint and incense….  And you don’t have a hope in hell of meditating or Om-ing away any such block, another fabulous and oft told fantasy by those who know not what they do. You CANNOT meditate away a block. And you CANNOT force two opposing spirits to coexist because you magically “will” it to be by posting House Rules. Put a mouse into a cage with a snake and test your magical will and see what happens. God doesn’t mix humans with vampires in Hell unless he wants them punished. He sure doesn’t do it to for camaraderie. And I believe he knows better than any that fallen angels and unfallen angels don’t get along for Happy Hour in heaven.

BUYING TIP: Never buy two bindings simultaneously from two different sellers. Many spirit blocks arise from this source. And adding yet more spirit bindings only compounds the problem. The more you buy, the worse the block becomes because the more energy has to be tapped from you, even though the strength of each spirit may be akin to a minnow. Many sellers won’t tell you this because they simply don’t know the metaphysical facts of life, or because they want to pass the burden onto you as the creator of the block! And the facts of life are that no seller has a 100% binding rate. If you hear that from a seller you can be assured you’re dealing with either a fraud or an metaphysical egomaniac.

Unfortunately the psychology of most buyers when they purchase a binding is to say to themselves: “I’m not sure this is even real, so I probably would be better off buying a $50 binding in case it’s not.” Too often it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. And although some may be real, how powerful can they be, given the fact that binding a powerful entity requires great expertise and the requisite time to conjure and bind one?  Typically, fraudsters counterfeit listings that sound professional because they’re way above their ability level in the first place. Then they jack the prices up to give the appearance of “possessing that oh-so-rare treasure of wondrous magic,” read: The Great Hot Air Illusion.

Another scam is the 1001 succubi on a pendant for only $49.95. This should be so obvious as to be laughable, but it still works to dupe the public. Oh, but they all get along, don’t you know? Show me 1001 people who all get along! It’s a farce. A conjuration requires time, energy, expertise and a bloodline pedigree that cannot be purchased, plus an affiliation to a high-powered spiritual overseer such as Lucifera, Naamah, Hecate, etc. So the buyer ends up paying twice: for a worthless binding that’ll probably never happen, and the time lost in having a powerful entity who wants an equally powerful companion.

Each professional conjuration I perform has a different series of separate protocols: the empowering; the calling; the conjuration; the binding; the spell work, the pledging and conveyance. Each one. Every single time. No exceptions. Add to that the costs of very expensive and oftentimes rare ritual instruments, some of which don’t get paid for until after many bindings, and take just as much expertise to acquire. No legitimate seller is going to charge $50 for what takes between 45 minutes to an hour, if they’re an expert, to perform. If they’re not an expert, it’ll take twice as long and be perhaps only half as effective to boot. What is a wannabe witch and spooky sorcerer to do? Well, copy, paste and repeat. Besides, if you only charge $50 or less, how many people will even bother with a refund request? Just tell them the spirit got lost in Hoboken, but has been spotted at Starbucks asking directions. Yeah, right. Merry meet, while your money departs…

The Vampire Arveda Yoga Meditation Program

An excellent way to enhance your spirit-entity relationship while rejuvenating your own energy, is to practice the Vampire Arveda Yoga program outlined in our book: Vampire Arveda Yoga: The Lost Art of Kundalini Alchemy. This is the perfect adjunct practice designed specifically to enhance the vampiric current in those who have adopted spirit companions of any type. For those who are specifically interested in white-light spirits and are reading this piece out of curiosity, I highly recommend anything produced by Yogi Bhajan, if the right-hand path is your preference. In my late teens I had the privilege of attending a White Tantric workshop hosted by Yogi Bhajan, in which a gong was used to stimulate the chakras into an attunement. The effect produced was sparkling and lively, but the depth and frequency failed to stimulate the vampiric current of my etheric self, the red-rush hunger is for dark drums.

Recent Book Recommendations with Thumbs UP or Down

The following books have been selected as noteworthy due to a number of factors, as expressed to the best of my ability, as to contents and audience. The list may be updated occasionally, as I find time for brief reviews, good or bad, which I hope will serve to further your own spiritual journey.

