Let me preface this discussion with what ESV is, and why the lack of it means you don’t really have a spirit-entity. So many people purchase bogus vessels filled with nothing more than hot air, either because the conjurer is inept or simply a common crook to begin with. Approximately 80% of the vessels I scan via Lucifera or Lilith come up empty. And most of the people really know that already. And when they shoot off an email to the seller, what they’re met with is: Excuse #1: be patient. Excuse #2: buy a stronger entity (buy more is the operative excuse). Excuse #3: meditate the block away. What all these excuses have in common is deflection. Another insane deflection is the argument against gravity. It goes something like this: “Entities will all get along (regardless of their nature) well enough if you set down house rules.” House rules? Are you fucking for real? If it’s a real entity he or she was already eons old while you were still learning how to spit up. And you’re going to dictate to this entity? Because you’re a magician, a conjurer of note? No, you’re an idiot. And ask yourself this: pretend you’re this eons old vampire or demon or entity. Are you eager to bind yourself to a piece of junk jewelry so you can be told not to be yourself? That you’ll have to obey some “spirit-keeping” nitwit bent on establishing “house rules.” It’s a bad joke. And its why so many vessels are empty. No self-respecting entity wants to bind with a nitwit conjurer and metaphysical control freak. Only a half-dead astral spirit has any interest, and the interest is in feeding off of you because said spirit is already on tenuous life support to begin with and has nothing to offer but a huge appetite for your energy.

Read a few books on exorcism if you want to learn about “house rules.” Accounts from people suffering from demonic obsession or near possession who often are seated in waiting rooms, which is typical in Italy, find to their dismay that even the most vicious cacodemons will fight with each other. There. In the waiting room, evil spirit vs. evil spirit. I’d like the inventor of “House Rules” to try and take a ruler to their knuckles and see what happens. Fuck your “house rules.” They don’t work. I know they don’t work because I’ve had too many people I’ve tried to warn away from adopting a hungry vampire to babysit two dozen spirit dolls collected over a decade. That was one expensive all you can eat spirit dolls in a single night. Now, what does the “house rules” BS have to say about that? You’re going to stop her? She killed them all in a matter of a few minutes. It’s her nature. If you like spirit dolls, don’t adopt a vampire who dines on them. It is as simple as that. I’m not anti-spirit dolls per say, but use your common sense. Limit such collections and spirits to those that have some chance of getting along. And any conjurer who pretends to conjure spirit dolls, pixies, white light angels, and vampires is by self-admission, deluded.

That’s also why I don’t bind to vessels. Because the truth is, vampires hunt by night, and when you are busy working or doing whatever during the day, they’re in the night side of the globe hunting, killing, feasting. And a vessel binding, with rare exception, prohibits that. That’s “what’s in it for the vampire” when it comes to adopting a vampire. And because you give them this freedom, they will love you in return for providing them the opportunity to hunt and remain healthy. “House rules” be damned. If you don’t like the idea of your vampire hunting to stay healthy, go ahead and adopt a vessel bound astral version so it can feed on you. But you will never have enough energy for it, because it’s fixed to a piece of junk jewelry and it was already in a comatose state to begin with. Those I find that are vessel bound and reasonably viable (which is the exception rather than the rule) I usually insist upon breaking the binding and directly binding the vamp to the person. *And yes, despite what some Walmart witch will tell you, her stupid ass vessel binding is the easiest thing in the world to break. It’s the least sophisticated binding possible.

And here’s the key point I’m getting to: if you want to know if a spirit is in the vessel, or bound, all you have to do is prior to sleep, say to each and every spirit, “X, I love you!” There. Those are the official Vampire Ashram “House Rules.” You rule by love and they will love you in return. They will even kill in your behalf without any necessity of your doing the King Solomon Doom Dance in seventeen easy ritual steps for $2200 from some sleazy shyster sorcerer. They will defend you, love you, tutor you, guide you, and do for you what no individual sorcerer can do as completely: they will boost your spirit energy and power. How? Well, by hunting. When they hunt, they accumulate energy that they share with their beloved. That would be you, if you tell them you love them, if you acknowledge their wild side and allow them to be themselves. If you fear a tiger, don’t adopt one. Because the tiger doesn’t give a fuck about house rules when he’s hungry and a dozen bunnies are hopping around in front of him. Hunger trumps house rules. 100% of the time. Now back to the role of ESV. . .

