Restructuring of Vampire Ashram Transformation Guidelines & Elder Status

Greetings Brothers & Sisters of the Blood. As we move forward into 2022, many needed changes are being put in place that will affect everyone, whether as a TV or Elder. As many of you are aware, there were notable defections in two excommunicated TVs, one of Shihua Lai who proved to be a liar [...]

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New Elder & Outlook Plans for Personal Growth With Vampire Ashram

Latest Elder selected by Lucifera I am pleased to announce, at Lucifera's insistence and approval, that a long-standing TV, whose pen/magical name is Saturni, has been elevated to the position of elder. He joins the ranks of our esteemed elders, each of whom has demonstrated the self-motivation that is required to become an elder. In [...]

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A Sneak Preview of the Next Grimoire to be Published by Vampire Ashram

I know many TVs are eager to learn, to grow and have a stronger foundation upon which to build. And therefore I will begin with a privately published set of grimoires designed exclusively for purposes of vampiric magic, building an astral temple, understanding the specific rites that are exclusive to Lucifera, including her devotions. Many [...]

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2021 Updates and Changes to Vampire Ashram & House Keresian

Greetings Blood Brothers & Sisters of Lucifera. Nobody will miss the year 2020, filled as it was with upheavals of all kinds, geographical, political and metaphysical. Having reached an all time low for lowlifes such as Satania store, Vampire Ashram will be introducing the following changes designed to keep rank thievery of intellectual property as [...]

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Lucifera’s Vampire Forum Now Open! is now open! Greetings Brothers & Sisters of the Blood: Because the number of transformed vampires has recently increased, the need to form a more solid and cohesive vampire partnership among one's peers, brothers, and sisters of the blood, a new and semi-independent forum site has been assembled for the public and for those [...]

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New House Keresian Security Policy for Vampire Transformations: Bans & Vows Against Spirit/Vessel Bindings

Effective immediately, a new security policy is being put in place for all those who have either 1) transformed in the past, or those who intend to undergo a vampire transformation in the future. Since posting the general articles declaring war on Satan and "Why Demons Burn Down Houses," two more "Max-like" attacks have occurred [...]

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A Model of Vampire Transcendence From One Who Received Lucifera’s Blessing

I am thrilled to share an experience of a recently transformed vampire who has received what I hope EVERY transformed vampire seeks: spiritual and vampiric transcendence. There is no frozen in amber heaven or hell. And the Hell for a vampire devoted to Lucifera is known as the Holy Black Abyss. It is NOT the [...]

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