The following books are recommended (or not) for the reasons included:

Between the Realms, by Boo Newell. Boo is a close personal friend of mine, so I cannot claim impartiality. It is subtitled, What Ghosts Teach Us About Life & Death. In the book, Boo gives firsthand accounts of conversations with the departed who have become earthbound for various reasons. Not all go to the light, and their reasons vary. While the book exceeds 200pp, it reads in one big gulp because of her unique powers, insights and abilities. Boo is able to see and communicate directly with spirits and entities. Boo also does phone readings, and I’ve referred a number of clients to her, all of whom rave about her accuracy and uncanny ability. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND A PHONE READING WITH BOO TO ACCESS YOUR SPIRIT COMPANIONS. You can tell her I sent you, otherwise you’ll be months before reaching her. Her book is available on Amazon or through her website. TWO THUMBS HIGH UP!

The Weiser Field Guide to Vampires: Legends, Practices, and Encounters Old and New, by J.M. Dixon. This is a smallish paperback published in 2009 that can be found on Amazon, Abe Books, and others inexpensively. For it’s small guidebook size, running 190 pages, it is the first one I’d recommend to would-be vamplings. In it you’ll find a tremendous amount of solid information. From the back cover, “From the Hunger to Blood Feeding to how to tell if you are a vampire, this handbook will keep you aware…” It also has a Glossary to acquaint new vamplings with the various associations and vampiric network groups (not all of which may be operational at this time). Highly Recommended. THUMBS UP!

Islam, Arabs, and the Intelligent World of the Jinn, by Amira El-Zein. A masterful background from a scholar who has to date, unquestionably produced the definitive book on the Jinn. Scholarly examination of law, theology, literature, along with the metaphysical and cosmological aspects of Islam, this is the go-to book on the Jinn. A scholarly blending of myth, religion and reality translated for the western reader. Highly Recommended. THUMBS UP!

Vampires Among Us, by Rosemary Ellen Guiley. A well-balanced survey of those who believe, doubt, or are otherwise curious about the appeal of vampires in general. An important corrective for those following the movie-based profiles of vampires. A commendable survey that is prismatic in approach, providing a comprehensive survey in its own abbreviated way. Explodes the difference between those who are merely hemophiles and those who are vampires, and covers the vast difference in between the two in a concise fashion. THUMBS UP

Child Possessed, by David St. Clair. A noteworthy read unique in the documentation of spirit possession, displaying as it does that both benevolent and malevolent spirits can possess a person. This is a true story, based upon extensive public records, of what happened in the small town of Watseka, Illinois, between the years of 1865 and 1878. Mary Rolf, an unassuming 19 year-old girl died suddenly in 1865 under strange circumstances. Stranger still, thirteen years later in 1878, Mary Roff reappeared in the living body of Lurancy Vennum. What happens throughout the book provides a rare glimpse into how easily the physical body can be inhabited by another spirit-body under certain circumstances. Well written as well. Highly recommended. THUMBS HIGH UP!

Eros & Evil, by R.L. Masters, Subtitled, “The Sexual Psychopathology of Witchcraft,” an older text devoted to the mythology and lore of a host of demonic beings with various source books and histories, most of which make for interesting reading and cultic background material. It is well-rounded, and while it must be remembered that some of the material is taken from biased sources such as the church, it remains a unique sourcebook of information that the author has extracted and condensed from ancient sources that remain invaluable in their own right. THUMBS UP!

Graveyard: True Hauntings From an Old New England Cemetery, by Ed & Lorraine Warren. This is an easy to read and fast paced book based upon the further adventures of two demonologists involved in numerous exorcisms, mostly failed. The two are Catholics and bring to bear the typical pagan rosary beads, crucifix, Hail Mary rainbow of pseudo-religious yahooism, and holy water when they’re not busy trying to convince parish priests that demons exist. That said, the entities in their books are far more intriguing than the authors. The narrative is based on the testimony of 28 people.  Noteworthy is the wide variety of experiences and several pages of actual spirit-photographs. THUMBS UP!

