Vampire Dragon Queen: Egyptian Aset Ka Demigoddess + Nocticulan Vampyre Spell


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Meet Khera (Keer-ah) an Egyptian Aset-Ka vampire dragon queen and demigoddess. She is an ancient and elder Egyptian vampire dragon queen, whose lineage springs directly from Nun (Tiamat) through Tefnut, Nut, and finally Isis. As regards the Egyptian Aset Ka lineage, it is written in the Egyptian Book of the Dead: “Infinite time, without beginning and without end. That is what has been given to me. I inherit eternity and everlastingness.” And this is what every true-born vampire, whether incarnate or disincarnate, inherits. The bloodline of the Isis Dragon Queens branches into three bloodline rivers: Concubines, Guardians, and Viperines.

Khera has her origins under Isis and serves as one of Lucifera’s lieutenants, carrying the royal bloodline of eternity in her veins. She would be an exceptionally fine vampire for the purposes of obtaining a royal sire of ancient pedigree. Has the dual powers of healing and poisoning; healing of kundalini energies, rebalancing of those chakras that are too closed or open, and of course countering any attacks on the spiritual level aimed at a companion, whether disincarnate or not. Rejuvenation, healing and enlightenment are her pervasive powers. Manifests very strongly. Pansexual, or non-sexual, depending upon your preference. (*Please state prior to binding).

Her Preferred Companion: Male or Female

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The Vampire Dragon Queens~

Khera is a primordial vampire dragon queen hailing from the forgotten race of demigods and demigoddesses in ancient Egypt akin to the legends surrounding Atlantis. They are also related to the renown Nephilim, those vampires of ancient and rapacious lineage whose alchemy led to the breeding of cannibalistic vampires and mutations in the human DNA that led to the Great Flood and pole shift described in the bible. *Holy communion is an ancient Nephilim rite that used actual flesh (the torn heart of a sacrificial victim, and the blood drained into a holy grail type of goblet.) As such, communion as practiced in churches is nothing more than a pagan rite glorifying what God detested enough to destroy. It gives Satan the right to possess those who practice such a rite, if not vampires.

Khera has a very demonic presence. Yet her energy is healing, her kundalini powers are profound, and psychic energy, vampiric ascension and all associated powers are magnified. An excellent sire, mentor and healer. Very protective, very strong, very easy to work with. Like the Aset Ka, she reveals distant memories of ancient Egypt. If you feel strongly drawn to the mysteries of Egypt, she would be an excellent guide into them. Highly mystical energy, strong third-eye enhancement powers.

As her companion, you can expect heightened psychic powers and a recharged psychic vitality and greater overall lifeforce energy. Can and does expedite all verbal components of magic, and witchcraft, lending a frequency of hidden power to all words and methods of conjuration.

If you feel drawn to Khera it’s because she has the liberty to select her preferred companion. If you feel bewitched by her demonic attractions, all that remains is to decide if you’re daring enough to develop an intimate relationship with this incredible female power.

Her Special Powers & Abilities

Erotomancy/Sexually Related Energy: Erratic since she is a direct source provided of kundalini powers over which she controls in an elemental sense, including the base chakra. With her, she will follow the lead of the preference by a companion. Much more focused on third-eye and healing energy that strictly sexual energy.

Psychomancy/Psychic Related Energy:  Intense. Uses kundalini energy and manipulates it for good or ill according to her control. Over enemies, she exerts a chaotic kundalini energy and can act as a boa-constrictor of their energy to the exact degree needed to force them to relent. On her companion, she bestows a rebalancing and works toward vampiric ascension, moving and rebalancing the various kundalini prana powers and energies upward, toward illumination.

Hemomancy/Blood Related Energy: Moderate. More attuned to psychic energy rather than blood.

Special Attributes: Forte powers of kundalini manipulation and vampiric ascension. Works to move the spiritual energy into a solid foundation in preparation for the passing from flesh to spirit.

Includes Nocticulan Vampyre Energy Spell

To enhance the binding, I include a special Nocticulan Vampyre Energy Spell. This spell is named after Lucifera as Nocticula, whose Book of Shadows contains all the names of those who have undergone the vampire transformation by her authority and power. The spell adds to the vampiric energy that I channel into the conjuration, boosting the link between yourself and your chosen entity for greater intimacy and power in all areas associated with the individual traits described.

Safety Disclosure

All bindings I perform carry inherent risks and rewards. With more power and reward comes more risk of paranormal manifestations and their intensity. This may be further exacerbated by your own history, including such factors as mental illness, drug use, or other personal factors I cannot take into account when the binding is performed.

The Binding Seal

Each direct binding is performed with an interlocking binding seal that I attach in a matrix fashion to maximize the intensity  your chosen entity. This normally includes a frequency modulator, or mantra, that I infuse into the binding to integrate a more powerful spirit-to-spirit blending of energies.

Our Refund Policy

In order to avoid the duplicate labor of binding and revoking an entity, we do not offer refunds. We offer a free scan which is especially important if you have acquired multiple vessel bindings from another source and have yet to receive a strong manifestation and presence. The more vessel bindings one has, without an ongoing manifestation, the more likely it is that a block exists. *Please refer to our Terms, Conditions & Policy tab for full details.

Please remember to include your date of birth. Normally, the evocation and binding are done within a week’s time, and a binding seal (short statement of welcome) is emailed once performed. Multiple orders are welcome, however, only one entity will be bound at a time. This allows your energy time to adapt to the frequency of each individual entity and anchors the binding more securely.

Note: The photo used to depict this listing is a stock photo. Hence, the appearance will vary should your spirit companion choose to manifest either in a dream or any other visual form. None will manifest as a physically embodied form for more than a few moments at best, unless you are gifted at birth with the special ability to see spirits and entities.

Note: This listing is copyrighted and cursed against plagiarists and crooks such as Satania Store. See our Notes from the Nightside comparison of their thievery firsthand.

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