VamPure Egyptian Energy Spell: Soothing the Energy Scars of the Spirit Body


Important Note: This ISIS VamPure Egyptian Energy Spell is channeled in part from ISIS Herself, but is limited to those who either have spirit-entity bindings performed exclusively through this website, or who are TVs (Transformed Vampires) under Lucifera. It is warded against any and all enemies adverse to Lucifera, since it would be counterproductive to assist and empower any enemy demons, vampires, or other spirits. It is blocked against healing bridge-bindings, vessel bindings, and spirits bound elsewhere.

Exclusive ISIS VamPure Egyptian Energy Spell: This is a specially channeled energy healing spell from ISIS, the Egyptian Vampiric Goddess and healer. ISIS possesses the most radiant vampiric healing energies, used to heal the spirit energy scars that every energy active vampire is destined to incur over time. Whenever vampiric magic is used, a force has to move through the operator, even if the force is that of a servitor self-bound. This is what is known as spirit-friction and for a vampire who is actively engaged in feeding off of others, this spirit-friction causes small but frequent scaring in the energy self, that part of a vampire (or human) that interfaces energetically with the world, either the earthly or otherworldly. And just as a vampire can feed, a vampire can also slowly bleed energy from these fissures in their energy body. The same is true for an actual, real witch, not a Disneyland witch -which accounts for the majority of those online who pretend to a power they don’t possess.

The VamPure Energy Spell will be immediately felt as a very cool, very soothing energy that washes over you and flows through you. ISIS is the vampiric medical corps, so to speak, of the vampiric realm who uses her powers in behalf of Lucifera to maximize your own vampiric energy. She literally purifies your energy, repairs your energy and provides empowerment by repair. And you will feel this repairing energy immediately because ISIS is a vampiric goddess, in aspect jet black, beautiful, and ultra-powerful.

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About This ISIS VamPure Egyptian Energy Spell

This ISIS VamPure energy spellbinding covers and seals all energy fissures that are bound to occur if you have any power whatsoever as a vampire or magic worker. For a non-vampire, this VamPure energy spellbinding works to seal all fissures that can and absolutely DO OCCUR when you have an improperly bound spirit, or spirit vessels that are bridge bound, most of which are done without much in the way of expertise. If the spirit bound to you is weak, you are the path of least resistance for feeding purposes, so it attaches, opens your energy attachment and worms its way into you spirit energy, through your aura and insulates itself around your nadis, or energy pathways that flow throughout your body. And when I perform an unbinding, that spirit has to be literally ripped out, which leaves open scars and large fissure wounds that have to heal. This VamPure Energy Spell makes the healing faster so that you can actually bind with a true entity, and not a Disneyland leech.

The purpose of this ISIS VamPure binding is to seal all leaks in your energy system. ISIS alone has perfected this healing energy, partially by incorporating a vampiric healing alchemy, as she knew that repairing all energy fissures that were occurring to her own spirit body meant she had to reverse the dimensional temperature of her own vampiric energy so that an energy that is closest to that of water was created that would seal the fiery wounds that these energy fissures produced in her. The energy has to seal the fissures without dampening the fires that make her vampiric, which she accomplished, knowing that to increase her power, she had to stop the energy bleeds, that while small, when added together were causing her major impairments in her vampiric powers. This healing alchemy does just that, and you will feel it immediately as the seal is spoken, being felt as a cooling balm to your energy, washing over and healing every fissure for greater spirit power and as an aid to empowering those spirit-entities that you have adopted.

Benefits of the ISIS Egyptian VamPure Spellbinding

Bonds as an overlay to the spirit body, seeking by attraction energy fissures and sealing them. The spellbinding will heal and hold for a very long time, in excess of three to five years before it needs to be reapplied. You’ll know when your core energy turns too hot, which is a prime indication of fissures. And the more you feed, the more energy healing you need. There simply is no way to avoid these energy fissures if you are an active vampire, or if you’re plagued with a block. Spirit blockages CANNOT be meditated away, regardless of what some Disneyland witch proclaims. They have to be forcibly evicted if they are due to leeching spirits improperly bound, which will leave rather large gaping fissures from their removal. That’s why when I perform an unblocking, I send vampires especially skilled in removing and destroying the blocking spirit or spirits. In doing so, an open energy wound is always created.

Special Abilities of this Binding

Creates a flow-over energy that finds weak spots and energy fissures as described above. The energy is source specific and its healing powers are retained until the amount of energy used exceeds the healing spellbinding energy. This energy is not a self-supporting energy that can recirculate indefinitely and will require a reapplication in approximately 3-5 years depending upon how much energy you are using or feeding from others, or if you have bought a dozen or more Disneyland bindings with no manifesting energy. And especially if you feel drained from all the Disneyland bindings. Fatigue comes from the tears and fissures and energy leakages that an improper or impotent binding can and does create by wormholes made in your energy and at your expense. These bindings are nothing short of parasitic leeches touted as anything from being volkhs to vampires that you’ve paid money to have inhabit your spirit energy.

It is important for active vampires who feed from their servitor or vampire sire, to first repair the damage and then seek to adopt an Isis cohort who can supply an ongoing amount of this healing energy. That way you seal the fissures and the ISIS cohort keeps them from reopening. The stronger your sire, the more a combination of the VamPure energy binding and an ISIS cohort will work to greatly impact your feeding performance. After all, if you pour water into a bucket laced with small holes, that water will slowly but persistently leak. That water is a vampire’s life blood. And the math is simple: stop the leaks, increase your powers. And it’s a difference you’ll feel from the first moment it is applied.

Pure energy is purified energy, and that is the result of healing the energy fissures that are certain to occur. Energy fissures also age the body prematurely, and that is why the elderly who are dying unconsciously begin to leech energy from those around them, unaware of their own energy in action as it seeks survival. And how does it perform this, even in humans? Well, they attract your energy from (by now you may have guessed) your own energy fissures. Seal the fissures and they cannot tap into the leaking energy source from within you. A few small leaks in a boat can eventually sink the vessel. Prevention is power. Maximize your own, whether vampire or human, with the ISIS Egyptian VamPure Energy Spellbinding.

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