Frequently Asked Questions


Included herein are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. These may be amended from time to time when additional information is included, since we frequently are unable to respond to the volume of emails received:

Q: I need your advice on which to choose as I prefer the type that is able to physically manifest as I prefer physical sex rather than in a dream.

A: This is the most frequently asked question, and needs clarification by what is physically felt and seen and what is physically felt but unseen, unless you 1) have second sight and see spirits all the time, which is more of a curse than blessing; and 2) you’d like to risk doing drugs and fumigating your bedroom with smoke and incense so that the spirit can manifest and you’ll see her or him. Sex with a vampire or succubus from this site means you are engaging in intense sexual copulation with a vampire who is NOT incarnated BUT is more sexual than any woman could possibly be. Why? Because sex with a vampire is angelic and hyper-sexual in terms of  energy and endurance. No human can wear down a vampire, which is why I advocate not reaching orgasm too often if you’re a male. It is better to learn how to make yourself last, striving for at least half an hour or more several times a night. Vampires are hypersexually supernatural, women are not.

Normally, if a person is expecting a female to materialize to have sex with, as depicted in Hollywood, then you’d be better off simply finding a woman to have sex with. I do not conjure spirits who have dream sex, or astral sex. She or he will at some point appear to you as they are within a lucid dream, but not often, and not as “dream sex.” Others will offer you a highly sexual, and sometimes pornographic dream to stir an erection or sexual response, only to then awaken you for an “in-bed” and not an “out-of-body” sexual encounter. A vampire I conjure will awaken you “in-bed” with intense sexual energy and provoke you to pleasure yourself to spark the connection. Once sparked, the sexual energy becomes angelic, intense and unearthly, irresistible and unforgettable. No mortal can out-sex a vampire, nor can any woman compete with a female vampire. Nor can a man compete with the sexual endurance of a male vampire. The males can and do penetrate. However, whether female mortal or immortal, you have to supply the manpower as she rides upon you. That is just a fact of life, somewhat the same expressed in this realm and the vampire realm.

Q: How do I know if a listing you have is too powerful for my experience level?

A:  To a certain extent, every Full Affinity binding takes into account your own psychic, sexual, and intrinsic lifeforce energy when it is performed, which is designed to find the most harmonious spirit companion for you. Secondly, I only bind in close collaboration with Lucifera, who has the ability to block a binding she deems inappropriate. In such cases you will be given the option of choosing another or be issued a refund. Therefore, the suggested level is a guideline, not a restriction. All of those chosen are pledge bound by Lucifera to your safety. None will interfere with your family members.

Q:  Is it true that vampires look like those depicted in Hollywood?

A:  In some ways, they look similar, as both have fangs and thrive on blood, but not always upon physical blood. The medieval stereotype was often due to a medical condition known as porphyria, an extremely rare yet organic blood disorder. Porphyria (derived from the Greek word for purple) is characterized by purple urine. The symptoms include pale skin and fang like protrusions from erosion of the gums.

Q:  Must a demon or vampire in the spirit realm reveal their real name?

A:  No, that is a myth. Their names are known only to their maker, the Almighty. In the bible, Jesus asks a demon-possessed person for the name of the possessing entity. The demon replies, “Legion, for we are many,” which skirted the question and avoided revealing the name. If Jesus were co-equal to the Almighty, he would have already known the name(s). Also, many entities have names that are not pronounceable since they are from dead languages.

Q:  How many spirits or entities can I bind with?

A:  Closely related to the “Legion” fabrication is one of the most frequent biblical myths used to market massive ineffective bindings by sellers for a minimal price. It is also a major reason for blockages, which, contrary to a popular website and forum, cannot be “meditated away.” That is not to say that a person cannot have many spirit companions. But each needs to have a settling-in period for personal adjustment. Whenever I perform multiple bindings for a person, it is always in a single file order. When done this way, an ordered hierarchy is established, so that none are diminished in power. Multiple and massive bindings of inferior spirits are known as flashpoint-bindings, because they are like a flash in the pan which short-circuits the ability to bind and creates a block in the human energy system, giving nothing in return while creating a block for further bindings.

