Lucifera & Lilith: A Summary & Profound Warning About Presumed Appearances

Lucifera & Lilith, Working Together But Opposite in Nature~ Because the two goddesses Vampire Ashram is aligned with appear to share common characteristics, beware of the differences between the two. Some misguided transformed vampires within our ranks have assumed they were visited by Lucifera offering herself sexually. She has reacted personally to me in [...]

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Vampire Ashram Litany To Lucifera ~ The Grand Mantra & Hidden Pentagram of Lucifera

The Grand Mantra & Litany to Lucifera Lucifera, the grand patron and Vampire Goddess of Vampire Ashram, has chosen this time as most appropriate to introduce a henceforth hidden pentagram and mantra devoted to her that can be freely used by those who have adopted an entity from the Vampire Ashram website. The litany to [...]

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The Truth Exposed Behind the Absurd Left Hand Path Samael + Lilith Mythology

The Greatest Error of the Left Hand Path Exposed Should an occult seeker or Satanist or devotee of Lilith take to filling their bookshelves and brains with the ridiculously absurd notion that Samael and Lilith are the demonic serpent couple above all who are fused at the hip and poised to rebel against God, the [...]

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SCAM ALERT UPDATE: Buyer Beware of SATANIA: The Great Occult Dishwasher & Former Cashier of Everywhere

HERE'S THE LATEST SCAM ALERT UPDATE: USED TO DESCRIBE ITSELF AS "YOUR CURSED STORE" (A SLOGAN THEY RECENTLY CHANGED AFTER BEING EXPOSED FOR COPYRIGHT THEFT, TO "YOUR FAVORITE COVEN"). We've updated the scam alert, having come from various blogs about the operator of whose name appears to be that of Kevin Neece. And [...]

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Shadowmancy Photo Rite Winner of the Month: Submitted From “Batman”

Vampire Ashram Photo Submission Winner of the Month! Greetings one and all. This photo was submitted by a long-time Vampire Ashram client, whose magickal name is more than fitting, donning the dark title of "Batman." I've seen a number of photos from him, and two or three are stunning by themselves, showing clearly defined forms [...]

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Lucifera’s Vampire Forum Now Open! is now open! Greetings Brothers & Sisters of the Blood: Because the number of transformed vampires has recently increased, the need to form a more solid and cohesive vampire partnership among one's peers, brothers, and sisters of the blood, a new and semi-independent forum site has been assembled for the public and for those [...]

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A Model of Vampire Transcendence From One Who Received Lucifera’s Blessing

I am thrilled to share an experience of a recently transformed vampire who has received what I hope EVERY transformed vampire seeks: spiritual and vampiric transcendence. There is no frozen in amber heaven or hell. And the Hell for a vampire devoted to Lucifera is known as the Holy Black Abyss. It is NOT the [...]

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Important Informational Facts About Our Blood-Bound Vampire Transformations

Please Read: Important Vampire Transformational Facts If you are considering a blood-binding vampire transformation undertaken with a vampire spirit-entity under the spiritual authority and oversight of Lucifera [Nocticula], these facts outline the risks and rewards of entering the eternal estate of vampire-hood under Lucifera. Firstly, you are required to pledge your eternal allegiance to [...]

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Exclusive Sterling Silver Ankh of Nyx, For Transformed Vampires Only

Just Arrived! Custom Designed "Ankh of Nyx" by Lucien Mars, Inspired by Lucifera/Nyx This newly released sterling silver vampire Ankh of Nyx was custom designed by Lucien Mars and executed in prototype and hand finished by Steve McKibben, a noted producer of Hollywood props. It was also channeled from Lucifera to her liking at every [...]

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Are You Born Again As Vampyre by the Dark Grace of God?

The most frequent question I am asked is, “Am I a vampire, and/or do I have the inherited bloodline to become one?” Because various vampire organizations will answer differently, I’ll first explain the process of a natural-born vampire who awakens, usually on his/her own that I believe all major vampire organizations will agree upon. The [...]

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