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Terms, Conditions & Policies

Vampire Ashram,  House Keresian, Vampire Haven & The Sorcerer’s Cellar and its principal affiliates shall not be held responsible for any injuries, damages, or losses resulting from the use or misuse of products or services purchased from this site. Buyer must be at least 18 years old to purchase. Products and services are not intended as a replacement for professional medical or psychological assistance. Individuals vary in tolerance to metaphysical energies, spells, and entity bindings; hence results will vary as well. The act of purchasing from our listings signifies your acceptance of these terms and releases this storefront and its owner(s) from all liability.

~Privacy Policy~

This notice discloses the privacy practices for Vampire Ashram, LLC, along with House Keresian, The Sorcerer’s Cellar, and our website We are the sole owners of the information collected on this site. We restrict access to, and only collect information that you voluntarily give us via email or other direct contact. We will never ask for your social security number or other sensitive data. We never rent, sell, distribute or otherwise provide your personal or financial information to anyone else and take every reasonable precaution to protect your confidentiality. We do not use “cookies” on our site. Vampire Ashram LLC contains links to other sites as follows: BookLogix is the publishing house who fulfills orders on behalf of VA. Our book recommendations may contain links to eBay, Amazon and/or the site associated with the review. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of these sites.

~Layaway Policy~

We offer a convenient layaway program with one-third down upon receipt of payment to reserve any listing you desire. The balance is due within a 60-day period in whatever amount you choose to apply. We will invoice the requested payment via PayPal. Any termination prior to the actual binding will be refunded less the 20% surcharge according to our refund policy, outlined below:

~Refund Policy~

Due to financial charges made through PayPal, along with the abuses encountered of those who invest either frivolously or out of curiosity, and the upgrading of intensity in our site and the associated spells accompanying the bindings, our refund policy is as follows: Refunds are limited to three Full Affinity bindings listed at the basic level and displayed as such in the Vampire Ashram department. In these three cases only, an 80% refund will be made if there is no manifestation, and refunded accordingly within 15 days of the binding. This reflects the following costs that are not refundable: PayPal now charges sellers a 10% fee for all refunds, leaving the seller in the hole for a 10% loss on all refunds. Additionally, I have provided a service at my risk, and have to perform a revocation as well, which automatically doubles my expenditure of time. This has led to the occasional abuse of those who want to “test the waters.” I do not offer samples, which is a direct abuse of the entity involved in being conjured, bound, then revoked. Satan has banned such exploitative behavior and has vowed to retaliate in such instances, both retroactively and proactively.

Also, any engraved items or spells are non-refundable.

*Please note: Once a refund is made the relationship is terminated and no further orders will be accepted. This rarely occurs and most frequently happens when a block is in place and there may be an insufficient manifestation combined with an unwillingness to undergo a banishing and unblocking work. Investing in more powerful or numerous bindings DOES NOT remove, but rather entrenches a block, which in turn takes longer to overcome. Nor can anyone “meditate” a block away. A binding acts immediately. If a manifestation does not occur, a block is the reason, regardless of its source, which in most cases is related to too many, not too little, vessel bindings, especially bridge-bound vessels. The cost of cheap vessel bindings often leads to a very costly block, frustration, and inability to develop a strong relationship with a truly worthy spirit-entity. Such bindings are far from inexpensive. They cost dearly.

~Safety Policy~

It should be noted that I do not work in western occultism or magick. I work as a direct agent for Lucifera and Satan as the two main sources for the conjurations and bindings I perform. Both are considered extremely dark principalities of power and may not be appropriate for those who are uncomfortable with such powers, energies, and manifestations. Also, many of the bindings are non-revocable due to the method and power and pledge to which one secures the binding. This is especially true in the Sinister Assembly and Principalities of Power departments.

Be aware that vampire energy implants are non-reversible and may cause unpredictable changes that will vary from one person to another in both intensity and results. Therefore there is no applicable screening process that will determine their safety. Such bindings are therefore more risky than a spell, should adverse reactions occur, since the intrinsic human energy system is adopting a foreign energy frequency. The associated changes that occur can result in vampiric behavior patterns or cravings for the implanted energy. This is especially true in the case of Black Alchemy bindings involving a servitor, which results in the same associated actions as a living revenant.