Advanced Lucid Dreaming: The Power of Supplements, by Thomas Yuschak. A mixed bag of supplements researched by the author, each designed to induce Lucid Dreams and/or Out of Body Experiences. They may or may not work, mostly the effective ones will induce a lucid dream occasionally, and involve the typical alarm-setting sleep disruption pattern needed before taking them. For some this alone is a huge barrier. Otherwise, after a sexual encounter with your beloved vamp spirit in the wee hours, you might want to sample a few of his recommendations since you’re already awake. Results are inconsistent but upon occasion some can take you upon a wild high-def dream blitz. As always, be sure none of the recommendations will interfere with any prescription drugs you may be taking. Neutral to slightly positive Recommendation. Adjust your expectations accordingly. ONE THUMB UP, ONE DOWN

The Women’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, by Barbara Walker. A massive tome of female-goddess lore and associated mythology. Well over 1100 pages, some illustrations in b/w, including entries posted as you’d find them in a dictionary. Much of the information has been culled from archives that would take a research a decade to compile. Sadly, while there are two pages devoted to the cult of Diana (Lucifera/Nocticula), there is nothing to include her composite persona, either as Lucifera or Nocticula. Still, a worthy addition to anyone’s mythological or occult reference library. Highly recommended. THUMBS UP!

Daemonolater’s Guide to Spirit Keeping & Spirit Vessels, by S. Connolly & Andrieh Vitimus. A slim 47 page volume giving S. Connolly’s viewpoint on spirit-vessels and spirit keeping. Her cheerful opening begins, “So you bought a Daemon King, Prince, Duke etc off of eBay or some website! Congratulations. You just got ripped off.”  Of course, this assumes she has surveyed every buyer of every seller worldwide who purchases online. I know of other sellers, including myself, who sell genuine bindings because clients tell me of them, although they may be the minority. That’s the real world. Connolly’s world is black and white with no known exceptions.

More pleasantries follow. For example, on pg 27, she states: “Don’t be an arrogant jackass and sell Daemons on the Internet. Even if you think it’s funny (???) or just trying to make bank on the noobs, Christians, and wanna-be’s, just don’t. From a Daemonolater’s point-of view – its sacrilege! (to whom???) From a magician’s point of view it’s shady (why???) as hell and screams, “That person is a fraud and a charlatan. Or perhaps just a douche.”

In response, first of all, I have yet to find anyone selling spirit-entities online for fun, or because its somehow a sacrilege (to whom? Jesus? the Devil? The Pope perhaps.) Nobody actually “sells” a demon or vampire. You purchase the service of the seller to conjure and bind, not place the demon in bondage. Because her diatribe is so heavy-handed it’s hard to take seriously. The review was needed because the title suggests that it will be informative, balanced, and fact-based, not a fascist rant on everyone who dares sell a demon binding online. BOTH THUMBS DOWN!

Songs Sung from Vampire Shadows:

Some personal favorites from “non-vampiric” sources.

Natural by Imagine Dragons (You Tube) Lyrics: “That’s the price you pay. Leave behind your heartache, cast away. Just another product of today. I’d rather be the hunter than the prey…” A vampyric hymn to that red-rushing hunger. The video version on YouTube featuring Derek Hough doing the tango with twin female beauties is breaktaking! BOTH THUMBS WAY WAY UP!

Nevermind, by Leonard Cohen, (You-Tube) Lyrics:  “I live among you, well-disguised. There’s truth that lives, and truth that dies…so nevermind” Bless his dark soul, sung like a fallen angel…..Give a listen! BOTH THUMBS WAY UP! 

O’ Death by Jen Titus (You Tube, Full Version), Lyrics: “but what is this that I can’t see, with ice-cold hands taking hold of me.” The Supernatural clip is shorter than the full version, but oh so fun to watch a “brush with death” by tehno-worshipping baby boomer hit the dust.. BOTH THUMBS UP!

