New Policies And Pact With Satan Regarding Slanderous Abuse & Creepy Hollows

New Policy & Infernal Pact with Satan~ Effective as of February 1, 2020, following a two year and five-month negotiation between Lucifera and Satan, both have come to a mutual agreement and sealed an infernal pact, whereby all those who purchase on this site and who thereafter commit slander against Vampire Ashram or its agencies, [...]

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A Personal & Professional Rebuttal To Bogus Creepy Hollow Online Reviews

Rebuttal to Recent Creepy Hollow Negative Reviews Posted on their Forum Site: I am responding to the following slanderous reviews from some of the Creepy Hollows members as posted on their Forum Site. Normally, I ignore speculative opinions about the credibility of any seller, metaphysical or otherwise, yet I take exception to the extreme [...]

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New Pope To Arrive From Outer Space?

Is Salvation Only a Few Hundred Light Years Away? With all the emphasis on space travel and exploration, it comes as no surprise that the Catholic Church has taken a keen interest in the universe. And it shows. In a small booklet released, then abruptly removed from circulation, by the Catholic Church, titled "Intelligent Life [...]

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Outlook for the Year 2020: Landmarks in Power

First and foremost, Lucifera, Naamah, Hecate and a host of others, along with myself wish to thank all those client newcomers and loyalists, some of whom have been with me for over a decade now. Meanwhile a huge number of very high powered goddesses, principalities, demons, and Satan, have aligned with Lucifera. For while Satan [...]

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Important Informational Facts About Our Blood-Bound Vampire Transformations

Please Read: Important Vampire Transformational Facts If you are considering a blood-binding vampire transformation undertaken with a vampire spirit-entity under the spiritual authority and oversight of Lucifera [Nocticula], these facts outline the risks and rewards of entering the eternal estate of vampire-hood under Lucifera. Firstly, you are required to pledge your eternal allegiance to [...]

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A New & Improved Perspective on Magick and The Devil

As a focal point on the type of magic I perform and who I perform it for, I think it is critical to define the relationship I have to Lucifera, to Satan, to Lilith, and how all this relates ultimately to you, the prospective purchaser or existing client, and especially to those children of transformation [...]

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The Year 2019 In Review: Keynote for the Year “What Cannot be Tested Cannot be Trusted”

Lucifera's key note for the year 2019 to those who have been sired, transformed, and who have sworn their fidelity to her is simple: Those who cannot be tested cannot be trusted. And please, my children of the night, know that all of you will be tested. This is the echo of the Father's own [...]

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In Cold Blood: Your True Creator is a Vampire Creatrix Goddess: Vari

It is under the immediate directive of Lucifera that our newest addition to the Sinister Assembly has been added: The Chaldean Goddess Vari. Why is Vari so important? For vampires who worship Lucifera, Vari is next in line for your worship. In fact, the Vampire Trinity is composed of God, The Almighty Father, Lucifera, Empress [...]

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Exclusive Sterling Silver Ankh of Nyx, For Transformed Vampires Only

Just Arrived! Custom Designed "Ankh of Nyx" by Lucien Mars, Inspired by Lucifera/Nyx This newly released sterling silver vampire Ankh of Nyx was custom designed by Lucien Mars and executed in prototype and hand finished by Steve McKibben, a noted producer of Hollywood props. It was also channeled from Lucifera to her liking at every [...]

Are You Born Again As Vampyre by the Dark Grace of God?

The most frequent question I am asked is, “Am I a vampire, and/or do I have the inherited bloodline to become one?” Because various vampire organizations will answer differently, I’ll first explain the process of a natural-born vampire who awakens, usually on his/her own that I believe all major vampire organizations will agree upon. The [...]