Professional Vampire Yoga Training Program Prerequisites

Those who are interested in becoming Professionally Certified as Vampire Ashram Yoga Trainers need to know the following:

On a personal level, one must have practiced the entire system of Vampire Arveda Yoga for at least 30 days, in conjunction with utilizing the personally empowered Vampire Medallion with your individual power mantra, which attunes your energy to the High Realm Ruler of Vampires, Lucifera. It is her energy current that I transfuse into any and all invocations, evocations, and energy callings. Without this source energy, the connection to her will be less than ideal. She alone is the sacred overseer you will be working with and under. We are opposed to chaos, as it weakens and disempowers a vampire, retarding the spiritual growth and power needed to survive and thrive in the vampiric realm, which is at war. Lucifera is opposed to Lilith, and is empowered by the First Eternal Father to act as his vampiric enforcer, since angels and others are forbidden from entering the vampiric realm. Nor can a vampire enter the heavenly or hellish realms.

What is forbidden: We forbid the use of drugs or alcohol. This includes wine, unless used for specific ritualistic purposes, which are r