House Keresian Codex for Converted and/or Transformed Vampire Adepts

House Keresian Codex ~The Seven Tenets of Our Eternal Vampyric Faith~ House Keresian represents the religion of the Keresian Vampire; a vampire religion whose consecrated adherents hold to the following seven basic tenets: I. We hold that Nyx, aka Lucifera, is the Original Vampire Goddess above and primary to all others, created directly by the [...]

The Temple of Nyx Project: From Nyx to Nocticula, The Night Belongs to Lucifera

At the behest of Lucifera, I am sponsoring our newest project meant for all who worship the Night, as Nyx, as Lucifera-Nocticula. The project will be funded in part by sales on our site and from generous donations of time, or skills, or money, or materials, or any you may feel called upon to contribute [...]

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