Black Alchemy Binding I: Tantric Kundalini Energy Transmutation Spellbinding


Exclusive Black Alchemy Binding I: This transformative energy spellbinding implants a supernaturally strong vampiric serpentine energy, summoned and bound from the dark realm directly into one’s own kundalini lifeforce energy. This is the basic lifeforce that circulates in both positive and negatively balanced pranic energy in an endless spiraling pattern, emanating from the base chakra as a coiled serpent power that intersects and circulates energy throughout the various chakras, the spinning discs, each of which vibrate to a unique frequency, being directly related to the endocrine system and glands. Often depicted as a caduceus with the pons as a crown, representing the pineal gland as the topmost physical gateway chakra to the otherworld, seership, intuition, and divination.

Because this energy binding is drawn from the shadow realm through the auspices of Lucifera, the Primal Vampire Goddess, it is bound as a shadow lifeforce of kundalini energy, providing a depth of energy unlike any other, and is most empowering for those who work with or who adopt demonic entities and vampires. This is an occultic kundalini transmutation spellbinding that allows a darker gateway access into the energetic fields of demons and vampires. As such, it acts as a shadow gateway to the energetic forces of the other side, adding and empowering access to the black powers of vampirism.

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About This Black Alchemy Binding

This black alchemy energy/spellbinding directly activates your kundalini centers in a way that kundalini yoga and awakening cannot. This is due to the fact that it implants a kundalini shadow energy that binds to the normal kundalini energy, giving depth to one’s energy and strength to the normal lifeforce channels of kundalini energy. It activates the darker Shakti power channels that energize the chakras. It also has an immediate effect upon one’s overall lifeforce, but most especially the libido and lower most chakras that are related to sexual energy, along with the highest, being the pineal gland chakra, commonly known as the psychic third-eye chakra. Black alchemy causes the bottommost and topmost chakras to much greater activation because it creates a vacuum frequency, drawing or magnetizing psychic and sexual energy to these specific centers. These are known as occultic birth and death energies.

Known as psychic energy bridging, it is an advanced form of black alchemy. This energy bridges the lower sex chakras to the higher third-eye chakra because the frequency of the black kundalini energy forces this vacuum to intensify both energies. This allows greater communion and communication with vampires, succubi, incubi, and various demonic spirit-entities to become opened and sensitized, since this is the basic framework of their own energy pattern and composition. They are composed of smokeless fire, which is not the same as found in the human kundalini system. The human kundalini system is made of light, not fire, and is often referred to as the “light body,” a term that is also used when transitioning from death into the “Light” for reprocessing and reincarnation.

By adopting a black alchemy binding, you are introducing the black flame as a shadow binding to the normal light-energy of one’s regular kundalini energy. Light is a lifeforce; black alchemy is shadow-force. It is not death but a transmutation of light energy into more occultic energy that relates to vampirism, demonolatry, and the darker aspects of life beyond this earthly realm. It is black kundalini alchemy. And no amount of kundalini yoga will give access to it. Oftentimes a kundalini crisis may induce black alchemy but that is a dangerous way to introduce the potency of latent shadow-force kundalini energy. Instead, by means of this black alchemy binding, one’s shadow-force is anchored to a different frequency for much greater personal empowerment in transcendental spirit-sex and psychic energy, both of which are amplified and elevated simultaneously.

This black alchemy spellbinding attunes your own sexual and psychic energy to that of your adopted vampires, demons and otherkin of every kind. It exceeds the normal tantric sexual energy spell since it calibrates and infuses a separate layer of erotic and psychic energy that matches the frequency of your various spirit-entities of every kind. And unlike a traditional sorcery spell, a black alchemy spellbinding combines the powers of a vampiric spell and an infusion of actual vampiric energy, which empowers your own occultic energy while amplifying the connection to your spirit-entity companions. This, in turn, also multiplies the energy and personal empowerment that connects you to them.

Attributes of this Black Alchemy Spellbinding

Bonds from dark infusion, vampiric energy, directly onto the existing kundalini energy one is born with. Much like the Tree of Life and its opposite side, the Qliphothic Dark Tree, this black alchemy binding uses energy from the Vampiric Qliphothic Tree from the fire-born spark of the Underworld energy which is accessed directly through the highest source of such energy: Lucifera, ruler and Empress of the Qliphothic realm.

Special Abilities of this Binding

Opens a shadow, or black gateway to the Underworld entities associated with black magic, demonolatry, vampirism and all associated energies. Subtlety but consistently grows in both energy and access to the demonic frequencies that empower divination, third-eye energy, the ability to communicate, commune, and enjoy a closer and more intimate bond with both one’s spirit companions and their energy frequency. Assists in unbinding one to the recycling light of reincarnation. Those with both sides of energy: that of light and fire are more flexible in the realms they can travel and have the option of reincarnation or not. Without the black flame, this is not possible. This binding begins the infusion of the black flame that is the current of the Qliphothic realm.

Key Benefits of this Black Alchemy Binding

Opens a gateway to the Qliphothic realm and all demonic and vampiric entities associated with the underworld realm. Increases incrementally one’s own occultic powers, drawing them from latency to activity. This is further empowered by a vampiric transformation which draws into the binding renewed black alchemy via blood, and further opens the gateways to the Qliphothic realms of vampires and demonic entities. Benefits all workings associated with witchcraft, sorcery, occultic divination, third-eye seership, etc.

Safety Disclosure

All bindings I perform carry inherent risks and rewards. With more power and reward comes more risk of paranormal manifestations and their intensity. This may be further exacerbated by your own history, including such factors as mental illness, drug use, or other personal factors I cannot take into account when the binding is performed.

Please Note: Because this is a sophisticated energy infusion binding combined with an intense spellbinding, it is not revocable and is therefore non-refundable.

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