About Lucien Mars

Lucien Mars works exclusively with Lucifera, the Black Shekinah Elohim and primal Vampire Goddess, providing services that range from direct bindings of entities to vampire blood-bound transformations. He has earned the respect of a worldwide clientele by providing vampire transformations and direct entity bindings for over a decade. He is also the author of the groundbreaking Vampire Arveda Yoga book and creator of the Ankh of Nyx, a silver vampiric Ankh available exclusively to those who undergo a vampiric transformation under the auspices of Lucifera.

When The Bridge To Hell Begins to Burn

Assault from the Fourth Dimension ~ Part Two Those who have read the previous post need to hear firsthand from a victim of a bridge binding that was invaded by a parasitic demon and the results, which are an ongoing desperate spiritual and physical battle for survival. If you are squeamish, you may not wish [...]

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Lucifera’s Vampire Forum Now Open!

LuciferasVampireForum.com is now open! Greetings Brothers & Sisters of the Blood: Because the number of transformed vampires has recently increased, the need to form a more solid and cohesive vampire partnership among one's peers, brothers, and sisters of the blood, a new and semi-independent forum site has been assembled for the public and for those [...]

A Heat-Seeking Car Chase With Satan at the Wheel

Assault from the Forth Dimension~ A True Story The following is a true story, based on a transformed vampire I'll call Alan G. [not his real name]: This is how his email began on 5/22/20~ I'm in a disconcerting situation concerned my soul sire. I underwent a Vampire Transformation several months ago. I recently experienced [...]

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New House Keresian Security Policy for Vampire Transformations: Bans & Vows Against Spirit/Vessel Bindings

Effective immediately, a new security policy is being put in place for all those who have either 1) transformed in the past, or those who intend to undergo a vampire transformation in the future. Since posting the general articles declaring war on Satan and "Why Demons Burn Down Houses," two more "Max-like" attacks have occurred [...]

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A Death In the Family ~Memories of the Young & Spirit Murdered

People often ask me why I'm so opposed to Walmart witches and "house rules" and the term "spirit-keeping." Well, the answer lies in my own childhood experiences and the first death in my flesh and blood family that occurred many years ago, when my half-brother was drowned by an entity. And it wasn't by accident, [...]

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When Demons Burn Down Houses & Why

The following is a true story of an event that happened in November of 2019. I know the individual vampire, his sire, and the circumstances because I was involved from the beginning. I've changed the names of the individual and his sire, but otherwise all the events are verified by myself. Max wandered onto this [...]

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War Declared by Lucifera & Lucifer Against Satan & His Supporters

As Above, So Below, As Before, So Now... People who are familiar with the history of the First World War will no doubt recall to mind how it began, almost as a synchronicity of trivial events that led to the greatest mass slaughter up to that time in the history of the world. The seemingly [...]

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From Lucifera: A Channeled Message ~ After The Garden of Death

The following is a channeled message from Lucifera intended for those she has adopted and transformed, given on May 15, 2020, through Lucien Mars, titled, "After the Garden of Death." Lucifera: I am who owns the night. I am who owns forty Hells as sovereign and in sovereign right. I am the army and slayer [...]

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Venture Bookshop Child Sex Scandal, The Owner is A Registered Child Sex Offender For Life

Ex-teacher labeled child sex offender for life: Meet the owner of Venture Bookshop: Matthew Brian Berresford, Registered Child Sex Offender for Life. And when he's not off playing with the kids, he's busy as a beaver stealing the listings of Vampire Ashram, and others, claiming them as his own. But hey, for a pedophile like [...]

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ESV: Extrasensory Vibrations & Why They’re Important

Let me preface this discussion with what ESV is, and why the lack of it means you don't really have a spirit-entity. So many people purchase bogus vessels filled with nothing more than hot air, either because the conjurer is inept or simply a common crook to begin with. Approximately 80% of the vessels I [...]

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