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Warning: This Necromantic Goddess is a vengeance seeker and a soul-stalker of witches, whose souls and magical powers she siphons for herself upon their death, which is announced by spirits of spirit-bound vessels beforehand for vengeance. She possesses extreme necromantic energies and vengeful powers, providing protection that is second to none. However, if you have spirit-bound vessels in your possession, this is most definitely not the goddess to adopt. She hates spirit bound vessels and their owners. She appeals to Lucifera and to Lucifer and Hecate to damn and burn those who bind them while alive. If denied, she goes to the Almighty for appeals, which are always granted in her favor.

Meet Zaranuba (zare-ah-new-bah) an ancient Peering Shade Goddess of the Underworld, or Hades. She is technically known as a Silenii Shade Goddess, whose powers are those of necromantic shape-shifting and soul stealing sacrifices made when a witch or sorcerer dies, whose soul she steals as part of her growing magical energies, since she presides over offenses of spirit-binding to vessels, which she repays when the witch dies, turning the spirit that is left to be tormented by Satan by being placed in a small cage of burning iron with no means of escape. Spirits bound to vessels are her matron goddess whom they pray to for vengeance, even if they willingly bound themselves during the witches life.

Her Preferred Companion: Male or Female

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1 in stock


The Peering Shade Goddess of Hades~

Zaranuba is a primordial underworld goddess whose powers are guided by lost and largely unknown higher gods, known in Olympian legends as the Kallikantzaroi. Whether or not this root source is related to Kali of Indian lore may be a possibility, although speculative. The powers of destruction as a Shade Goddess means, like Kali, she has necromantic sexual relations in graveyards during the new moon oftentimes pulling a shade from Hades to be sacrificed after sexual congress, normally by stealing the shade-soul of the damned so chosen. By this means she holds in her powers necromantic magnetism. This necromantic magnetism empowers all working with various entities who have Lucifera as their goddess. She is a soul-strangling Shade goddess. Hell and torment is her domain. For a companion, she provides the ultimate in protection and channels extremely strong magnetic energy that supercharges the kundalini serpent powers.

Zaranuba has a very demonic presence, power and third-eye energy. She will actively search out the dying among witches and sorcerers, in order to syphon their energy, since unbeknownst to witches, when they are damned as they are, their magical powers must be taken away so they can suffer torments as assigned, especially those witches who bind spirits to vessels, regardless of their powers. Satan knows this, and thus is confounded by the theft, so he is left with a mortal soul only to torment and bind into burning bars and prisons as the witches have done to vessel binding. If you have any vessel bindings, they must be destroyed or removed, as she her anger will burn when seeing her underlings and other spirits enchained. DO NOT ADOPT THIS GODDESS IF YOU HAVE SPIRIT-BOUND VESSELS.

All necromantic energies and encounters with spirits are greatly heightened by her. She is not for the novice obviously, and one takes a risk when binding with any goddess of Hades, and this one in particular carries the heavyweight powers of darkness and infernal magic, such that her encounters can be extreme. A profound worker of magick, she is also a vengeful Silenii Shade Goddess of Hell, known often in lore as the Kallikantzaroi. She derives her powers from seducing witches and granting them the power to bind spirits to vessels, then repays them by burning damnation and a forfeiture of all their powers upon death.

She stalks with the powers of Hypnos, able to compel and manipulate all earthly energies, and cause the death and destruction of her many targets, sending them into a suicidal depression or magical despondency and haunting with her legionnaires of Shades.

As her companion, you can expect to be visited by necromantic psychic powers and a very dark sexual vitality and greater overall lifeforce energy. Stronger and sometimes extreme sexual, psychic and physical manifested powers may occur with this Shade Goddess. And while her energy may prove a bit draining at first, you’ll soon discover your own dark vitality steadily improving in response to hers. In addition, his nocturnal energy will invigorate any and all vampiric bindings of those who are aligned with Lucifera.

If you feel drawn to Zaranuba it’s because she has the liberty to select her preferred companion. If you feel bewitched by her demonic attractions, all that remains is to decide if you’re daring enough to develop an intimate relationship with this incredible female power.

Her Special Powers & Abilities

Erotomancy/Sexually Related Energy: Black magical sexual necromantic energies, not those of a succubus, but darker, deeper, and enchantingly powerful to a degree that can only be described as totally demonic.

Psychomancy/Psychic Related Energy:  Aa a soul-siphoning goddess of Shades, she is a goddess of psychic powers, such that as she goes through the eons, siphoning witchblood her powers to consume and compel are second to none. This enhances a vampire’s psychic energy so long as they do not purchase vessel bindings. If you ignore this warning, she will curse and destroy you and your family. She is not to be taken lightly, for she makes no exceptions to her own diabolical operations.

Hemomancy/Blood Related Energy: Excessively strong, since she bleeds witches for their blood, and retains their blood as cursed and converted to her own vampiric powers and necromantic energies.

Special Attributes: One of the darkest powers, who enjoys the company of Yama, Azrael, Santa Muerte and other darker gods and goddesses.

Includes Nocticulan Vampyre Energy Spell

To enhance the binding, I include a special Nocticulan Vampyre Energy Spell. This spell is named after Lucifera as Nocticula, whose Book of Shadows contains all the names of those who have undergone the vampire transformation by her authority and power. The spell adds to the energy that I channel into the conjuration, boosting the link between yourself and your chosen entity for greater intimacy and power in all areas associated with the individual traits described.

Safety Disclosure

All bindings I perform carry inherent risks and rewards. With more power and reward comes more risk of paranormal manifestations and their intensity. This may be further exacerbated by your own history, including such factors as mental illness, drug use, or other personal factors I cannot take into account when the binding is performed.

The Binding Seal

Each direct binding is performed with an interlocking binding seal that I attach in a matrix fashion to maximize the intensity  your chosen entity. This normally includes a frequency modulator, or mantra, that I infuse into the binding to integrate a more powerful spirit-to-spirit blending of energies.

Our Refund Policy

In order to avoid the duplicate labor of binding and revoking an entity, we do not offer refunds. We offer a free scan which is especially important if you have acquired multiple vessel bindings from another source and have yet to receive a strong manifestation and presence. The more vessel bindings one has, without an ongoing manifestation, the more likely it is that a block exists. *Please refer to our Terms, Conditions & Policy tab for full details.

Please remember to include your date of birth. Normally, the evocation and binding are done within a week’s time, and a binding seal (short statement of welcome) is emailed once performed. Multiple orders are welcome, however, only one entity will be bound at a time. This allows your energy time to adapt to the frequency of each individual entity and anchors the binding more securely.

Note: The photo used to depict this listing is a stock photo. Hence, the appearance will vary should your spirit companion choose to manifest either in a dream or any other visual form. None will manifest as a physically embodied form for more than a few moments at best, unless you are gifted at birth with the special ability to see spirits and entities.

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