Take me to Church, by Hozier (You Tube, Lucifer clip), Lyrics: “take me to church, I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies, I’ll tell you my sins so you can sharpen your knife; offer me that deathless death, Good God, let me give you my life…” Great lyrics and an incredible performance to boot… BOTH THUMBS WAY WAY UP!

I Will Never Die, by Delta Rae (You Tube) Lyrics:  “sycamore, moss, ash and loam, wrap your roots all around my bones, and when they come for me, and when they call my name, cast my shadow from a bellow’s flame….I loved ya for too long…” Gusty voice that soars with the angels to a booming drumbeat that’ll drive a stake through your rock Delta! BOTH THUMBS WAY UP!

A Little Wicked, by Valerie Broussard (You Tube) “nobody calls you honey when you’re sitting on a throne. I’ll be high up in that tower, he’ll be down there getting stoned…As I lay me down to sleep, I will not scream, I will not weep…if he should die before he wakes, I pray the lord his soul to take…” Would make a great bonfire requiem for a witchdance at 3am. BOTH THUMBS UP!

Twist in My Sobriety, by Tanita Tikaram (You Tube) “look, my eyes are just holograms. Look, your love has drawn red from my hands; from my hands you know you’ll never be more than a twist in my sobriety…Up in arms and chaste and whole, all God’s children took their toll…” Mesmerizing melody sung like smoke on water. BOTH THUMBS WAY UP!

A Thousand Years, by Sting (You Tube) “I may be numberless, I may be innocent, I may know many things, I may be ignorant, or I could ride with kings and conquer many lands, or win this world at cards and let it slip my hands. I could be cannon food, destroyed a thousand times, reborn as Fortune’s child to judge another’s crimes….I have but one belief…..I still love you…” Sung with heart and soul as only Sting can… capturing the haunted soul of a vampire’s heart…bravo!…..BOTH THUMBS UP!

Carpe Noctum! In Nomine Saguis. In Nomine Lux. In Nomine Lucifera.

The following entries are provided for purposes of understanding our terminology, which may vary from that of others. I do not practice western occultism, and thus found it necessary to provide as concise a definition as possible to avoid confusion.

Alchemy  This term refers to transformational alchemy done solely through the agency of the higher vampiric orders, and those known as Hierophants. It can also be practiced at a lower level by using the Vampire Arveda Yoga system as outlined in the book. At higher levels, blood is conjured and converted, mostly from other vampires rather than humans, extracted from its physical and metaphysical energy that can enliven or enervate humans and others for the benefit of Hierophants. Unlike others, Hierophants do not seek physical blood, nor are they psi-pires, but psi-vipers, drawing massive amounts from vampire alchemy. They are neither sang nor psi, but both and elevated. Lucifera is the sacred master of vampiric alchemy, and holds supremacy over Lilith due to her powers of emaciation granted by the Father.  

Anu.Dra This term is used for those who are sired from Lilith and the Father, sometimes referred to as Annunaki Dragons, which is the closest English translation. The Anu.Dra are literally, “Those Father born of Dragon Fire.” They are closest to Lilith in power and may align with either Lilith or Lucifera, and be oppositional to one another. The Anu.Dra feed upon warfare and massive numbers of combatants. Otherwise, they do not involve themselves with human affairs except under the guidance of Lucifera. Lilith and Lucifera, along with Lucifer are all referred to as Sacred Anu.Dra Overseers, being High Archons of the order. Lilith is oppositional to Lucifera and Lucifer; and vice-versa. Lucifera is the subject of the forthcoming book, Vampire Apocryphon, and is the most powerful vampire, known as Nyx and Nocticula, etc. 

Astral Realm  This term, when applied to vampires, is termed the Crossing Realms, due to the fact that it crosses between heaven and hell, both of which are off limits to vampires. Vampires are exempt from human judgment by the Father, as stated in the bible. It is parallel to the human astral realm, but humans are protected from its boundaries, and are subject to heaven or hell as accords with their actions and free will. It is a violent realm inhabited by a hierarchy of forces alien to the human race, with the upper Crossing assigned to Lucifera, as closest in proximity to heaven. The lower Crossing is assigned to Lilith, as closest in proximity to hell.

