Black Alchemy Binding III: Become a Living Revenant: Vampire Servitor & Black Flame Binding



Exclusive Black Alchemy Binding III: This transformative energy spellbinding combines two distinctly sophisticated black alchemy bindings, and is THE most powerful, direct method of vampiric hunting available anywhere. This is the first time I’ve offered this remarkable binding, so allow me to explain the first part in greater detail. Imagine that you are sitting across the table from a target from which you would like to feed, vampirically. Now imagine that you have a twin, a black servitor of yourself whom you can send by a simple visual command, to leave your body and invade the lifeforce of your target to feed. You decide when you’re done. Let’s say your target begins to tire suddenly which will become obvious. You then summon your black flame servitor into yourself. Fed. Done. No shapeshifting. No rituals. Just results, vampire style.

A black vampire servitor is created, composed of your own spirit energy, but reduced in vibrational frequency, so that the energy is negatively charged and thus in need of positive substance, namely any lifeforce energy of another human target. The target can be close up which works most effectively, or-at a distance (although this requires a different skillset). The servitor is literally a shadow self, imbued with Qliphothic life, the life of undead energy that I infuse into the servitor. This is important to note: unlike an alien servitor, this servitor will not and cannot run amok because its energy is dependent upon your own. And it has the same psychic energy fingerprint as yours, so it will always obey your commands. And there is absolutely NO OTHER servitor binding that can literally turn you into a living revenant.

That’s right: this binding, the only one of its kind, makes you into a living revenant. If there is a downside it is this: you may reincarnate as a revenant because your lifeforce energy will become that of a hybrid. It is suggested that for this reason, you seriously consider finding a vampire sire on the site and transforming before you pass. And if you already have transformed through the auspices of Lucifera, your sire will love you for your newfound “energy gathering.”

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About This Black Alchemy Binding

This black alchemy energy/spellbinding creates a black flame vampire servitor from your own spirit energy, but uses Qliphothic energy to form a negative shadow with a lower energy frequency vibration for two reasons: 1) this allows you to absorb the shadow and bind the energy the servitor feeds from while allowing the servitor to reabsorb more from all external human sources (sans vampires. A servitor cannot feed from negative to negative. All others are fair game) And 2) it creates an automatic feedback system so that the black servitor is never not-hungry but always vitally fed because the lower frequency allows it to hibernate between feedings. And you in fact become the prototypical living revenant, in control of who you feed from, for how long, and when you feed.

The purpose of this Black Alchemy binding is to create a living revenant by means of a shadow servitor composed of vampiric energy and reduced to a feeding frequency. If you have already transformed, this black alchemy binding is superb, allowing you to feed the need as you please. This binding is NOT available anywhere else, because nobody else is the Prelate to Lucifera, who has but one, and that one is me. Only a Prelate has the power to access Lucifera’s own energy, which is required for the black servitor to be created.

Attributes of this Black Alchemy Spellbinding

Bonds from dark infusion, a black vampire servitor that is essentially your inner shadow self, an additional self that is an extension of you, created by a matrix of revenant energy from the Qliphothic realm through Lucifera, the Primal Vampire Goddess and Empress of the Qliphoth. Think of it as YOU+, you as a living revenant who walks among the living as the living, feeding from the lifeforce of the living because you have a shadow self and servitor to feed upon any target you desire. For as long as you desire. And in less than a week, the tangible results will become fully evident. What can you do with all the excess lifeforce energy? What does any living revenant do with such energy? They thrive, energize, are able to sleep less, live more, do more, love more, be more. More is more, and that is what a living revenant is meant for…

Special Abilities of this Binding

Creates a shadow servitor of your own energy for compatibility, bound and infused with revenant hunger, a lower frequency than your own energy, which stimulates the need to feed when removed from hibernation at will, your will. This is how revenants are made: this is how revenants move from coffin to bedside and back. Except you will become a living revenant, halfway to being a fully transformed vampire (and it is strongly suggested that you undergo the full vampire transformation prior to passing) in your own right. And this is THE EASIEST, FASTEST, most certain way to become a living revenant. This special servitor binding is not available anywhere else at any price!

Key Benefits of this Black Alchemy Binding

Transforms you into an immediate living revenant. However, a revenant of lifeforce energy; thus, it does NOT transform you directly into a vampire by blood. A blood infusion and full vampiric transformation is the only way to ensure the full benefits of a blood bound vampire. That said, if you have undergone the vampire transformation, this binding is being made available for the first time anywhere, and it is the strongest, easiest, fastest, most profound way to directly experience the pleasures of feeding from any target, anywhere, anytime. The instructions for use could not be simpler. The results cannot be more profound. For the non-vampire it delivers an immediate experience of what a vampire is, does, and feels.

Become a living revenant. Be more than flesh and blood. Be fed by the living while you’re alive and you’ll remember how to do so when you become undead.

Safety Disclosure

All bindings I perform carry inherent risks and rewards. With more power and reward comes more risk of paranormal manifestations and their intensity. This may be further exacerbated by your own history, including such factors as mental illness, drug use, or other personal factors I cannot take into account when the binding is performed. This is a potentially extreme binding and is non-reversible. 


Please Note: Because this is a sophisticated energy infusion binding combined with an intense spellbinding and a living servitor, it is not revocable and is therefore non-refundable.

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