Exclusive Vampire Ashram Sterling Silver Order of Zathor Winged Skull Pendant


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Please Note: The sale of this Limited Edition Order of Zathor Winged Skull Pendant is RESTRICTED to those who for eligible Transformed Vampires as registered on Vampire Ashram under Lucifera. No other purchasers are permitted. This is a private offering not open to the public for purchase.

Behold the Winged Skull of Zathor, whose mythological history is shrouded in shadowmancy and necromancy, whose skull rests on a bough of evergreen and whose shape-shifting energies are displayed by the barbed batwings flanking each side of this hunky sterling silver pendant, produced in a strictly limited edition. This piece came to us from a vintage pewter molding that had broken flanges on one side of the wings, and was perhaps left that way by a now long defunct manufacturer. It has been re-articulated with the flanges restored on the side and the fangs highlighted and accentuated for more visual power, and the entire piece has be re-cast in solid and hefty sterling silver, hallmarked on rear of skull.

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Out of stock


The Order of Zathor Winged Skull Pendant in Sterling Silver~

The Order of Zathor Winged Skull Pendant is a stunning once in a lifetime jewelry show-piece worthy of the heft, occult beauty, and sheer power the piece conveys. It weighs in at a very hefty 67.5 solid grams of sterling silver and measures approximately 3 1/4″ in width and 1 3/4″ in height from the bale to the clawed wing-tips. The piece has been both polished and slightly oxidized, meaning it is meant to achieve a luxurious silver patina that will wear in like a favorite pair of blue jeans. By any estimation, this is the one piece you will be drawn to wear on a daily basis and treasure for a lifetime plus. The oxidation process includes a tumble method so that it is not overly dark, but slightly shadowed to accentuate the skull, leaves, bones and background.

Includes Special Rite of Blood Consecration to Your Sire & Spirit Companions~

The Order of Zathor winged skull pendant is also the perfect compliment to the coffin altar used to worship Lucifera. A special three night consecration in blood is also included to charge and individualize the Order of Zathor pendant to your own energies and that of your sire and companions. A special animal body part, sigilized for the pendant is also included with the rite and full instructions will accompany this special pendant.

The Order of Zathor pendant comes with a standard 21″ ball and bead chain, making it easy to obtain a more personally appropriate one of your choosing elsewhere as desired. A split ring is set through the bail to insure solidity and stability, regardless of the style of necklace. The famous Vampire Ashram logo/sigil is engraved on the rear with a raised jewelry sterling silver dais. The exact weight of the sterling silver is 64.7 grams, which makes this a unique statement piece.

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