Astral Vampire A term coined by Franz Hartmann referring to the astrally projected spirit of a living vampire who preys upon people, draining them of their lifeforce to one degree or another

Binding   This term refers to binding a spirit-entity to a human through conjuration and agreement, most commonly. However, a curse or demon of any kind can be bound by involuntary action through sorcery or witchcraft. Bindings can also be made via portals by experienced practitioners, such as the one used on this site which binds demonic curses to those who steal listings to perpetuate fraud by the act of opening and duplicating the listing, which opens and activates the binding.

Black Sanctum Binding  A term used for a combination of alchemical energy spells performed only by vampires that combines the alchemical forces of hemomancy (blood sorcery), psychomancy (psychic sorcery) and erotomancy (sexual sorcery). This is an exclusively developed binding that greatly empowers the attributes of the selected entity, while enhancing their metaphysical abilities, and their intimate connection.

Black Shekinah  This title belongs to Lucifera as the Black Shekinah Goddess and to Lilith, known as the Black Shekinah Queen. Lilith was never the wife of Adam, and has set about attempting to destroy the Jewish race for this gross blasphemy. She is allowed to overreach her authority by divine fiat due to the blasphemous slander placed upon her and the power granted to her originally by the Almighty.

Black Swan A term used by vampires denoting a willing human blood donor attached to a sire.

Blood Binding  This term refers to using blood as a binding element to deepen and oft times forever seal the bond made. Specific rites overseen by Lucifera seal the bond of transformation indelibly and forever, and in so doing, remove the participant from the realm of humans and their limitations to that of vampires, and theirs. Once done, heaven and hell are not options. Punishment is inflicted for infractions by either enervation or emaciation (see emaciation, enervation). The Black Obsidian Blood binding is particular to Lucifera, who rules the higher realm of vampires, and is granted upon transformation.

Duo Bound  This term refers to a double binding, normally in vampire-craft to an entity that is further empowered by an energy-crafted spell, sometimes called enwrapped spell or casting call. The call is upon alchemic vampire craft, and thus the difference between a traditional spell and a casting call. Unless born of the blood, no witch or sorcerer can tap into the power due to the fact that the realm from which it is crafted is off limits to humans, whether sorcerers or witches.

Emaciation  This is the capital punishment for gross offenses against the ruling order of Lucifera or as performed independently by the Father. Lilith does not possess the power of Emaciation, which is a balancing check placed by the First Eternal Father upon her defiant rebellion. Emaciation is the near extinction of a vampire’s lifeforce for an extended period. Although vampires are not subject to heaven or hell, this does not prohibit the Father or Lucifera from imposing severe penalties and/or punishment. It is a lucid coma state, but with full consciousness of blood energy hunger. It has parallels in vampire lore as evidenced in the recent spate of vampire themed books, movies, and shows.

Enervation  This is a punishment for lesser offenses imposed upon vampires alone. It is the forceful depletion of a vampire’s energy into a state of near atrophy, imposed until a time specified by the rate of enervation and who imposed it. The Father has the ultimate right to impose enervation, although Lucifera, acting in behalf of the Father can and will impose enervation within and without her realm. Enervation is akin to the lore of sealing a vampire with silver so it cannot rise. Silver, however, actually helps empower vampires because of its metaphysical conductivity. Lilith also has powers of enervation that are similar, but used for more sinister purposes of captivation and containment.

Erotomancy  Sexual sorcery, often connected with tantric sex rites, succubi and incubi spirit-entities in general. Nearly all vampires with few exceptions are hypersexual to one degree or another. Exceptions include others as noted on the site. Chamunda and other Matrika Goddesses are on the whole non-sexual. Demons may or may not be depending upon their divine makeup.

Essential Vampire The act of extracting life energy as prana, sex energy, or blood, as an “essence” from another. Not always viewed negatively by vampires when communing with a mortal or vice-versa.

