Banishing & Unblocking Spellcasting/Energy casting- Removes Unwanted Energy and Spirit Blocks


This listing is for a custom banishing & unblocking spell and energy unbinding. The purpose of the spell is to dislodge those spirits and energies that are blocking a full manifestation and engagement between yourself and your companion spirit-entities. Most frequently blocks occur due to faulty bindings or weak spirits who by themselves are incapable of strong manifestation yet can block others because of the cumulative energy they leech from you. Typically, those bindings that are inexpensive and poorly performed, promising multiple spirits at bargain rates, are the culprits. The cost of acquiring such spirits is expensive due to the time and money lost when a fewer amount of quality bound entities would have resulted in powerful manifestations and time spent building a strong connection and relationship.

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Note: While I strive to exorcise and unblock spirits, usually in the form of vessel bound astral types, additional unblockings may need to undertaken in some cases. This is not abnormal, and happens in approximately one-third of events. Christian exorcists and others encounter the same resistance, which is present when some types of servitors or a particularly bad binding had been performed by an amateur magician and the like. Additional unblocking applications are performed at half the original price, invoiced separately as required. In the event you have the unblocking performed and successful, it does not guarantee that you may not in the future acquire another one, especially if you hop from one site to the next collecting spirits and entities who are incompatible. See below:

Features and Benefits of An Unblocking & Banishing Spell Casting:

& Some Common Causes

Myth Number One: Adopt as Many Kinds as You Want, They’ll All Get Along

The other faulty premise that is sure to cause blocks are two opposing spirit-entities who are averse to one another.  There is a dangerous myth involved in those who market the “they’ll all get along (or else)” theory of spirit bindings. They do not. A vampire entity who can destroy an adversary will do so if that adversary is opposed to the allegiance of the overseer, such as Satan, Lucifera, etc. Do NOT mix and match spirit-entities as if you are collecting the widest assortment possible. If so, those natural enemies will lock in combat and in so doing, leech from your own energy to engage one another. Entities who are dark and strong can and do destroy others who are weaker. It is their NATURE. If you purchase a snake and a mouse, putting them in the same cage will prove no different in effect. Contrary to the “use your will to make them behave,” the truth is they will not run counter to their nature regardless of whatever magical skills you may or may not possess. If God couldn’t stop the angels from falling, what makes you think you can? You cannot.

Myth Number Two: You Can Meditate a Block Away

This is what you’ll be told when a block appears, placing the blame on the client instead of the practitioner. And once you have a block, more powerful entities are not the answer, since the funnel of energy can be monopolized by a surprisingly small number of entities or spirits. The other issue are spells that may occupy a portion of your energy reserves if they link you to a lost love, or other emotional resource that may add to the problem, although these are generally minor. The other contamination is from sexual intercourse with drug users and prostitutes, which are often one and the same. The negative sexual energies from an extreme number of partners for pay is a sure way to incur some very nasty blocks or entities who can prove very malignant. Sex for pay doesn’t pay!

Self-Conflicted Blocks Are Non-Removable

Lastly, there are self-imposed blocks when one’s lover or partner is involved and the guilt of adopting a sexual spirit-entity causes a conflict between the two: the entity and the human partner. A desire and a fear cancel each other out, causing a block that is self-imposed. And again, it should be obvious you cannot mediate away your own block. Nor will an unblocking and banishing spellcasting remove this internal conflict since a spellcasting cannot make decisions in your behalf. So please be sure this is not a personal conflict, but rather spirit and energy related. When I bind an entity, the entity shows almost immediately. If not, you have a block. Some spirit-entities I bind even arrive ahead of time because they’re eager for companionship.

If you’ve adopted a spirit or entity and they haven’t shown within three days, you have a block that you cannot meditate away. Those are the facts of life. In cases of those I have bound where a block is present, this Unblocking & Banishing spellcasting will remove all but the ones I have bound, or those who are contributing to your welfare. This means most or all of them must be evicted so the genuine ones will manifest. The troublesome ones are forcibly evicted and the stagnant energies removed. All cords of connection are also severed, from which weaker spirits feed.

 Remedial Actions of This Spell & Energy Casting

Purpose: To eradicate, remove, unbind and banish unwanted poachers, spirits whose substance may be individually weak but cumulatively strong and negative. More is not merrier when you have a block. Any additional stagnant energies are removed and an energy cleanse is applied to seal any severed connections.

Type of Spell Casting: This is a spirit empowered eviction of a block due to either a multi-systemic energy drain due to excessively weak but numerically strong spirits, or entities. Most such blocks arise from shopping sprees from various sellers who have naturally varying degrees of expertise. Most blocks from spirits feed off of the host with no beneficial exchange of power, sex, or intimacy.

Actions of This Spell Casting: The actions of this spell casting are to forcibly evict and cleanse one’s energy of negative and non-contributing spirits/entities or spells with emotional energy attachments. Does not resolve conflict-based spells where there is an internal conflict being counterbalanced in each direction of fear and desire. In such cases, it is best to not adopt a spirit entity to begin with.

Results of This Spell Casting: The results are an eviction of only those spirits and energies that have formed attachments that are non-productive, causing a block that will NOT be remedied by buying more powerful entities, as the eviction calls for those that are beyond the normal conjurer’s range of experience. The ones I summon are neither human friendly nor entity-friendly. Any I may have bound to you shall be left in place, and any who are non-offensive and strong. The recovery from removal is usually within a week or two, depending upon how depleted your own energy is when the banishing and unblocking is performed.

Frequency Mantra Included: The banishing will be spell cast using a combination of spirit-entities and spell castings keyed to an individual mantra that will be sent when the eviction is performed. You will use the frequency mantra to assist in restoring your energy to a heightened level to expedite the healing for the severance of ties to the non-productive spirits removed.

Please remember to include your full name and date of birth. Please provide the number of entities you may have adopted and their general category. Any other details you feel are important prior to the eviction are welcome.

Please Note: There are no refunds for this spellcasting since the work and time required to conjure, spellbind and/or enlist an eviction of powers is a multi-layered process, which I cannot revoke or recover, unlike spirit entities.

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