Black Alchemy Binding II: Dark DNA Qliphothic Energy Transmutation Spellbinding


Exclusive Black Alchemy Binding II: This transformative energy spellbinding implants a supernaturally strong DNA shadow energy infused as a mirror image of your own, reflected back onto your own DNA, summoned and bound as a servitor shadow energy meant to enhance your own powers of cellular rejuvenation via a special vampiric spellbinding and energy-casting. This is a unique method of introducing a servitor energy that is the mirror image of your own natural DNA. However, by adding a shadow casted DNA framework to your own, it allows your own DNA strands to be fortified by a greater spiritual power, lessening the normal spiritual corrosion that mortals are heir to by their own nature. The DNA framework of mankind has been crimped and some of the information has been deleted, leaving voids in the helix. The vampiric DNA servitor DNA energy fills in most of these voids with additional information and cellular programming meant to enhance lifeforce energy, occultic energy, and longevity.

A Qliphothic DNA infusion and binding overlays the normal strands and helix formula with a vampiric shadow of DNA that is compatible with human DNA. The reason the Creator crimped the DNA strand is to allow death as a transitional means of reincarnation. The DNA of a demon or vampire is not crimped, so the overlay cannot of itself grant immortality in the physical realm, but does grant immortality in the spirit realm when transformed into vampire, because then the DNA matchup with the blood infusion needed for a transformation also matches the associated energy, providing renewal of physical powers, occultic powers, and spirit immortality, lessening the chances of reincarnation, while leaving the option to do so open.

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About This Black Alchemy Binding

This black alchemy energy/spellbinding directly activates your own DNA at its cellular and most energetic level, that of the spiritual DNA energy that the body is bound to when incarnated. However, vampiric DNA, while compatible -which allows for a full vampiric transformation- is superior in every sense of the word. Unlike mortal DNA, it is not voided, nor is the lifeline helix crimped or cut. A crimped and cut DNA causes automatic reincarnation, along with the ability to be completely destroyed after any predetermined number of lifetimes a mortal may reincarnate. In addition, previous lifetimes retain scars on mortal DNA, which cause birth defects and other psychological and physical symptoms to retain their energy from lifetime to lifetime. DNA is spiritual matter expressed in scientific terms and manifested forms.

The purpose of this Black Alchemy binding is to not only add a Qliphothic dark DNA strand to your own, but to amplify the dark side of one’s occultic energies while clearing out some of the blocks that mortal DNA has by its very nature. The DNA strands of humankind are subject to corrosion and permanent death after a certain number of recyclings occur via reincarnation. Vampires and demons do not have this lower energy centered DNA, so the cellular functions operate without physical friction. Thus, a servitor infusion of vampiric DNA into one’s system increases not only the spiritual integrity that leads to heightened occultic powers, but also the physical reinforcement of cellular energy that is generated by DNA, which is not a passive force. What gets bound to your spirit, gets bound to your DNA. By an infusion of vampiric servitor DNA, you are infusing for lack of a better term, a patch of immortality onto the frail mortal framework you were born with.

Attributes of this Black Alchemy Spellbinding

Bonds from dark infusion, vampiric DNA energy, directly onto the existing DNA energy one is born with. Much like the Tree of Life and its opposite side, the Qliphothic Dark Tree, this black alchemy binding uses energy from the Vampiric Qliphothic Tree from the fire-born spark of the Underworld energy which is accessed directly through the highest source of such energy: Lucifera, ruler and Empress of the Qliphothic realm. As servitor energy, a matrix is composed to transfer spirit matter (vampiric DNA) onto spirit matter, your own DNA. It is not unlike a heart transplant, being a spirit DNA energy infused and bound to your own DNA energy. It is, however, vastly superior and not subject to the same corrosion, DNA voids, crimps, and splicing inherent in human DNA.

Special Abilities of this Binding

Infuses a Qliphothic and vampiric servitor DNA to be infused upon and into one’s existing DNA, filling the spirit voids to reinforce lifeforce and longevity. It cannot overcome the crimps and splicing made by the Creator which induce predetermined death and the associated reincarnation energy, but it can provide cellular enhancement, rejuvenation, and greater overall lifeforce energy and occultic energy. Servitor energy is accessed through Lucifera, Empress of the Qliphothic realm, whom I work exclusively through.

Key Benefits of this Black Alchemy Binding

Opens a gateway to the Qliphothic realm and all demonic and vampiric entities associated with the underworld realm. Fills the voids created by mortal DNA and reinforces those powers associated with vampirism and demonolatry. Increases incrementally one’s own occultic powers, drawing them from latency to activity. This is further empowered by a vampiric transformation which draws into the binding renewed black alchemy via blood, and further opens the gateways to the Qliphothic realms of vampires and demonic entities. Benefits all workings associated with witchcraft, sorcery, occultic divination, third-eye seership, etc. Restructures existing DNA on a spiritual level, a deeper level than can be accessed by the programmed mortal DNA inherent in humans. A fundamental restructuring of mortal DNA into a partially Qliphothic DNA hybrid.

Safety Disclosure

All bindings I perform carry inherent risks and rewards. With more power and reward comes more risk of paranormal manifestations and their intensity. This may be further exacerbated by your own history, including such factors as mental illness, drug use, or other personal factors I cannot take into account when the binding is performed.

Please Note: Because this is a sophisticated energy infusion binding combined with an intense spellbinding, it is not revocable and is therefore non-refundable.

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