Sterling Silver Order of Drakaena Vampire Pendant: Restricted to Registered Vampires of VA


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Please Note: This Order of Drakaena Vampire Pendant is restricted to Members Only, those who are registered with Vampire Ashram as transformed vampires in good standing. No other purchasers will be accepted.

This limited edition pendant we’ve titled the Winged Order of Drakaena, representing as it does the draconian symbol of a phoenix dragon arising from the flames of Hell to scour the earth for dark nourishment. The forked tail of the dragon representing its origins from the Underworld.

The Drakaena Vampire Pendant measures approximately 1 3/4″ not including the wingtips that extend from the circular border. The pendant is cast in .925 sterling silver and hallmarked as such. It features a ball and chain necklace so that you can customize it by purchasing one most suited to your own preference.

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Out of stock


The Order of Drakaena Sterling Silver Pendant~

The sterling silver Order of Drakaena pendant also features a rite of power that you may perform and customize as you deem fit. When not being worn it is recommended that the pendant be stored in your coffin altar devoted to Lucifera. A simple blood rite links the pendant to the wearer and a simple method of consecration insures a dark connection with your sire and devotion to Lucifera.

If you have purchased, or plan on purchasing the Spirit Communication Kit, and/or the Infernal Hand of Fate, this pendant may also be charged, with instructions included. The pendant comes with a velveteen red pouch stamped with the Vampire Ashram logo in black.

Bonus Features Included~

  1. An extra bonus is included, that of a sew on patch of the famous Vampire Ashram logo done in black background with red snake encircling the center logo as seen on this sidebar. The sew on Vampire Ashram patch is approximately 3″ in diameter.
  2. Red velveteen storage pouch with black Vampire Ashram embossed thereon.
  3. Parchment for consecration with the sigil of Lucifera, and prayer of consecration.

Convenient Payment Terms~

The pendant, patch, parchment and consecration kit are eligible for the 20% transformation members only discount. This item can also be placed on layaway with one third down payment and 30 days grace period for the remainder. To place on layaway, you will be invoiced for the third down as credited toward reservation and layaway.

Our Refund Policy

Because this is a personal jewelry item, it is not eligible for refund. If it arrives damaged for some reason, please let us know and we’ll happily do an exchange.

~Important Disclaimers and Shipping Restrictions~

Please Carefully Note the Following Restrictions: The price includes priority mail shipping within the United States. We do not ship to any overseas countries. Orders received from the UK or the EU will be rejected. We ship exclusively to the continental United States and Canada (with extra postage required for Canadians, inquire prior to purchase). 

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