Q:  Do all spirits and entities get along together?

A:  Do all people? Why would spirits and entities coexist in an opposite manner? The hyperbole of witches or sorcerers that they will, or can be forced to, is an dangerously ignorant claim, driven by marketing rather than metaphysical reality. In the vampiric realm, which is ruled by competing forces, this is doubly true. Lilith and Lucifera are at war. Lucifer returns to the Almighty. Satan rests uneasily between the two. As above, so below: wars in heaven have their reflection in earth and vice-versa. Life changes, grimoires don’t, which is their major weakness.

Q:  Are there any other events that can create a block?

A:  Yes. Most commonly a period of emotional crisis such as the death of a family member or loved one can inhibit a strong binding, for the same reason: too much energy is being expending by the sudden crisis. The only exception is the emotional crisis created in warfare, which, by divine fiat, allows demons and apex vampire predators to possess and destroy soldiers in combat. The angel in the bible said to slay thousands of warriors in a single night is a vampiric predator, commanded to do so by the Almighty. Religions that endorse warfare for any reason lead their followers into violating and activating the divine curse against murder, which vampires and demons exploit to their advantage. Christians, Muslims, Jews, atheists, Buddhists, are all subject to the same law of reciprocal murder. Eye for an eye; you kill, you die. You bleed, we feed. Simple really.

Q:  What is the difference between a spirit and an entity?

A:  This is a hotly debated point. Those of one school claim a spirit is that of a departed person and not an immortal. Greek exegetes and other scholars, having examined texts dating back to Babylon all translate such texts and cuneiform tablets pertaining to such “spirits” as being immortals, even though a mortal can suffer the second death, that of the soul. This is further complicated by the fact that entities, as defined by some sites, have significantly more power. For practical purposes, as defined by such sites, I do not conjure spirits, but entities. But the point is moot since some spirits are far more malignant on the physical realm than many entities. And in some instances a compound spirit and entity creates an altogether different category, something overlooked by pseudo-magicians.

Q:  Will the spirit-entity I adopt interfere with other family members?

A:   No, as this would violate the free will of those who did not agree to the binding, nor can more than one person share a binding. The only exception is for those who have a physically abusive spouse. In such cases, I’ve received ample feedback that in many instances the entity non-violently stopped the abuser. However, no spirit-entity is a substitute for psychological or marital counseling, nor does it address or remedy the long-term cause of the abuse and why the abused clings to a violent relationship in the first place.

Q:  Can these entities be revoked by you?

A:  Yes, with the following exception: If a person opts to fully transform into a vampire, their soul is removed from judgment and moved into the crossing realms, to adopt either Lilith or Lucifera as their sacred overseer, based upon your freedom of will and choice. Those who choose Lilith are relegated to the lower crossing realm, or astral realm. Those who choose Lucifera enter the higher crossing realm, and are aligned with the Almighty. The soul, once transformed, cannot be unbound from the decision.

Q:  Some of your listings refer to Satanic entities, are you a Satanist?

A:  No, and for the following reasons: First, we never worship either chaos or Satan. Secondly, only those satanically derived spirit-entities or demons, who are evoked under the guidance of Lucifera, are chosen. Despite religious fables, fallen angels do return to the Almighty, as Lucifer did, for the singular reason of longing for His love. Satan and Lucifer are NOT one-in-the same. In addition, when I evoke Satan it is never done without the coordinated approval of the Almighty, which places Satan under my power only to the limited extent of the evocation terms and his voluntary participation. I respect Satan, but do not worship him. If any of the three parties to the evocation disagree, the evocation is null and void.

Q:  What is the difference between evocation and invocation?

A:  The easiest way to remember the difference between the two is to think of Evocation as external to the summoning agent, and Invocation as internal to the summoning agent. In other words, when I evoke a spirit entity, I am bringing that entity into external manifestation. Whenever I invoke a spirit entity, I am bringing that entity into an internal manifestation.