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In Nomine Sanguis. In Nomine Lux. In Nomine Lucifera.

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Aunt Samatha Wants You!

That’s why she’s now enlisting all eligible vampires, those who have rebirthed their blood and devoted their soul to the never-ending night, to join the True Blood Club. Enlistment is free and the sign-up bonus includes an eternal life discount of 20% on all our items (excluding monthly specials). How this works…

The True Blood Club

The True Blood Club is designed for all those who have completed the full vampire transformation, having adopted an immortal senior vampire sire who is pledged to our sacred overseer, Lucifera, the Obsidian Blood Goddess. This discount includes the intensive Vampire Arveda Trainers certification program, under the private guidance of Lucien Mars, along with all future special seminars and trainings associated with Vampire Ashram, should you wish to train others as an independent affiliate. As such, you would partner with a truly unique venture devoted to vampiric metaphysics. This is a once-in-a-lifetime invitation to join a growing vampire enterprise that has been raising the metaphysical bar ever since we began almost a decade ago.

In addition, you will also be eligible for special True Blood Club offerings, which are restricted to those who are members in good standing. Vampire Ashram, and the goals of our sacred overseer Lucifera, are to provide a haven for vampires and their special metaphysical needs. This is a need Wiccans cannot meet, nor can stereotypical Western Occultists fathom our sacred history, complexity, and metaphysical power. We are different, our magic is different, our blood is different, our needs are different, and our spiritual path and sacred hierarchy is unlike any other. Those who have rebirthed their blood, have rebirthed their soul with different privileges, limitations and powers. Without proper guidance and spiritual instruction, you are highly likely to reincarnate blindly, like the rest of the human herd, still lost, still searching to satisfy who and what you are behind the flimsiest veneer of skin and vanity, enslaved to human ideology and hard-wired survival instincts that lead to a debased spiritual state of being, but never becoming. We are not food and fodder for religious fools or New Ageism. We were here when there were no ages. And we’ll be here when all ages pass away.

The Reborn Blood Order of Lucifera

While this listing is meant to promote a blood rebirth into the high vampire realm of Lucifera, it is not to be taken lightly. There are serious and irreversible consequences of a blood rebirth into the Reborn Blood Order of Lucifera, who has usurped and replaced the vampiric hierarchy of the old order, which was dominated for many eons by Lilith, who is our mother, but no longer our overseer. The vampiric realm is currently at war, the lower realm of Lilith opposed to the higher realm of Lucifera. This war will continue once you cut the human cord, and thus, you can no more return to your former human state than you can return to childhood once adolescence sets in. The Father will not allow it, so appealing to some religious mumbo-jumbo or pseudo-savior will be met with silence, because you alone exercised your freewill to sever yourself from the human race, en toto. You will still look the part, but only as a mask of illusion.

Moreover, you are stepping into a war zone where your powers will be tested, and thus our commitment is to spiritually empower you as a vampire, not to excel in miracles on earth, which are meaningless, but to thrive in a realm to which humans, witches, angels, and others are not allowed to enter. They would be immediately consumed, as the energy is deadly intense, and the Father has set impenetrable barriers to anyone seeking to trespass. The benefits are also intense: spiritual power, sexual power, and what humans term “magical powers” are supremely amplified, allowing vampires to transgress upon other planes for various purposes. Thus, the mission of Vampire Ashram is to educate, empower and elevate the spiritual side of vampirism, because warfare has the effect of selecting the strongest to survive and grow stronger still. Because power without freedom under Lilith, is merely oppression. And freedom without power is meaningless to a vampire.

You are also pledging your soul to the oversight of Lucifera, who alone dictates at the behest of the Eternal Father, how to equitably serve His needs before your own. His will is served by containing the forces of chaos imposed by Lilith, lending His power to the right hand and wisdom of Lucifera, along with Lucifer. Once you are reborn into the True Blood, you will be required to expand your powers with the intent of serving a higher power than yourself. The earth is, and always has been, a garden of Eden for vampires, from which to prey upon the spiritually backward race of humanity and its endless wars spurred by the very religions we have helped create, whose back story reveals in a shadow form, a darker reality side by side with the true reality of the True Blood.

So, while it’s fun to play upon the parody of Uncle Sam to make a point, that we aren’t devoid of humor, in the honesty of full disclosure, it is important to point out the vast difference in this realm and the vampiric one, along with who your sacred overseer happens to be. There must be an all-consuming need to become a vampire that has a germinal seed from a past life, or series of them, that has led you to this time and place. If not, you are urged to not trespass on altering your destiny in pursuit of merely earthly powers. Those who excommunicate themselves are cast adrift, and left to fend without protection or power, often to be enervated or emaciated in the high-powered spirit realm of true vampires. Like everything else you choose: some things you gain; some you lose. Choose wisely as if your life depends upon it, because it most certainly does.