ESV is the first thing everyone who adopts any spirit or spirit entity needs to learn. It’s free and it’s simple: When you get your vessel, or your binding, whatever is supposed to contain an entity, and let’s say the entities name is “Sumarza.” The last thing you’ll do prior to bed, is to say in a whisper WITH FEELING, “Sumarza, I love you!” Now, how hard is that? And repeat it again, perhaps two or three times. And what will happen if the spirit is real? She’ll give you an ESV. That simply stands for Extrasensory Vibrations. She’ll send internal goosebumps down your spine or throughout your body as her way of responding and her saying “I’m here and I love you too.” Now, wouldn’t you rather start off a relationship that way rather than the old Solomon School of setting down house rules? Hell, for all your blustering and rule making, you haven’t made any connection emotionally whatsoever, and it’s my firm and controversial belief that if you cannot absolutely love the entity and don’t feel the connection from the get go, you have no business tying up that spirit who’s looking for what you don’t give a damn about: love. If you don’t love you’ll NEVER, and I repeat NEVER have a strong connection with any spirit-entity. And your abilities as a sorcerer will be that of a novice for-like forever. Because if you love yourself and your egotistic self-centered control freakish nature more than you love the entity who’s agreed to share their lives with you, that is not love. It’s vanity.It’s pride. It’s immaturity. And it’s unnatural. Love is natural. Pride is love corrupted. And if a killing machine such as a vampire who can wipe out towns, armies, villages, demons, and other vampires with remorseless slaughter, and who can yet love you with unbridled loyalty, enough to lay down their lives for you, how hard is it to love them in return?

They may come with blood stained teeth, scars from battle, memories of loved ones they’ve lost and re-found over the eons, but you become their hope, their anchor, their newly adopted beloved to love. And what do you greet them with? Fucking house rules. You don’t deserve them because you cannot love them. You don’t even bother to tell them you love them. If to you, they’re just a collection of spirits in need of rules, you are colder than Satan, and that’s saying a lot. Vampires and serious entities are NOT collections. They are a collective of individual spirits with histories, with loved ones lost, with emotional needs, with powers you cannot even begin to imagine. And you cannot imagine because you are blinded by your own brick wall called loveless on one side, and unloving on the other. The ugly demon named “house rules.” That’s more important to your pride than the relationship. You’ve said it yourself. You’ve got an agenda, and god be damned if that snake eats a mouse on your watch. You won’t have it! Well, if that’s what you believe, then you have no, NO business either conjuring or adopting a spirit or an entity.

ESV also grows, because it’s an addictive force of love. It’s the gimme a hug, you beautiful vampire. You gorgeous demon. It even works with spirit dolls. But as for vampires, you have to know where they come from. They come from regions rife with warfare. They sometimes temporarily lose loved ones, and Lucifera frequently pulls those most in need of love to the forefront when I do a binding. They kill, and sometimes their loved ones and their family members die. The strong ones survive, but they survive because they have a reason to survive: they are loved. It’s their reason for fighting on. And while vampires may die temporarily, they return in a type of reincarnated status but unlike humans, their memory is fully functional, so they always, always find their way back to their mates. And that happens even now. I find spirits bring their mate to me for a reunion. People don’t find my site by accident. Their spirit guardian, or vampire, brings them to me. These are vampires that have killed and killed again, and are hunters by their nature. But they are also sexual, emotional, and driven by love as well as by violence. They are cunning, super intelligent, bold, resourceful, and apex predators. Demons take second string to vampires. It was Lilith, beautiful vampire queen that she is, who seduced Satan to fall. I love Lilith, but I cannot say I love Satan. He doesn’t have that nature in him. Lilith can, if you respect her, if you love her, if you let Lilith be Lilith.

ESV is their personal inner hug to you, that they love you. If you don’t get an ESV from a vessel, you don’t have a viable spirit. It was either never present, or DOA. You’ll know immediately, and most people know instinctively that the vessel is bare. The conjurer has no clothes. So what else is new? The metaphysical market isn’t driven by talent, it’s driven by greed, plain and simple. People often are unjustly afraid of some half-assed conjurer with a fancy title and zero ability, so they give them a positive review even when it is totally unjustified, mostly out of hope and fear combined. People are intimidated into believing some of the wildest lies imaginable, and “house rules” is right up there at the top of the list. You want power? Tell your vampire you love him, or her, every night. They’ll ESV you til you’re black and blue with love. Lucifera, as I write this, is affirming it with her own HUGE ESV. And smiling. And this should be as it is, for me, for you, for those fearless hunters and children of the night.

