Frequently Asked Questions


Included herein are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. These may be amended from time to time when additional information is included, since we frequently are unable to respond to the volume of emails received:

Q: I need your advice on which to choose as I prefer the type that is able to physically manifest as I prefer physical sex rather than in a dream.

A: This is the most frequently asked question, and needs clarification by what is physically felt and seen and what is physically felt but unseen, unless you 1) have second sight and see spirits all the time, which is more of a curse than blessing; and 2) you’d like to risk doing drugs and fumigating your bedroom with smoke and incense so that the spirit can manifest and you’ll see her or him. Sex with a vampire or succubus from this site means you are engaging in intense sexual copulation with a vampire who is NOT incarnated BUT is more sexual than any woman could possibly be. Why? Because sex with a vampire is angelic and hyper-sexual in terms of  energy and endurance. No human can wear down a vampire, which is why I advocate not reaching orgasm too often if you’re a male. It is better to learn how to make yourself last, striving for at least half an hour or more several times a night. Vampires are hypersexually supernatural, women are not.

Normally, if a person is expecting a female to materialize to have sex with, as depicted in Hollywood, then you’d be better off simply finding a woman to