What about blocks?

Should a block be present I will work to remove it. The unblocking/banishing spell and energy work I provide is at least twice as time consuming than a regular binding. It requires a person to remove the typical vessels that create such blocks since they acts like “nails” in the tire of your energy: leeching without giving because these vessel bound spirits need life-support to begin and have nothing in return to give. I will work with anyone to remove any existing blocks, which occur in a minority of instances and boil down to three general types: 1) vessel bindings, and especially vessel bindings that are “bridged” to you; 2) a pre-existing entity who wants to be bound but isn’t, and therefore blocks all bindings (these are not malicious, but loving entities attempting to reconnect), and 3) internal blocks due to fear or anxiety or lowered energy frequency (these resolve in time with energy work, meditation, and energy bindings combined).

Look before you Leap

*It is therefore strongly suggested that prior to investing, you have a free scan performed to see if an existing block will hamper manifestation. If have purchased a number of vessel bindings, especially bridge bindings, a free scan will be performed at no cost to determine if there is an existing block. Purchasing more powerful bindings does NOT remove a block since the leverage of a number of weak astral spirits can in themselves block a manifestation since it subtracts energy from you that is needed for a binding. Vessel bindings are the most common offenders. If there are a number of them, you alone must decide whether to proceed or not.

Also, any engraved items or spells are non-refundable.

Our Right of Refusal

Vampire Ashram reserves the right to refuse a purchase, if at our discretion, it is deemed unsuitable for any reason. Any who have a history of drug or alcohol abuse, or an inherently unstable mental condition are advised to avoid occult bindings, especially strong direct bindings. Because I do not bind spirits, but beings/entities, such bindings carry the risk of enhanced manifestation, as they are drawn from the Underworld by the empowerment of the Devil and/or Satan. If you attempt to coerce or believe in the myth that they can be told what to do, you are opening yourself up to not only defiance, but danger. They will work with you, but not as an enslaved being to be mistreated or disrespected. Those suffering from PTSD are particularly vulnerable to the occult and should seek counseling rather than the occult, which may worsen symptoms.

All bindings I perform carry inherent risks and rewards. Due to these unknown factors in one’s personal history, it is your responsibility to assess the potential risk and to assume responsibility for those choices.

In case of spirit-entity revocation there will be an associated fee due to the additional amount of time expended for the binding.

Please Note: If you purchase from this site, you are adopting potentially intense spirit-entities which may or may not conform to experiences received elsewhere, and do so at your own risk. These are entity bindings, and not spirit bindings in the traditional sense of the word. Entities as such manifest with a more intensified presence and a denser physical force, often resulting in stronger episodes of physical, sexual and psychic energy. The bindings, spells, and vampiric energy implants are not performed using Western Occultism or according to the standard procedures used by witches or sorcerers or black magicians, and are a proprietary blend of vampiric, blood, and energy alchemy performed in tandem with Lucifera and Satan.

Who’s Who in Hell?

I hold to the following: That Lucifer is not Satan. Satan is not the Devil. And Lucifer is not the Devil. The Devil is Lucifera, and contrary to religious claims, oftentimes works at the behest of the Almighty to rule the realms of Hell, or to wreak vengeance on earth, including chaos and massive destruction in her vampiric and demonic capacities. And none of these are Fallen Angels, they are principalities of Power. I deny the truth and validity of Christianity and Satanism as practiced in the west. If one does not know the identity of the Devil vs. Satan, as Jesus obviously does not, nor the fact that Lucifer is NOT an angel, nor was he ever, then the claim to Messiahship is misplaced. Lucifer is a principality of Power. He fell, but to describe him as a fallen angel, or as another name for Satan, is a gross misnomer and error, especially since the two are often at odds with one another.

Legal Disclaimer: Except for books or other tangible items, all listings are restricted to those who are 18 years of age or older. Vampire Ashram LLC and it’s affiliated companies or associates are not responsible for any paranormal activities that may or may not occur. Also, no claims are intentionally made or implied for any health benefits or services, either mental or physical, that would preclude or supersede professional medical advice or care.