Professional Vampire Yoga Training Program Prerequisites

Those who are interested in becoming Professionally Certified as Vampire Ashram Yoga Trainers need to know the following:

On a personal level, one must have practiced the entire system of Vampire Arveda Yoga for at least 30 days, in conjunction with utilizing the personally empowered Vampire Medallion with your individual power mantra, which attunes your energy to the High Realm Ruler of Vampires, Lucifera. It is her energy current that I transfuse into any and all invocations, evocations, and energy callings. Without this source energy, the connection to her will be less than ideal. She alone is the sacred overseer you will be working with and under. We are opposed to chaos, as it weakens and disempowers a vampire, retarding the spiritual growth and power needed to survive and thrive in the vampiric realm, which is at war. Lucifera is opposed to Lilith, and is empowered by the First Eternal Father to act as his vampiric enforcer, since angels and others are forbidden from entering the vampiric realm. Nor can a vampire enter the heavenly or hellish realms.

What is forbidden: We forbid the use of drugs or alcohol. This includes wine, unless used for specific ritualistic purposes, which are rare. Drugs are dissociative by their very nature and disempowering in their effects. We also foster a code of sexual impartiality, believing that everybody has the right to their sexual preference, with none better than another. Thus, we forbid sexual discrimination of pupils who approach a certified trainer. We deny and disavow any and all saviors as idolatrous and insufficient. Thus, any and all goddess worshipping religions such as Wicca, or idolatrous saviors such as Christianity, or the Black Cube worshipping Muslims, and others, are opposed to the higher purposes of Lucifera, and will be excommunicated should any trainer adopt such religions, pagan or otherwise.

Excommunication works in reverse as well, allowing those who had former ties to Lilith, to break the bondage and servitude to her realm, which is despotic and chaotic. Millions of offspring, along with Lucifer and Lucifera, have changed sides at the will of the First Eternal Father, as inheritors of the High Vampiric Realm. Upon recanting allegiance to Lilith, Lucifera has the power to disentangle by force, any entities who resist, while allowing those who devote themselves to her, to be spared and empowered. Lucifera advocates freedom with responsibility and power to the divine purpose for the vampiric race. We seek neither salvation nor survival, but dominance and dominion, at the behest of the First Eternal Father.

We worship only the Almighty Father, without need of any savior or intercessor. We do not worship mother earth, or moon cycles or nature, which we have no affinity with. Hecate works with those who have a true affinity for earth-energy, without worshipping her. It is optional whether or not a trainer seeks to worship the Father, but it is never to be done seeking absolution from sins and the sniveling cowardice of any and all slave-based religions, which vampires helped author. We worship the Father with thanks for being who and what we are, and seek to be empowered to war against chaos in the vampiric realms, and thus serve his will that serves our own welfare in return. Thus, we have no formal program of prayers, and leave that as a matter of individual choice.

All trainers must be 21 years of age or older. All trainers are expected to conduct themselves with decorum and professionalism with the public. All trainers must agree to abide by the tenets of the Reborn Blood Order of Lucifera, which is as follows:

  1. We are Vampire Hierophants, of a priestly class, with powers that exceed the common order of sang or psychic vampires, having an affinity and love for the Father, who has allowed our race to survive, in order to fulfill His own higher purpose of balance between chaos and order. As such we have the power of excommunication, enervation, and in rare cases, emaciation. Those who are excommunicated, by their own freewill or by breech, are cast adrift, to use as Lilith pleases, knowing that she will view the excommunicated as a traitor to her cause and our own, and act accordingly, and without mercy. Thus, the infliction of excommunication, is its own punishment. Reinstatement is at the sole discretion of Lucifera, and extends to this life and the next.
  2. Sexual intercourse with your vampire spirit-entity, as selected by Lucifera for the purposes of transformation, is natural and expected. Vampires are highly sexual, and we do not deny or suppress our nature. At the same time, as we mature, our spiritual nature is the one that needs the most nurture. To that end, spiritual powers are of the most use in the vampiric realm, and thus, it is with love for our sires, that we seek their empowerment to further our abilities that serve to elevate our race, which is not destined for heaven or hell. You have a sacred duty to stand with your sire in the afterlife with more than carnal knowledge. The most important spiritual weapons are vampiric spirituality, and not sexuality. As in all things, we seek balance, but insist that every vampire seek to achieve the power to enervate other vampiric enemies of the High Realm. Thus, we are not lop-sided vampires, addicted to sex or violence, but capable of ranging in the extremes of both directions upon our choosing in the spirit realm. Such is the supreme power of Lucifera, whom we seek to emulate in all things. She is what is termed, our Blood-Wellspring Sire. We bow to her in homage, and serve her in power. She does not tolerate cowardice or sentimentality toward those opposed to the Father, or those who are enamored with the material world over the spiritual realm. The Law of Evolution remains the same for the Vampyric realm: grow strong or wither in weakness.
  3. Those who are granted license to train others in the Vampire Arveda System of Yoga, are not permitted to mix and match their own magic, from whatever source, into our system, or as an adjunct. Any violation of this breech will result in immediate termination of our trainer’s agreement, which stipulates that no magic, wiccan or otherwise, is to be used as a supplement for personal gain or otherwise. Nor is the system designed to be used with other types of yoga practice, as the core energy is not congruent with hatha or similar styles of yoga. This does not prohibit anyone, trainer or trainee from engaging in whatever other yoga system they may prefer, but it is not part of this specific yoga, that is not meant to be abridged or supplemented by experimentation. Any breech of this article is immediate grounds for terminating the agreement at the discretion of Vampire Ashram. We will not tolerate experimentation or dilution of the training, which is a sacred vehicle for the powers and energy of Lucifera herself. Such actions can result in excommunication.

