About House Keresian

Who We Are As Vampires, Our Mission & Our Primal Vampire Goddess

In Nomine Sanguis. In Nomine Lux. In Nomine Lucifera.

The Mission of Vampire Ashram & House Keresian

The mission of Vampire Ashram and House Keresian is to educate, empower and elevate the vampyric spiritual path that is unique to Lucifera, acting under the provisional powers of the Divine Almighty Father. We hold that a vampire transformation without guidance, power, worship, and growth is as useless as a ship without a rudder, compass, or sail. Such aimless thrill-seeking disempowers and disenfranchises the natural growth and testing of any and all species created by the Almighty, in this realm and all others. The strong devour the weak, and to become strong requires a hierarchy devoted to vampiric power which must be honed by discipline, worship, and the desire to nurture the dark art into a vampiric power benefiting Lucifera. One does not avoid spiritual testing as a vampire. To quote the Father, “A sword untested cannot be trusted.” As a Keresian vampire, testing by a sire or by Lucifera or by the Almighty is a method of