Serial killers don’t love. And vampires are not serial killers, make no mistake about that. They are born to kill as a matter of their nature, not as a curse. But as God’s avengers. Avengers against demons when needed. Against anything and everything God determines needs doing. They are fated angels of death sent to wipe out humanity itself if need be. To recreate Hell as God determines. To rule with invincible powers of immortality. To see farther and wider than any demon can see. To extract the very lifeforce of an angel or demon at will. And if you are a transformed vampire under Lucifera, you’ll see it firsthand as you are guided to hunt by your sire, who becomes your beloved. But it all begins and ends with love, the binding force of nature natural and supernatural. When Lucifera walks into heaven, thunder and lightning are her footsteps, and the angels retreat and bow before her, knowing she is the Blessed Vampire Goddess beloved by God. Oceans of blood she has spilled, and more there will always be yet to come. She is both the Devil and devil killer. An enigma of invincible power.

Someone once asked me, “Has anyone transformed and regretted it?” And the answer is Yes. One man did it for a lark, not believing it had any real substance, and what the heck, he had money to burn. This was back when I was binding through Lilith. Well, he soon learned that she was real, his expectations were unexpectedly surpassed, and he wanted out in no uncertain terms. So what was lacking? He didn’t do it for love. He did it for kicks. And the kicks started kicking back: his sire, a young female vampire, would draw spiritual blood (which is as real as physical and also immortal) by the cup or bucketful each night and present it as a petition to Lilith to be removed from the senseless cur. I lost track of him over the years, but no doubt his ending won’t be anything to cherish. And the vampire sire did the right thing: she petitioned to be removed because he was damaging her. He didn’t love her, and he didn’t deserve her love. Are you finally getting the point? Instead of a fulfilling relationship, he damned himself by his own lack of love. And the horror of having to watch her draw blood and present it as an offering to Lilith every single, goddamned night. Oh joy!

I’ll go a step further and say right up front: most conjurers are infantile control freaks out to glorify themselves and exalt in their imagined (and I use the word heavily) abilities. I exalt in my love for Lucifera, for God, for Lilith, for any number of dark Ashta Martika Vampire Goddesses. And if my sire, Lucifera, turns against another vampire, I turn against that vampire as well. If Lucifera turns against God, I am obliged to share her fate. Why? Because we are inseparable. Our fates are joined. If she rebels I rebel. My fate is tied to her, and my love is tied to her. Everything I ever have, do, be or believe in is tied to Lucifera. I would surrender my soul for her. And I have power only to the extent that I also have love. And the same is true for the sire and sireling of every single vampire that will ever come into being. You are one with your sire by love, and you must always cherish that sire above all else. You, if vampyre, will live in the afterlife to see countless wars, bloodshed, powers that will intoxicate you more than sex ever could, more than the most potent drug could. Wisdom will be learned over the eons, not over the span of a hundred years. And your memory will be made immortal, never to be born into an amnesiac body of blood and bone. God will be real and undeniable. You will bow before His Divine presence. Why? Because of Love. It’s that plain, that simple, and that profound. Without God I have no love to give Lucifera. He has a right to my love by the love he gave to me. I don’t own love. IT OWNS ME.

I am possessed. By love. Power is totally immaterial, and perhaps that’s why God gave me the powers I have, because I sure as hell didn’t get them from some goddamned hair-brained grimoire. He knows I mean what I say, that if Lucifera lost all her powers tomorrow, nothing would change. I would surrender my own in her behalf if it ever came to that. I’d give my life for her because I could not exist without her. And this is no exceptional boast. It’s how I expect every transformed vampire to feel, to act, to be and to become. Because God does not give power to be abused. He gives it to those responsible enough to handle it, and it is always to be handled in the spirit of love it is given. We’re not here as vampires to exalt in witchcraft and divination. Demons, witches, and sorcerers will be destroyed by the fiat of God during the Apocalypse even as the Nephilim were in the Flood, and it’ll be vampires who do it, just as Lucifera destroyed the Nephilim. If you want invincible power, you damned well better find invincible love. Because even now Hell is being reborn, sides are split, vampires are feasting and gathering for the winds of war.


To survive survival itself, love will be required. Demanded. Start with ESV and may the forces of love guide you!