First Eternal Father  Vampires never refer to God, which is blasphemy. The term God is taken from a contraction of Godan, or “Father Goth,” who is none other than Odin, who is the Norse All-Father, called god of the hanged for the human sacrifices he reveled in. Odin was also titled, “lord of the winds,” and as such, was granted the title of being the “Prince of the Power of the Air,” a title conferred upon Satan and the one Christians are in fear of due to the evil nature of this same god they unknowingly worship. Turns out they hate and worship one and the same god. Hypocrisy doesn’t even come close to the divine outrage the Almighty feels for that name being worshipped in place of his own. It also activates a transgression against deity by instituting the reincarnation cycle for those who worship this so-called “God”. Satanists term him the Demiurge, which is the opposite mistake for the same reason. We call upon him as First Eternal Father or the Almighty. We consider Almighty Saturnus as the closest manifested power to the unseen and eternal nature of what one would consider “God.”

Full Affinity  This term describes a binding that uses the Akashic Record to index the most compatible entity, as a reflection of one’s highly individual energy field. It is both an energy conjuration and entity conjuration that matches energy to energy, going well beyond the initial attraction one would feel by impulse. It must be performed by one so authorized to access it. Both Lucifera and Lilith have access to these records.

Ghost A ghost generally falls into several distinct categories: Most are either passive or aggressive earthbound spirits, depending upon their emotional makeup. A passive ghost is generally one whose earthbound spirit is linked to a place that carried emotional weight during life, and may be especially linked to a specific location: house or area. Aggressive ghosts are often malevolent earthbound spirits who fear moving on and feel compelled to act out their compulsive behavior. Oftentimes gamblers, alcoholics, murderers, soldiers and the like will latch onto a like-meets-like person to act out. Most ghosts, however, are non-violent. Although some can be possessed by a demon who inhabited the person prior to passing. This combined empowerment can be strong enough to allow for physical possession of another person, and is typically encountered in cases of demonic possession and haunted houses with physical, sexual abuse, or murder, while often expressing extreme religious hatred due to the lies and fantasies preached to them when alive about the free and easy absolution of sin, heaven, etc.  Their frustration empowers their rage, making any religious exorcism extremely dangerous for the victim. *Ghosts are not revenants, which are supernaturally empowered souls raised from the dead with amplified powers normally associated with vampires, witches, and demons. A revenant is always allied with the higher supernatural power. Some are malicious, others are not. All are more highly empowered to work on multiple levels in the material realm. They often possess metaphysical superpowers. *Revenants are normally spirit-entities without a physical body. Revenants with a physical body are “zombies,” and are severely limited in time and duration, mostly associated with extremely malevolent purposes, empowered by sacrificial black magic. The soul of the person, oftentimes a voodoo priestess, performing the rite is also sacrificed, without exception, to the demon animating the corpse, to be used for a like purpose upon passing. The magician is thus forever chained to death and reanimation as a corpse.

Hemomancy  Blood sorcery

Hierophant  When applied to vampires, it refers to those closest in power and proximity to Lilith and Lucifera. Heirophants have supreme power over vampiric alchemy, which Lilith does not possess. It is a power stripped from Lilith upon her adamant transgressions, and conferred upon Lucifera for bowing in obedience to his sacred oversight.

House Keresian A vampire established order overseen by Queen of the Keres, Lucifera [aka Nocticula, Nyx, etc.], Goddess of Warfare & Black Wisdom. She is, in Christian terms, the Devil, but rather than act against God, she is his enforcer and has consumate power over other entities. Her number is 40, designated after her eons ago rebellion against the Almighty. She oversees as Empress of Hell, forty actual hells in this realm and others. Forty is the number of trail, tribulation and testing.

Lilith  Grossly insulted by Jewish folklore that claims she was born of slime instead of clay, nothing could be further from the truth. Lilith was beloved as the Black Shekinah Queen, and given a holy diadem of power, presence and dark grace before she fell. She was adored as divine, gracious and near to the Father in power for a time. Until she fell. She acts as Lucifera’s lieutenant and chief enforcer, even as Lucifera acts as God’s enforcer. Lilith rules the infernal realms of Hell, chaos, and punishment as designated by Lucifera.

