About Vampire Ashram:

Vampire Ashram is devoted to the ancient entities of vampyrism and demonology, offering full vampiric blood-bound transformations under Lucifera, The Original Vampire Goddess.


Satania Store is the latest copycat to steal almost everything not nailed down from Vampire Ashram. We documented their theft and published it on our Notes from the Nightside as a Scam Alert. They stole the Abracadabra Mantra they illegally played on YouTube (Stolen from the book, “Vampire Arveda Yoga” by Lucien Mars). Many of the listings they also stole verbatim, along with cursed binding seals, twisting a few words here and there, then took them down when exposed. All our materials are cursed to find and hex the culprit along with any customers using the stolen materials in a threefold manner: to themselves, their families, and their finances.  

Let this be a warning to other metaphysical copycats. We will screen shoot our stolen listings and make it our mission to expose you in order to spare the