A Vampire Black Shield Binding ~ A Ward Against Invasive & Errant Spirit-Entities


An Essential Warding Spell for All Transformed Vampires~

This binding is now an essential part of every vampire transformation due to the fact that, as explained elsewhere in Notes From the Nightside, that once a vampire is transformed who then ventures into additional bindings elsewhere, only two possible outcomes will occur: 1) the TV (transformed vampire) will receive nothing of value, since the number of bogus sellers is on the rise and the TV in many cases is simply funding criminals and plagiarists using an alias, or the like (See the Notes article on Venture Bookshop as one example); or 2) receiving a spelled item or spirit-binding (either with vessel or direct) that has an errant spirit who will attack, knowing it has a license to do so because of the occult binding which the Almighty WILL allow, if only as a just karmic punishment. “You reap what you sow, even if it’s a malicious demon in disguise that you don’t know.”


A Binding Seal is NOT an Invocation ~ More Scams Unlimited

Not to be outdone, other Walmart Witches have even taken my binding seal and thinking it is an evocation, are trying to use it in imitation of me, with the results that some sellers who used to sell only vessel bindings in their stupidity, believe it is an invocation, resulting in absolutely nothing happening. I had no less than one person with a dozen spirit bindings done by a once vessel-only Walmart Witch site, use the seal as an actual invocation. Lucifera alerted me to the reason no spirits were present when I scanned the person. Stupid idiots. So, for all those concerned: My binding seal sent when a binding is performed will NOT invoke anything although it sounds as if it would. IT WON’T. It is a SEAL, not an invocation.

The Walmart Witches using it have no idea whatsoever of the difference. Lucifera has alerted me to this fact, so when you get a spirit binding and nothing happens, this is another possible reason, as the number of ways to fleece the unwary is also on the rise. As I’ve said elsewhere, venturing into the metaphysical marketplace is nothing short of walking through a loaded spirit-mine field that thrives on the ignorance of the masses, while the Walmart Witches themselves remain ignorant of the basic facts of the spirit realm and it’s operational hierarchy and framework. The blind sell to the blind. And by the time the wake-up call comes, its generally too late because no preventative measures were put in place to protect a person. *See various articles of actual cases in Notes from the Nightside.

The Vampire Black Shield Binding~

This Vampire Black Shield Binding wards a person and their home against bindings that are errant, malicious, or that can be hijacked by a more malicious one intent upon attacking the person or the person’s family. Any spelled items or spirit bindings that are antagonistic to Lucifera will be warded. Thus, if you intend to go on a metaphysical shopping spree your money will be wasted if this shield is put in place (and many times regardless of the shield). This warding shield means you will be blocked from the effects of any and all energies, spirits and spelled items that can be used against you -if you are a TV, as dramatically illustrated in a few of the Notes from the Nightside blogs/articles. These are real cases and I have no motivation other than to protect those whom Lucifera has transformed. Thus, if you are NOT a TV under Lucifera and wish to leave your options for other seller’s bindings open, this warding shield is NOT advisable since it will block any and all such bindings, so that even genuine ones will be blocked. Otherwise, this spell will be incorporated in all new Vampire Transformations performed under Lucifera. The intent is to protect and preserve the sire and the TV, and nothing else. Divide and conquer is the motive for all such spiritual warfare attacks.

The Vampire Black Shield Binding extends itself to the home environment as well so that incursions are warded. The only possible antagonistic force that can penetrate any warding shield is mentally projected thoughts and/or dream sequences, which have no other power than to instill some momentary mental fear or confusion. And these are always short-lived, passing on their own, and do not represent a viable threat to one’s physical or spiritual safety.

NOTE: *The Vampire Black Shield Binding does not include a binding seal which is not needed for integration. It is a double layered portal applied stand-alone warding energy.

Vampiric Energies Within the Seal Automatically Reinforce the Ward~

A warding shield is both a spellbinding and energy binding that is automatically reinforced by the energies of your adopted spirit-entity and/or sire, who will be put on first alert against any possible dangers. The warding spell has been boosted with an inverse energy that absorbs trespassers and also reinforces the energy. An ounce of spiritual prevention is worth a pound of exorcisms. Be prepared. Be protected. Those spiritual forces adverse to your growth wish to choke the tree before it bears the fruit of their own destruction.

Note: This listing is copyrighted and cursed against plagiarists and crooks such as Satania Store. See our Notes from the Nightside comparison of their thievery firsthand.

~Ave Lucifera. Ave Lilith. Ave Lux.~