The Training Logistics for Certification

Vampire Ashram sponsors an intensive two-day weekend workshop for the basic training. The workshop is twenty hours in length, broken down as follows: Each session begins on a Saturday at 9am and continues with a one-hour lunch supplied by Vampire Ashram in-house, until a dinner or refreshment break that extends from 5pm to 7pm. The 7pm to 10pm session focuses on meditation and is intensive. The same schedule is followed for Sunday. We will be using gong-vibrational waves and shaktipat to amplify your energy that has been prepared by the introduction of the Vampire Ashram medallion that is personalized to your specific energy signature and empowered by Lucifera through me. This is a very powerful experience that further attunes your vibrational self to your vampire selfhood.

Trainees will share their experiences with others, which enriches the experience and further prepares a trainer to encourage fellowship among those who desire to have Lucifera as their sacred overseer. As Vampire Ashram grows, I plan on special advanced seminars and events for those trainers who show promise and who possess strong ethical and work skills in developing your kindred’s spirit power. We are a business, not a spiritual vacuum, designed to enlist those who have the dark seed and wish to advance in a spiritually rigorous way to advance under the guidance of Lucifera. In short, we are not thrill seekers with a one-dimensional interest in having sexual orgies. If you have a sire, you have sacred responsibility to her or him, who in turn, have pledged themselves to Lucifera in your behalf, and are responsible for your wellbeing and evolution as a vampire. We expect and encourage your spiritual powers to grow alongside your sexual ones. The keyword is balance, between love and power, skill and strength.

Personalized Training and Certification

The training classes are limited in size to between four and eight participants. This ensures that each trainee has an opportunity to act as a spotter and refiner, carefully critiqued by Lucien himself. You will have the opportunity to be trained alongside others, and to train them as well, as part of the integrated teaching system designed by Lucien. Upon completion of the training, a Certification Award is prepared and your name is then included on our website as an authorized Trainer & Mentor. We take our calling and undertaking for Lucifera seriously, in the full knowledge that you are training and preparing for an exalted role in her queendom in the High Realm of Vampires, as opposed to Lilith.

For More Information and Class Schedules, Contact us at

Cost of the two-day intensive trainer’s certification course is $1500, and may be payable in three or less installments, and must be paid in full prior to participation. The training cost is eligible for the True Blood Club discount; however, lodging, meals and transportation costs are not eligible. We are located in Keller Texas, less than 30 minutes from DFW airport. You are responsible for lodging, meals and transportation. The area is metropolitan and you have a wide range of accommodations and restaurants from which to choose. A light lunch is provided in-house at Vampire Ashram on Saturday and Sunday.

Any additional monthly charges for marketing support once certified are not eligible for the discount, which are modest and meant to supplement the marketing support a trainer will receive by virtue of being listed as certified, with all inquiries directed to the trainer or trainers assigned to the nearest geographical location. You will be expected to market your services and set your own agenda, within the guidelines of the standards set by Vampire Ashram as to hours for instructions, etc. Assigned Trainers are responsible for maintaining the standards of Vampire Ashram as to hours of instruction provided to each student, with the expectation of satisfying our clients in terms of professionalism and articulation of the system.

A standardized cost for the public to be trained by our Certified Trainers is $295, consisting of a twelve-hour personalized training, with flexible scheduling as determined by each trainer. Refresher courses or advanced courses will be offered with rates commensurate with the value and cost of the training, as determined by Vampire Ashram. Certification is mandatory for each advanced course. These rates are subject to change. If you desire to partner with Vampire Ashram as part of the most unique vampire enterprise on the planet, we encourage all serious seekers.

The photos for this listing are those of the Sacred Altar of Lucifera, the Obsidian Blood Goddess, and the training studio for Vampire Ashram.

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