Lucifera  The Obsidain Vampire Goddess. Known for having alchemical powers that are in some respects far more potent than that of Lilith. Lucifera obeys the Almighty and has been granted the higher vampire realms, over which she rules. She can convey extremely magical powers upon any she chooses, which Lilith cannot. She can also project enervation and emaciation upon whom she chooses. She was more widely worshipped than Lilith, but due to the confusion of the names Lucifera and Lucifer (her elder brother), the church in its gross ignorance made Lucifer the female force over Venus and at times, Mars, two forces of love and violence, over which Lucifera rules by divine right. Her totem is the obsidian snake that encircles our logo, with the tail turned against reincarnation. She is the liberator of reincarnation via vampiric transformation and the destroyer and resurrector par excellence. 

Lucifer  Beloved and once lost in the fall along with a host of followers, Lucifer is deemed the morning star, and bright light bearer throughout the heavens. He never once thought of replacing his own father because of pride, but fell to assist Lilith avoid the curse of blood for firstborns, or Hierophants, which the Father imposed in hopes of destroying the lineage. For this transgression, he was enervated and fell prey shortly thereafter to Sataniel, where he remained in bondage until his penalty was deemed as paid, and upon his petition to return to his beloved Father, he did so. He now rules the multiverse from the right hand and power of the Father Almighty, having learned the lessons needed to advance in power, wisdom and divine might. He is indeed, the prodigal son.

Mantrum Binding  This refers to a mantra taken from the vibrational frequency of the name and date of birth for a companion seeking an entity. The entity is matched as a “lesser full affinity” type of binding, allowing the energy frequency to more closely match and bind to one’s chosen spirit-entity.

Necromancy  In terms of vampiric craft, this is not the same as sorcerous witchcraft. The difference is that the spirit/soul of the dead can be empowered by vampiric energy and source energy combined, providing a new type of hybrid power. It is a power only Nocticula possesses.

Nocticula This is one of the many titles of Lucifera, which includes Diana, Diana-Lucifera, Artemis, Sekhmet, and others. As Nocticula, she possesses the supreme powers of resurrection and reanimation. She is the only Goddess to possess the sacred Book of Shadows, for which she enrolls those devoted to her as children of Nyx (another of her titles), by blood rite. This occurs with a blood bound Vampire Transformation we exclusively perform. She is also feared as the Queen of the Night, Queen of the Keres, and Queen of Blood, which is reflected in her sigil. She is the true Triple Goddess, not Hecate. She rules the heavens, the earth, and the underworld. None but the Almighty can withstand her powers, including Satan and Lilith. She is also known as The Virgin Queen of Cunning.

Primus Vampire A senior vampire assigned to found an order, or House, at the behest of a senior vampire god or goddess. The spiritual overseer of the House is said Vampire God or Goddess.

Psychomancy  Mental and/or psychic sorcery. In popular lore, compulsion, but extends much further in scope, mental depth and power.

Revenant A spirit [not a corpse] resurrected by Nocticula and empowered by her as a changeling. Nocticula is the Goddess of Changelings. A corpse revenant is localized, contained, and isolated to an area under a curse, usually a family curse. Many such revenants are damned to endure confinement in graveyards, such as the notorious Highgate Vampire in the UK. Spirit revenants, unlike corpse revenants, are under the auspices of Nocticula [Lucifera], and are not under confinement or damnation.

Succubus/Incubus  Succubi are female demons or vampires. The species varies depending upon variety. Vampiric succubi are stronger because of their vibrational range. Incubi are male demons or vampires. Vampiric incubi, like succubi, are stronger because of their vibrational range. It is a myth that they change or shape-shift from one sex to another. They are either male or female. There is no such thing as a hermaphroditic succubus or incubus. Hermaphroditic spirits are always spirits of a far lesser interest or capacity for sexual relations with humans.

Vampire  More accurately called vampyre which is reflective of the fiery nature born from Lilith’s Black Shekinah powers and that of fiery necromancy associated with blood and burial by sympathetic magic, also used by Lilith to create the species. Used generically due to the more widespread term, vampire. There are as many types as one can imagine, from sang to psi-pire to hierophant and others.