Egyptian Silver Khu Vampire Goddess: Electrifying Vampiric Energy + Nocticulan Vampyre Spell


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Meet Menarsha (me-narr-shah) an ancient Egyptian Silver Khu Vampire Goddess. The term “khu” translates into a “luminous one” and is an Egyptian term meaning etheric revenant. As a revenant goddess, she is similar to the power-holding status of a demon commander or cohort. She has an army of Egyptian vampire revenants to serve her. This power was accumulated by vampiric blood sorcery that was the staple of those who made blood sacrifices to her in exchange for longevity, armed victories in battle, and through esoteric tantric-type of black magic and necromancy. As such, she is a goddess of revenants and provides a very electrifying and vivifying kundalini energy to her companion.

Menarsha has a supremely luminous quality that a companion who practices meditation will be able to see in lucid dreams and astral voyages, appearing with a very dense silver aura. Her energy is very different that a typical demonic princess or queen, having been once a human engaged in necromancy, blood sorcery and astral travels, she is better equipped than most to work with humans. Provides lucid dreams upon occasion, highly elevating one’s kundalini serpent energy, as she vivifies human energy systems, the prana, apana, kundalini and the nadis. Idea for those who work with any kind of meditation/kundalini powers.

Her Preferred Companion: Male or Female.

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1 in stock



The Egyptian Silver Khu Vampire Goddess

Menarsha manifests as a beautiful vampiric female arch-angel type, complete with raven hair,  silver-brown eyes, high cheekbones and a voluptuous body that she’ll reveal to you within a lucid dream. She is extremely shapely and noble looking, more sexual than most of her kind and resembles a young Egyptian Princess. She has a supreme hypnotic presence and power that tends to place a companion in a trance while she manifests during meditation. Her psychic powers are well attuned to telepathy, and she’ll boost one’s intuition thereby.

Menarsha wants an acolyte and companion who works with vampiric or demonic energy and darker aspects of vampiric spirituality. She empowers lucid dreams, astral travel when such is safe and appropriate for her companion, spiritual insight, third-eye awakening, spirit voyaging. Her psychic powers far exceed those of most demons or vampires. She is a gate guardian to the realms of the dead and has immediate access to Hecate and others such as Lilith (as Ishtar).

As her companion, you can expect her to guide all psychic energies and abilities. Manifests with a very high frequency radiance seldom seen in one with such elder powers. She has an army of cohorts and others over which she is the revenant Egyptian Goddess. Very powerful yet adaptable presence and energy, having been human, and an Egyptian High Priest of Vampires.

If you feel drawn to Menarsha it’s because she has the liberty to select her preferred companion. If you feel bewitched by her demonic attractions, all that remains is to decide if you’re daring enough to develop an intimate relationship with this incredible female power.

Her Special Attributes & Abilities

Erotomancy/Sexually Related Energy: More likely to boost the energy of other revenants or vampires one has adopted than to be an immediate hardcore sexual companion. Her energy is like a slow sexual fire, very feminine rather than the raw-edged succubus energy one might be accustomed to. That can change as your energy is elevated by her robustness, turning her into a sexual force to be reckoned with.

Psychomancy/Psychic Related Energy: Extremely strong. Her lunar current provides a radiant third-eye force that boosts intuition, meditation, and spellcasting or energy casting abilities, especially when used in conjunction with the lunar cycles. Blood magic is empowered by her lunar female energies to a very strong degree. Recharges one’s blood energy for those who are transformed by Lucifera and Lilith. Relates to all kinds of witchcraft, both elemental, astral, and herbal.

Hemomancy/Blood Related Energy: Excessive. Uses both blood and lifeforce energy; empowers kundalini rising in her companion, does the opposite to enemies: extracts lifeforce energy as a psi-vampire would. Uses black alchemy to neuter the blood and energy of enemies and can inflict illness. Very powerful lifeforce rejuvenator for her companion. Darkly demonic in every sense of the word. Delivers a powerful sang-bang energy that she channels into her companion.

Includes Nocticulan Vampyre Energy Spell

To enhance the binding, I include a special Nocticulan Vampyre Energy Spell. This spell is named after Lucifera as Nocticula, whose Book of Shadows contains all the names of those who have undergone the vampire transformation by her authority and power. The spell adds to the vampiric energy that I channel into the conjuration, boosting the link between yourself and your chosen entity for greater intimacy and power in all areas associated with the individual traits described.

Safety Disclosure

All bindings I perform carry inherent risks and rewards. With more power and reward comes more risk of paranormal manifestations and their intensity. This may be further exacerbated by your own history, including such factors as mental illness, drug use, or other personal factors I cannot take into account when the binding is performed.

The Binding Seal

Each direct binding is performed with an interlocking binding seal that I attach in a matrix fashion to maximize the intensity  your chosen entity. This normally includes a frequency modulator, or mantra, that I infuse into the binding to integrate a more powerful spirit-to-spirit blending of energies.

Our Refund Policy

In order to avoid the duplicate labor of binding and revoking an entity, we do not offer refunds. We offer a free scan which is especially important if you have acquired multiple vessel bindings from another source and have yet to receive a strong manifestation and presence. The more vessel bindings one has, without an ongoing manifestation, the more likely it is that a block exists. *Please refer to our Terms, Conditions & Policy tab for full details.

Please remember to include your date of birth. Normally, the evocation and binding are done within a week’s time, and a binding seal (short statement of welcome) is emailed once performed. Multiple orders are welcome, however, only one entity will be bound at a time. This allows your energy time to adapt to the frequency of each individual entity and anchors the binding more securely.

Note: The photo used to depict this listing is a stock photo. Hence, the appearance will vary should your spirit companion choose to manifest either in a dream or any other visual form. None will manifest as a physically embodied form for more than a few moments at best, unless you are gifted at birth with the special ability to see spirits and entities.

Note: This listing is copyrighted and cursed against plagiarists and crooks such as Satania Store. See our Notes from the Nightside comparison of their thievery firsthand.

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