Vampire Sexual Tendril Feeding Implant ~ Energy-Implanted Sexual Tendril for Vampiric Feeding


This listing is for a custom energy-implanted sexual tendril attached to your sexual energy chakra that creates a very powerful low frequency electromagnetic energy vacuum which automatically allows you, if vampire, to feed upon the sexual energy of others especially during the night, while asleep. This greatly amplifies the power of any sexual spirit-entities adopted. During the daylight hours it remains operational and can be mobilized by any focused meditation and willful abilities you may currently possess, or those you are striving toward in your spiritual path, in order to seduce a human lover from which to feed sexually. If a tendril is already present, this empowers the sometimes weak or dormant tendril in an otherwise inactive vampire who has the Hunger, but has not fully accepted one’s nature, or is dependent upon only one dominant tendril. FOR BOTH MALE AND FEMALES.

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Powers & Benefits of An Energy-Implanted Vampire Sexual Tendril

The energy-casting implantation of a sexual feeding tendril activates, stimulates, and implants a powerful low frequency electromagnetic energy vacuum that amplifies the Hunger for sexual energy, and the automatic or directed means of vampiric feeding from the sexual energy of others, especially from crowds in nightclubs where the feeding will go unnoticed. When asleep the tendril acts as an energy piercing gateway to the astral world for unconscious feeding. This often results in lucid dream states and some strange sexual scenery. Sexual rejuvenation will often be evidenced to various degrees, both immediately and as your spiritual vampiric path advances.

 Actions & Effects of This Vampiric Sexual Tendril Implantation:

Purpose: To empower one’s existing sexual feeding tendril, by implanting upon it a much more powerful root from which to feed, a sexual “Vampire Taproot,” from which to sexually hunt and feed automatically, or as desired with vampiric willpower that will also be enhanced. Why remain an anemic vampire? Find out how the Hunger itself, when amplified by a sexual taproot implant, will spur your own spiritual and physical rejuvenation and predatory powers. Consider the analogy of a car that runs on low-grade or high-test gasoline: which will have greater power and performance?  Amplifies sexual prowess and rejuvenation. Applicable to every type of vampire. *See warning below prior to purchase

Type of Spell Casting: This is a very dark vampiric implanted low-frequency vacuum that forces the Hunger to be magnified and satisfied. Works automatically since your own tendril and energies are empowered with a darker frequency that expands the predatory feeding range.

Actions of This Spell Casting: Works in automatic fashion once the energy is implanted.

Results of This Spell Casting: Amplifies sexual Hunger while magnifying the attraction from vampiric spirit-entities you may have adopted, or choose to adopt in the future.

Frequency Mantra Included: A special frequency mantra that implants the energy casting and implantation I perform will be supplied. It will be sent as a phonetically translated mantra for ease of use. The mantra by itself does not create, but implants the one I conjure. This assures a secure binding frequency lock, and is not available elsewhere.

Please remember to include your full name and date of birth. This implantation cannot be reversed since it adheres and is ingrafted upon your own personal energy. This implantation may cause erotic dreams, more intense sexual interactions with people and spirits in general.

Warning: Be aware that vampire energy implants are non-reversible and may cause unpredictable changes that will vary from one person to another in both intensity and results. Therefore there is no applicable screening process that will determine their safety. Such bindings are therefore more risky than a spell, should adverse reactions occur, since the intrinsic human energy system is forced to adopt a foreign energy frequency. The associated changes that occur can result in vampiric behavior patterns or cravings for the implanted energy.

Note: This listing is copyrighted and cursed against plagiarists. See our Notes from the Nightside Scam Alert articles for examples and sites to avoid.

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